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Leo Stone

I run this town

0 · 286 views · located in New York, New York

a character in “Lights Out”, as played by boultinator93


Name- Leo Stone

Age- 28

Gender- male

Role- Leader of the "Deck of Cards" gang, the largest gang in the city.

Appearance- He is about 6'1 and is quite muscular. He has a shaven head that he keeps short. Leo is white but his skin is slightly tanned. He usually apears quite calm and collected but does have a dangerous temper. He looks very healthy and strong.


Personality- Is obsessed with power and money and hates it when people try to tell him what to do. He thinks he is the boss and that no one can order him around not even the police. He is a big believer in loyalty and trust and is loyal to his gang but if that trust is broken he will punish them. He is mostly calm but will flip if hes pushed to much. He is sympathetic to the poor and hands out a lot of money. He is also very charming and knows how to get what he wants.

History- Leo grew up in a rough background, as a child he had no money, no prospects, nothing. He hated going to school because the other kids would bully him because he had nothing. Despite this he was quite smart, mostly because he taught himself because he couldn't learn at school. As he got older and into his teens, nothing changed until he met a gang of older students. They decided to look after him in exchange for favors in class. They toughened him up and he started being able to fight his bullies back on his own. After they left school they started to go into crime with Leo doing most of the thinking and planning. They started off with pick pocketing and petty theft, but then they started to get more members and expanded into money laundering and drugs. Leo soon became the leader of the gang, running all there operations and they became the largest gang around. Then the bomb hit knocking all technology out. This was Leo's perfect opportunity, the police were in disarray because robot cops were not working anymore. He could do what he wanted. Sure he would help and protect the poor but this opportunity allowed him to have free reign to take power of the city.

Gear- He always wears expensive dark suits in front of the rest of his gang and in public, he also always wears black sunglasses even at night. He also has two .50 caliber Desert Eagles holstered to him at all times for protection, the reason he uses this over a flashy futuristic weapon is because he doesn't have much love for technology because he never got to use it as a kid because his family had no money. He carries $100 bills around in his wallet to show off to people.

Other-Loves money and power, hates technology and people telling him what to do.

So begins...

Leo Stone's Story