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Milla Alice Julius

Monsters do exist. That's where we come in.

0 · 380 views · located in England

a character in “Light and Darkness: A Never Ending War.......”, as played by Bani


Name: Alica Milla Julius

Age: 17

Looks: Image

    Long Walks
    Freshwater Bodies
    Cute Things

    Ocean/ Saltwater in general
    Direct Sunlight
    Boisterous Crowds
    Being Patronised
    Loud People

What are you?: Hunter

Powers: Can create illusions (even though they are a serious drain on her.)
Can control shadows to an extent, twisting them into an assortment of weapons including daggers, razor-sharp fans, whips and, less frequently, a scythe. A setback to this is that she can't use shadows belonging to a hostile person/animal.
Inhumanly fast.

Weapons: Carries an ornate silver dagger hidden in her boots, named Bloody Rose, which has designs of Rose Vines etched all over the handle.


Milla's personality varies almost drastically depending on who she is with. While with trusted friends and strangers who she thinks need her help, she has an extremely cheery and optimistic personality, to the point she's often called childish and naive, while with people she doesn't know, she can appear cold and aloof, but that's actually because she's too shy to attempt any kind of contact or conversation with them.
Even though she appears to be innocent, she's actually rather perspective and sharp. She can be cold as well, thinking nothing of killing demons and vampires, as she doesn't term them deserving to live.

So begins...

Milla Alice Julius's Story