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Jonny Marcuz

"Hey, wanna play some football?"

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a character in “Live Your Own Story”, as played by IAmAlien


Name: Jonathan Marcus
Age: 17
NickName: John, Jonny 
Picture: Image
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 200lbs
Appearance: Very buff, football player. Usually wears jeans and a tank-top.
Personality: Jonny is your typical jock. The classic football player. He goes after the ladies all the time. He's not as smart as his "twin" brother, but he doesn't really believe their related. He acts like any other football player, but when he sees anyone messing with his two ottos sister or twin brother, you know he'll step in.
Fears: Animals, people who seem nice, & his parents
Dreams: Being a famous football player, being friends with his brothers friends, giving his sister the best childhood
Weaknesses: His sister & brother; their his life.
History: Jonny was born a few minutes before Levi. He grow up in a house with his mother, his father, his twin brother Levi, a cat, and a dog. As soon as Jonny and Levi were sent to school, Jonny became part of the popular kids. 
Theme Song: [url=will edit ASAP]Payphone by Maron 5 ft. Wiz Kalifia[/url] [url=will edit ASAP]Secrets by OneRepublic[/url] [url=will edit ASAP]The Riddle by Five For Fighting[/url]

So begins...

Jonny Marcuz's Story

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Levi shook his head, looking a bit mad as he turned and walked passed Chase and out of the room. He was hoping Rome would have gone after Jordan, but nope, she was taking too long. He went down the stairs and asked a few people if they've seen her, when, of course out of all the people, he ran into his twin brother, John.

"John? What are you doing here?" Levi asked, sounding a bit angry as he glared at Jonathan.
"I came here with the guys. I saw what some of the guys did to that Chase guy and his girl." Jonny replied with a smile, obviously he was drinking a little.
Levi looked at him a bit shocked. "His girl?" He said, looking quite surprised. Then he shook his head a little. "Have you seen her?" Levi asked his brother. 
First Jonny gave him a look, not knowing what he was talking about at all. "Saw who?"
"Jordan!" Levi said a little too loudly and angrily.
"Is that that chick that broke one of those girls noses?" Jonny asked as he pointed the a small group of girls across the room.
"Yes!" Levi replied as he put his hand on his forehead and wondered why he had to be the smart one.
"Oh, yeah. I think she's cool." Jonny said then Levi gave him a look. "She went out the front door, kiddo." He added.
"Thanks. And we're twins!" Levi said before he turned around and went out the front door and seeing Jordan sitting on the front steps.

"Hey there, Jordan." Levi said as he slowly but surly came up and sat on the steps next to Jordan. He still had his turtle backpack on, but he must have left his keyboard in Fallon's room. "Are you okay?" He added as he put his hands on his knees and leaned forward slightly trying to look at her eyes.

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Levi smiled slightly at Jordan. He was glad that she was actually talking. He took a quick look around when she asked him what he wanted then he looked back at her. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You seemed angry." He answered.

Jonny had watched his brother go out the front door and he shook his head. He was one of those people that thinks that every girl his brother says something about or hangs out with that his brother must like them. So this was a big red flag for Jonny. He headed toward the door and was stopped by Derrick who was looking for Rome. "If I see her I'll point her your way." Jonny said with a smile then stepped out the door and saw Levi sitting down next to some girl on the steps.

"Hey brother. Who's this?" Jonny said crossing his arms with a fake smile on his face.
"This is Jordan." Levi answered slowly like he was explain a very complicated math problem to a four year old.
"We gotta talk." Jonny said grabbing Levi's turtle backpack on Levi's back and pulling him down the steps and over in the grass throwing him down. "What you doin' with Chases girl?" Jonny said in an angry voice looking at Levi with a disappointed voice.
"Chases girl? You know what, just back off. I don't like her like that. We're just friends." Levi said angrily as he stood up. "What do you care anyways?" He added.
"I don't care. But I know Chase and you've seen how protective he is of her." Jonny said, practically yelling.
Levi looked his brother in the eye blankly. "I really don't care." He said. "Bye." He added starting to walk back to where Jordan was on the steps.
"Fine!" Jonny yelled as he watched Levi walk back. "Wait, have you seen Rome?" Jonny added as he caught up with Levi.
"Upstairs." Levi said.
"Okay, thanks Levy." Jonny said teasing Levi a little bit than ran back to the house. As he came up the steps he stopped and looked at Jordan. "You are just some hood rat, aren't you?" Jonny said with the slightest hint of a smile on his face and didn't even give Jordan a chance to reply and walked inside and up the stairs seeing Rome, Chase, and Fallon in a room. "Hey, Rome, Derrick's looking for ya'."

Levi walked back to the steps and Jordan after he saw his brother go inside. "Sorry about him. He has this thing were he thinks every girl I talk to or hang out with I supposedly like them." He said with a slight smile as he looked at Jordan.

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Levi frowned as Jordan spoke. He didn't know where she lived, but he was almost certain it wasn't a good idea to go walking around a city, any city in that manner, at might. A specially with Jordan wearing that dress and everything there's no chance she'll get all the way home without some guys messing with her. 

"You can't go." Levi said quietly as he stood on the steps of Rome's house and watch Jordan go down Rome's driveway and turn on to the sidewalk. Levi turned around and started a fast run inside and around the people. He broke into a run as he made in up the stairs, then even a faster run as he hit the hallway and ran to where the others were. "Jordan left!" He said as he made it in to the doorway of the room and was trying to catch his breath bending down and putting his hands on his knees. He glanced up once he almost had his breathing regular and saw everyone staring at him with big, almost confused, eyes. "Jordan. Left." He said again a little slowing and calmer. "She said she was going home." He added in the same slow and calm voice as he tried catching his breath a little bit. His face was a bright red, he was sweating a little, and he was breathing heavy. He didn't look all that good, but you could tell he was scared and worried by the look in his eyes as he stared at everyone.

Jonny felt a little guilty as he listened to his brother. He shifted eyes from the small group to his brother. He knew some of the people in that very room he was in cared about that little "hood rat", and truthfully, he didn't like it. He didn't even understand why, yet only, his brother was there, but Jordan and Chase? He just didn't get it. Then Jonny started thinking:

If it wasn't for Chase and Jordan being here in the first place, that fight would have never happened. So, it must be a good thing Jordan left. Now, maybe this guy will leave and some people will be able to have some fun.
Jonny smiled then saw his brother giving him a strange look. "What? I just think its a good thing she finally decided to leave. It I knew she was going to leave because of some fight between Ghetto boy here and my buddy-ol-pal, the team would have set up a fight as soon as the party started so we could have got rid of this guy and Jordie faster." Jonny said with a mean wicked smile glancing a few times at Chase to keep track of how fast he was getting mad. Jonny always has to act like everything is just all fun-and-games, always playing with people's emotions. He even teases, picks on, and slightly bullies all the girls he thinks he likes just like he's still a little kid. It's amazing he hasn't gotten sued for harassment yet. It must be because of his charming looks.