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Carla Ackerman

"Please, shut up. I've made mistakes, but so have you."

0 · 689 views · located in East Saint Louis, Illinois

a character in “Life or Lust”, as played by illusivedreamer


Carla Ackerman



ImageName: Carla Ackerman

Age: 22 years old

Known as: The Rebel

Sexuality: Bisexual (closeted)

Occupation: Record Store worker, previous attendee of UMSL before dropping out.

Ethnicity: Italian-American

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Appearance: Carla is described to be very pretty, although people find themselves unattracted to her when they speak to her. She has long brown hair that goes down to her mid back. She usually wears it down or in a ponytail, never any other style. Her eyes resemble a dark chocolate color and are rumored to be able to enchant others. Her chin is described as very cut out like a chiseled statue. Her nose is long but very narrow, which is Carla's favorite facial feature. Her frame is very slim and she loves being that way because she feels more confident about herself. She stands at an average height but she wishes she was taller. She has a tattoo of a butterfly on her shoulder which is one of her identifying marks.

Personality: Carla is known to be carefree and fearless. She's willing to take any risks to get what she wants. She can come off as blunt and arrogant, but it's all apart of her image. She loves partying and spent most of her freshman and sophomore year in college at parties. She is rumored to have a sweet side, but only her ex-boyfriend Tommy has seen it. Carla doesn't like to play "nice." She is very passionate about her opinions and will not allow anyone to defy her. This changes after she was captured, making her seem like a more vulnerable person.


You tell me hold your head up, hold your head up and be strong
Cause when you fall you gotta get up, you gotta get up and move on


Biography: Carla Jane Ackerman was born in the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood. She lived an easy life, except for the fact that her parents were very religious. Every night she'd have to pray for at least thirty minutes. She did not like being catholic and hated her elementary school St. Peter's. At a young age Carla would always get into trouble, talking back to teachers was described as her favorite thing to do. Schoolchildren were very afraid of her and steered clear of her.

Surprisingly, Carla was a very intelligent child, showing signs of being a genius at third grade. Her talents could never be recognized as her teachers judged her based on her attitude, not her intellect. She graduated with a C average and chose to attend Kirkwood High, against her parents' wishes. During her freshman year, her younger brother came out as gay and was immediately kicked out of the house. Carla, angry at her parents, refused to come home after school and would stay at her less conservative aunt's house.

After six months, Carla agreed to come home as long as she didn't have to go to church or have anything to do with God. That's when she officially became an atheist. High school was very easy for her, making many friends and enemies. To her parent's disapproval, she would go to parties every weekend and end up drunk. Fortunately, no one had taken advantage over her.

In her senior year, she fell in love with the football team's wide receiver, Tommy. Tommy shared the same feelings for her and they began dating. He had dreams of going to UMSL, while Carla wanted to graduate high school and then move to East Saint Louis to become a retail worker. Tommy convinced her to attend the university after several months of begging.

During college, Carla was extremely unhappy. She hated the workload and the only thing that kept her going was the parties. Tommy told her that she should stop this lifestyle as it wasn't good for her. The next day, she caught him cheating on her with a cheerleader. Tommy tried to win her back, but failed. Her revenge was to throw his clothes into the Mississippi river, and was arrested for it. Fortunately her parents bailed her out, but scolded her for it.

After finishing her sophomore year, she dropped out and packed her bags, ready to start a new life in East Saint Louis. After moving there, she found herself feeling much more alive than she ever had before. She got a job at a record store and was known to smuggle records to boys in exchange for free alcohol. For her twenty second birthday, she went out to party at a club. She met a very handsome man who offered to buy her all of her drinks. Being naive, she got herself completely wasted and passed out. She woke up in the backseat of a van, with that same man as the driver.

So begins...

Carla Ackerman's Story