Fae Parrish

"Tightrope life, that's all that's ever described me."

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a character in “Live Fast and Die Young”, as played by Exotica


β€œI'm not okay, but thanks for asking.”
Theme Song:
All Time Low ||Outlines
Song to love interest:
Death Cab for Cutie||Soul Meets Body

β€œIf I could open my arms and span the length of the isle of manhattan, I'd bring it to where you are.”


Full Name
Fae Lileas Parrish




Sexual Orientation

Detroit, Michigan

I’m With the Band
Which band?

The Merch Girl

β€œMaking a lake of the East River and Hudson.”

Fae has a ridiculous love for sweet things to the point where, despite her addiction, she will always take a chocolate bar over a pack of smokes when she's down to her last couple of dollars. It's her coping mechanism. The fast metabolism helps.
Fae also has a habit of stretching and flexing her muscles slightly, not necessarily in such a way that shows off toughness or an interest in a fight, and she manages to do it in a very feminine, languid way, but she rolls her muscles, showing off her flexibility subconsciously.
Fae tends to always have a pair of headphones on her. They're an anxiety-comfort-object. She can't leave the house without at least one pair.

+ Tattoos + Good music + punk kids + animals + most concerts + being outside in the summer + nicotine and thc + large open spaces + travelling + passionate people + feeling at home anywhere that isnt Detroit + Sweets +

- Loud, drunk, violent fans - lazy people - peope who don't at least try to take what they want - straight edge kids - naive people who don't know better - gardening - rude fans - people who don't ask permission before fondling around any girl - insomnia -

Cigarettes, caffeine, music, marijuana

Fire, not having enough food, not being good enough, not making enough money, not surviving.

Distinct Markings
Some across her lower arms and thighs, one through her eyebrow.
Hip dermals
None yet; wants a number and will likely pick up a few during RP



Fae has never been sure what she wants except for to listen to good music and see more of the world than her hometown. With a deeply curious and passionate soul she constantly seeks the great unknown, she seeks learning, and to drink in as much of the world as possible. This often means she spends her friday nights in loud clubs drinking and smoking weed and trying to feel everything a bit more potently.

She was never a mama or daddy's girl, Fae has always been fiercely independent with a deep codependency and passion for a chosen few who can manage to win their way into her heart. She's full of contradictions, loopholes, and a million different clever ways to get herself out of trouble but in this she's learned very little in how to handle people except for how to run away.

Fae is often awkward and unpracticed when speaking one-on-one with those she does care about, as she's spent most of her time building up the tough girl persona with which she faces the world. She often has men quaking in their boots but has a much harder time expressing gratitude to those she loves. That said, she's quick to fall in love and quicker to trust people, if they show any tiny glimmer of hope. Fae wouldn't call this naivety, rather... a deep hoping for the world to be better than it is, and trusting it to be.

Almost never taking herself seriously, Fae has very tattered and poor self esteem, but she's been attempting to make an improvement on that to little avail. She finds others' problems more interesting and more important. For some reason she very much enjoys people watching at concerts, another product of her low self esteem maybe or just curiosity; other people are infinitely more interesting than she is herself in her eyes.


Fae was born into a bad family, she was born feet-first with her feet always trying to breathe in the Earth and when her parents spent hours from home, doing whatever, it was just Fae and her older brother. Fae's father was rough with both of them, the few days he was present in their childhood, rough enough to damage them both severely multiple times. Their mother was worse, slowly picked them apart emotionally, made it so they'd never trust themselves, or think of themselves as half okay people. She turned it around on them endlessly that their emotions were their fault, their problems were their fault. Their fault their fault their fault.
Fae and her brother never made a daring escape. They never made some huge, dramatic dash from home. Neither of them had the emotional strength to leave the house most days, they were too emotionally damaged to move many days. No one ever saved them from their parents and no one ever cared. The abuse didn't stop. Their parents didn't have the heart to abandon them; Fae always thought that would be better. Foster care would have been a dream.
There were weeks where their father would take boxcutters to them, or kitchen pans, belts were a blessing most days, and that was when he and his friends weren't having their fun with Fae and her brother, holding them down and doing what they liked before locking them back in their shared room and leaving them there whille they smoke and drank and laughed like it was nothing. Fae never thought being raped and abused, neglected or ignored was ever as bad as watching her brother go through the same. Her brother had always been quieter, less fight in him. They were only thirteen when they discovered music together, discovered the only drug that could really save them. There wasn't ever silence to fear again after that, even if everything else remained.
When Fae was seventeen her brother died of a heroin overdose. That was what stopped her life in its tracks. That was what killed her inside in the end. She would have been able to handle it but that was too much. She dropped out of high school, hitched a ride to the nearest concert, and stood outside selling beaded bracelets she'd made before. She made enough for a hotel room, but ended up managing to sneak backstage. She slept with a manager, begged her way into a job working as a merch girl, following the band. That's all she's been doing since. The booze and pot and cigarettes are good, the music is better. She jumps band to band whenever she can, just to find a new scene when the old one gets old, but she likes where she is now. She doesn't trust anyone here, nor does she feel safe, but she never has, and the music is better than she's heard in a long time.

So begins...

Fae Parrish's Story