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Kyler Sullivan

"Nothing good comes from hiding in the shadows."

0 · 523 views · located in Lignum Portum Academy, Canada

a character in “Little School of Horrors”, as played by Thadine






{ Introductions }

Kyler Sullivan. The name Kyler is a Danish form of the word, “archer”. Coincidentally, he served under the demon marquis, “Leraje” who was an archer, and caused many battles and pain for the mortals who summoned him, including gangrene wounds.

He doesn’t enjoy nicknames much, though some have called him “Ky” or “Kyle” before. Those who do this usually receive scolding words.

{ Age }

He lost count of his actual age when it passed two hundred and something, though his age appears to be seventeen, possibly a year older.

{ Gender }


{ Species }

Demon, though not a leader or one of the more important ones, he was in a legion with ten others following Leraje.

on the outside

{ Hair colour }

Deep black. It usually appears to be a dark shade of ebony, however in sunlight it appears almost inky, having a slight deep blue tint to it.

{ Eye Colour }

A dark brown that appears black in lower lighting, though in bright rooms or sunlight it’s clearly brown.

{ Height and Weight }

5'11 / 152lbs

{ Other }

A demon in the legion of the noble demon Leraje, he was trained to be a fine archer and fighter. This does reflect whenever he plays sports, or does physical activity, though he is more suited for speed and agility than brute strength. As well, Kyler has a knack for lying, and does it quite often. He's not a pathological liar, by any means, however he's gotten very good at it, and when in a bad situation will often try to get out of it through trickery. He's shown signs of sadism as well, enjoying seeing others in physical and emotional pain, though this only applies for a few. Face claim is Ezra Miller.

on the inside


{ Likes }

|| Deep bodies of water || Puzzles/Mind Games || Smoking || Violence/Fighting || Electronic Music ||

{ Dislikes }

|| Rountine || Forests || Being controlled || Sweet food/Candy || Lying ||

{ Fears }

|| Being taken back to Hell || People seeing through his ruse || Birds, crows specifically ||

{ Personality }

Kyler has managed to slip by with most people by putting up a certain act, bringing out the more negative parts of his personality, and subduing the rest. This is mostly needed due to the fact that demons are supposed to act a certain way. He's more the strong silent type, but that wouldn't fit with the rest, now would it?

His negative traits are the ones that he decides to show most often. He's very impatient towards people. If someone can't do a task properly, or is being annoying or irritating him, he won't think once before snapping and getting them to stop any way he can. His attitude towards people usually gives him a sort of fearless and 'devil-may-care' aura. He isn't afraid to say what is getting on his nerves, and is often extremely blunt towards most people, never beating around the bush if breaking bad news or telling them something they need to hear. Because of his general lack of care for most people, he's often seen as very emotionless. Not only does this include happier feeling such as love, excitement, etc. but often other ones too. He never really feels sad when something bad happens, or even guilty if he's done something to cause one pain. Rather, he will go out of his way to cause harm to another person, whether physical or mental. The outcome of seeing people miserable brings him a small sliver of happiness, though not enough for him to be ecstatic. Though capable of caring for someone, he would never admit it or show it.


Kyler has almost an obsession with being in control of his situations. He enjoys fighting, simple brawls with other people, because he knows that he is able to control what's going to happen. It's up to him whether he wins or loses, and he loves that. However when other people have the reigns over him, or he isn't able to render something he is doing, he feels as if the world around him is falling apart. This makes it difficult and nerve-wracking to lie about his feelings like he so often does, because the lies and ruse could all just fall apart so easily. Because of his love for power, he often seems like a bully towards most people, telling them what to do and when to do it. This just comes out naturally though, he doesn't have to pretend. And the other demons don't seem to argue.

His more positive traits are almost non-existent. The only few good things about him would be that he's patient when waiting for something. An answer, a result from something, etc. He's also very good at controlling his emotions, wants, and needs as well, so hardly ever seems needy or impatient. He seems to have a way with words, speaking calmly and confidently, and is often able to get people to do things for him. Kyler's focus is extremely strong, and he's able to keep concentration on people or things for a long amount of time. He has very good endurance, both physically and mentally, so words don't seem to affect him much, unless they come from someone who he deems important. He's also quite mature, and feels that childish behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

| Mature | Fearless | Controlling | Obsessive | Emotionless | Blunt | Confident | Focused |

{ History }

Created specifically to serve under Leraje, Kyler is a relatively young demon compared to those he's seen who can be from five hundred to over a thousand years old. Though he has had an advantage, and by only serving under one ruler, he has learned a lot based in one area, rather than a little bit spread everywhere. He doesn't have a lot of power, yet due to his focus and controlling nature, and ability to follow routine, quickly became a favorite of the archer demon. It was only a few years ago that he realized that he hated the fact that he followed a certain routine every day. He had no choice in any matter, no freedom whatsoever. While he was sure that he enjoyed what he was doing, he came to see that he wanted to decide his own path. He wasn't comfortable with abiding by the rules anymore. He hit a rather rebellious stage, and spent time planning out how he'd get out.

Luck decided to come his way when Leraje was summoned by a mortal from the human world. Usually summoned to cause wounds, but sometimes heal them as well, he took Kyler along as well to assist. They were summoned by a revenge stricken human that wanted to arrange a situation in which one of his enemies would suffer infection from decaying diseases. Leraje, a naturally concentrated and focused demon, set to his work, and Kyler found his own way out. He expected his ruler to come after him, or even send some of the others under his legion to come after him, yet nothing happened. Oddly enough, Kyler had a feeling that Leraje knew that he wanted out, and willingly let him do so. Either that or other demons just weren’t very good at tracking him down.

Kyler enjoyed exploring the human world on his own, and for almost a year, wandered by himself, enjoying his freedom. He came across the many pleasures of the world, though was unaware that any other creatures like him or from mythology were even out there. It was when he discovered the school by chance he found out that there were others besides humans on the earth as well, and out of curiosity, enrolled himself. Why not find a way to toy with some other creatures, and visit some of his own kind once again?

So begins...

Kyler Sullivan's Story