Bronwyn Cook

If I was a man I'd make my move...

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a character in “Little School of Horrors”, as played by Phoeni







“Bronywn Susannah Guenevere Cook. Call me Bronwyn”

”Older than you”
Created 513 years ago. Which makes her 513. Seventeen to eighteen years old in appearance.

Female, If you cant tell.

”Only the best”


On the outside


Hair colour
”Gentlemen prefer blondes”
Platinum blonde

Eye Colour

Height and Weight
”Too skinny and too tall”
5’9 & 119 pounds

”Who is this Taylor bitch?”
Faceclaim is Taylor Momsen. Tattoo on wrist of an equals sign.

on the inside


Sex || Messing with people || Cider || Fire || Destruction

Prudish people || Witches || Teachers || Stories || Love

Going back to hell || Mosquitoes || falling in love

Bronwyn Cook has always been a fighter. Since she was created, she’s been going at a hundred miles an hour, and larger than life. No moment in this girl’s life is dull, and she is always the first one to suggest that they do crystal meth, or something crazy like that. Since the girl is immortal, her little escapades hardly harm her, although she has a scar on her neck from a close encounter with a human who found out about her powers. She loves sex, but hates love, and has never been in a relationship that lasted a day, excluding two-night stands. She’s a ball of energy, but prefers to use it in the form of partying. To most she’s your general sarcastic bitch.

Bronwyn was a demon with power, respect and title during her time in hell. She was the one who could break down the most righteous and steadfast through torture and was the second in command to her superior. Sent to Earth with a task, she went, although she was reluctant to do so; while most demons clamor to escape the pit, Bronwyn was comfortable in her position there. Once she arrived, however, she was entranced by how easy humans were to break and manipulate when they felt cool and safe above the surface. After completing her mission, she decided to stick around, traveling on a whim, breaking hearts, souls and bones whenever she wanted.


So begins...

Bronwyn Cook's Story