Charlotte 'Charlie' Crosby

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a character in “Life of the party!”, as played by YourFaveScot


She is 5"6, with almost waist length blonde hair. She is skinny, but not too skinny as she battled bulimia and knows her weight has to be healthy. She has a clear thigh gap, but not because of too skinny legs, her huge butt.


She is a bubbly, kind girl who parties lots, sometimes a little too hard. She is a very popular fashion blogger and is an inspiration to lots of girls after she over came bulimia. She is very rich and is the typical hipster girl, but now she's popular.


Charlie was born on the 4th of July. She had a very good upbringing, with a solid friendship with everyone. Everything went downhill after high school started and she suffered from bulimia. She came through in time for her 17th birthday and she celebrates it even more now.

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Charlotte 'Charlie' Crosby's Story