Voltain S. Deadly

"...hmm...you were saying something?..."

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a character in “Light and Darkness: A Never Ending War.......”, as played by blackwolf




Name: Voltain Sebastian Deadly

Age: Voltain 's a 250 years old demon but he looks like a mid-twenties young man

Looks: Voltain has black hair, black eyes and paled skin. He often wears a suit and he always remains emotionless when he's near the others except his alpha and the one he loves.

Like: the Alpha Demon, my human trophies, humans' life force, books, coffee, cigarettes...

Dislikes: hunters, light, dirtiness, rock music, noises, all human beings except my precious trophies...

What are you?: Beta Demon

Powers: Voltain's power is called the Puppet controlled. His ability allows him to control other human beings to even vampires or demons to some certain exent. His controls over Demons and Vampires are not perfect. However, his controls over human beings are absolute. He can control their emotions and actions. Once he has his hands on a human, that human will only know that he/she was being controlled IF he allowed so. The only ones are not affected by his power are the alphas and betas of the Demons, Vampires and Hunters. The less power a creature has, the easier he can control said creature. He also has the Intangibility or people often call this ability phasing. He can phase through any materials, hard or not, walls or water. Voltain also has another special ability that helps him to archive his beta seat. He's good with paperwork. He works fast and accurate. He's one of the demons the Alpha trusts most.

Weapons: Throwing Knives


Disguised job: businessman

Hobbies: Collecting beautiful humans as trophies, luring humans, toying with victims, looking at the moon

Personalities: With other demons and vampires, Voltain is a cold and emotionless demon. With the Alpha Demon, Voltain is obedient and loyal. With the hunters, he is a dark, twisted, and sadistic creature. With his human trophies, he is gentle, protective and caring...and with other humans, he's their attackers.

So begins...

Voltain S. Deadly's Story