Durnam Andorae III

"I plan what things get blown up. You blow 'em up."

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a character in “Lila”, as played by Zetta



Name: Durnam Rah'ken Andorae III
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Species: Human
Oress: Fyel
Marionettiste Capbilities: Club class; Tear sub-class
Alliance: Halyn's Alliance
Originally from: Greyholm, the seat of the Empire of Dawn
Appearance: Durnam typically wears a breastplate with an exterior layer composed of a titanium carbide alloy, along with metal gauntlets and boots, while any typically exposed skin is covered by a weave made of synthetic carbon fiber. He's got dark brown hair (typically kept fairly short, although he's let it grow lately) and black eyes. He'll also be carrying a spear or sword at any given time.
Personality: Durnam is incredibly conflicted. He returned from a time of terrible warfare, and with the amount of death he's seen, it's a wonder that he isn't insane. He doesn't seem capable of maintaining his decision in any one matter, instead choosing to be flexible. In addition, he's having great difficulty expressing his feelings for Elia, since he worries far more about her safety tha anything else.
First impressions: Durnam's familiar with the Test Reality, and doesn't really care too much about it.
Likes: Elia's company, and other things. Talk to him to find out.
Dislikes: War.
: Elia being killed before him.
Goals: Ending the Competition, no matter the cost.
Brief History

Rank: Brigadier General of the Imperial Armada; Commander of the 8th Imperial Regiment. Former Emperor of Dawn, prior to the timeline adjustment during the Dusk War. Appointed as Champion of the Wind Serpent on 3105 AR
Education: Four years at the prestigious Imperial Military Academy at Greyholm, majoring in combat history.
Military Service: Four years served crushing the Corrain Uprising. Impressive military record, winning victory after victory. Personally met and negotiated a peace treaty with Corrain leader Rahn Blackhand. Served in the Dusk War as leader of the Thunderclad, although he suffered terrible losses, eventually losing at the Fifth Battle of Forsaken Rock.
Previous Contact with the Test Reality: Durnam's been to the Test Reality before. Anyone that has met him, knows who he is.


Weapons: Here are weapons that Durnam can use. He'll acquire them gradually as the plot goes on.

((1 set in possession. Quality; Decent)) Dual Scimitars: A fairly standard set of two steel scimitars. While they may not be good for thrusting, the weight behind the slash benefit greatly from Durnam's acrobatic combat style. Machetes, as well as claw-type weapons can be used as a substitution, but they aren't nearly as effective.

((1 set in possession. Quality: Decent)) Twin Shortswords: The conjugate for Durnam's scimitars, combat with two shortswords will feature more thrusts and ripostes, and considerably less feints. They're about a foot and a half long.

((1 set in possession. Quality: Decent)) Greatsword: The only real downside of carrying a greatsword is the lack of a shield, something that Durnam has gotten used to a long time ago. Generally speaking, a greatsword is a decently fast weapon, mostly used in defensive techniques.

((1 set in possession. Quality: Decent)) Halberd/Spear: With a halberd or a regular spear, Durnam attempts to keep his foes at a somewhat reasonable range. While not nearly as quick as the scimitars, Durnam is capable of using a halberd at a surprising speed.

((1 set in possession. Energy Stored: 87%)) M.E.S.D.: A Mass Energy Storage Device is a small, octagonal (seven inches in length, and about two inches in diameter) metallic device capable of storing large amounts of energy (for its size, of course). The M.E.S.D., in Durnam's hands, merely serves to capitalize on its great energy storage potential, allowing him to fire red beams of heat energy out of its tip. The M.E.S.D. is also the standard form of ammunition used for energy-based weaponry in his Reality, allowing him to attach it to

((None in possession)) Twin-Bladed Spear: A fairly uncommon weapon, having fallen out of use several hundred years ago. Why anyone would bother using this, no one knows.

Other Weapons: These weapons are typically special and have some sort of ability that Durnam will use with them more often than not.

Dagger: A standard, 8-inch dagger with a basic hilt and guard. Typically, Durnam will extend its length by engulfing the entire blade in flames, making its total length about three feet.
Club-Class Pin: As a Club-Class Marionettiste, Durnam is capable of transforming the tiny pin into a baton or wand. Typically, he'll attach this to a chain and his dagger to made a bludgeoned sword.
Marionettiste Chains: Chains, brah. Durnam does cool stuff with them.

Combat Styles: Durnam, as a skilled combatant, is an adept of a multitude of different combat styles. Here's a quick list of his styles, as well as somewhat noticeable attacks.

(Dual Scimitars, Twin Shortswords) Scythe Caller: Named after a fairly ferocious beast on Durnam's world, the Scythe Caller technique is a very open method of combat. Typically, there are two steps to being skilled at using this style. The first requires the user to attack with the blades in either a standard posture or the common dagger stance. The former allows Durnam to strike twice, and with more force, while the latter provides more precision, as well as slightly smoother slices. The second, typically the more difficult part of training, teaches the fighter to switch between both styles.
- Whirlwind [Dagger Stance, Scimitars]. Durnam basically spins around fairly fast mid-attack (going about 1800 degrees), and cuts everything around him. While it definitely injures his opponents, the Whirlwind technique leaves Durnam with temporarily impaired depth perception. And it looks damn cool if his blades are Incandescent (look below).
- Cyclone [Standard Stance, Scimitars]. Calling the attack a cyclone is a bit inaccurate, but its ferocity is nearly equal. Basically, Durnam goes into something of a fury, and starts slashing forward like a maniac. The big difference between this and standard attacks is that Durnam minimizes the path of his attack, achieving maximum result with a lesser effort.
- Ten-Point Mark [Standard Stance, Shortswords]: In quick succession, Durnam strikes his enemies ten times. At worst, it leaves lacerations, and at best, it ends up with the target having several new holes in their body. Since the shortswords aren't very... long, it's somewhat easy to defend against.
- Fatal Disarming [Dagger Stance, Shortswords]: Durnam really only executes this if he catches an enemy's weapon between his blades. Usually, if there isn't a bracer or some sort of metal guard, said enemy will lose their hand. Not very advantageous to use if he's fighting more than one person.
- Double Dragon [Fyel Technique]: Durnam flourishes his blades, while flames appear around him to strike his enemies. Temporarily empowers his Fyel techniques.

(Greatsword) Unwaking Guardian: Durnam's only real "defensive" stance, which features a large amount of room to parry his foes' attacks, as well as countering with quick, sweeping motions.
- Pivotal Riposte: This maneuver actually requires Durnam to lock his blade with whatever his opponent is carrying. He'll push the weapon down to the side, and attempt to impale his enemy directly. Not really an easy maneuver to carry out, but if it works, his opponents are one dead duck.

(Halberd, Twin-Bladed Spear) Darting Viper: The Darting Viper combat style is tricky to use, since it involves remarkable precision, and the ability to quickly move the shaft of the spear. A practitioner of the Darting Viper style aims for the vitals, and goes in straight for the kill.
- Five-Point Barrage: A somewhat quick attack where Durnam attacks his enemy five times in quick succession. Each hit naturally tends to land in a different spot, so the only real defense is with a large enough shield.

(All weapons)Parallel Fury - 404 Combat Style Not Found.
- Lotus Strike: ???

Flame Variants: Different types of fire that Durnam can use in conjunction with Fyel. Since these types aren't the typical variety of fire, they usually require more energy to use, alongside specific conditions.

Torment Flame: A black variety of flame that's incredibly powerful, since its strength comes from a magical curse that prevents the wound from healing. Due to its intense power, Durnam is unable to use it for more than a short amount of time before being weakened. Extensive use will prove fatal.

Flame of Andorae: A special, golden flame created by Durnam based on the properties of Torment Flame. The Flame of Andorae actually damages through radiation, preventing the skin from growing back normally. Occasionally, it does cause necrosis.

Eldritch Hellfire: This dark red fire draws from an ancient and insidious source of power that's bonded with Durnam. The Eldritch Hellfire is, by far, Durnam's most powerful controllable fire technique, and for a very good reason. The Hellfire doesn't burn, it corrupts. However, Durnam cannot move while he uses this variant, or he'll quite literally collapse from fatigue. And bad stuff will happen.
- Advanced Corruption: If Durnam wills it, he can accelerate the corruption of the Hellfire (reducing its overall size, though), causing its victims to sprout strange appendages, which he can...
- Corrupt Annihilation. With a snap of his fingers, Durnam can reverse the corruption, causing any corrupt material (corrupted within the last half hour) to explode in a rather grotesque fashion.

Oress Techniques: Very specific techniques that Durnam can use with Fyel. His level of expertise with them may not be perfect, but he knows what he's doing. I'm not explaining why. Any technique above the current level takes more energy to perform.

Fyel Neophyte Techniques: Standard, basic application of Fyel.

Ranged Ignition: With this, Durnam ignites a spark at a mid-range target, either setting it on fire or blowing something up.

Fireball: A fairly standard fireball,

Cauterization: Durnam can cauterize any of his wounds, so long as he has ample time to react with his Oress. Keep in mind that he can't do this forever, and that the cauterized wounds hurt like hell.

Burning Speed: Durnam temporarily boosts his body's speed with the aid of Fyel and some magical knowledge. After some time, anything near him is ignited due to the sheer heat surrounding him.

Fyel Expert Techniques: The level of expertise that one reaches after mild usage of Fyel. Durnam's current level of mastery, although it's slowly approaching its final stages.

Flame Burst: Durnam throws any of his weapons at his enemy, which becomes a wheel of fire that more or less spells death. The flames allow the blade to accelerate,

Flame Shielding: Durnam forms a shield of fire in front of him. Provides almost-complete protection against Ignis' magic if executed correctly.

Incandescence: For about three or four hours, Durnam's blades glow with an incandescent light, radiating heat at a fairly slow pace. Nonetheless, the metal manages to retain a high amount of heat energy, causing burns if the weapons strike flesh. In addition, after the effects wear off, Durnam's blades have an improved quality.

Burst of Flame: A quick, outward burst of fire that emerges from Durnam, and spreads out about five or six feet.

Sweeping Flames: There's really two variants to this technique. The first is where Durnam controls two, ten foot-long whips made of flame, and uses those to attack; and, the second, where Durnam's blades leave a trail of flame in the air wherever they are.

Detonation: ((Requires a M.E.S.D., amount of energy determines the the strength of the blast)) Utilizing the stored energy in the M.E.S.D., Durnam drops to his knees, creates a small, heat-shielded dome around him, and rapidly allows the energy to escape to a controlled radius, resulting in a fairly powerful explosion at full charge.

Lightning Redirection: Durnam manually absorbs any lightning that he would be otherwise struck by, and reverses the flow of heat energy, redirecting it back to its original source. However, this technique tends to drain a lot out of Durnam, although Durnam(?) seems to use it with far greater effect.

Bed of Coals: If there's scattered bit of coal on the ground (typically provided by Vers), Durnam can ignite the coals to burn the feet of his enemy (while he averts the heat from himself using Fyel). If he knocks down any foes in the bed of coals, well, let's just say that the burning is very problematic.

Meteor: Durnam calls down a single meteor to crush his foe. Typically, it's not able to completely crush them, but the impact should knock them to their feet.

Searing Flames: Durnam ignites his foe with rapid speed, and if he executes this twice in a row, it blasts his target with a powerful amount of heat energy.

Fyel Master Techniques: These are abilities that Durnam can only use properly when he's mastered the use of Fyel.

Flashpoint: A simple, unarmed technique that focuses all available heat energy into a singularity, which Durnam then slams into his target. Lotsa heat energy, suddenly escaping. Ouch.

Meteor Shower: A variety of small meteors rain down from the heavens, knocking down his foes and you know, hurting them.

Star Burst: DURNAM SUMMONS SOME FRUIT-FLAVORED CANDY YEAAAHHHH Durnam touches his foe, and releases a burst of flame.

Trans-Fyel Techniques: The Trans-Fyel abilities are moves that require great control over Fyel, but are actually covered by other Oresses, leaving him at a disadvantage against these users. Durnam(?) tends to use the lightning and mobility-oriented moves more.

Entropic Release: Durnam rapidly gathers heat energy from nearby sources, and releases it very quickly. Generally speaking, it has a variety of effects, depending on how the energy is released. Durnam is actually also affected by some of the types of the Entropic Release.
- Sonic Boom: The energy is released primarily in a sound wave, blasting his enemies with that raw, concussive energy.
- Lightning Blast: The energy is released fairly evenly in sound, light and heat, causing a blast of lightning around him.
- Flare: The energy is released mostly in the form of light, blinding nearby enemies.
- Meltdown: The energy is released as raw heat energy, washing his enemies in a medium level of heat.

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