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Julie Hale

"It will never be the same..." WIP

0 · 578 views · located in New York, New York

a character in “Like Nobody Else”, as played by ChloeB223


"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."
~ Victor Hugo

【Basic Knowledge】


|Full Name|
Juliana Irene Hale

Julie, Jules, Lia, Anna, or Jay
There's a lot more - too many to list right now.

Yes, I'm aware. Just barely legal.

40% Bulgarian
Don't know the language that well.
30% British
30% French

Long Island, New York
Moved into the city when I was six and haven't looked back since.

Live-In Nanny
College Student

|Character Dialogue Color|

【Into the Broken Mirror】



108 lbs// Svelte

|Hair Color// Eye Color|
Dark Brown// Warm Brown

|Skin Tone|
Creamy Olive

|Scars? Markings? Tattoos?|
The last time she even spoke of a tattoo was when she was sixteen and her mother threatened to ground her for three months if she dared to even look at a tattoo parlor. After the woman died, Julie didn't even think of it anymore. Her most prominent scar is the one on the side of her head, right at her hairline. It was when she officially moved out of her father's house. He threw a broken beer bottle at her when she called him a pathetic drunk.

|Brief Description|
Back in high school, most people hyped Julie up to be some kind of beauty pageant contestant or a prom queen type beauty. In her eyes, however, she looks pretty average. Her height is attributed to the long, slender and toned legs she gained from years playing soccer and she has never tried to starve herself skinny. This is the girl that would eat a burger any day; she just so happens to like running. Her skin is smooth and blemish-free and her eyes, though muddy in her opinion, actually have golden swirls near the center. Her hair is long and smooth; she hardly - if ever - curls it. The strands used to hold red highlights, but she's now opted for caramel to look more natural.

【Fun Facts】

|Quirks & Habits|
  • Tends to tuck her hair behind her right ear when nervous, feeling shy or in deep thought.
  • Fiddles with her mother's necklace when she is feeling anxious or worried.
  • Julie usually bows her head when she's receiving a compliment. It's a quick aversion of the eyes, her way for you not to see her blush or facial expression. She accepts them well, but when she does this, it usually signifies that she doesn't feel like she deserves the compliment and praise or that she's embarrassed.
  • While not the most religious person, when she's feeling particularly stressed or alone, she clasps her hands in front of her as if she is praying, presses her lips against it, and closes her eyes to breathe for a few minutes.
  • If her leg begins shaking erratically under the table or while she's sitting, it signifies that Julie is about three seconds from blowing a fuse or worse, striking someone.
  • She punches best with her left hand.
  • Uses Bulgarian as her means to speak her thoughts aloud. Though not the most fluent, no one ever really understands her.
  • Needs to go on a five mile run every morning to start her day. She can function without the exercise, but her most proactive days begin with this followed by her coffee.

Caramel Machiattos// Running// Freesia-Scented Body Wash// Forever 21// Hot Baths// Swimming// Honey-Barbeque Wings// Justice// Lazy Days// Classic Disney Movies// Red Wine// Chinese Food// Steven Spielberg Films// Snow// Ice-Skating// Cooking// Chai Lattes// Her Boss & His Family// Bulgarian Language// Johnny Rockets Milkshakes// Sweet Potato Fries// Red Velvet Cake// Beaches// Sunsets// Writing In Her Journal// Banana Pudding// Homemade Mac 'N' Cheese {Only Hers}// The Idea of Love// Rain// Cinnamon Hot Chocolate// Dogs// Swings// String Instruments// Soccer// Public Displays of Affections

Funerals// Monday Mornings// Black Coffee// Crowded Starbucks// Tabloids// Rumors// Unnecessary Attention or Drama// Womanizers// Whores// Spending Excessive Money// Expensive Gifts// Children Crying// Worthless Parents// Alcoholism// Death// Injustice// Dishonesty// Change of Season// Christmas// Soggy Fries// Extremely High Heels// Incompetence// Selfishness// Betrayal// Her Father// Student Loans// Hazelnut// Meaningless Sex// Morgues// Hospitals// Crime// Nonfiction Novels// Miley Cyrus// The terms swag & YOLO// Rap Music// Veggie Burgers// Falling Dreams// Nightmares// Broken Families// Irresponsibility

Never solving her mother's case// Losing more loved ones// Ruining her relationships with both her boss & his daughter// Asphyxiation// Alcoholism// What happens once she solves her mother's case

【Just Below The Surface】


{Compassionate, Warm, Fragile, Selfless, Stubborn, Independent, Determined}
Do you want honesty? Jules will give it - no questions asked. Just don't be surprised if she shuts down on you. With the death of both her mother and younger brother followed by her father's descent into alcoholism, Julie has settled for not discussing her feelings or just burying them. And it works - until friends and others start questioning her. Why did you transfer? Why don't we ever see your Dad anymore? How are you? Are you alright? And she'll answer with a polite, "Fine. Thank you..." That's just how she was raised. She was never meant to be a rude person, but it is much more obvious that the girl who used to be considered the prom girl character has died and a quieter young woman has taken her place.

And it's not like she doesn't want to tell you what's wrong. It's just that Julie has never been one to focus on her own struggles or pain. So many people go through so many different things and have to endure various circumstances. Who is she to load you with her problems when you probably are weighed down by your own? That's how selfless she is. She would worry about others before extending that same care or compassion to herself. Her own needs go last - everyone else is first priority. It's kind of how it's always been and no, she wasn't conditioned. She wasn't put through something bad. It is simply her state of mind. When her little brother was born, she took a backseat. When her parents' marriage was on the rocks, she politely took care of her brother. When other secrets came out, she swallowed down her pain to be with her family. That's just how much she cares.

It's not to say that remnants of that girl aren't still present. For instance, her friendliness and her ability to love still exist. When Julie loves or cares for anyone, it consumes her. She would do anything for those people without question. It is how she became so close with her best friends and her boss' daughter. But it's not to say that she is as naïve as before. Before, Jules wore her heart on her sleeve, constantly praying that she is putting her trust in the right people. And, yes, she's been disappointed all three times she was with someone and yes, she would break down. It is no secret that between her friends, she was the weaker one. Always needing someone, always giving her heart away only for it to be broken. Now, while she hasn't exactly hardened it, there is a new strength about her - a resolve to be better - to do better. And despite the doubts, she is more than ready to shed her high school girl image. She still has her grievances; a part of her is still shattered by the destruction of her family and she is terrified to feel the kind of pain with anyone again. And yet...the romantic in her doesn't want to give up hope.

But with this new change comes a great determination to prove everyone wrong. She surprised family and friends when she gave up her passion - writing - to pursue a career in criminal justice. She wants to be a cop and transferred to NYU, which is closer to her boss' home and allows her to drop the little one off. While it meant that she had to take out a few loans because she refused to go to a community college, none of this has stopped Julie. She hates people that doubt her and yes, she is sweet-faced and has always been seen as a sweetheart and so young and too gentle for the world of gunshots and crimes.

But she will be damned if she lets her mother's case - which was abandoned two weeks after the initial investigation - just rot in some little corner. It's the first thing she's going after and no matter how many times she hears the speeches, she's too stubborn to even think of backing down. Julie knows what she wants. She knows she has some growing to do before she gets into the academy and she knows there's going to be more growing after that. But she's ready for it. She's not girly little Julie anymore.

【Just Below The Surface】


Work in progress...

【Theme Songs】


Explosions| Ellie Goulding
You trembled like you'd seen a ghost
And I gave in
I lack the things you need the most, you said where have you been
You wasted all that sweetness to run and hide
I wonder why
I remind you of the days you poured your heart into
But you never tried
I've fallen from grace
Took a blow to my face
I've loved and I've lost
I've loved and I've lost

Explosions...on the day you wake up
Needing somebody and you've learned
It's okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same
It will never be the same

You left my soul bleeding in the dark
So you could be king
The rules you set are still untold to me and I lost my faith in everything
The nights you could cope, your intentions were gold
But the mountains will shake
I need to know I can still make

Explosions...on the day you wake up
Needing somebody and you've learned
It's okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same

And as the floods move in
And your body starts to sink
I was the last thing on your mind
I know you better than you think
'Cause it's simple darling, I gave you a warning
Now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces
So watch them fall with you, in slow motion
I pray that you will find peace of mind
And I'll find you another time
I'll love you, another time

Explosions...on the day you wake up
Needing somebody and you've learned
It's okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same

So begins...

Julie Hale's Story