Akestrin Shia

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Akestrin Shia

Nickname: Kestri
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Role: The Leader
Description: Kestri has freckles like nobody's business. Her arms are a map of tiny stars of puckered scar tissue from everything she's ever done. With harsh green eyes and lips too big for her commanding personality, Kestri doesn't quite look like she "should". Uncomfortable with too much clothing, Akestrin chooses to wear as little of it as possible, as she feels it hampers her movement. Kestri doesn't have a traditional feminine figure - she sacrificed looking like a girl for strength. So she'll never look good in sweet, slender clothing - it's just not how she's built. But on the plus side, she has thighs and calves that could carry her in a run forever and the soles of her feet are practically impermeable, so callused are they. Not that that's stopped her from putting more than her share of rocks through them. She's pretty, perhaps, in a nontraditional way, but more than that, she's as hardy as stale rye bread.
Personality: Kestri is very self-controlled and commanding. Actually, she's a control freak. It's hard for her to let go and let someone else have an idea - much less actually take responsibility for something. Kestri's been in charge far too long for that. Fifteen of her nineteen years have been spent taking care of ones younger than she is, and it shows. Kestri is responsible, organized, and always takes on more than her fair share of the work. Actually, it wouldn't be unfair to say that she never really rests. All of her energy is always being put out towards others so that they're okay.

Kestri isn't very good at having fun. Having fun requires letting her guard down and she worries that if she does that, something bad will happen while she's not paying attention. That, more than anything, is her greatest fear. Fun is uncontrolled and she feels as though if she just keeps everything under control, it will all turn out alright. Naturally, this leads to Kestri being very anxious.
Skills: (For androids, this can include almost anything under their umbrella. For children, creepily intimate understanding of nature. For scientists, science. Any normal stuff, too, but NO MAGIC.)
History: (Tadaa! Androids, yours will be short. Really short. Buuut on the plus side, you get to pick which child awoke you. So kids – DO NOT include anything about waking an android, the organic chemistry lab, or a rat revolution. You don’t know which you did yet.)
Other: (I actually would like this to be sufficiently filled out. There have to be other things you can think of about your character.)
Hex Code: #9932CC

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