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Drakengarde "Drake" Nightwing

A reclusive half-dragon who fights for those that he loves. Who matches his skills expertise? Nobody does!

0 · 172 views · located in The Wizarding World

a character in “Life--Or Something Like It--After Hogwarts”, as played by Drake Nightwing


Drake is of above average height, approximately 5'10''-5'11'', and is 19 years of age. Somewhat broad-shouldered and semi-muscular, he is not too particularly developed or toned but neither is he scrawny. Thick brown hair covers his head, coming into an interesting contrast with his slightly golden-tanned skin. Drake, being a half-dragon, half-human, has a thick golden scaled dragon tail that's as long as he is tall. His eyes are slightly, yet noticeably bigger than a human being's--with golden-and-black eyes more reminiscent of that of a lizard's. He also has incredibly sharp teeth, most of which are pointed (as opposed to a human's) as well as a very long, thin, purple forked reptilian tongue.

He wears a standard robe with a black shirt and jeans, with the robe having a golden trim around the hem and sleeves.


Whenever Drake goes into Feral State, however, Drake's hair goes completely on end. His teeth are almost constant exposed in a snarl and his pupils contract so far that they can barely just be seen (to the point of them almost disappearing altogether)--and may or may not turn completely crimson. His face and ears burn red hot continuously and will constantly walk around on all fours due to regressing to a much more primal personality.


Drake is a kind, yet somewhat reclusive young man, and generally keeps to himself. He abhors being around large groups of people, and has only a couple of friends (not counting his family). He is loathe, however, to stand by and not assist whenever somebody is desperately in need, and will fight to defend the people he loves and those that they care about.

Drake is also inquisitive and naturally curious, and will generally investigate and research into nearly anything, however he (likes to believe that he) does has SOME sort of common sense into recognizing the inherent danger in some fields and will stop before he goes too far...mainly as a result of a mishap which led him to becoming a half-dragon in the first place. Despite his level-headed, calculating and analytic nature, he is prone to making surprisingly rash decisions from time to time.

He is surprisingly fairly amicable and easy to get along with, despite his being a loner. The reason for his being seclusive is that unlike most wizards Drake can not control his magic whatsoever, and his desire to do no harm to anybody (even accidentally) drives him to the point of making sure he is usually by himself except of his own will, unless otherwise forced.

Drake CLAIMS to also a bit of a pacifist and will almost always seek to find non-violent solution to a threat. However, is he feels his family is threatened in any way, he will not hesitate to be the one to land the first blow. If forced to fight, however, he will attempt to pull his punches (if for no other reason than even a light slug could be a potentially fatal hit and his strongest swing can literally send someone into low orbit) unless its a dire emergency and it's absolutely and truly necessary for him to go all out. Once again, however, if he feels his own life or those of others are in danger...he generally will not hesitate to go straight for the big guns.


Drake is also prone to experience extreme surges of anger when in a high-stress situation. This is typically common if his family is threatened in any way, however this is not always the case. If Drake becomes sufficiently enraged, he will enter a state of mind known as Feral State.

Feral State can be stated to be similarly akin to a werewolf's transformation...however unlike a werewolf, Drake is not limited to shifting into Feral State at the full moon and can do it anytime at will. Upon entering Feral State, however, Drake's rage will completely consume him. He goes into an utterly primal state of mind, and will begin attacking his foes with absolute reckless abandon, not stopping until his opponent is either dead or until he (Drake) has been rendered unconscious or otherwise incapacitated. In this state, Drake is almost completely incapable of determining friend from foe and will indiscriminately attack anybody with lethal force should they happen to oppose him or if he deems they are threatening in any fashion.


Aside from the clothes on his back, Drake carries little with him save for a field satchel containing a cauldron for brewing field potions, vials of dirt and soil, and various herbs, flowers, and other potion ingredients. His wand is carried in his satchel yet he never uses it.

Drake's only other personal belongings are two ornate broadswords with the ability to be confined into a single double-bladed weapon. Naturally, as they are viably dangerous weapons he does not carry them around on his person unless the mission specifies a weapon he can utilize for self-defense. He also wears a small yet beautiful faux-diamond pendant around his neck which doubles as a locket holding pictures of his parents and little brother.

As of the current moment, Drake's field satchel has been utterly destroyed, alongside with everything that had been in it save for his wand. His two ornate broadswords have also apparently been confiscated by La Prise's forces.


Drakengarde "Drake" Nightwing hails from the Drago Archipelago, informally known as the Dragon Islands, a small territory owned by the main British Ministry of Magic. The Archipelago is a chain of islands in the middle of the Atlantic (Unplottable on any map) rumored to be anywhere between the Caribbean and Sargasso Seas, but confirmed to be in the tropics.

Born on Dragon's Nest Island, Drake lived a simple life as the eldest son of villa leader/farmer Diego Nightwing and his wife Alicia. Drake was a bright child and often loved to explore and experiment with the world due his curiosity and inquisitive nature. Often collecting herbs and plants, the young Drakengarde showed a small interest in Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration at a young age and often experimented in creating new solutions.

A mishap occurred shortly before his younger brother Dimitri was born, when a poorly timed spell during an experimental Potion and Transfiguration session left Drake horribly mutated from a human into a partially Transfigured dragon. The incident bolstered his natural mana several times the natural level of a regular human witch or wizard to the point where he can effortless cast spells without any aid of a wand...but could not control it at all, with the effects and results of each spell essentially completely random. However, to compensate, his physical abilities were naturally bolstered as a result as well. All of his senses, strength, natural balance and agility were heightened to levels far higher than that of a human's. As such, he can run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than any Olympic level athlete could ever hope to achieve.

He left the Dragon Islands to attend Hogwarts...and to study under the Headmaster and various teachers in an effort to learn how to control his errant magic, since treatments to his condition proved that it was irreversible. Despite his studies and training during his time at Hogwarts in the Ravenclaw House, Drake has had very little success in deliberately being able to directly influence his magic but can generally get a spell to perform at least the basic function it was intended to do (even if it doesn't work in precisely the manner he intended it).

His magical disability, however, has not deterred him from his other skills such as Herbology in growing, maintaining, and cultivating certain plants...Potions, in mixing ingredients together to create viable solutions...and other skills such as Geomancy, a form of Divination involving the earth. However, Drake truly shines in the physical department in utilizing his strength, speed, and agility for much more directly, brute force applications, alongside utilizing his senses for stealth and detection. Due to his inability to use magic, Drake relies on his skills and utilization in physical and melee combat to dispatch with enemies.

Receiving a letter in the mail one day after his time of study at Hogwarts, Drake was surprised to learn that the Ministry had requested his natural gifts in magical law enforcement. At first highly suspicious of the situation, knowing that the Ministry often did not allow half-humans into their ranks for ANY department, Drake nevertheless decided to attend when he noted that Harry Potter himself would be leading the group. Always wanting to help others, Drake figures this would be a good chance to see how he can best prove himself.

So begins...

Drakengarde "Drake" Nightwing's Story