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Light and Shadows: Oracles Guardians

Light and Shadows: Oracles Guardians


when all is lost and everyone is scared 8 heroes will arrive and defeat the the villian to bring the light back.

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The land of aenia has been sent in to darkness for 1000 years by the dark overlord, shamrock. people across the land been through misery, the overlords creatures causing torture and pain and suffering no happiness seems to be found and if there is, well, that must be hidden or itll be sucked away like all the rest.

a legend once told of heroes which protected this land under the order of the previous order they were known as the oracles guardians and risked there lives to protected there leader. each recieved a gem of different colours which boosted there power. but even them risking there lives wasnt enough to stop shamrock and so the kingdom of aenia fell into the shadows and darkness....

BUT....8 heros think its time to end this time of madness, this time of evil, this time of darkness! and bring back the light and happiness to this land of aenia. but theres 1 problem first these heroes must make there way to the dark overlords castle and defeat him, with that in mind there are also many challages in between....the dark minions, the people of many towns...with problems.

extra information

when creating a character. please choice a race whither its one you make up(please explain more if so) or a creature from things like dnd please include!

~map~ ... s#/d5fd5sl

kyronguard is the most largest populated city in Aenia. many different races are located here.
there is always action about this big city. but it cant be helped when sharocks men are always trying to take it over.
(also the place where our heroes will start and meet(somehow))

Jumi is a small farming village mostly populated by the humans

n'kumo is a large farming town mostly populated with humans

same as jumi

hemacles mansion
hemacles mansion is a rumored to be a second home for overlord shamrock but also
behind it lies a maze also rumored there is a beast that walks it and once you go in you never come back out

saxis worships faeries they think of them as god in earth form

y'um'sa is a very dangerious place to be if your a fairy. the people there are pretty much fairy hunters
they either keep them as pets of eat them as food

toll bridge
the toll bridge is one way into tyriax but you have to pay so much for one person and they make sure they make you leave with nothing left

tyriax isnt a big fan of mix races so humans are on top here unless they side with overlord shamrock. otherwise if another riace is found within the walls they are forced to become slaves for the city

oracle lake
oracle lake is rumored to be where good fountune and happiness can be found. it is also rumored that you can connect with the oracle, the ruler before shamrock.

this is a village taken over by shamrock but isnt as bad as the city which its connected to. the people there are quite happy to have vistors



gehanna is where all of shamrocks minons live. if your caught there the conquences can be bad, unless you work for one of the minons ofcourse then it could be worse!

a small town of minons but some can be good in these little villages

crystal carvan
crystal carvan is the only way up to shamrocks castle. the reason its called crystal carvan is because of its crystal filled walls but there are two things to worry about if you fall to greeds spell you may be lost inside forever. a dragon with diamond like scale live inside waiting for his next vicum.

shamrock castle

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Cylix blinked lightly as he looked up from his book, giving a soft tilt of the head at the fairy.

"Um... Hello." He greeted, giving a light nod before turning his attention back to the tea he had ordered.

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Character Portrait: Maurelle
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Character Portrait: Cylix

I promise to lie to you.

Character Portrait: Maurelle

a fairy of a gothic style with a wierd nature


Character Portrait: Maurelle

a fairy of a gothic style with a wierd nature

Character Portrait: Cylix

I promise to lie to you.

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Character Portrait: Cylix

I promise to lie to you.

Character Portrait: Maurelle

a fairy of a gothic style with a wierd nature

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