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Life Raft

Cruise Liner #658 "Dream Scape"


a part of Life Raft, by Limepepper.


Limepepper holds sovereignty over Cruise Liner #658 "Dream Scape", giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Cruise Liner #658 "Dream Scape" is a part of Life Raft.

11 Characters Here

Rosemarie Williams [132] Well, at least we're alive.
Roxi Vines [131] "Please don't touch my headphones..."
Lago Moreo [131]
Alexa Swanson [131] "Please let us be ok..."
Perla Maddalena [128] ~WIP~
Aristela Nickels [122] Umm, This sucks...
Keith M. Warbe [115] *smiles politely and nods*
Aston Young [95] "Down you go."
Hazel Locket [78] Worst. Vacation. Ever.

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Mimi looked around from up on her tree. New people had arrived on a piece of yellow rubber. She stared at them. It had at least been 3 years since she even saw another person. She could see that they had small amounts of food. Mimi grabbed her rusty knife and creeped off towards the beach. She then sprang out and grabbed the nearest person and pushed her knife to their neck.