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Trevor Sowtrip

"You say I'm a bad guy. I say I'm just having fun."

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a character in “Live Fast and Die Young”, as played by WitchNCat13


“Why make good choices,
when bad ones make for a good story.”

Theme Song:
Lil Wayne Ft. Bruno Mars||Mirror
Song to love interest:
Shinedown||Follow You Down



Full Name
Trevor Andrew Sowtrip

Trevor has been called everything from Dick to Bastard and he’ll answer to pretty much anything. He gets Trev the most. His fans call him Rev and he kind of likes that. He also gets Evor, and Trevy.


60% Italian
25% Irish
15% English

Sexual Orientation

San Diego, California

I’m With the Band
Get Armageddon

Drummer and Backup vocals For Get Armageddon



~Always has drum sticks and when he’s bored, he plays air drums.
~Rarely ever seen without a beanie on, he loves them.
~ Is always offering to get naked at their concerts, but has yet to do it.

✯Playing Drums✯
✯Hard Liquor✯
✯Playing Guitar✯
✯The Fans✯
✯Being On Tour✯
✯Writing Songs✯
✯His Band✯
✯Energy Drinks✯
✯Fae, their Merch girl✯
✯His Best friend (The Lead singer of Get Armageddon.)✯

✗Obsessive Fans✗
✗Judgmental People✗
✗Fans not knowing his name✗
✗High Maintenance Girls✗
✗Running out of Cigerettes✗
✗Being Questioned✗
✗Showing Emotion✗

Heroine, Weed, Cigarettes, Whiskey, Sex

|☠|Dying|☠|Not falling in love|☠|Loosing his loved ones|☠| His Temper

Distinct Markings
He has a scar along his fore arm, that’s very faded from where is guitar string snapped and cut his forearm. He’ got one behind his right ear from a fight he got into.

He has snake bite piercings, but he rarely wears them.

He has a few. A rose on the top of his right hand and a skeleton trick or Treating on his right forearm.


Trevor is a Bad Boy with a good heart. Most of the time his sarcastic, arrogant personality is an act because it’s how people expect him to be, so it’s what he pretends to be. It makes harder for people to walk all over him and even harder for people to say no to him. Trevor gets what he wants ninety-nine percent of the time. He’s got a mouth worse than a sailor and a long list of bad habits.

Trev is a smooth talk especially when it comes to convincing a girl to hope under the sheets with him. He has a thing for groupies. He’s a professional at loving and leaving a girl. He never gets too attached to a girl and half the time treats them pretty bad. He’s the type of guy that leaves before the girl wakes up in the morning and never returns your phone calls or text. He’s dated more than one girl at a time and gotten away with it.

You can’t trust Trevor Sowtrip as far as you can throw him. He lies, he steals, and he cheats. Because of the rock star life that he lives he’s convinced he can get away with whatever he wants with no consequences. On the several occasions he’s been arrested, he’s flashed a wad of cash and been released. He’s a wild card, you never know what he’s going to do next and a lot of that has to do with the fact that he is rarely ever sober. He’s addicted to the bad life; drugs, booze, lots of sex, and trashy parties. A life style that if he doesn’t slow down is liable to kill him.

Trev has a bad temper and a short fuse. You better be looking for a place to hide if you piss him off. He’s gotten in countless bar fights and even gotten into fights with someone of their male fans. He honestly doesn’t give a shit who you are, girl or guy, if you piss him off you’re going to pay for it. Deep down however, Trevor is actually a really good guy who let money and fame get the better of him.


Trevor was born into a fairly normal family, he grew up in San Diego, California. His father owned a local music store, where they sold pretty much everything you could think of music wise. His father also offer guitar lessons. While his mother was a fairly well known children’s author. He was the first born to his parents. Followed by his two younger brother’s and his younger sister. Despite how normal is fairly appeared, his parents were never really around. His mother was always locked in her study writing, while his father was at the shop. Trev ended up raising his siblings for the most part, because he was fairly certain his parents were to irresponsible to do so.

His father got him his first drum set when he was eleven and his first guitar when he was twelve, despite his father knowing how to play, he never really had time to stick around and teach Trevor and so he taught himself. Once Trevor got into high school, his parents had started to become a little more responsible, because his mother had decided to retire and finally be a stay at home mom. Trevor was literally the perfect son. He had incredible manors, got straight A’s, came home and studied, didn’t really party, and he was musically talented.

When he was fifteen though his life took a turn for the worst, everything bad that could happen did happen. Trevor took his siblings to the beach and while he was out surfing, his little was pulled out by the stron current and she ended up drowning. His parents blamed him and it really messed him up, that was when he started drinking and experimenting with drugs, to keep his self from feeling anything. He started dating a girl who he fell in love with, they were together for two and a half years and one night on the way home from a party his senior year of high school and they were hit by a drunk driver. Surprisingly Trevor hadn’t had anything to drink that night.

However, the impact from the other car left him in critical condition and killed his girlfriend. It took Trev a total of six months to completely recover from the accident. The loss of his girlfriend drove him to dive deeper into drugs and alcohol. When he was eighteen, he left for Hollywood, where he ended up rooming a guy who became his best friend. They both wanted to start a band and after that the rest was kind of a blur, now Get Armageddon is one of the hottest up and coming rock bands.

So begins...

Trevor Sowtrip's Story