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Jace Porter

"What do you mean I'm crazy? I prefer entirely bonkers."

0 · 574 views · located in East Saint Louis, Illinois

a character in “Life or Lust”, as played by illusivedreamer



"All the best people are crazy."
{Mad Hatter | Melanie Martinez}

Jace Thomas Porter
Young Psycho, Julio Cortez, Johnny Anderson, Jasper Prue


"My heart is damaged."
{ Damaged | Danity Kane}

Jace has blonde hair that sits on his head like a mop. That was the main reason why he was called mophead as a little boy. He has dull brown eyes that always look as if they were going to murder someone. He is average height, standing at about 5'6" and is very underweight. Ever since he was admitted into the mental hospital he would not eat right and almost end up dying. He has scars on his arms from trying to attack people, while they defended themselves. He has a tattoo of a songbird on his shoulder which he does not remember getting.

-Multiple Personality Disorder
-Schizoid Personality Disorder
-General Anxiety Disorder
-Borderline Personality Disorder

"He's got my mind."

Jace is very unstable and always ends up getting upset over... well anything. He is violent and often confused of his whereabouts. Girls can usually manipulate his main personality to help them, but not before his other personalities kick in. Jace has three of them.

The first one is Julio Cortez, an ex circus clown who is quite bonkers. He likes playing 'games' with the other girls and if they lose, they get shot with a water gun. He constantly confuses the girls with is "wife" Aimee, who had left him for another man. He'll go into an enraged fit and try to get information of why she left him.

The second one is Johnny Anderson, the sanest one of all the personalities. He's a quarterback at some private college in Iowa and quite the romancer. He tells the girls that he loves them and will treat them nicely, often buying them chocolates or flowers. Johnny is a rare occurrence though, and will often show up when he hears one of the girls crying.

The final one is easily the most insane, Jasper Prue. He is an escaped serial killer and extremely thirsty for blood. He won't hesitate to draw pictures with his knife on a girl's body parts. He is also the most sex crazed of the four and loves when he gets to "feel them." He has killed some of the girls in the trade, but the guys in charge have let him off the hook. After all, he is insane.
-Impersonating others
-Somehow not dying
-Shutting himself down when threatened
-Mental issues
-Calling him insane
-Emotional rollercoster
(at least one)


"No man should have all that power."
{ Power | Kanye West}

As soon as Jace could talk, his parents knew he had problems. He was immediately brought to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed him with ADHD and General Anxiety Disorder. Those two disorders were not too serious, so he was sent home. Everything seemed to go fine for a while, he received a form 504 so he could enjoy school with some extra help. In Kindergarten, he told the teacher that she was his wife and tried to kill her. He was kicked out of school and brought back to the same hospital.

He was then diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and he had to go to a mental hospital for the youth. He grew up there, struggling greatly with his mental issues. At first his parents would visit him, but then after four months they stopped. Heartbroken, he felt abandoned. He stayed at the hospital until he was eighteen, where he had to go live on his own. He was also diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Schizoid personality disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder. He was taking at least ten different medications at the time.

He met the king of the sex trade a day after he was discharged, he offered him a life of glory and lots of girls. Jace agreed and abandoned his medications. He was now using his mental issues for a "good thing." Which in his idea, was terrorizing young women for his personal gain.

Image"I smell a massacre."
{ Monster | Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Bon Iver, and Nicki Minaj}

CS: iCat
FC: Evan Peters
Played by: illusivedreamer
Hexcode: #797676

So begins...

Jace Porter's Story