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● ● ● ❝ ANASTASIA- - -

➔ CIVILIAN IDENTITY :: Adelaide LeBelle
➔ GENDER :: Female
➔ QUOTA :: 37/91
➔ ROLE :: Mascot
➔ DISTINGUISHING MARKS // APPEARANCE :: Anastasia has the appearance of a slender canine like creature with a cream body and pink ears, tail, paws, and a pink face with a heart shaped cream mask. Her eyes are anywhere from blue to purple depending on the light. She has a two long pieces of fur that hand down from her ears and are cream with pink, violet, and light blue bands at the end. She also has two signature bows, one on her right ear and another on her neck with a piece of ribbon falling down that mimics her ear fur pieces.
➔ POWER :: Anastasia has the ability to shoot small heart shape beams of light out of her mouth that can temporarily stun or disorient monsters.
➔ HISTORY :: Anastasia was once a young girl named Adelaide LeBelle who attempted to commit suicide at age 15 over a century ago. She was the daughter of a wealthy couple within the city and felt constantly abandoned and overlooked. She became so depressed that she attempted to commit suicide by poison. She was given a way out by a dark magical force in exchange for her service as a Mascot. Enchanted at the idea of never being alone again she took her contract and while she mourns each of her lost girls she has never outwardly shown any dissatisfaction for her lot in life.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: Anastasia hates being talked to as if she was an infant.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: She actually loves to read and will occasionally visit the library and read one of the classics within.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: She refuses to drink any form of medicine if she is injured she prefers to rest until her body heals.

classic literature / dog clothes / theme song

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Anastasia's Story