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She bares the mark of the goddess. And with it she fights for the light.

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a character in “Liota Land of Demons”, as played by Tonks


Name: Nia

Looks: Nia has dark brown hair and very pale eyes. She is tall, almost 5'10", and very slender. But don't let that fool you, she has cat like reflexes and is strong enough to hold her own with most warriors. Her red tattoos were done by the preistesses of the goddess at the right hand. The most powerful goddess of her church. It was started at her first birthday and continued on until she reached womanhood or 19.




Nia is very focused on her holy mission, but don't let that fool you in to thinking she's celibate. No, the goddess at the right hand has often in ledgend, bedded many men. And although Nia isn't easy to get in to bed, she won't turn down an attractive man. Nia is battle hardened even though she is only 20, she has seen and done much. And when she is in battle she is often heard praying for the souls she is killing, even of they are demons.


She has several katana like swords, and gods know what else with her.

Hey holo, did you get my pm?


Nia was born and raised in the temple of the goddess at the right hand. And so she has lived a preistesses life. She was well educated in almost every art, and fit in both mind and body. Nia was chosen by the goddess at birth to be her champion. So as soon as she could walk she was trained by the preistesses to fight and think like the finest warriors. At the age of 19 when her mark of the goddess was finished, Nia was sent out in to the world to bing the word and might of the goddess where it was needed.

So begins...

Nia's Story


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#, as written by Tonks
Nia watches the people of this village wih interest. They are so scared, she thinks giving some money to begging children. Nia had no need for most of the money she was given, she often stayed in temples for free. But tonight she would have to stay in a inn, and who knows maybe a lucky lad would catch her eye. She walks deeper in to the village looking around as she went. Spotting Tanti she give him a rare smile, Nia alway did like the man. " blessings be with you Tanti," she greets him as she walks closer.