Ignis Phasmatis

The legendary Lord of Torment himself. Also still possesses Mirror Fyel.

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a character in “Lila”, as played by Exuro


-Quite tall, around 6'7 or 6'8
-Quite well-built.
-Mid-length silvery-white hair.
-Vivid purple eyes.
-Very slight tan, but can't get much darker than fair-skinned.
-Wears black-and-purple longcoat/robe-incorporating outfits. Plus those bitchin' Tinted Spectacles.



Ignis is the very definition of Chaotic Evil. A lying, womanizing, murdering monster, his personality originates from the most negative aspects of the God of Secrets, Black Yoshi. Cunning as he is brutal, Ignis loves utilizing fear and intimidation to achieve his goals. When that doesn't work - or when he's merely bored - he will turn to violence, taking great pleasure in brutalizing the object of his attention until he either gets bored or they bend to his wishes. Above all is his quite literally explosive temper, magnified by his ownership of Mirror Fyel. It doesn't take much to set Ignis off, and when it happens everyone in the immediate area knows. Mostly because of the purple infernos that tend to arise from these temper flares.


Prefers to fight with his bare hands. Has access to an enormous variety of different Fire Magic spells, as well as a few particularly nasty madness ones stemming from his origins. These spells tend to carry all manner of powerful curses and hexes, powerful enough to become visible as the purple tint that his signature fire is imbued with. Other than that, his robes are practically a hammerspace all their own, as is the case with all Tyrian outfits. Expect to see lotsa booze.


Ignis Phasmatis is the reason that you don't go fucking around with divine power, or those who wield it. Owing to a few twists of fate, a man named Black Yoshi overthrew the previous (and defeated once already) Tyrian God of Secrets, Abbadon, and claimed his power for his own. However, traces of Abbadon's corrupt influence still lingered within this transferred power, taking little more than a few months to begin to become known. Black, thanks to a combination of the burdens placed upon him as a new god and a few unnamed Eldritch influences, suffered a major personality fracture. When the 'true' Black eventually wrested total control, he purged this wicked fracture from his body completely. Unbeknownst to him, Black had purged more than just that side of his personality. It had splintered off a fraction of his own soul, which was claimed by this other personality. It didn't take long for rumors of a wicked purple aficionado resembling the newly-crowned God of Secrets to spread, and Black quickly found it to be more than just talk. That fractured bit of personality had taken on its own identity - Ignis.

Ignis almost immediately began waging a campaign of destruction against Black, his guild, and his allies, single-handedly wiping entire battalions of Brotherhood fighters off the face of Tyria. He quickly gained a following of supporters in the form of the many enemies that Black had created on his travels, pre and post-ascendance. Eventually, the Lich Lord and Shiro Tagachi, who grudgingly came to accept him as Abbadon's true heir, something that Ignis himself believed and the driving force behind his spree of chaos. After a few years of mixed successes and usually-crushing defeats, Ignis launched one last assault on the Brotherhood Guild Hall, bringing with him the combined fury of the Realm of Torment and beyond. He himself was personally responsible for the death of every Officer of the Brotherhood of Yoshis, save two. However, Shiro and the Lich took this time to tun on Ignis in the heat of battle, and though they both met a swift, final end, unintentionally paved the way for Black and his wife, Ramona, to entrap Ignis within a swirling mass of molten obsidian. Entrapped by the searing rock and literally hundreds of different wards and spells cast by Black, Ignis' physical body was sealed away for good, and the rest of him cast into a reality devoted entirely to imprisoning him.

Given his total isolation, and with madness already factored into the equation, Ignis was plotting his escape within months of being sealed. Ignis' only loophole enabling contact with the outside eventually came in the form of Julias Nightshade, a powerful Brotherhood Monk whom he had left a small talisman to before the battle (which in and of itself gave Ignis a look into the Brotherhood Hall at the time), enabling him to communicate through his dreams. Julias became his right hand upon the mortal world and beyond, and with Julias' successes, Ignis' own power began to resurge. The Lord of Torment was once again on the rise.

So begins...

Ignis Phasmatis's Story