Rowan Barnabas

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Rowan Summer Barnabas

Rowan is a family name. The matriarch of the Barnabas Clan was named Rowan. Each generation since has honored her memory by naming a daughter after her in hopes that the girl will become half as powerful as their namesake.

The Barnabas Clan is as old as magic itself. While the Matriarch was very powerful, the newer generations became complacent with their celebrated name and are satisfied with mediocre ability.




On the outside


Hair colour

Eye Colour

Height and Weight
5'3", 115 lbs.

Face Claim: Britt Robertson

on the inside


Sports || Swimming || Running || Pulling Pranks || Exploring

School Work || Football || Losing || Being Inside For Too Long || Getting Caught

Failing Her Family || Losing Her Magic || Puppets

Rowan is known to most for her curiosity, it is nearly insatiable. People that don't know her personally would have at least seen her running around outside exploring the grounds. She has little self control when her curiosity is piqued. This often leads her to focus on goings on outside instead of her classwork or teachers. While it gets her in trouble often, her curious nature is such an influential part of her personality.

In addition to her curiosity, she is very outgoing and competitive, especially in sports. Standing still is not something she can manage easily. She enjoys spending time outside and is almost always found swimming in the lake. She excels at most sports, except football, she's absolutely horrid at that. As she is short and light, she is quite fast, but lacks in strength. This often makes her a target and one very easily to tackled to the ground.

Though she is competitive and heavily involved in clubs, she is an average student. Her grades are only kept up high enough to stay involved with her activities, but this often requires a tutor. Her average grades are no due to an average intelligence, it is quite the opposite in fact. Rowan is fairly smart when it comes to school, especially where magic is involved, but her attention is always being diverted by other, more interesting things. She often abandons her homework to go outside or accidentally skips class finding a cave on her morning run.

Rowan was the first daughter of her generation, thereby earning her the name Rowan. Her family was known for it's lasting influence, but there were definitely more powerful witches. This was both a blessing and a curse. Her family never expected anything of her, blinded by their own inability. The rest of the community expected greatness from her. While she dominated at physical activities, and tried her hardest at magic, she learned early on that classrooms were not her ideal settings.

Her athletic nature pushed her to take gymnastics and karate for many years. These skills have come in handy on her excursions and when setting traps for fellow students without getting caught. Much to her mother's dismay, she grew accustomed to pants and shorts in place of dresses and skirts. She isn't necessarily a tomboy, but she's found that shorts are much easier for a quick getaway than a dress. It's also much easier to keep up with her group of male friends.

She had always been close with her brother -MORE ON THIS WHEN BROTHER IS CLAIMED-

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