The greatest sound is that of a heartbeat, and the inhale of breath as the arrow flies off his bow.

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Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, young adult, at least 27 winters old.
Species: Ranan (humanoid)
From: Forests of the planet Rana, in the Delta Eridani section.
Orientation: Heterosexual if anything, but has never had much interaction with other people, male or female.
Occupation: Woodsman, archer
Alliance: N/A
Oress: Quasea
Theme Song: N/A

Height: Tall, about 6 feet, maybe an inch or so taller.
Weight: Heavy, about 200 lbs, but no fat.
Hair Color: Light brown/blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Tanned, from spending all of his time outside. He has quite a farmers tan though, he usually wears a short sleeve top.
Description: Dante's hair is medium length, and not very neat. He wears a hood a lot, so it just does whatever it feels like. His eyes can change depending on his mood, such as being narrow when he's focused, or deep when he's compassionate and in a kind mood. There are only a couple outfits he owns, and they're all simple: A white T-shirt, green vest with hood, black pants and tan boots. His vest is sleeveless to allow for mobility, and he sometimes wears dark sunglasses. Spending all his days on the move, his physical fitness is excellent. He stands tall and muscular. Although he has no tattoos, Dante has a large scar across his back from when he was younger.

Personality Traits: Dante is usually quiet, and speaks only when need be, since he has never really had someone to talk to. He is clever and smart, calculating almost every move he's going to make, since in the jungle, each move can be your last. Due to his lack of social experience, Dante is usually trusting in people right away, but when crossed, it can take some time before the grudge has faded. Diligence would be his top virtue, followed closely by patience, with Wrath being a personality downfall.
Likes: The hunt, being outdoors, the sun, and his trusted friend, a wolf named Kraz.
Dislikes: Extreme cold, the unknown.
Fears: Fear is not something Dante knows much of. Being on his own his entire life in the jungle has made him afraid of very little, but if anything, he would be afraid of what he doesn't know, and has no control.
Dreams: Dante has one goal in life, and that is to survive.

Friends: Kraz used to be his only companion before the Competition.
Enemies: N/A
Romantic Interests: N/A
How They Feel: Dante is very troubled about being in the Competition. Although it can be similar to the jungle at times, there are uncontrollable factors that weren't present on his home world. Being in the Competition has brought his fears and dislikes into one stressful situation.

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