Dawn Star

When Darkness prevails I'll be your Guiding Light!

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a character in “Live Pure and Die Screaming ...”, as played by miss randomness


● ● ● ❝ DAWN STAR- - -

➔ BIRTHDAY (NUMERICAL AGE) :: 14 years old (born August 21st)
➔ GENDER :: Female
➔ MOTIF :: Starlight
➔ ROLE :: Magical Girl
➔ DISTINGUISHING MARKS // APPEARANCE :: A bright little ray of starlight, Dawn Star literally glows with light whenever she transforms. Her costume is a bright orange and white and whenever she strikes her dramatic poses you'll see little stars sparkling around her. Her hair is pulled back in a distinctive braid ending in a poofy expanse of bright blonde hair. Her favorite part of her costume though is the little wings attached to her boots and the winged beret in her hair.
➔ STAR BOLTS :: When Dawn Star uses this particular attack she holds up her hands with dual peace signs and then brings them down, with each hand glowing at the fingers with white light. She then brings her fingers together to point at her opponent shooting blasts of white light at them.
➔ STAR STORM :: An upgrade to her Star Bolts, Dawn Star crosses her arms across her chest making two "V" for victory signs with her hands. She then calls out the attack name and bolts of light shoot out from her costume like a meteor shower. (useable once per transformation)
➔ SHOOTING STAR :: This ability allows Dawn Star to fly by having her boots shoot out bright white lights that cause her to hover in the air.
➔ GUIDING LIGHT :: Dawn Star brings her hands to her chest forming a circle around the bow on her chest. She calls out the name for her attack and the gem at the center of the bow glows with a bright light that envelopes dawn star and extends five feet in either direction dispelling negative influences.
➔ STAR BORN :: Dawn Star leaps into the air and curls into a ball calling out the attack. Her entire body begins to flow with a bright white light as she absorbs all the light energy from around her. When she has absorbed enough she releases it all in a bright explosion of light like a star being born.
➔ ITEMS/WEAPONS :: Dawn Star does not possess any weapons. Her transformation device is a cellphone with a stylized star keychain. To transform she opens the cellphone and presses random numbers while calling out "Star Power Activate! Guiding Star Transformation!"
➔ RANDOM FACT :: Dawn Star hates squirrels and rodents of all shapes and sizes.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: She is allergic to bananas.

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