Morgan La'Rue

"I am who I am. No excuses."

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"I am who I am. No excuses."


Full Name:
Morgan Isabelle Mae La'Rue
The way that Morgan's name came about was a long ago, when her mother had just given birth to her. Her mother wanted a strong and powerful name but also one that had meant something to her. Her mother shortly picked the name Morgan out for her, and the her middle names came from Morgan's grandmother, Isabelle and her aunt, Mae. Her mother decided to honor the women in their family by giving her the name. Morgan's father wasn't around, and he left them long ago, so he had no saw in the matter, and Morgan's mother only wanted a strong female name, because she wanted her daughter to carry herself around proudly and not be walked all over by any many, to have control.

-MorMor, was the name that her grandma had always called her when she was around her grandmother. Her grandmother would often take care of her and they would do a lot of things together also. Only her grandmother ever calls her MorMor.
-La'Rue, was the name that her theater teacher called her by as well as her cheer leading coach. She never went by much else around those two. They mostly liked saying her last name and it grew on them.
-Morrie, was the name that her mother called her, and it always made her feel like a child and she was her mothers to keep around forever tight in her arms. The nickname means a lot to her, more than anyone could ever know. She wont let anyone else call Morrie, not even her ex husband.
-Most people just called her, Morgan.

Twenty-Eight years of age, as of May 12th.


Anchorage, Alaska. She lived there for the first twelve years of her life. Then she moved to New York for high school.

Actress, was a former stripper though to pay for college.


Quirks & Habits:
~She has a habit of biting her lips a lot which makes her directors go insane when she has to go into filming.
~She has to eat corn with her mashed potatoes or else she wont eat mashed potatoes.
~Morgan has to move her feet while sitting down, she's always constantly moving them, there's no way without doing it. For films she has to really restrain herself.
~She has a habit of making faces at people a lot, even if they are silly.

~Fairy Tales
~Her body
~Areo chocolate bars
~oreo cookies
~Snow boarding
~Her daughter
~The colour purple
~Gymnastics/Cheer leading (did it in high school.)

~Herself (sometimes)
~Trusting people
~Talking about her past
~What she did to her ex husband
~Watching sports
~Pork chops
~Wasps (she's allergic)
~Peanuts (also allergic to those)
~The colour brown

~Being alone for the rest of her life. She fears that with the affair she had on her husband her daughter will grow up to hate her and she'll truly be alone.
~Thunderstorms, she's always been afraid of them, and she's hardly ever liked them, they bother her and freak her out a lot. Only people who have ever known were her family, husband, and best friend.
~Death, she hates seeing people around her die, seeing the people she loves die, is horrid, and it provides her with nightmares all the time. She can't stop thinking about it once she does, and she almost goes insane from it. She's also afraid of her own death.

Morgan is the head strong type of girl. What people see her as is what she portrays herself as. Morgan is a warrior type personality, she has the fierceness in her soul and it's deep in her roots. She fights for everything she believes in, and she has a strong personality that is hardly deterred by anyone. She doesn't let people mold who she is, she is exactly who she wants to be. Mind you, she's an actress she knows how to use it, although most people don't understand is that, she is simply her. She does't believe in being fake, of course unless she's acting the part for a film, but that's different, off camera and not playing a role in the film, she's her and she always will be until her dying breath, she has the strength and determination and she is rather independent, she's not used to letting people in. She doesn't do it easily but if she does you should feel special and honor her. Morgan tries her best to be all that she ca be for anyone while being herself. She fights for what's best and she has the determination and loyalty in her. Although all warriors can go astray.

She's a tough wall to get past. She's always defending herself, and normally if she's fighting back, she's just protecting herself, she's not doing it because she's a total bitch, she can be a bitch but if she feels she's being threatened she will snap back and she will do it fiercely. She's got the fire running through her veins, she acts upon impulse and knowledge. She solves the puzzle and she then flies on a whim. She does how she thinks it should go, she does it how she wants. If she has a plan, good luck trying to convince her otherwise. She knows where her beliefs stand, she's a stubborn women, and very opinionated, which could be a good thing but also a very bad one, as everything comes with a price. Morgan is actually very broken inside despite what she puts up. No one would know she's broken inside unless they really knew her. She comes out as strong and she fights until her dying breath, she would do anything for her family, anything they asked her to.

That goes to say, given she really dislikes you, you'll know it. She's horribly blunt and sarcastic. She doesn't hide her true feelings most times, she doesn't see why she has to. Morgan knows that the world is flawed just like everyone else in it, and she knows she's horribly wrong to be a bitch to people, but she knows not everyone will like her and she wont like everyone so she saves them the time and she tells you if she doesn't like you. Of course if she's a little undecided on her feelings she will sugar coat it. Morgan has a rough past that not many understand but she's not willing to let people in to understand what she went through. Morgan doesn't like to share her deepest secrets. As much as Morgan wants to be loyal and faithful to one guy, it's difficult for her, as she's used to not having anything stable or anything good, so the minute it gets good she betrays it. It's a curse of her own if you will, so that's why she stumbles back on money. and acting, it's the only thing she never truly lost.


Morgan was born to Lacey La'Rue. She was a strong and determined women who had the purest heart of them all. She had loved a man once and he had loved her, and they created something very beautiful but this man didn't want any part of it. He wanted t see the world and he didn't want to stop for a moment to tend to Lacey and his child, he was a coward adn ran, and Lacey decided from that point on that Morgan wouldn't have a father to depend on not as long as she lived, she didn't want her child to be heart broken either. She only wanted what was the best for her child. Short eight months later Morgan was born. Morgan was the happiest thing and the thing that Lacey valued most in her life.

They grew up together though, Lacey and Morgan did. Lacey took care of Morgan until she was the age of six years old. Morgan was old enough to understand things then though and she didn't like it. She always had to spend time with her grandmother and her aunt and she never understood why. Although her grandmother taught her how to do many things, she taught her how to cook, how to braid hair, and everything a girl should know how to do. Meanwhile her aunt took her out camping and taught her many other skills. This was helpful and all but soon enough they ran out of things to give her to keep her interest and she found out that her mother had cancer and was doing chemo therapy for a long time. All Morgan could do was wait. That came the time when Morgan turned seven years old, and all the treatments were failing and her mother kept getting worse, it was hard to bare but at the end of the day, she lost her mother.

Not knowing where her father was, was even harder she never felt more alone in that moment. She lived with her grandmother and aunt for a long while and she always went out into the woods to pretend like everything was okay and her mother was on a trip because pretending was better than accepting the fate of what her mother was. Morgan only has her mother's locket to remind her of, and some old pictures she keeps in a box. She doesn't like people to see them because then they ask her things and she doesn't want to relive it. After five years, both her aunt Mae and her had enough of Alaska and knew they couldn't stay, so they moved all the way to new york. To start fresh, meanwhile in the process Morgan's aunt would be trying to track down Morgan's father.

It was difficult being the new kid on the block, especially in the high school. Everyone already had their groups from the smaller schools and Morgan already felt like an outsider because hardly anyone knew how it felt to be alone, even if she had her aunt, she had no parents as far as she knew she was an orphan. She didn't belong in the school. She was a loner for a year or so before she got settled into the school. Once she got settled she took up theater class, she could pour her emotion and soul into acting, and pretending to be alright and pretending to have a family was better than living reality. That's why acting was very important to Morgan, and it always will be, it was her outlet. Soon though, she also got involved in gymnastics because she wanted to keep her mind off things, she did learn a few dance routines from a few girls in gymnastics, but she was no pro or anything. Although eventually she also tried out for the cheer leading team and she soon gained some friends.

Although, there was still her aunt who had searched for her father. Her aunt has some luck, and she finally got to meet her father, and they talked a bit, and she got to know her other half but neither of them wanted anything to do with each other. She didn't see the light in him, he wasn't pure like her mother was. Morgan held on so tightly to her mother that it made it hard for her to trust and gain a new best friend, she couldn't it wasn't possible. She did have a high school best friend though, but he was the only one she had let in at the time. She hated herself for it, because she didn't want to abandon him. She abandoned a lot of people after her mother left, it was hard to be stable because she believed she couldn't be, and it's a problem she still faces.

Eventually she graduated with fairly good marks, not the best, but certainly not the worst, and she went off to college. Although, college doesn't pay for itself, so she adapted a new identity for herself and she soon became a stripper to pay for her college funds, and as soon as they were all paid off she was done. Well a little into her second year at college when she was eighteen, was when she met, Marcus. Yea charming story on how to meet your husband, in the stripper's club. It was a grand time, the man had a friend who needed something to forget his worries and while she gave Marcus' friend a lap dance she had a little chat with him. They had some kind of a connection oddly enough, but that's not where they first hit it off. A few months down the road from that moment, she ran into at a coffee shop, and they soon hit it off.

Two years later, after dating constantly, her and Marcus go in a bit of a haste and get married. Although they had loved each other deeply and for who they really were, and Morgan shared some of her past experiences but never the full extent and he had always respected that as far as she was concerned. They had a happy marriage and it was strong but eventually something else came along a little bit unexpected but they had expanded their family. When they were at the age of twenty two they found out that Morgan was pregnant. It was a happy surprise for them but they were ready for their child they were going to have, and there hadn't been a doubt in their minds. This child they had created together brought them closer as a couple, and shortly, Morgan gave birth to their daughter Lacey. Morgan had insisted on naming her Lacey after her deceased mother, because she knew her mother would have wanted it that way.

They had their happy little family and they always had time for their daughter and spoiled them the best they could. Morgan tried very hard to be there for her daughter and not to leave her when her daughter needed her, she wanted to grow close to her daughter and have a good relationship, and she wasn't planning on dying on her anytime soon, and she made sure she had a loving father that'd stay around. Things were perfect with them, and they even eventually got a puppy on Lacey's second birthday. It made their family complete and whole. Eventually Morgan even wanted a second child but she never knew how to bring it up to Marcus.

When Lacey was four that's when things became apparent to Morgan. Morgan started to freak out and she'd worry, Marcus would try to calm her, but soon it became too much, and she knew it was getting harder to bare, she didn't like the looks of something being too stable and too real, she couldn't handle the pressures, so she kept working lots and doing more than she needed, she wanted money it kept her from her worries a bit but it was difficult to stay faithful for her when she knew they were going to go wrong eventually and she didn't want to be around for even more heart ache because deep down she felt she wasn't good enough. She really was broken inside and it was hard to repair. Soon she started to have an affair with her director and later when Lacey was five, Morgan told Marcus the truth knowing he'd br crushed, and she had no excuses to throw out there, what had been done was done, and she couldn't change any of it. Shortly after they got a divorce and she moved to LA to be with her career.

She came for visits often to visit her daughter and spend time with her, because she wasn't abandoning her daughter, even though she didn't put up a fight, she regrets it a lot but she wanted to give her daughter her best chance and in order to do that she had to let her live with her father. They even had a spark reignited a few times while during her visits and they'd end up in bed together, and Morgan would remember the old times, but as of recent, there's a stay in nanny, who's barely legal, and Morgan doesn't approve. The girl is nine years younger than her ex husband, she'd rather see her ex husband with a woman closer to his age and not some brat who just got out of high school. At the end of the day though, Morgan did keep the dog.


Theme Songs:
Yes there are a lot of songs listed here but each one is kind of in reference to her life in different ways, none of these songs are in order to her life events so just keep that in mind if you take a listen.
Monster - Imagine dragons
Nothing left to say now - Imagine Dragons
Ready, Aim, Fire - Imagine Dragons
Waiting for superman - Daughtry
Let me go - Avril Lavigne
Bad girl - Avril Lavigne
Hello Heart Ache - Avril Lavigne

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