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Amy Reinhart

A martial artist from a cyber punk world.

0 · 620 views · located in Castle Oress' Basement

a character in “Lila”, as played by RedRaine



*Name: Amy Reinhart
*Gender: Female
*Age: 19
*Species: Human
*Oress: ~Quasea~ The Water Orb
*Originally From: Gwendalhaven, a city in the country of Marquis
*Alliance: N/A (Planning to have her in Umbra's Alliance)


*Personality: Amy has an incredibly overconfident personality and suffers greatly from hubris. Amy is a brawler through and through. She finds fighting to be an amazing stress reliever and is always antsy for one. Amy has two main things on her brain, martial arts and eating. Amy is always very active and is never one to stand still. In other words, she can be pretty impatient and has a short attention span.
*First Impressions: Angry that she was interrupted from the middle of a fight and sad that she'll never see her family again.
*Likes: Fighting, exercising and eating.
*Dislikes: Lazing around, small animals and sweets.
*Fears: Heights, losing and enclosed spaces.
*Goals: Amy hopes to ascend to Godhood and use its power to return home.


-Her Oress: ~Quasea~ The Water Orb


*History: Amy was born and raised in Gwendalhaven, an advanced city based on holographic technology. From a young age she realized how much fun street fights are and quickly became adept at fighting. At 19, she joined a televised martial arts league shown throughout the country.

*RP Sample: Amy panted heavily from her corner of the rather large domed room as she stared at her opponent just across the way. In the background thousands of people screamed and cried as the two took a moment to rest. Amy was sizing up her opponent as he did the same to her; it was the finals of 21st Annual Martial Brawl tournament as well as the first tournament Amy participated in, so neither could afford to lose: for Amy it was her overwhelming over-confidence in her abilities and for her opponent it was his pride as previous winner as the last tournament.

As the two finally finished with their stalling they charged at each other at high speeds, dashing quickly till they almost met at the middle of the holographic room. The man cocked his right arm back and threw a punch at Amy's face; in turn Amy bent low to the ground as the man's fist, now encased in fire, narrowly missed her above. Not taking a chance to slow down the man immediately followed through with another fiery left hook aiming down at Amy. Rolling to the right and planting her hand on the ground, she did a quick handstand and sprung to her feet. Not allowing the man to take another shot she did a medium kick to the man's back causing him to stumble forwards a bit. When he turned towards her direction Amy was ready and did a swift kick to the man's knee, kicking it back and causing him to fall to his knees. Raising her right leg high into the air, she then did a swift axe kick to the back of the man's head, causing him to fully drop onto the floor face first.

Feeling her confidence rise at her current position she placed her palms over one another aimed towards the man. As she gathered her chi together she let out a loud roar as large blue ball of energy burst from her hands. "Overconfident Tiger Bullet!" As the light filled the stadium and a cloud of dust arose in the separated room in the middle all that could be seen was the body of the man rolling off in the dirt. The only issue was that the victor was nowhere to be seen.

So begins...

Amy Reinhart's Story