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Live to Dress

LolaBelles Etiquette School


a part of Live to Dress, by DresstoLive.


DresstoLive holds sovereignty over LolaBelles Etiquette School, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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LolaBelles Etiquette School is a part of Live to Dress.

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Maria Varrinus [0] The technical genious of yester-year
Sophie Mayfield [0] "Believe in me and I'll help you"
Elizabeth Marie Porter [0] A sweet loli called Lissa
Aleksander Wulfenbach [0] Age: 27 Nickname: Teach Style: Aristocratic/Steampunk Gender: Male
Rainbow Croft [0] Let's Groove Tonight!
Erin Hyun-Ki [0] Hi, hi, hi ...HI!

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Words carry on the breeze, reaching Angelotte's ear with an eerie whisper..."Wwwaaasss Iii lllooosssttt??? Aaammm Iii fffooouuunnnddd??? Iii aaammm hhheeerrreee..." A wretched, seeping chill runs up her spine.

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Kasey wandered towards the main school building. She had seen an unfamiliar face coming there. She was feeling nice and wanted to warn her about the "blood" in the dorm hall, since she looked like the squeamish type. Just a few feet from the other girl, Kasey saw a tall, dark figure in a suit. Was it... yes, it was. Slender man. She could barely believe her eyes. It was like a creepypasta come to life. And it was amazing. "Wow, cool," She said.