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Zelle Heartly

"I promise, no one will never let you down."

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a character in “Live Fast and Die Young”, as played by WitchNCat13


“Love is the devil in disguise and
he feeds off the hopeful, the lustful, and the lucky.”

Theme Song:
The Pretty Reckless||Fucked Up World
Song to love interest:
Halestorm||Break In



Full Name
Hazel Payton Heartly

Hazel doesn’t mind her name, but it doesn’t exactly match her personality. So she started going by Zelle and it stuck and so that’s the names she goes by. She also gets Zee, Hazy, Haz, and Elle.


50% Greek
30% Scottish
20% Russian

Sexual Orientation
Heterosexual, for the most part.

Ontario, Canada

I’m With the Band
Black Blood Beauties

The Lead Singer of Black Blood Beauties



~She plays with her tongue ring when she’s bored.
~Rolls her eyes when she thinks something is stupid.
~ Draws skulls on evvvverything!

✯Her band✯
✯Her Fans✯
✯Writing Songs✯
✯Hard Liquor✯
✯Night Time✯
✯Being on Stage✯
✯Rough Sex✯
✯Bad Boys✯
✯Tragic Love Stories, Like Romeo and Juliet✯

[i]✗Get Armageddon✗
✗Her Path✗
✗Being Question about her Choices✗
✗Liars (Although she can be one)✗
✗Hot Days ✗
✗Being alone for too Long✗
✗Arrogant Guys✗
✗Judgmental People✗
✗Know it alls✗
✗How much she drinks✗
✗Her Addiction to drugs✗

Cocaine, Weed, Cigarette’s, Alcohol, Toxic Relationships with Bad Boys, Tattoos

|☠|Letting herself fall in love|☠| Being alone forever|☠| Not being able to sing|☠| Dying of a drug overdose.

Distinct Markings
She has several due to her rough past and most of her ex-boyfriends. However most of them have faded over time.
Her tongue, her lip, her nose, and her eyebrow all of which she did herself.

She has several what can she say she’s addicted to the needle. She has far too many to count but she loves every single one of them. Her tattoos.


Hazel is somewhat of a complicated, hot headed, time bomb waiting to explode at any time. She can be dangerously unpredictable at times, but she can also be equally as boring at times. Most people tend to be intermediated by her. Hazel's past really messed her and turned her against the world. She’s closed off and quite ninety percent of the time and unless she really trusts you which is rare, you’ll never know who she really is. She’s convinced that everyone is going to let her down, so she knows better than to get emotionally attached.

Music has always been an outlet for her, when she writes songs, she’s really putting her life on blast. She often describes that singing and writing to her is like sex to a sex addict. Performing for her isn’t about the money or the fame, it’s her life and she’s extremely passionate about it. She wants to be able to help people through her music, even if she just saves one person it will make what she does worth it.

Zelle is extremely smart, maybe even a little too smart for her own good. She has an above average IQ, testing as a genius. She’s very good at reading people’s body language and facial expressions. She can decide whether she likes a person and can call the type of person you are with in the first few minutes of meeting you. She’s practically a human lie detector and hates when people lie to her. She’s blunt and she’ll tell you how it is without hesitation.

Aside from her fans, whom she truly adores, she has a hard time talking to people. Because most of the time she’s a bitch when you first meet her. Most people don’t really get her dry sarcastic sense of humor.

Zee hates being sober and she’s hopelessly addicted to what’s bad for her. She’s a sucker for bad boys and a tragic love story. Which is probably the reason she keeps going back to her current drug addict, abusive boyfriend Mikey, who’s also the guitarist for Black Blood Beauties. Hazel hates being sober, because then she has to face reality and she’s rather be in a drug induced state then face her pain, fears, and her past sober. Deep down she’s just really broken.[/b]


[i]Hazel Heartly was doomed from the start. Her mother was a prostitute and her father was a pompous rich ass hole with more money than he knew what to do with. On his twenty first birthday, him and some friends hired a few prostitutes, her father was too drunk to remember protection and nine months later Hazel was born and her father was nowhere to be found. From a young age Hazy was exposed to things most normal people never see in their life time. From being involved in robbery’s to watching her mother shoot up drugs in an alley.

There were countless times, when Zelle’s mother would leave her alone for days at a time with strangers. Half the time they would drug her because no one wanted to take care of a little girl. When Zee was ten her mother paid for a night in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere, her mother kissed her forehead and told her she’d be back soon. After that night she never saw her mother again. Zelle hung around the hotel for a long time about a week before someone finally noticed that the little girl had been alone and stealing food rom left over room service trays.

She was put into foster care and bounced around from home to home, each one was worse than the next. She was beaten, locked in rooms, and even starved. It wasn’t until she was thirteen when she realized she like singing and she had a natural talent for writing songs. Her voice was unique and haunting, listening to her was almost hypnotizing. It was what kept her alive and help her keep her mind off the shitty hand she’d been dealt.

When she was fifteen she finally managed to be placed in a decent home, but she was already broken and started causing trouble in the house. However her foster parents didn’t give up on her no matter how difficult she was. Hazel started going to school, where she meet Mikey Doormen, the pot head misfit of the school who could play a mean solo on the guitar. They spent their lunches playing music and she fell for him. They started dating only he messed with her, played mind games and cheated, but she was addicted to the pain.

At eighteen, her and Mikey moved to Los Angles. It was rough for a long time and for a short span she worked as a stripper. Eventually though they got their break and They were signed to an indie record label. A year later, there manager booked them as the opening band for Got Armageddon’s first world tour.

So begins...

Zelle Heartly's Story