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a character in “LightClan”, as played by Jade-Venom


Name: Vineivy
Age: Adult (19 Moons)
Gender: She-cat
Fur Color/Description: Picture
Fur Markings: Picture
Eye Color: Emerald green
Size: Picture
Physical Conditions: None
Mental State: Stable
Emotional State: Stable
Breed: Brazilian shorthair
Mate: Nope
Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Siblings: Dead
Kits: Nope
Other Family: Dead
Clan: Lightclan
Rank: Hoping for Medicine Cat
Personality: Fiercely loyal to her clan and will stop at nothing to protect the cats around her. She will do anything to help her clanmates, healing or fighting, you can count on her. Though she isn't always serious and stern, there is a deeply passionate and loving side to this she-cat that few other than her clan members see. She will do anything to keep them safe and healthy, and loves every cat, from the tiniest kit to the oldest elder.

So begins...

Vineivy's Story

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Vineivy looked around camp. She padded around in a circle before sitting down beside the Medicine cat den, watching it as if it were her kit and she was its mother.