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Solange Kagari

Here I grew this for you!

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a character in “Liuena Academy, a new generation”, as played by Venom0861


Solange Kagari


Element/Type of Magic:Plant
Abilities: As a plant mage Solange is able to manipulate plant life. Advanced users of this magic can cause plants to behave to their precise wishes. Being young and mostly untrained in the aspect of controlling her magic Solange is only able to accelerate the growth and certain in laid aspects of the plant. (ie increasing the affects of spores and natural toxins of the plants) Her current abilities are these.

Seed Bullet: Solange launches out a massive amount of stored seeds from the sleeves of her uniform. These do little harm but have the capability to cause minor bleeding. The main purpose of this skill is to set up for her other abilities.

Spore Cloud: The scattered seeds grow into puff pods that when disturbed release a cloud of irritating spores. These spores will sink through normal clothing causing irritation to any skin they contact excluding Solange of course. The irritation may cause paralysis, and if inhaled in excess will cause suffocation due to irritation of the lung tissue.

Petal Storm: A 2 part attack taking 4 minutes to prepare the first stage completely. The scattered seeds grow into Rose Bushes bearing full flowers and a plethora of thorns. The bushes and thorns themselves serve to slow movement and distract from sent based tracking. The second part of the move can only be properly executed when working with another mage. The rose bushes eject their flowers, thorns, and leaves creating a short lived burst of sharp flying plant matter as well as scattering the sent of the roses through the air. If another mage were able to continue cycling the flowers and thorns they would create a maelstrom. Solange hates using this ability due to the number of plants it requires be stripped bare.

Weapon:Rose Whip: After growing at least one Rose Bush Solange can pull the plant into a single 9' long vine. This Vine is much stronger than standard and covered in sharp thorns.

Pruning Shears- Not really a weapon but Solange always carries a pair of Pruning Shears with her.

Appearance:Solange is comfortable in almost anything though she tends to stick to the school uniform. Her light red hair rests just above her shoulders usually accented by a flower and her demon who loves hiding there.

Personality:Solange is an incredibly happy person. She comes off as kind of an air head but she is actually a rather quick thinker when she needs to be she just doesn't like thinking. She's always got a flower to hand out to anyone she wants to see smile.
Likes:Flowers, Yani, Chocolate

Dislikes:Drought, Winter, Bitter things
Flaws:Head Strong, Not physically strong
Talents:Planning, quick thinking, agility
Fears:Fire, abandonment, Losing Yani

Solage is an only child to a mother and father who themselves aren't mages so when she met her demon at age 6 her parents just thought she had an imaginary friend. It wasn't until later that they understood exactly what their daughter could do. One weekend while her dad was at work Solage was helping her mom in the family garden by playing with the flowers like she always did. After picking the flowers she'd thought were the prettiest, with Yani's help of course, Solange made her wat to the back end of the garden by where her mother was working and went to work planting the seeds. Her mother expecting nothing chuckled and encouraged Solage as she worked.

The afternoon had quickly passed and before she knew it dinnertime had arrived. Running to her mothers call Solage joined her parents at the diner table. As her parents talked about work and things that were beyond her concern Solange could think only of her newly planted flowers and hoped that they would grow quickly. When her parents paused in their conversation she spoke up asking her father to come to the garden to see the work she'd done. He'd agreed of course not wanting to upset his daughter. When the meal was finished and the table cleared Solange ran up taking her father's hand pulling him toward the garden.

"My flowers are already done growing Daddy they grew so you could see them!" She practically ran to the garden to see that the flowers she had planted only hours before were already fully grown blooming beautifully. Needless to say her dad was in awe of the flowers sudden growth and went to confirm that they had only just been planted. As they talked Solange sat in front of her flowers holding Yani in her hands whispering intently. Yani was trying to explain what had happened but Solange was to entertained by her flowers to bother listening.

Her parents of course new the rumors and whispers that mages existed defending peoples from things that shouldn't exist. Their daughter was one of them weather they wanted it or not. For now they would protect her until she was old enough to understand. then they would pose the question.

Nearly 10 years had passed since that night and it was nearly time for Solange to attend High School. Through the years her parents had discovered a High School for mages that taught them how to control and use their magic to the betterment of the world. Though they knew if she went they may never see their daughter again, but they had to ask it was her choice to make after all.

It was during dinner that her father brought it up. "Solange you've known for a long time now that you're a mage... Your mother and I found a school that specializes in teaching young mages how to use their magic to protect the people of this world from things they can't understand. Now it's up to you, but if you'd like we can arrange for you to go to this school and learn with other kids like you you wouldn't be the only mage any more... The thing is... if you go to this school you may not be able to come see your mother or I for a long time. We won't force you either way, Just know we love you."

Solange thought for a good long time on this. Not something she'd been known to do by anyone but Yani. After several minutes she looked up at her parents. "Dad, Mom I've decided what I'm going to do..." Solange took a deep breath before continuing. "I'm going to go to the Academy so I can learn how to use my powers to save people. Yani and I talked about it for a long time and its what we need to do. And, and I promise I'll come back and visit you both so don't be sad! No matter what I'm going to come back some day so you guys can't be sad got it!" She spoke so matter-of-factly that her parents couldn't help but laugh as they pulled her into a hug wishing her well. It wasn't long after that night that Solange and Yani left their little home for the Academy where they were going to make all kinds of new friends.




Element/Type of Magic:Light- Yani is able to emit light that gives plants just the right amount of light they need to grow. She's not explored any other areas of this ability yet though Solange thinks she could make an amazing flashlight.
Appearance:Yani is small to an amazing degree of the word. Her body is barely the size of Solange's hand. The biggest part of her is the flower she carries around normally using it to decorate Solange's hair completely hiding herself from view. Most people don't realize Solange is a mage since they can't see Yani.

Personality:Yani is very shy. So much so that she's spent most of her time with Solange hiding in her hair watching everyone around her talking only to Solange when their completely alone for fear of someone hearing her. She''s never had a friend that isn't Solange so she's not sure what she's going to do when she makes them.
Likes:Solange, Sweet Smells, Playing, Hiding in Solange's hair
Dislikes:Liars, Danger, Being in the Spotlight
Flaws:Tiny, Shy, Stubborn
Talents:Agility, Speed,
Fears:Not being useful, getting lost, losing Solange

Yani has been with Solange since they were both 6. The two have gotten along amazingly and even though Yani fears meeting many if ANY people the agreed with and encouraged Solange's choice to attend the Academy to better her powers and help people.


So begins...

Solange Kagari's Story


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Solange Kagari


Solange woke up thanks to the rather bright light that suddenly appeared directly in front of her eyes. She grunted roughly rolling trying to hide from the light beckoning her into waking up. "Yani just a few more minutes I don't wanna be awake yet." No answer just a brighter glow from her floating little demon. "OK, OK alright fine I'm getting up!' Solange complained as she slid out of her bed tumbling to the floor her covers coming with. "See what you did Yani you made me fall." She jokingly scolded the little light as she righted herself looking to the clock. 6... "6 In the morning Yani why are you waking me up at 6."

At this Yani pouted extinguishing her light. "Did you forget your promise Solange? You did didn't you!" Solange shook her head roughly. "I did not forget I just... didn't remember... Gimme a sec it'll come to me." Going about the room getting dressed Solange jumped up when it hit her. "Right we're going to the garden this morning! See? Told you I didn't forget." Rather proud of herself for remembering and finally being dressed she reached out gently cupping Yani in her hand and tucking her into her normal spot in her hair. "Alright let's to!"

Rushing out of the dorms toward the School's garden Solange was picking up speed as she pulled a small package out of her pocket. It only took a few minutes for the pair to reach the vacant garden. After looking carefully around to be sure they were alone Solange reached up removing Yani from her hair. "This "garden" is in terrible condition... We have a lot of work ahead of us Yani!" Solange happily relayed to her demon. "These seeds Mom gave me are gonna be beautiful here! But first we need to clear out all this dead stuff from whenever the last time someone took care of this place." With that the two went to work clearing out what would be their garden.

Solange did most of the work given most of the weeds were bigger than Yani. After a few hours work the garden was finally cleared and ready to be planted. School had completely been dropped from Solange's mind and Yani wasn't overly eager to remind her. So the two continued working carefully planting and covering seeds so they would grow properly.

The rough work finally finished Solange took a step back and looked at their work. A pile of weeds sat in a rough looking compost box almost filling the thing. The flower bed itself torn up and replanted. It'd been a tough few hours. Yani darted around Solange's head wiping the sweat and dirt off of her face. "Well Yani the hard part's done... now for the really tough part." Looking around again to make sure no one was watching Solange took a seat in front of the flower bed Yani took her place in the center of the garden. Solange focused on the seeds she had just planted willing them to break free from their shells and grow. As the plants pushed up breaking through the soil Yani began to glow in a soft light bathing the stems in perfect light for them to grow.

The pair sat in silence letting their magic work on the young flowers. Minutes passes and the plants looked like they'd been growing for weeks. Taking a breath Solange changed her focus to the rose bush in the center of the garden willing it to grow large and strong. A few more minutes passes and the roses were fully grown ready to bloom. Solange stood up looking at the work they'd done. "Yani it's perfect! This is gonna be the best garden we've ever made!" Solange did a little dance like she always did when she was really happy. Even Yani couldn't hide her joy twirling playfully around Solange's head.

Solange glanced at her watch at some point during her happy dance noticing the time. It was well past 1400 meaning she has skipped nearly her entire first day of classes. Glaring at Yani. "Why didn't you remind me about class Yani the day's almost over. If I hadn't looked at my watch we may have missed the club meeting!" Yani frowned slightly feigning innocence. "I didn't notice the time either Solange we were both working so hard on the garden..." Solange could only chuckle cupping her little demon in her hand. "It's alright I wanted to finish the garden any way we'll just go to class tomorrow! But we should go clean up before the club meeting we look like a mess. Cides' the flowers won't be ready to bloom till tonight any way so we'll come down after dinner maybe bring a friend!" Yani's face practically turned green at the ides. "Ok maybe no friend but you need to open up Yani school won't be any fun this way!" Solange's bright smile lifted Yani's spirits a bit and the pair headed back to the dorms to get ready for their first meeting.


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Solange Kagari

After having rushed back to their room Solange and Yani settled up to get clean and ready for the only class they were really excited for. After working all day in the school's garden they had quite a bit of cleaning up to do starting with a long shower to get all the dirt and such washed away. After putting on her uniform and making sure her hair looked good enough to go out it was time to head to class. On the way out Yani tucked herself into her standard hiding place in Solange's hair hidden from sight other than the flower she carries accenting Solange's hair.

Leaving their room Solange began skipping down the hallway a white lily given to her by her mother twirling in her hands as she went. It took a few minutes to make it to the class building and even a few more to make it to the hallway where she could find the classroom. As she was skipping towards the classroom she saw her first person of the day. A boy? Yup another look confirmed that he was indeed a boy with a Demon on his shoulder! Skidding to a stop in front of him. "Hi Hi! You look a little lost! Well don't worry I almost know exactly where I'm going!" She smiled brightly down at the boy her eyes flicking toward his demon, but she didn't want to just ask she'd never met another mage before so she didn't know if she could just ask or even look at another person's demon.

"It's nice to meet you I'm Solange! You're actually the first person I've talked to here I kinda spent all day in the school's garden it's almost all ready too! Oh umm I have this flower I think it matches your hair perfectly! If you don't mind I-I'd like you to have it." She smiled brightly holding the flower out to him feeling Yani twitch slightly in her hair.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Eli Snow
|Location| Near the Fighting club room
|Mood| Confused as to why Solagne is talking to them, slightly concerned she's going to be one of their tormentors, happy their not being teased by her.
|Thoughts| "...What does she want, and why is she offering me a flower?"
|With| Wynter (their demon), [color=#FF6600]Solagne Kagari

"...Hm?" Eli looked up from their book as they heard footsteps approaching.

Please don't be coming towards me... Please don't be coming towards me... Please don't be running towards- Eli mentally prayed that the person wasn't rushing to them, but to no avail.

A presumably female person with light red hair, probably around fifteen or sixteen, skid to a stop in front of Eli and Wynter and exclaimed happily with a smile, "Hi hi! You look a little lost! Well don't worry I almost know exactly where I'm going!"

"...Hi...?" Eli was visibly surprised for a moment that the girl wasn't trying to put them down for wearing makeup and a hair accessory, but Eli still kept their inner defense up.

"Heyoo! I'm Wynter, like the season, but with a 'y' instead of 'i'!" Wynter giggled a slight bit as she introduced herself. "This is Eli. They're not much of a talker, but please don't call them a boy or a girl, just so you know beforehand!" She motioned towards the light-haired bookworm.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Solange! You're actually the first person I've talked to here I kinda spent all day in the school's garden it's almost all ready too! Oh umm I have this flower I think it matches your hair perfectly! If you don't mind I-I'd like you to have it." Solagne looked back at Eli, and offered the flower to them.

Eli's cold heart slightly melted as her bright smile shined on it. They nsure weren't used to being treated this way! "U-um, thanks..." they mumbled quietly and gently took the flower from Solagne's hands, took the blue headband off and stuffed it in their messenger bag, and finally tucked the flower behind their ear.

After this process was finished, Eli stood up, Wynter next to them floating using her wings, and said, "Solagne is a pretty name. I'm ready to leave when you are." Their exterior had turned back to their normal, seemingly unapproachable side after thanking Solagne.