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Evelynne Faye Endora

A fiery young woman with a talent for taming magical creatures.

0 · 202 views · located in The Wizarding World

a character in “Life--Or Something Like It--After Hogwarts”, as played by Kenzi



Evelynne is 19 years old and stands at 5'10" with long slim limbs and ivory white skin. Her arms and legs are dusted in fine silvery scars from her work with magical creatures, and she bares one large scar (1/2 inch in diameter and 5 inches long) beneath her right rib from when she had to jump in to push a young child out of the way from a hippogriff (after he had been taunting the poor creature) at a Magical Creatures information center that she used to work at the previous year. Her thin frame is not frail, though it may appear that way. She is surprisingly strong and flexible. Much to her dislike, however, she has very little curves. Her hips are only slightly defined, the same goes for a back side, and her breasts are a small fitting B cup.

Evelynne has shockingly red hair. Unlike the Weasley family (which sports orange tinged hair), Evelynne's hair is a bright crimson that has golden undertones which makes her hair seem almost unnatural (though it isn't). It's very thick and falls in long loose curls and waves to her mid back. She never does anything dramatic with her hair, so it often falls around her face naturally or is pulled back into a high pony tail.

Her eyes are very unique and sometimes cause people to stare. They are almond shaped and the color of sun-drenched honey with lighter flecks of gold around the dark iris, framed by long naturally curled lashes that fan outwards in a dramatic and almost feline way. Her brows are a fair red in color and have a dramatic arch that would allow for amazing done up eyes, though she never wears makeup.

She has a brilliant smile with straight white teeth and full pink lips. Evelynne has high cheek bones and a strong angled jawline that accentuates the high cheek bones.

Evelynne prefers to wear free flowing clothing in pastel shades and khaki/earth shades. She wears the appropriate attire while working with magical creatures, and has been seen around in wizarding attire, though prefers to wear worn out jeans loose blouses and her Gryffindor scarf in winter.

Animagus Form: Image
Eve is able to transform into a tiger. The coat of her animagus form is the same color as her crimson-gold hair and her honey-gold eyes keep their color and intensity in her animagus form as well.


Evelynne prefers to be called Eve or even Evie. She has a very strong, confident, and independent personality that often causes people to be intimidated by her, though she isn't a mean person. Eve just knows how she wants things to be done and how they should be done, so she often takes control of the situation. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor and isn't afraid to speak her mind, regardless of who it is she is talking to. She is very intelligent in quite a number of fields of magic (she was 2nd in her year, behind the unbeatable Hermione Granger), but excelled the most in Care of Magical Creatures. She is quick to act with her gut, even if she isn't sure if it's the right thing to do. She has a knack for seeing both sides of a situation and isn't opposed to breaking the rules in order to succeed. Eve is an incredibly passionate person when it comes to two things in her life: Animals and Music. Eve would do anything to help out any creature (whether it was a beautiful unicorn, a regular every day cat, or even a Blast-Ended Skrewt) and has the ability to create strong connections between herself and animals. She believes the reason for this is because she is an animagus. Eve is able to transform, at will, into a majestic tiger. Eve is also a vegetarian and refuses to touch any meat. Her other passion, music, begun at a very young age. Eve is a classically trained pianist and singer, and often sings to sooth the creatures so works with. Her favorite creatures to work with are dragons because they are the most challenging and most rewarding to train.


Eve carries her wand (11" Rosewood with dragon heartstring core) with her at all times, as well as her necklace, but not much else.


Evelynne attended Hogwarts in the same year as the Golden Trio and was sorted into Gryffindor after the sorting hat took its sweet time deciding between Slytherin and Gryffindor. She socialized with members of each household, including Slytherin, but didn't have any close friends. She was friendly and social, but preferred spending time with her nose in a book (her favorite authors were muggle writers such as Tolstoy, Dickens, and the Bronte sisters) or helping Hagrid with some of the magical creatures at the school.

Evelynne's parents were both pure bloods and both had attended Hogwarts in their youth. Her mother was a Slytherin (a brilliant but cold-hearted witch at times) and her father had been in Gryffindor (Brave to the core and a little lazy in his studies). Eve grew up as an only child and thus spent any free time at home reading or practicing her music. The family went on many trips around the world, allowing her to come face to face with many different species of animals from both the magic and non-magic world.

After graduating from Hogwarts last year, Eve traveled to Romania to apprentice under Charlie Weasley, working with dragons. She spent the summer there and actually ended up dating Charlie for the 4 months that she was there for (despite the 8 year gap in their ages). When it was time to return home, the two split on good terms and Charlie gave her a dragon necklace. Its a silver dragon wrapped around a crystal, hung on a fine silver chain and she wears it almost every day. While she was never formally introduced to the Weasley family, Charlie said he had mentioned her a few times to his brothers.


So begins...

Evelynne Faye Endora's Story