Ronald "Ron" Weasley

The final member of the Golden Trio.

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a character in “Life--Or Something Like It--After Hogwarts”, as played by Drake Nightwing


19 years old, Ron is a very tall individual, standing at 6'3''. He is very gangly and lanky, but he has a solid frame that does not make him appear scrawny. His curly, ginger red hair contrasts with his freckled face. He generally wears standard robes, slacks, and a shirt except whenever he is at work in which case he wears an appropriate Auror outfit. Ron tends to wear sweaters and other such things that was knitted by his mother.


Generally laid back and relaxed, Ron can also be rather passionate on certain issues. He is generally sardonic and sometimes goes a little too far with his off-the-cuff comments (not realizing they can cut much deeper than he intended). Ron tends to act mostly by instinct and as such he tends to jump to conclusions more often than not. Ron also suffers slightly from a self-esteem issue from time to time.

He is in love with Hermione, and would do almost absolutely anything for her. He also views Harry as yet another brother, albeit the one he's closest to, rather than just his best friend.


His wand, his Deluminator, and his snarky witticisms.


You DID read the books, didn't you? Do I really have to fill this out?

...sigh. Very well. Ron is a wizard born of the Weasley family--the youngest son of six, his only sibling even younger than him is his only sister. His family, once poor, has since become very well off due to the success of his brothers' shop as well as gaining recognition and success as one of the top Aurors working alongside his best friend Harry.

So begins...

Ronald "Ron" Weasley's Story