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Olivia Chambers

"Just keep moving and don't look back."

0 · 396 views · located in Lignum Portum Academy, Canada

a character in “Little School of Horrors”, as played by Grrbot






Olivia Marie Chambers "The names Olivia."
16 "Haven't you learned not to ask a girl her age?"

Female. "What did you think?"


Vampire "Don't worry I won't drink you... I think."

On the outside


Hair colour
Blonde "I may be blonde but I am not dumb."

Eye Colour
Green "A bat of these eyes can get you anywhere."

Height and Weight
5 ft 5, 108 pounds. "I'm pretty small.."

Face Claim is Chloe Grace Moretz.
Olivia has a scar on her right palm from when she was 14. She was best friends with a boy in her neighborhood and they had liked each other all though they both would never admit it. The boy was moving away so to remember each other they scarred their palms. "What are you looking at?"

On the inside


Being Alone||Listening to Music||Boys||Hanging outside||Reading

The sun||Obnoxious People||Crowds||Populars||Offending People

Dying||Falling in Love||Killing Somebody

Olivia is a good listener, always there for her friends through ups and downs... She's pretty quiet if she doesn't know you but she opens up pretty fast... She has a hot temper though and can snap at anyone... She tends to stray away from others though as to not snap... She tends to have a bias dislike towards "popular" cliques believing that they are the bullies and they cause all the problems at school... She's fine with her small group of friends and she rather hates crowds. She's the girl who'd rather sit in her room and read books or go on the computer than go out. She's pretty quite mainly because she has a lot of opinions, most of which will probably offend people so she just keeps quiet.

Olivia isn't really a cheery person. Before Olivia was turned, she had struggled with depression and self harm... She even had attempted suicide multiple times. She didn't have many friends and life at home was basically hell for her. In recent years she has gotten a bit better, but she still remains pretty dark and distant... Olivia is pretty quiet and usually ends up scaring people half to death because she is so quiet on her feet she basically just appears out of nowhere for people. Olivia doesn't really laugh often... You have to try really hard... She believes its her childhood to blame... She has a pretty serious take on the world and rarely jokes around unless its for someone else's benefit. Olivia is pretty tough and portrays a pretty tough unbreakable person but if you dig hard enough you'll find a girl who is broken looking for light in a dark world.

Olivia was born in Vancouver in a pretty rough neighbourhood... Her mother worked as a cashier at the local Walmart and her father was unemployed for much of her life.. He claimed to be a entrepreneur but Olivia knew well on in her childhood that wasn't the case. The only reason they weren't homeless was her father's gambling addiction. Early on it was bad... They'd lose thousands of dollars a week... But then it got better... He started gaining money... It seemed like life was getting better for her family... Her parents were actually happy and they looked like they were in love... Happy... Her father would take her to the beach on the weekends and everything was great...

But then Olivia turned 8. He started losing again, her parents started fighting more... This is when Olivia fell into depression. Her father started blaming it on Olivia and her mother went with it, refusing to be the blame herself. They started yelling at Olivia, becoming more strict... She couldn't hang out with friends after school or basically live a normal childhood like other kids.. She had to go straight home and clean or find a way to make money to help support her parents... Her father and mother would drink and smoke while she prepared dinner or did other chores... They started abusing her verbally... Her father even physically. She was already self harming by 11. She believed she wasn't good enough, that something was wrong with her. She needed to control the pain... She also attempted suicide when she was 12... Her neighbour came over and found her and took her to the hospital. Of course after her parents were pissed... Everything got worse.

A little while after her attempt her father was caught cheating. Her mother was distraught and moved out quickly, not thinking to bring Olivia. Olivia was stuck with her father... He'd abuse her more often and when he wasn't abusing her, he was bringing women home. Olivia began staying up late, more because she couldn't sleep.. She began falling asleep in class and hanging out with the wrong kids... When Olivia was 14 she snuck out to a party, there she had her first experiment with sexuality where she kissed a girl... Ever since then she's been open... Her father of course was too drunk to notice she was gone so she never got caught... Of course after she began going to more parties... She was become more of a rebel.

When Olivia was 15 she went to another party.. She met this boy who was 18 and they began talking.. He was kind and later they started dating... When Olivia came back from the party her dad was up... He was furious when he found out that she had been sneaking out... His friend was over and and later that night he abused her while she was in her bedroom... She never told her boyfriend but she ran away from home to live with him for a while and she vowed never to sneak out again... Olivia still harmed herself but with her boyfriend it was not so bad... Her boyfriend was nice and comforting and helped her through a lot of struggles. One night a couple days after her 16th birthday she was out for a walk... She saw this man and he was charismatic and mysterious... He managed to seduce Olivia and he turned her.

When Olivia realized what happened she didn't know what to do... She fell deeper into her depression a bit for a while and her boyfriend was worried... Finally a month or 2 after the incident she found Lignum Portum Academy... She broke up with her boyfriend and enrolled in the school not long after. She needed help and she believed the Academy would help.

So begins...

Olivia Chambers's Story