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a character in “Lila”, as played by Florenai


Name: Hankus "Pebble" von Scheck
Gender: ♂
Age: 54
Species: A blob
Oress: Ciess
Originally From: Paris, France
Alliance: N/A
Appearance: Pebble is a unique fellow. He stands out from the crowd. He's quite a ball, some would say! He's really just a ball with another oval so he can add a face. He has an asymmetrical facial expression, with a massive, annoying ass smirk that can really tick people off when they're mad. His eyes are also pretty disgusting. They will just stare at you. About every 5 seconds, He will shake around and derp, making a strange snorting noise.
Personality: While he may appear as some sort of non-human thing, (although he is) he tries to pretend like he's not a sexy blob. He can engage in conversation with people because of his silver-tongue. And literally, his tongue is silver. He's got a perfect voice. He was once a telemarketer and he was the top salesman for 5 months in a row. But as he had to go back to Test Reality, he had to adopt a different lifestyle. He's quite a friendly fellow. Often seen in Starbucks having a morning coffee with friends, Pebble likes humans. As the last blob in the world, it's hard to fit in. But he makes it look easy!
First Impressions: What in god's name is that? And he acts like no one thinks he's weird... Wow! He's got a nice voice.
Likes: People, Making friends, finding love, internet dating sites, updating his facebook status, going to Starbucks, roaming open fields with friends, toilets, comfortable chairs that look uncomfortable but actually are, empty rooms with red walls, wood, rusty spoons, moaning, cats, dogs, lizards, music but opera mainly, going to the movie theater, hugging, girls in green sweatshirts, men in red turtlenecks, city of Rome, parties, fruit scented candles, playing black ops, going to gangsta conventions, dressing up as former US presidents AKA "Historic Cosplay", trading in his games at Gamestop, being a movie critic, cigarettes that taste like the smell of new car, babies, and more.
Dislikes: Going to the bathroom, the weird pink stuff that oozes from his eye occasionally
Fears: Dying, doorknobs, carpets, elevators, making enemies, painting, drawing, sculpting, posing for Woman's Health magazines, Hugh Hefner, people that have blonde hair, long beards, watching movies about murder, Lifetime Movie Network, knives, forks, peas, barns that have gremlins in them, darkness, skylight windows, stars, blood oozing out of the foot, legs, pitchforks, tables, comfortable chairs that look comfortable, vehicles, popcorn, clocks that seem to never move, massive train sets, reminiscin' of the good ol' days, rivers and other bodies of water except pools, fish, sharks, octopus, squid and other marine creatures, and his worst of all: Helicopters.
Goals: Living, making best friends forever

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