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Captain Misfortunate Alexander Ngor

"By the time I count to 3.. I better hear a splash down that very plank"

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a character in “Living a Life of Piracy!”, as played by Victorant


Your Name: Captain Misfortunate Alexander Ngor
Your Age: 22; he’s still quite new to commanding his own crew and handling his own ship.
Your Gender: Male
Your Sexuality: Straight.. not that he’s ever revealed it before showing no attraction to anyone thus far.
Appearance as a child:
Appearance as a now Captain:


Marius or rather ‘Alexander’ is a very quiet individual which comes surprisingly being a so- called Captain but he does all he needs to do including barking orders when necessary or killing men. He never puts up with disloyal crew members following a rather cliché standard of all for one and one for all. He always carries his weapons on his person even when sleeping not because he has no trust or faith in his crew but rather his enemies that are far too plentiful to not be paranoid about. In fact he sleeps very little apparent in the natural darkness surrounding his eyes always remembering the days of his past that continues to swallow him whole.


*Two twin revolvers; one in each pocket.
*A sword of legend believed to have been crafted by the Gods. There are said to be three in the world but it takes a swordsman of heart pure to wield it. The sword's guard strongly resembles an eye. Its grip is formed like a medusa clutching a sphere studded with moonstones.


Ship Name: The Dark Avenger; a stolen one at that yet he kept its name the way it originally was.
Your Previous Captain: Blackbeard aka His Father.
Your Reason for Leaving Your Previous Captain: As a neglected son, he left to pursue his own goals and to walk in his own footsteps rather than his father’s.
Your Reason for Becoming a Pirate: To be a better pirate than his father ever could be and the sea up till now, still feels like home.

A Bit of Background from Before You Became a Pirate: His real name was Marius and he grew up hating that name ever since the word escaped his father’s mouth. He was an innocent but curious child, exploring the land but always dreaming of the ocean and the tides of which his father was said to be sailing on which greatly worried his mother. The first day he met his father was the day that changed his life forever. He was forever a fugitive, hunted by strangers like a lamb for slaughter. Nothing could ever be the same again. Despite his dream being fulfilled to live surrounded by the oceanic scent, he could never forget the sound of his abandoned mother’s yell ringing in his ears as he was dragged out of that house by an unknown man; a man he did not know he would someday call father. As the years passed, Marius learned skills and trained himself to fight constantly with the help of Blackbeard’s other crew members which gave his father reason to be
disappointed. It wasn’t long before an angry lecture broke out to separate the two as his father claimed his son was making the crew soft and building strings of attachment that shouldn’t be built in the first place. Marius said and did nothing even as his father drew his sword. A scar was left across Marius’ eye. A few days later as the bond between them grew ever more apart, he escaped the ship in the dark of night to pursue his own life, changed his name to Alexander Ngor and he hides his scar with an eye patch.

How You Got Your Title: Anyone who crosses his path will find himself or herself rather…'misfortunate'. Or so the legends say…

So begins...

Captain Misfortunate Alexander Ngor's Story


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Alexander's uncovered eye shifted to the corner eyeing the female member of his crew walking about the bar that seemed to have decided to follow him as well. Not that he minded one bit if at all. He appreciated the concern shown and dedicated towards him as their captain. The young man faked a cough, adding a realistic touch by pulling out his red handkerchief to slightly cover his mouth to which the bartender noticed and reacted. The bartender turned to the captain, leaning over the counter dangerously close. "What can I get ya young sir?" Captain Njor lifted his attention off the counter to face the bartender before him, the handkerchief still dangling in his hand. The captain said nothing for a while causing the bartender to lose interest in him. 'Just another child' thought the bartender as he began to look away. Alexander however was not going to be ignored just like that. He pulled out one of his revolvers; the one from his left pocket using the red handkerchief as cover and pointed it at the back of the bartender's head easily. "A shot perhaps?" Alexander said as he pushed the gun a bit harder against the man's head. "A shot of bloody mary perhaps?" he continued as the few people in the bar took no notice, too drunk or occupied with glambling pursuits. The bartender stood still, sweating like a sinner in church before questioning the man. "What are ye after young sir?"

Alexander withdrew the gun covered temporarily by the red handkerchief and pocketed them both back in his coat. "Information.. you were once yourself a pirate weren't you?" The bartender froze at Alexander's words. "That is true mate, how such a young fella like yourself knows bout that?" the bartender tossed a question back, sitting himself down with an odd gut feeling they had much to talk about. "Your complexion is burnt by sun of high and long hours of exposure, your nails have not the sheen of a man who does nothing but pour drinks but the dirt under a nail that has been digging endlessly for something.. " Alexander relaxedly toyed with his eyepatch. "Plus.. you smell and talk like a man who worked for Blackbeard." The bartender said nothing, taken off guard by this stranger in a dark cloak wearing an eyepatch that appeared to be sewn deep into his skin never to be removed again. "Is that you Marius boy!" Alexander gritted his teeth at that familiar name, suddenly grasping the man's collar with a glint of murder in his fine eye. "Never call me by that name.. now tell me.. where is that map you have been digging?" Alexander asked, cutting straight to the point, watching the man's adam's apple shift as he took quite a big gulp of fear. "It be taken by a young lady pirate herself, Captain Wild Kaitlyn Standley." Alexander closed his eyes sighing to himself as he released the bartender somewhat suddenly to the point his back had almost hit the wall. Captain Ngor stood up fully off the stool as his fingers toyed around in his pockets checking his gun were in order. He glanced back with a wink to his fellow crew members before making his haste exit. Tonight they would start searching the docks and the whole damn town if they had to. They were going to get their hands on that wretched map.

When he reached an isolated spot in the town, he turned around at last to assign his crew orders. "I want you two taking the north side." He directed the two men before looking over at the female whose name he was still yet to learn. "And you and I will be taking the south side." he said formally, with nothing on his mind but business; finding that damn map. He turned his head to exhcnage glances with all of them. "Start from there and fan out, we search for a Captain Wild Kaitlyn Standley tonight or be it her crew but better yet, find and steal the map by force if you have to. Meet back at the ship when you're done." Alexander finished with not a moment to lose, turning his back with his head hung low with no doubt they would be successful in this endeavor.