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a part of LifeLine, by Critfail0.

Welcome to the capital of Primoria. I know it's pretty intimidating at first glance, but DeMoores a great place, I promise.

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DeMoore is the capital of Primoria, densely packed and full of tourists but it's a good city, full of hardworking people. The public schools we have scattered around the area might not be as rich and prissy as those Avalia kids, but they're just as good. I swear.

Say what you will about DeMoore, but it's got diversity. Heck, you might even find a few Urban Fae lurking about in the back alleys. Speaking of back alleys, you might want to stay away from them. Rumour has it that there's been this new gang called The Hunters lurking around the city and they're not the type you want to mess with.
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Welcome to the capital of Primoria. I know it's pretty intimidating at first glance, but DeMoores a great place, I promise.


DeMoore is a part of Griffar.


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Character Portrait: Carina Melinkov
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The noise of the city was deafening as Carina walked down the street, a cacophony of shouting and car horns drifting to her ears. She paused at an intersection, lost in thought. If she turned left she could follow the street and relax at the somewhat quieter park as she usually did. The problem was that she felt...restless. Day after day was the same routine. She lived in such a big city but had seen so little of it, all she knew was the park, the school, and the shopping mall. She remembered sitting in her classroom while her teacher enthusiastically spouted "If you just take a look around, you'll never know what hidden gems you might find."

"Hidden gems, huh?" she muttered under her breath. She kept walking straight into relatively unfamiliar territory. Down this way there was supposedly a tavern where some interesting characters were known to hang out. She kept one hand on the cell phone in her pocket, ready to call 911, just in case she ran into any of these "characters".

(OOC Note: sorry for the wait guys, and sorry that the first post couldn't be a bit more exciting XD. I had been waiting a bit more to see if any new characters joined. This is basically going to be a pretty open rp, so I don't have a solid main plot yet, that will be decided as our characters interact. Also, I have answered questions in the OOC forum. )