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From the night, comes the Sun.

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a character in “Lila”, as played by Ikiros


Image (I did no draw this, I found it on deviantart. Art by mesai, color by Eldanis)
Name: Vayd Eclipse
Aliases: V, Shade
Gender: Male
Oress: Lirna
Species: Half-elf
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 153 lbs
Occupation (Civilian): Glassblower
Occupation (Covert): Assassin
Alliance: None. He roams alone at the moment.
Personality: Good-natured and kind to those he has no quarrels with. He's more than willing to take a hit on you, if he's paid enough, though so watch yourself.
First Impressions: Luci was surprised upon his arrival in the Test Reality, but after two days in meditation, he came to terms with the fact that he'd lost his old life.
Likes: Warmth, quiet, a good book
Dislikes: Cities (He cannot stand them), being outdone, flaws in his crafts
Fears: Bodily harm, though he's grown used to injuries from falling as well as burns.
Goals: To live a quiet, peaceful life, mostly, but he's partial to his darker whims every so often.
History: At a young age, Vayd was recruited by rebels in his home country to become an assassin. He would be used for years as a weapon so deadly that his superiors could do what they wished simply by mentioning his alias. Once those who had recruited him achieved power, he was convinced to make one last set of hits. An anonymous buyer, one who wouldn't even meet the trained killer, purchased hits on the rebels, offering more than enough for Vayd to live his life in comfort. Seeing his chance at freedom, Vayd took the job, easily dispatching his targets within days of accepting.

He stepped away from the job of assassin after that, apprenticing himself to a glassblower instead. He worked diligently for a dozen years, learning the trade, until his master was killed while he was away. He was brought back into his covert work by that incident, knowing that to keep his civilian life peaceful, he would have to kill from the shadows.

His sudden transport to this new world has confused him and brought about in him strange power. Although he has no idea he wields power over light, he has realized that things are different, both inside and outside his body. He feels the power within, as well as the orb in a pouch at his waist.


Image (I also did not draw this. This was done entirely by Aikurisu on deviantart)

A blade found by Vayd while he roamed the Test Reality. It struck him as odd that it would emit shimmers and sparks of light, but after practicing with it for a few hours, he found it was not only beautifully balanced, but that he could keep it's emissions so low that only one drip of light would fall every minute or so.

So begins...

Vayd's Story