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Eleanor B. Valentine

"What, that useless brother of mine? He's got a heart only a mother could love."

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a character in “Lives Intertwined”, as played by TaniaSoulEater



Name: Eleanor Bailey Valentine
"My given name may be Eleanor, but I prefer to be called Nora. It's up to you."

Age: 16
"Not that it matters much, I should think that age isn't a problem when it comes to love."

Gender: Female
"I should think that it's quite obvious that I'm a girl.

Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
"Sorry. Much as I try, I just can't bring myself to like other girls that way."

Family: Aaron Benedict Valentine - older brother
"I don't like to acknowledge that lying, sorry excuse for a brother as my family. I'd rather say that he's someone I know well - and dislike."

Looks: Nora's hair is deep brunette, long and wavy. She likes to leave it as it is, and would prefer not to add any accessories to it. She is tall and slender, and carries herself with a certain air.
"Why, are you going to judge me on my looks? You can piss off, then, I couldn't care less about them."




"Honestly? I think love has no limits, no bounds - just true, pure love."

-Hanging out with friends
-Drawing and painting

-Being happy
-Fooling around
-Being in school
-Beautiful scenery

-Her brother
-Crowded places
-Waiting for ages
-Wasted effort and time
-Being bored

Nora is a very optimistic person. She prefers to look on the bright side of life, turning every downfall into something to express joy over. She is happy most of the time, and allows herself to be carefree. She's an idealist, always dreaming about her future, though never really doing much to achieve it. She sets high goals for herself and achieves them easily, having lots of confidence in herself. She has simple tastes, and never bothers much about her looks, so far removed from caring about how she looks that she circles back to a natural, artless beauty. Needless to say, she doesn't use makeup, and looks down on excessive use of it and plastic surgery.

However, Nora can be very sharp when she wants to. She doesn't get irritated easily, but when she does, you better watch out. She can be rather sharp when she wants to, and very sarcastic. After a little bit of yelling to vent her feelings, she goes back to being the carefree and happy girl she usually is. She doesn't dwell on hard feelings much - she'd rather spend her time being happy than angry.

Nora cares a lot for the people around her, especially her friends. However, the one person she hates is her brother, who has let her down too many times to regain her trust. She would do anything for her friends, even run to the ends of the earth for them if she had to, at a moments' notice. She values any good relationships she has, and maintains it to the best of her abilities. She believes in love at first sight, and thinks that love has no limits. The only thing she asks for is a good heart.



Nora has a few things she always carries around in her bag -

Her Nikon D300 camera, which she uses for photography, both for the school newspaper and her own benefit. Along with the camera are a couple of memory cards and a tripod stand.

Her sketchbook. She prefers to draw nature, but can draw people as well. Along with that are her drawing materials and colouring materials.



Nora was born 3 years after her brother was. Her parents had always favoured boys, somehow, so she was constantly pushed into her brother's shadow. This only served to make him even more selfish than he already was, and Nora hated him for that. Despite her willingness to forgive, he crossed the line too many times to count, which cost him her trust. Not that he really cared, anyway.

When in school, no longer under the influence of her parents and brother, Nora started trying to find something she was good at and liked. She discovered that she had a gift for photography and drawing, a talent to capture scenery as it was. She joined the school newspaper, and became the school's resident photographer. She also started drawing and painting small artworks for her teachers and friends. It wasn't long before she entered the Gifted Arts Programme offered at her school.

Shortly after she joined the school newspaper, she caught the attention of Logan Hernandez, a cute guy in her school. Her best friend, Juliet Saunders, encouraged her to return his affections - and she did. They started going out together, and Nora was elated to find someone who loved her. She loved Logan, she truly did - but something was missing. She just couldn't place it, but something was missing.

Nora was then introduced to her brother's good friend, Noah. She found him very different to her brother, and struck up a good friendship with him. They texted each other often, leading to Juliet teasing her about two-timing Logan. Nora was very sure she and Noah were simply friends... or were they?


So begins...

Eleanor B. Valentine's Story