Delaney Huey Coleman

"All that matters is to know where the enemy is and decide what to do, what the enemy does is unimportant"

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Description: A fair lassie from the old dale-valley, though her muscler mass, alas, from bone to skin, will not have the bards of her exploits sing, she be not a flabby sorta thing. Her stature, is a modest, if short, though not a extraordinarily particular sort. Her surface skin, is moonlit bright. Her dark eyes, offer an earthbound site. A sunset hair, of orange and strawberry descends to from head to collar, tamed, kept and orderly.

This poem, one of the first written by members "The Marcus poet society" was an exercise in which members of the group wrote descriptions of one another. Though Delaney has issue with the bard singing claim (she run's every night!, sort of), it's fairly accurate.

Name: Delaney Huey Coleman
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel
Body Type: Mesomorph
Blood Type: O -
Skin Tone: Light - North European
Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Voice Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNQ2NwLgAgY#t=430

Character Class: Cavalier
Starting Weapon: Single tip wooden lance
Starting Level: 3
Starting Stats:

HP: 43
ATK: 10 (spent 1 + growth of 2)
DEF: 9 (spent 1 + growth of 2)
AGI: 6 (growth by 1)
SKL: 9 (+2 from growth)
SPD: 7 (spent 2, growth by 1)

Lance skill: Stab, level 3

Animal handling: Level 1

Cooking: Level 3

Fishing: level 2

Detection: Level 1

Speech: Level 1, unlocked basic negotiation

Athletics: Level 1, unlocked Stamina boost


Delaney is a very involving person, involving in her humor, wit and the light hearted and confident way she conveys herself to an audience, which sometimes form around her from time to time. Some people call this charisma; her ability to put people at ease or to involve them in an issue they didn’t know or care enough about a few minutes ago. Charisma is a very general world though, which just defines the effect of something a bit more complicated in a person's character. Some may be dominating, posing impressive tall figures of strength, while others may be the opposite but commanders of empathetic foresight of the right smile and the correct kind word

Delaney is fairly ordinary in comparison, and isn't all that different from her peers. But she took responsibility and has grown to understand how to get others to maybe to the same. Self example didn't really work as a means, nether did words and speeches, but just being around and talking the lead in situations or leading situations in brought her other people's confidence - self example and words keep it going. She isn't a magician, Delaney often says that she is only as good as the argument but she is good at delivering herself. Delaney also tries to listen to most people when they have something to say, or at least used to and has a good enough memory to recall quite a few of these conversations, which is a useful thing to bring up in the next conversation, it shows involvement in his concerns.

Beyond her iconic image, there is what Delaney is to herself. In the past there wasn't all that much of a difference between the two, she was class president and that is as good as any summery of her personality – involved, serious, fun and maybe selfless (all those "make an example" cleaning duties). She can be best described as being energetic,she despises inaction and would have been challenging to deal with ,hadn't it been for the constraints of society. Delaney likes to be liked and wants to be helpful if she can be.

As a person, her role and her popularity are as much a part of her identity as any other aspect. As a result, her position is something to be guarded, Delaney does not cross the unwritten rules of society. She follows the same cultural norms, she wares the same clothes, she does not involve herself with "the freaks" and tries to be fun. Which one of these traits made her tell Marcus's secret? probably the latter, Delaney wanted to be fun, it was after all a very funny story.

Since the Marcus incident, Delaney is less of herself then before. She does not "create a discussion" as she used and rather joins one in progress, she does not involve as much as get involved if she feels she should. Since stepping down over the Marcus incident, Delaney talks and laughs but she is more of a loner now then in the past. Delaney feels guilty, people think it's because as class president she failed to stop the Marcus incident but Delaney blames herself for causing it, but is too ashamed to tell anybody. Delaney likes to be alone, an hour, two hours or maybe five and just have the comfort of silence. In game, Delaney tends to be a bit more childish and playful though she does base herself on the knight in shining armor code of chivalry kind of routine. She is harder to deal with in game since there are no constraints in the game world, she is as energetic as she wants to be

Strengths: Self Confident, Charismatic, energetic and emphatic

Weaknesses: Is tensed up inside (though confident, is liable to mood swings and their changes), Is in game still a bit noob without the best understanding of how MMO's work in general, tends to rush (or charge, literally) things in game "All that matters is to know where the enemy is and decide what to do, what the enemy does is unimportant". Does not take the game as seriously as "the nerds" , though she loves it's world's features.

Starting Equipment: Wooden lance, Beginner's baic Heavy Armor


Delaney was raised in a relatively wealthy family, 5 years the eldest of her siblings and encouraged to be responsible since an early age. In school, Delaney was a well liked personality in the class. Many class parties where celebrated in her house, or she was involved in arranging it somewhere else. Once she had made high school, Delaney did not find it too difficult to find relationships where she wanted them and was also elected as class president.

There were of course students who were not as fortunate as she was; such as Marcus, a social outcast. Delaney could not remember when it had begun, but small things such as being useless in football and being so easy to pick on made him no friends. Though most the bullying was over by high school, he was not made welcome by society. Delaney did not actually participate in any bullying or at least, she does not think she did. But she never said anything beyond what she had to, and whenever there were any awkward moments in which they talked, Delaney often took the first option to get out of these, like everyone else, though a bit more politely.

Towards the end of the 10th grade, Delaney who was at the time cleaning up the class found a crumbled note; the note was from Marcus, and in it he confessed to a girl, way out of his league though, thought Delaney. She had intended to toss the note aside, but gossip being gossip, she gossiped and the story went around the school the next day. Two days later, Marcus was found in a river – quite dead. The rumor regarding Marcus's note had gotten around, and had reached the girl and her friends. They in turn thought it would be fun to play along with it and arrange a date between the two. Marcus was apparently quite hesitant at first but went along with the ploy hardly believing his luck, until the girl and her friends exposed their prank in a pre-arranged gathering of many students in the class in a place where Marcus and the girl where supposed to "meet in private". Ashamed, following the spreading of pictures of the event on the social media, Marcus wrote an extensive note to his parents explaining why he had decided to take his own life before he jumped from the bridge.

Marcuse's parents addressed the police on the issue, arrests were made and the story was quite big in the press for a time, but Delaney was never implicated and at the time kept silent over the affair. Delaney later visited Marcus's parents, she never confessed her part in the story but she did ask after him and tried to discover what manner of a person he really was. Delaney discovered that Marcus had been a talented artist, drawing many portraits of people in the class including herself and particularly of the girl he liked. Delaney also found poems, short stories and a world of fantasy and fiction in which Marcus often hid.

Delaney and others in the class who felt guilty for Marcuse's death created a society dedicated to learning about him, together they made similar artwork and played games, particularly MMO's which Marcus had been particularly keen on. The group later started to tour the country to tell Marcus's story, though Delaney only participated in the logistics and never spoke, afraid to expose the true measure of her involvement. Though her friends in the society have focused on delivering Marcus's story in a message against bullying and largely stopped their earlier gathering involved dedicated to getting to know Marcus and playing his games. Delaney kept playing them; she did not run for the class presidency in her 11th year of school and instead distanced herself from it's social aspects. Recently, Delaney has brought a copy of Life Untold, a game Marcus wrote columns of anticipation about, and regret that he hadn't been selected to Beta test it. In away, Delaney is playing the game because Marcus didn't get the chance to play it, but since getting into MMO's, Delaney is discovering she actually quite enjoys them.

So begins...

Delaney Huey Coleman's Story