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Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:


If you degrade fairytales, you'll probably get Lignum Portum Academy. This year at Lignum we have- murders, abductions, cupid, love and... I could go on forever. Enroll now (or you will be killed by poachers.)

775 readers have visited Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.: since Phoeni created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

:.based off 'little school of horrors', an old rp of mine. i changed it to give it more of a plot and took away hundreds of characters.:



If you can find Lignum Portum Academy, a supernatural school, hidden deep in the woods of Nova Scotia, you’ll also find a variety of creatures, from the rare, vengeful djinn to the more pure-of-heart Familiars with more arriving everyday. Offering a wide spectrum of educational opportunities and social events, Lignum Portum is the ideal place for those on the fringe of our world to find where they belong, discover others like them and forge meaningful relationships while preparing for their future.

While the staff has long protected the borders, there is always the potential for disaster, both from within the perimeter and the outside world. So many different species are housed at the school, some more blood-thirsty than others, it’s nearly impossible for them to coexist peacefully, although that is the goal. Even when the students are getting along, there are many who would love to prey on the valuable magical properties of those students; both poachers and those with more personal vendettas. The last few decades have been peaceful, but is that about to change?,

In 1637, a group of supernaturals came together knowing that with the progression of the world, magic in all it’s forms would need to be regulated and taught. Lignum Portum was founded in an isolated part of Canada, witches called upon to invoke powerful wards to keep away the humans and create a safe haven in the woods. In the beginning, only witches, werewolves and their familiars were allowed through the bounds of the wards. As time marched on, though, things changed and progressive headmasters aand headmistresses have allowed a slow trickle of other species into the school. These days, djinn, werewolves, witches, familiars, vampires, and even banshees are welcome on campus.


[center]”Connected by the bonds of love,

By Cupid from above

Forgotten souls of her wrath

All this, they must grasp.

The young, inexperienced Cupid bit her lip as she carefully leafed through her matches. The supernatural council had given her a mere two months to perfectly pair up twelve individuals and if she couldn’t they would rip off her wings and strip her of her arrow and she just couldn’t allow that to happen. You see everyone in her family had been a Cupid at some point, a successful one at that so of course she didn’t want to be the one to ruin that perfect streak they had going but poor Cupid just wasn’t cut out for the job which was proven a second later when she realized the horrifying mistake she had made, one that would surely ruin everything.

"Oh no..I’ve matched them all wrong! I’ve done it now…" Cupid cried as she pulled at her long, baby pink hair nearly ripping chunks of it out. At that moment she needed to think of a plan and she needed to think of one fast before the council caught sight of this awful mistake. After hours and hours of trying to come up with something a light bulb went off in her head. She would somehow get them all together and then they would end up with whoever it was they were meant to end up with and she would of course help out along the way. It was brilliant and fool proof and once the council saw how amazingly this whole thing was going to work out, they would crown her as the best freaking Cupid ever. At least that’s what she told herself, but how would she get all the supernaturals together? This time, it only took her a couple minutes to figure it out.

”Dear ______

You have been specially selected to stay in Bellmoore Manor, right outside of Lignum Portum instead of the usual dorms! This manor is one of the grandest, and this is all for free. Some of the facilities include- a tennis court, swimming pool and a home cinema. You will have one other person in your room, but you will both have king sized beds and plenty of space to move. You will still go to classes as normal, though. There is only one catch. There will be challenges left for people at any given time, and if you do not complete them, you will be moved back to your dorm.

Thank you,

C. Love”


There is several main species at Lignum Portum- witches, werewolves, vampires, banshees and familiars.



A Banshee’s scream is a warning of impending death. The Banshee, no matter how old, doesn’t know when the death will occur. It can be anywhere from one day to six months away. Only angels, demons, and sirens are exempt. Everyone can, however, hear the scream. Some banshees, however, are capable of Scream Type Two: Instead of warning death, it can kill. Vampires are exempt though, due to immortality. Banshees are psychic, and usually have a power like clairvoyance or mild telepathy. In rare cases, some possess mediumship. Banshees who possess the type two scream are prohibited from screaming on campus, as that kind of scream is completely voluntary.

Suggested faceclaims: Vacant looking, usually with dark (black, mostly) or light blonde hair.

Female A || Face claim || Reserved

Male A || Face claim || Reserved


Familiars shape-shift at will into one specific animal. This is a voluntary transformation, though it can be triggered by emotion. Familiars do not choose their form and they can only become one animal. They are naturally drawn to guiding people, helping them High memory capacity and are usually highly intelligent.

Suggested faceclaims: Any, really.

Female B || Face claim || Reserved

Male B || Face claim || Reserved

[center]Djinn, or 'Genies', are a species of demon originating from Saudi Arabia and it's neighbouring countries. Most Djinn are from Arabic heritage. The Djinn are a sub-species of demon specialising in wish granting, But like human beings, the jinn can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have free will like humans. As a rule, though their wishes usually turn out bad, normally due to malevolence. Yes, it is a cliché, but Jinn can be trapped in brass lamps, although this is only possible for witches and it takes so much time to learn that most get bored at a usually non-useful brand of magic. It is said the Jinn were created from smokeless fire.

Suggested face claims: Arabic if possible- if not, try and find a faceclaim with fairly dark skin and hair.

Female C || Lindsay Hansen || Reserved

Male C || Face claim || Reserved

When a werewolf transforms, they keep their mass. As a result, werewolves are much larger than an average wolf and weigh as much as their human counterpart. A small person will be a small wolf and a large person will be a large wolf. Both voluntary and involuntary. . During the full moon, the change is unstoppable. Stopping in the middle of it is not only painful, but grotesque. A wolf’s change is highly painful and not a pretty sight. With practice, it gets faster and after a year or so, they can condense it into a few minute transformations. This quick shift is more painful as the bones change more rapidly and they will need a few moments to recuperate.
Suggested face claims: Any you see fit. Maybe darker in skin tone as werewolves are tanned naturally.
Female D || Face claim || Open

Male D || Faceclaim || Reserved

[center]Sunlight will always burn vampires with no exception; no jewelry or mixed blood can save them from it. They must stay indoors or in shadow. Direct sunlight will burn them immediately, within ten minutes they will have third degree burns, and within twenty minutes they will burst into flames. Vampires have the ability to compel other creatures within reason, this being the most complicated of their attributes. Skill at compulsion increases with age and becomes more likely to be successful. Much like normal hypnotism, it’s hard to make a person do something they wouldn’t do under regular circumstances (i.e kill a loved one) although it’s possible to will them into causing the same result indirectly. As a result of their weakness to magic, drinking from a familiar will make a vampire drunk in the same way vodka or strong whiskey would a human.
Suggested Faceclaims: Either elegant looking or particularly tough looking. The former is preferred, personally, for vampires.
Female E || Faceclaim || Reserved

Male E || Faceclaim || Reserved

Image Image

Witches can use spells, either through studying to channel or through natural talent and practice (wild magic with no conduit or incantation is not possible for them). Witches specialize in specific types of spells and in conduits. They can use wands, potions, incantations (with or without a wand, depending on the spell) and various glyphs. They tend to have another proficiency in type of magic. These usually break down into curses and hexes, charms and wards, healing, elemental, and transformative. Witches are able to bond familiars to themselves. When connected in this way, a witch becomes several times more powerful, able to cast more and stronger and with more accuracy. The act of bonding has to be mutual, but in many cases, witches benefit more from the match than familiars do. As a result, it’s common for familiars to be tricked into bonding.
Suggested Faceclaims: Witches vary greatly. Any is highly accepted.
Female F || Faceclaim || Reserved

Male F || Faceclaim || Reserved

Important Dates For the Term

Monday September 2nd - End of summer vacation and start of a new school year

Friday September 6th - Back to school dance

Saturday and Sunday September 14th and 15th – Tournament (TBC)

October 11th – October Holidays



  • Proper spelling. If you happen to make a mistake, you can always edit. I understand the odd typo, but if common words are misspelt over and over then I will slap a bitch.
  • Make your character detailed. This is a semi-literate roleplay. I don’t want to see this: “Bob is awesome. Bob is hot. Bob saves the whole of Lignum Portum with one finger” Characters should also be different and interesting. No clones.
  • Reservations last 48 hours.. Reservations may be made, however reserving a character does not guarantee you will get that character. Others may still apply for this character - reserving simply means I won’t accept until I receive your application. Reservations must be done in the ooc. The password for reservation is HORRIBLE. Please incorporate it into a sentence so those who have not read the rules don’t know. Please also add the faceclaim you will have for the character.
  • This roleplay has adult themes. Drugs, alchohol and violence are tolerated. Swearing is tolerated in moderation and sexually explicit language is also tolerated, although actual sex should fade to black. Some of us here have innocent minds ;)
  • Double up or triple up. You must have at least two characters for me to accept. Preferably, one of them could be male. If you quadruple up then I applaud you. But make sure you can keep up with the extra pressure!
  • Please stay active. I’ll be doing activity checks regularly, and if I find any characters inactive for a week without feedback I will hound you with messages. No further notice and you’ll be removed from the roleplay and your characters will be deleted. If you need to be gone for longer than a week, please be sure to send a message telling me so. I will warn you every four days of no activity. If your character ends up on the activity warning three times, you will be removed. This prevents people from joining, becoming inactive, posting only when they see they’re on the inactivity list, and then going inactive again and repeating the process.

  • Let me know before plotting. I love a good plot line and no successful roleplay can function or thrive without some drama. That being said when plotting with others or for a self please let me know what to expect beforehand.

  • Have Fun! That’s what roleplaying is about, we don’t want you to feel it’s a job, we’re all here just to have fun!

Code: Select all

[center][img]Insert link here[/img][/center]







[center][img]Picture here[/img][/center]


(Full name please and a short description of it’s meaning and their nickname if there is one)


(Fourteen to eighteen for students, any age above twenty for faculty)






[center][size=300][font=Garamond]On the outside[/size][/center]


[center][img]oh my, another picture[/img][/center]


[size=120][b]Hair colour[/b][/size]

[size=120][b]Eye Colour[/b][/size]

[size=120][b]Height and Weight[/b][/size]


(Face claim, scars, tattoos, anything weird)[/font]


[center][size=300][font=Garamond]on the inside[/size][/center]


[img]last picture I promise[/img]


[size=120][b] Likes[/b][/size]

Like 1 || Like 2 || Like 3 || Like 4 || Like 5


Dislike 1 || Dislike 2 || Dislike 3 || Dislike 4 || Dislike 5


Fear 1 || Fear 2 || Fear 3


(A brief understanding of your character. If you prefer to go into every single detail and use up hundreds of paragraphs I’m totally fine, but I’d prefer if you kept it to the 3-5 ratio. Any less might not be accepted)


(About the same as the personality section, although most prefer to make this the largest.)

[hr][/hr] [/font]

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Character Portrait: Malik Fahrad
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Character Portrait: Gracie King
Gracie King

"Just warning you, don't get on my bad side."

Character Portrait: Malik Fahrad
Malik Fahrad

"This is going to end badly, It always does, Don't say I didn't warn you."

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Character Portrait: Malik Fahrad
Malik Fahrad

"This is going to end badly, It always does, Don't say I didn't warn you."

Character Portrait: Gracie King
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Most recent OOC posts in Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Are you going to cancel? I shouldn't bother finishing up my character if the Rp isn't going to kick off. I'm really looking forward to this Rp and would be disappointed if you cancelled. But like you said it's not supposed to be a job, and you're supposed to have fun, so if you're not feeling up to it, you can cancel. And like everyone else said, you can always change the character! Hope I hope I helped make up your mind! ^.^

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

I was really looking forward to this rp and I spent hours on my character so I'd be disappointed if you closed the rp. If your bored with you character, you can still switch up their character sheet. And you can always abandon them and start fresh.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

I agree with both of these two.

You needn't worry about the amount of players, Open the roles up again and surely they'll come running. Besides, I've noticed, the less players an RP has, the longer lasting the RP is. So Really you needn't that many. I've been in a RP that lasted quite awhile and it only and about 4-5 players.

As for as your character goes, Change it up, You could always abandoned that one and start over or tweak the one you have now, though, I thought what you had was really cool xD

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Are you freakin' kidding me?

In just a few days already, people have submitted their characters. You re-did the whole plot, changed it up. People showed interest immediately. It's only been up for a few days, that doesn't mean that no more people are going to join. I created a character I liked very much for the last one, and the one I create for here (what I'm doing so far) I like very much as well.

You can always change you character too. Just because it's there does not mean that it's set in stone.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Uh I don't know what to say to you except that weren't there a lot of people fighting for the same roles in the beginning? I don't think you have to worry too much about those who have dropped out. If you're not feeling it, you could always try to change the course of the rp after it starts as well, or add new roles (fae, etc) and try to create a new character with that?

I'm disappointed though, I do quite like the character I've created for this.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

I'm sorry everyone, but I'm just not feeling this roleplay. Too many people are dropping out, and my character is not the best. I'm sorry, but I think I will close it. If anyone can prove me wrong quickly, I'll reconsider. Otherwise, sorry again.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Well as I said I have never done werewolf. If I did that, it would probably become a mess. And I don't want to cause any extra work for you. So I guess it's easiest that I drop out.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Unfortunately I am going to have to drop out of this due to previous roleplay suddenly starting up again.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

@Moonlight- Deepest apologies, I thought you were talking about the rule! I will reserve the Male Witch for you.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Yeah, I asked for the Female Djinn and the Male witch
Didn't you read my whole post or did you just assume I was talking about the 2 people rule?

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

@Pantheran Sorry but the werewolf is the only option. If you want I could make a demon but I'd prefer the former.

@rdayreamer Sorry! Will change.

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

This sounds interesting. So is there any characters left besides that female werewolf? I'm a bit confused with all those reservations xD And I have never rped with a werewolf so that would be tricky.

And if there's not would it be okay if I make a demon character? I can handle two if needed :)

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Actually I believe I reserved the female familiar before Zoey. If you could wait until I submit a character sheet, that would be great. Thanks :)

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Awesome, Can I reserve Vampire Female? FC: Meryl Cassie?

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

I probably will lift the two character rule, by the way. I kind of copy and pasted the rules from the original and it had tons more characters. This has much less so it would be fine to have only one character XD sorry for that.

To the person who reserved the Female Djinn, I'm really sorry but she's reserved by me :( If you could consider another character, that would be great.

Also, it is first come first served, so I will reserve under the person who first asked. But, as I said on the rules, this means that I won't accept any characters until your char sheet comes in, not that you are guaranteed the spot.

So far, it is as follows:

Banshee F: Stray Dog
Banshee M: Grrbot

Familiar F: rdaydreamer
Familiar M: Artik

Djinn F: Phoeni
Djinn M: MaliceInWonderland

Werewolf F: ?
Werewolf M: TheSpaceInbetween

Vampire F: ?
Vampire M: Vestigial

Witch F: Grrbot
Witch M: Zoey26123

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

I think I will actually drop my reservation, so sorry! (: Hope y'all have fun!

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Okay wow, It's horrible how many people have reserved the same character.

I don't think anyone's reserved the Male Djinn...If not then I'd like to reserve him, and FC Caleb Ross.

if it has been claimed. Can we add Ghosts and Fae. I saw them in the Tags, so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

if so I'd like Caleb Ross to be a Ghost and Jurnee Smollet Bell to be a Fae?

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

It's just Horrible that someone already reserved a female banshee, oh well! I'll still make a Character for the female banshee just in case the person didn't make their character in time. And also, I would like to reserve a male werewolf if possible.
For the FC's: For Male werewolf I would probably want Sam Worthington, though I may change the FC to something else. Hope you don't mind? If you do, please PM me. Obviously talking there would be more efficient/faster. And for the Female Banshee I would most likely use Kristen Stewart. I don't know, I find her fitting for that type of character, you know? Again, I know someone already reserved that place but I would like a shot at it!
I won't be able to do the characters now; since I'm pretty exhausted, so I'll send them to you tomorrow.
Looking forward to this RP!

Edit: Something I forgot to mention earlier, I find the requirement that you need at least two characters.. interesting. I haven't actually done two characters at the same time before, so this will be a learning experience for me. I'll try my best!

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

Addition: FaceClaim Benjamin Jarvis, familiar animal. Rabbit.

(Assuming my reserve is valid and accepted that is.)

Off for the night!

Re: Little School Of Horrors :.Remake.:

When I logged in, I recognized the title as I was in the original! It really is horrible it didn't lift off. Anyways may I reserve the female witch and the male banshee? If I can't reserve the female maybe a female werewolf?