Gnaeus Rupilius Purpurio

An ambitious roman general with an iron heart, who sees opportunity in Colosseum that few are aware of.

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a character in “Life, Slavery, and Death”, as played by Wake



*Age: 38
*sex: Male
*Height: 5'10"
*General build: Gnaeus is a strong man, something he prides himself in. His shoulders are broad with a slightly longer arm reach then most. His muscular form adds his appearance of power, acting as physical poof that he is more bite then bark.
*Scars or bodily blemishes: He has a small scar from an axe blow just above his right eye.
*Face characteristics: Long brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He has a thick, full beard along a strong jaw line, just below his slightly crooked nose. He has a flat forehead and ridged eyebrows, well known to press flat during his constant scowling.
*Military or political rank: A general, and one of the former heads of the Germanic campaign. Former, because political meddling has pulled him back to Italy.


Gnaeus is a cold, calculating, ill tempered man. Though his temper is fierce he knows to reign himself in and wait for the right opportunity to strike. Both ambitious and patient, Gnaeus is known as a dangerous enemy in political circles, often seeming to exude a dominating presence that unnerves lesser men. Often he thinks of many of his fellow politicians as fat and lazy, however he doesn't voice this aloud.

Gnaeus reserved behavior makes him less "abusive" towards his slaves. That doesn't mean he is nice to them, however. He simply believes that they work better when they spend less time nursing bruises and that the threat of a beating is more effective then the actual act of it. To him, they're like tools. If properly maintained they can both last a long time and be quite useful in the end.

He does, however, give credit where credit is due, and has been known to reward both slaves and subordinates when they prove able to live up to his expectations.


*Favorite Weapon: Gnaeus prefers to keep his gladiolus blade on him at all times.


Gnaeus didn't start in the position of power he is. he is path too political prowess was filled with blood sweat and tears... well mostly blood and sweat. Born from a low ranking noble and a Germanic slave, Gnaeus faced a lot of opposition from an early age, before he'd even first set foot into office. Hoping to improve his life, he took up role of a military officer and quickly proved to be a sound commander, wining may victories for Rome. Still, despite his great skill at command, advancement was rare, as higher ups didn't was "the son of a Germanic wench" to have any true standing among "pure" noble men. Forcing Gnaeus to resort to blackmail, bribery, and murder to force his way to the top.

Not all of his life was filled with harshness and blood shed though. Once he had a wife and daughter. Both of which he loved with all his heart. He was almost about to leave his military career behind. But then his home caught fire and his family died in the blaze. Stricken with grief, Gnaeus became a bitter man, eventually turning into the man he is today.

He later remarried to a woman named Livia Servilla, however this marriage was more politically oriented and thus they've had a less then spectacular start to their relationship. Especially with t Gnaeus being deployed to the Germanic campaign barely a few months after their wedding.

So begins...

Gnaeus Rupilius Purpurio's Story