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Vergil Flanagan


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a character in “Liuena Academy, a new generation”, as played by laxnchill20


Vergil Flanagan


Element/Type of Magic:Wind/Sound Magic.
† By infusing the music played on his guitar with his sound magic the songs have different effects.

† Power Chord: By manipulating various factors about how he plays, he can alter a songs effect. This requires more concentration and magical energy and as such after activating a power chord effect Vergil must return to playing the passive versions of his songs or risk collapsing. (twenty minute cool down)

† Song of Valor: The song of Valor increases the offensive strength of Allied magic, making his allies attacks more potent and dangerous, the longer he plays the song the stronger the effect.
Power Chord: By adjusting the octave and volume the Song of Valor can also be played in such a way that it fires two concentrated burst of sound waves at an enemy, this loses the ability to buff allies, but instead deals a fair amount of damage.

† Song of Lind: Creates a strong shield of compressed sound waves in a ten foot radius around himself that absorb and reflect enemy attacks.
Power Chord: Plays the same song faster and more upbeat, this allows Virgil to put up smaller shields quickly around himself and allies, these shields are weaker and break after two or three attacks, but Virgil can put them up at a faster pace. (Unlike the other Power Chords, Vergil can play this one like his passive songs)

† Song of Sundhed: Vergil plays a soothing song that heals the minor injuries of nearby allies.
Power Chord: Vergil overcharges his guitar with magic while playing the song of Sundhed, greatly increasing the vitality of nearby allies.
Weapon:His guitar
Appearance:Vergil is slightly taller than average and has a pretty typical build. He tends to wear a stylish black suit with a white undershirt, but he has been known to wear jeans and a t shirt on occasion. No matter what he's wearing he has an impeccable sense of style that makes the women swoon. Underneath the clothes he is fitter than he appears, his muscles are toned and well defined. He doesn't smile often but when he does it is powerful, it is a smile that women would kill to see.

Personality:Vergil is first and foremost a musician, he is almost always working on a song of some kind and carries his guitar everywhere. He spends the majority of his time at school flirting with the girls around campus or cutting class to work on his songs. Much like his father and uncle before him, he is a frequent flier in detention due to his constant prank pulling. Although he and his brother don't quite have the gift their predecessors had, Vergil hopes to one day top the legendary Jello incident. Vergil definitely received his father's hatred for bullying and has taken up his mantle as the white knight at the school. Ok maybe not white knight, the kid likes to get in trouble but he hates bullying with a passion and as such spends many evenings in detention.
♥Pretty Ladies
♥ Leo
✖Going to class
✖Making an effort
✖Being told he can't wear his headphones
✖ Any one who makes fun of his brother, or really bullies anyone at all.
Flaws:Vergil is mute, he cannot speak. He relies on his demon, River, and his brother to communicate with others. He knows sign language but so very few other people comprehend it, it's basically useless to him.
Talents: He is an incredibly talented guitarist, but since that' all he does, his studies are lacking.
Fears: His dad, Kieran, when he's angry. You seriously don't wanna piss that man off.

Bio:Vergil and Leo are, as far as anyone but their immediate family knows, twins. In reality Vergil's dad found Leo when he was but an infant and couldn't leave him alone and brought him home. The two were raised together and are incredibly close. Although they have both had to deal with their fair share of bullies, Vergil has always been the more resilient one, always protecting and caring for his brother. He loves his brother and refuses to let anything harm him. Once the two reached the Academy, most of the teasing Vergil received was gone, most people won't harass someone as confident as Vergil, and on top of that with River's help in communicating with other magni it would be foolish to make fun of him for being deaf. Unfortunately due to his femanine appearance Leo still has to deal with a fair share of bullies, but Vergil is always there to stand up for him, and he's not afraid of getting detention for kicking a few bullies asses, something his dad was once known for at the academy as well.




Element/Type of Magic:Air/Sound Magic, Just like Vergil Melody uses sound magic, and since no one else in his family has ever been a sound mage she taught him everything he knows, sure his dad taught the basics of magic use, but he was useless when it came to sound magic, the full extent of River's abilities are unknown but one can safely say that although she is more knowledgeable than Vergil about sound magic, he is far far stronger than her.
Appearance:River is a female kitsune, she stands about seven inches tall at the moment. She has pink tails, and wears a fuchsia coat with matching shorts and a purple corset. And of course one cannot forget her adorable hat

Personality:River is a happy go lucky little thing who wants to goof off and have fun, but also wants to make sure Vergil goes to class. She is overly protective of Vergil and gets very jealous at the girls in school. Due to her jelousy she is prone to throwing temper tantrums and Vergil does nothing to stop this behavior because he finds it absolutely adorable.
♥The sunrise
♥Pulling HARMLESS pranks
✖Coffee (It's yucky how do you drink this stuff Vergil)
✖All the attention girls give Vergil
✖How little effort Vergil puts into his studies
✖When Vergil skips class
Flaws: She is prone to temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way, as such Vergil often treats her as if she is the child and he the elder.
Talents:She has an absolutely BEAUTIFUL singing voice, and she won't let you forget it.

Bio: River spent the first 8 years of her life living with other kitsune honing her magical abilities. On her 8th birthday she felt something calling her away from her home, with the blessing of her parents she followed the feeling. She came upon a simple house with a small family, a mom, dad and two sons, she made her way inside and was instantly drawn to Vergil. They've been together ever since, she taught Vergil about sound magic as he grew up and the two have explored the depths of the magic to the best of their abilities.


So begins...

Vergil Flanagan's Story


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Vergil Flanagan

Vergil was in class counting the seconds. He was once again angered at the academy, he and his brother's classes had been almost intentionally it seemed, arranged in such a way that the two did not get to see each other outside of their magical combat class, which was really more of a mandatory club than a class as it took place after classes. As he sat in class ignoring his teacher Vergil had a great idea and reached out to his brother sending him a message, "Leo, I know what we can do today that's gonna be really fun, but no time to tell you. Just sneak out of class, we need to talk. Meet me at the door to Dad's classroom in a few minutes.? Vergil didn't wait for his brother to respond he simply packed up the notebook that was filled with doodles and the beginnings of a few songs. "And where do you think your going?" A voice boomed from the front of the classroom, but Vergil paid him no mind, if the teacher cared he would give Vergil detention, but with today being the first day of combat class Vergil was fairly certain his dad would get him out of any trouble. Vergil continued out the door ignoring orders from the teacher to stop. Once he was outside he opened his back pack and poked River on the cheek as she opened her eyes he signed a message to her Hey, it's time to get up, we're gonna break into Dad's room and see what he has planned for today. Maybe leave him a "present" or something. River simply smiled and softly spoke in response " One of these days we're gonna get in some real trouble I hope you know that " Vergil just smiled and made his way to the classroom.

Kieran Flanagan

Kieran was sitting at his desk looking over the class roster, "Ugh, Nox I just don't know how to pair them up. I love the idea of duels to determine skill level but how do I make sure I don't accidentally pair them up unevenly, I don't want anyone to get face rolled or anything I want them to be fair fights but I don't know who knows what yet." Kieran exclaimed rather frustrated. "Why don't you have them fight as pairs. Two v two? That way even if one is stronger than the other's they can work together to overcome. Of course we don't know who works well together so we'll have to guess who's powers will have a solid synergy." Nox responded, more thinking aloud as idea came to life than actually replying. " Nox your genius. I love you buddy! " Kieran exclaimed as he started writing names on the board.

Vergil + Leonard vs. Skylar + Amargo
Weston + Eli vs. Luna + Solange

"There that's the best I can come up with, unfortunately that leaves one kid, Xenon, alone but his powers don't really mesh with anyone and as a weapon master putting him on any team would theoretically give them an advantage. I think this will work out best, He'll have a chance to duel another time after I have evaluated everyone." Kieran says and Nox simply nods in agreement. Suddenly Kieran hears the door rattle, someone is trying to break in, he and Nox immediately shifted into the shadows under the desk hiding from whoever was entering the room.

Vergil Flanagan

As Vergil arrived at the classroom he looked around and after noticing no one was there he picked the lock and entered the room. He look around and didn't see anyone so he smiled and started snooping arriving at the desk seeing the roster, covered in notes on the desk and turned around to see the black board. He saw the match ups and smiled. Fun we get to play together, at least one teacher here realized we can do good things together. He signed to Melody. With his main mission accomplished he sat down at a chair and waited for his brother. " Do you think Leo will take long to get here? " River asked, in response Vergil simply shook his head.


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Leo dozed on and off as the final minutes of his mundane classes ticked away into completion. He was, as always, hopelessly bored. Being one of the few super-genius level students at Liuena had a few perks, namely, he never needed to study for class. It was times like these, however, where he truly realized how different he was from everyone. The first quarter of the school year was well underway, and the regular students were hard at work, doing everything in their power to make the grade. Leo slept through most of his classes. It wasn't that the material wasn't interesting, far from it. Introductory Calculus, was quite essential in most physics, where Leo was quite solidly secured, due to several factors, but let's skip that for now. That being said, Leo had mastered this material by the time he was ten. The only way Leo could think to describe it, would be like picking up the oversized, and brightly colored toys of your childhood, only to find you didn't want to play Cowboys and Indians any more, further, the mere idea repulsed you. "This is child's play..." Leo whispered hazily to himself. The fact that his brother was, once again, systematically separated from him in literally every class was just icing on Leo's boredom cake. There would be no pranks to distract him from the ennui. Instead, he was forced to bear the brunt of it, one agonizing second at a time.

When it seemed like Leo would truly die of boredom, the buzzer rang, and Leo flew down the hallways. Amaimon the hound, Leo's stoic and icy demon, followed closely behind. Even though he was invisible to the average passerby, Amaimon had been so still in class, you would have thought him a statue, and paid him no mind at all. With his master's doldrums relieved, Amaimon snapped to attention, all the while keeping his eyes and ears out for trouble, namely, Leo's brother, Vergil.

Only moments before his class had ended, Leo had been, very nearly, sound asleep in his chair. The teacher's monotone voice, coupled with Leo's mastery of the subject, the perfect seventy degree ambient air temperature, and the immediate following of calculus from lunch, made for virtually perfect sleeping conditions. "Truly, a terrifying opponent.. For a lesser student..." Leo mused, his eyes sinking ever lower. Just before they shut entirely, Leo's eyes snapped open, and he sat bolt upright. While voices in one's head were usually never a good sign, in the case of Leo and Vergil, it simply meant the brothers were within close enough range to communicate telepathically.

"Leo, I know what we can do today that's gonna be really fun, but I've got no time to tell you. Just sneak out of class, we need to talk. Meet me at the door to Dad's classroom in a few minutes?"

Without a second thought, Leo packed his things, mumbled, "bathroom..." at his teacher, and stood to leave, walking calmly out the teacher's door, and then booking it as soon as the door had shut behind him. Conveniently, this occurred directly at the moment when the buzzer for fourth period had rung, masking Leo's frantic footsteps.

After blitzing down the hallway, his little blue demon in tow, Leo finally managed to make it to his father's room, the door hanging wide open. Leo sighed, and cautiously, he tiptoed inside. "I'm here Vergil-onii-chan..." Leo said softly, a lazy smile on his face. After entering, Leo sidled up to his brother and gave him a quick hug, smiling as his brother's familiar scent washed over him. As for the way in which Leo addressed his brother, when he was little, Leo had learned that phrase from the shows his father watched, and that the boys themselves had come to love. The suffix itself meant something along the lines of, "dearest brother," and Leo was quite fond of using it to address Vergil.

Keeping his voice low, an attempt at stealth underway, Leo continued. "Ohhh... Dad's gonna flip when he sees you picked the lock on his door... Anyways, what's this bright idea of yours?"


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Solange Kagari

After having rushed back to their room Solange and Yani settled up to get clean and ready for the only class they were really excited for. After working all day in the school's garden they had quite a bit of cleaning up to do starting with a long shower to get all the dirt and such washed away. After putting on her uniform and making sure her hair looked good enough to go out it was time to head to class. On the way out Yani tucked herself into her standard hiding place in Solange's hair hidden from sight other than the flower she carries accenting Solange's hair.

Leaving their room Solange began skipping down the hallway a white lily given to her by her mother twirling in her hands as she went. It took a few minutes to make it to the class building and even a few more to make it to the hallway where she could find the classroom. As she was skipping towards the classroom she saw her first person of the day. A boy? Yup another look confirmed that he was indeed a boy with a Demon on his shoulder! Skidding to a stop in front of him. "Hi Hi! You look a little lost! Well don't worry I almost know exactly where I'm going!" She smiled brightly down at the boy her eyes flicking toward his demon, but she didn't want to just ask she'd never met another mage before so she didn't know if she could just ask or even look at another person's demon.

"It's nice to meet you I'm Solange! You're actually the first person I've talked to here I kinda spent all day in the school's garden it's almost all ready too! Oh umm I have this flower I think it matches your hair perfectly! If you don't mind I-I'd like you to have it." She smiled brightly holding the flower out to him feeling Yani twitch slightly in her hair.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Weston Lonehill

98... 99... 100...

Magic Combat 101!

He finally came to a stop, staring directly at the door to the room where his class was taking place. Thank goodness I finally found it. I could of sworn weeks would of gone by in the time it took me to find this rather out of the way place. His inner monologue came to a stop as he reached over and grasped the door handle to the room, not sparing another thought to what he was doing as he strolled in like he owned the place.

He scanned the room from the moment he stepped in. A simple classroom was sat out before him. Bare wooden desks with uncomfortable looking chairs all aligned in straight rows just wide enough to walk between filled the room, A larger heavier desk sat at the back, better built and designed to keep stacks of papers and other miscellaneous items within. The left-most wall had three mostly clear windows which were partially open, a scene of lush verdant green outdoors laying just outside for all to see and smell through them. Towards the back of the room behind the desk another door was set, this one leading not back into the halls but rather into an office that connects directly to the classroom. Well, at least that's what he deduced given the appearance of the door as it sported many of the typical features of being an office door including a name plate set on the front of it reading the name of the resident professor.

These were all details that were important to take in for him. It was most likely that these facts would not become important anytime in the future but there was an off-hand chance that if he needed to kill someone in this room he'd need to know which access points to block off ahead of time and just how visible he'd be while carrying out the deed.

Moving on from that thought his eyes went back over to the shadow looking wolf thing sitting next to the desk. That must be the teacher's demon. I wonder what it does. He pondered. Having only known The Spectator before the opportunity to see what other demons were capable of was a delightful treat. Almost as delightful as the idea of working with some of the other magi's blood.

Inevitably his attention was drawn back to the door at the back of the room. The fact that it was closed was almost as good as an invitation for him as he strolled down a lane between the desks right past the desk and right up to the door. Even if the truth was that there might not of even been anything going on behind it and even if there was something happening it would of most likely been extremely mundane the fact was simple, he had to see for himself just to know.

Stepping through without a second thought he looked inside the office to find he had interrupted what he could only assume was the teacher and two other students in a discussion of some sort. This came as no real surprise to him as he had heard their muffled voices as he had opened the door.

"Sorry for intruding, I'll just wait back in the classroom." He flashed an apologetic smile as he excused himself. Since the moment he had come in though his eyes scanned across the entire room, taking in everything with voracious curiosity. The decorations, the titles of each book, anything he could dedicate to memory he observed which wasn't perfect given how little time he had to memorize the sights before slipping back behind the door, closing it as he left back into the classroom.

With that done he casually meandered over to a desk, one roughly near the center of the room as he had little issue being surrounded by people. He just leaned on the side of it while he waited for others to show up.


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Luna was currently sitting at a desk in the library, luckily for her it was placed right in front of a window so she had the opportunity to let her eyes wander the mesmerizing view of the Academy's garden. The young magni was supposed to be attending classes, but she somehow ended up spending the majority of the day in the library reading. Which was not exactly a shock to the librarian, who had on previous other occasions tried to get the girl to attend classes. But to no luck did Luna attend classes unless needed. She didn't exactly enjoy spending her time in a class with students who didn't feel comfortable around her, especially when they whispered and spread rumors behind her back.

A dark aura suddenly made it's presence known, whilst most would flinch at the feeling of being watched. Luna know exactly who it was.
"Do you do anything but read child?" Hakuba questioned her, curiosity etched into his voice.

Luna turned to face her Demon, unlike most of the other Demons who belonged to students. Hakuba didn't exactly show his true form to a lot of people. The majority of the time he used his ability of Illusions to give him the appearance of a reaper of sorts, much larger than many other. Whilst in reality Hakuba was much smaller and Luna on many occasions described him as cute. Much to his annoyance.

" Nothing else seems to be of interest.." She replied boredly.

" You don't find anything interesting. Anyway Isn't the club meeting starting soon?" This caught Luna's attention. She knew she had to attend this session, her parents would most likely kill her if she missed the club meeting. If she was honest they would probably kill her for missing classes. But the club was something that they insisted she took part in.

Standing up with a sigh Luna proceeded to close the book she was currently reading and make her way towards the designated room. " I can't believe I forgot" She grumbled to herself, causing a few students to look at her with bewildered expressions. Luna just passed them, not even fazed by the looks she received.

"More like you just couldn't be bothered to attend.." Luna just glared at Hakuba, unfortunately for her she seemed to be paired with the Demon who is wise beyond his year. Not that she minded most of the time.

After a short walk, Luna finally arrived at the room in which she was supposed to be in. With a heavy sigh the girl knocked on the door before entering the room, Hakuba following directly behind her.

It seemed to be like any other room in the Academy, except there was only one student in the room. Plus the teachers demon which took the appearance of a wolf.
"Am I in the right room?" She questioned the male student who had occupied a desk in the middle of the room.