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Marcus Pallas

'I'll be in the library, running numbers and avoiding awkward conversations.'

0 · 534 views · located in Northbay, Ireland

a character in “Living Gods II”, originally authored by Issa, as played by RolePlayGateway



The Basics


Marcus Julian Pallas

Marc, Nerd, Geek
"I generally prefer Marcus or Marc."



Studying towards his Masters in Architecture
Works as a long distance Architect


Getting To Know You


|| Maths || Science || Drawing || Running || Intelligence ||
|| Reading || Biographies || The Library || Debating ||
|| Food || Ice Cream || Cherries || Apple Juice || Coffee ||
|| All-nighters || Sunrise || Logic || Classical Music ||

|| Bullies || Ignorance || Pears || Illogical Reasoning ||
|| Crabs || Spiders || Large Crowds || Bones ||
|| Natural Disasters || Hedgehogs || Beer ||

Reading | 'Particularly biographies on past world leaders and architecture textbooks.'
Solving Mathematical Problems | 'This is probably where I earned the name 'nerd', I actually find maths problems fun.'

Mutters to himself | 'I can't help but speak aloud as I run calculations.'
Talks in his sleep | 'Again with the strange talking....'

Arachnophobic | 'Athena did turn Arachne into a spider and well... I know it isn't logical, but they just give me the creeps'
Losing His Memory | 'Forgetting everyone I have met, everything I have learned and all the memories that make me who I am today.'
Natural Disasters | 'Earthquakes, typhoons... logic and a calm mind will only help so far when nature itself turns.'

Experiments | 'I once experimented on several of my peers. They weren't exactly consulted... but the experiment was hardly harmful.'

What Makes Us Special


Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Marcus, as the descendent of Athena, is extremely proficient in battle. Natural instinct and long years of training have made him a worthy opponent. He is also able to remain cool and calm in stressful situations, remaining able to make logical decisions when others would not.

His intellect is also far beyond that of many. Like all those descended from Athena he has a fast mind, excellent memory and the ability to graps concepts in moments. A genius in many pursuits, he particularly shines in architecture.

Socially-awkward | Marcus doesn't always understand and notice social queues. He is awkward in large groups of people, usually choosing not to talk and share his insightful opinions.
Analytical | There are times when Marcus gets lost in his logic, losing sight of how to enjoy himself.

Art | 'My talent in drawing helps my architecture designs I believe.'
Eating | 'Mum always said I had hollow legs. I can eat and eat and eat. Okay, technically this isn't really a strength, but it's something...'
Imagination | 'And you thought my logic would destroy any imagination I had. In fact I believe that it enhances my imagination, or at least helps me know what is pure dream and what might one day be reality.'

"I've only known the Norse and Egyptian Pantheon for a month. I believe that like my own extended family they have their problems. Grudges are not always easy to overcome. Even so I hope that one day logic and reasoning will overcome pride and prejudice."

Describe Me


Marcus' intelligence is usually what defines him. Like all his family descended from Athena Marcus is gifted with genius intellect. He understands concepts that others struggle with. He devours books, absorbing the information at an almost supernatural level. Mixed with his intelligence is an intense curiousity about the world and how things work. Not content with simply knowing a thing is, Marcus has to go that extra step further to understand why and how something is.

While intelligence is a wonderful gift to have, unfortunately Marcus has not been gifted with an easy social manner. Large groups of people make him nervous, meeting new people is always difficult and speaking in front of a crowd is generally out of the question. His shyness has hindered him in the past and he is trying to get over his inability to speak around new people, but some aspects of a person are hard to change. Marcus becomes particularly tongue-tied around women, his nerves getting the better of him.

Alone or amongst people who have his absolute trust, another side generally appears. Slightly louder, more open with his ideas and more likely to share a witty joke, Marcus' true personality is apparent. He has a quiet, sarcastic humour, usually making snappy, witty remarks that are laden with nerdy facts unlikely to be understood by others. He loves nerdy jokes, particularly science puns and generally doesn't mind if they're terrible or not.

Despite his shyness Marcus is surprisingly a brave, determined young man. In the face of bullies or discrimination he has been known to shed his shy skin and stand up for the bullied. Athena was the goddess of courage, law and justice after all, and these aspects, while not initially apparent in Marc are still part of him. He values fairness and equality, loathing anything or anyone that attempts to manipulate laws for their own ends.

There are times when his logic seems to take over, pushing him further away from what other people would deem 'normal'. Sometimes his analytical nature can distance him from people, although again this is something that he is working on improving.

|| Shy || Genius || Socially-awkward || Sarcastic || Curious || Just || Courageous ||

Nature Vs Nurture


Marcus Julian Pallas was born on the 5th December to Maria and Nevile Pallas, both highly respected anthropologists. Being an only child Marcus was showered with affection from a young age. His childhood was a stimulating time, his parents gave him every opportunity to expand his mind. He learned to talk, crawl and walk much earlier than other children and his education continued to leap forward as he progressed through life.

When he started school, at the precocious age of four, Marcus could already read and write with some degree of efficiency. Being so much younger then his classmates made it hard for the young Marcus to make friends. His intelligence isolated him, even amongst the other descendents. Added to that was the social awkwardness that became apparent as he aged. He found it hard to speak with strangers and around girls he became even more tongue tied. This didn't decrease as he grew older, but luckily he was able to make a few close friends around who he could be himself.

At the age of 16 Marcus graduated from high school and began studying at university, choosing to do correspondence so he could stay with his family. It was around the time that he started his architecture coarse that the troubles amongst the Greeks began. Of course there had always been grudges, but for years they had seemed to simply simmer beneath the surface.

Tensions had begun to rise and seemed about to spill over multiple times during Marcus' time at university. It wasn't until he had finished his degree (receiving the highest marks) that things finally took a turn for the worst. In an explosion of emotions the Greek families clashed in a most spectacular style. Half the town was leveled. In the following chaos the families escaped the coming swarm of media and police. The Pallas family among those seeking a knew home.

Marcus was not among those who decided on their new home and he still cannot say what it was that drew his pantheon to Northbay, but they arrived shortly after leaving their old town. Finding out that other pantheons already called Northbay their home was a surprise. Marcus, instead of finding it an irritation, sees it more as an opportunity. He wants to learn all he can from them.


So begins...

Marcus Pallas's Story

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#, as written by Issa
Northbay, Ireland
Time: 6.30pm
Weather: Warm with a gentle breeze

Situated far from any major city Northbay is all but ignored by those who don't live there. For the inhabitants of Northbay this suits them fine, after all they hardly need strangers wondering around and snooping into their secrets.

The secrets? That they are the descendents of the Norse, Egyptian and Greek Gods and Goddesses of old. The relationship between these pantheons has never been strong, but in an attempt to smooth over the growing tensions and welcome the Greeks into town the Elders have organised a festival.

The Midnight Festival will start at 7.00pm. Those that aren't helping with the last minute decorations, or finishing work for the night are getting ready for what will hopefully be a fun-filled night.


Asta sat on the high stool behind the counter, gazing over the quiet shop as the clock ticked behind her. She doubted that they would get any customers in the next few minutes, everyone would be getting ready for the festival. The owner had given Asta permission to close early, but by early he meant 6.45pm which would give the girl barely anytime to get ready before the festival started. It was no surprise for anyone to know that Asta was excited. She loved festivals and she remembered the last Midnight festival. She had been nine and thought the lights entwined in the trees was spectacular. Even now as the sun began to set she could make out a line of lights out the window, running down the main street and towards the lake.

Asta leaned back on the stool and swung herself around. The stool creaked slightly as it spun and Asta, fearing that it would break, stopped. If it did break it wasn't like she would be hurt falling off. She was invulnerable to everything but mistletoe. Smack her with a solid metal pole and she'd be none the worse for wear, stab her with a plastic fork and she'd just give you a strange look. Mistletoe, as with her ancestor Baldr, is the only thing capable of hurting her either in it's basic form or refined. Naturally the Falr family has always avoided decorating their house with mistletoe at Christmas.

A twinkling of bells made Asta look up to find a customer entering the store.
"Hi there!" She said cheerfully to the old woman as she shuffled inside. The woman nodded her own greeting and began to browse through the rows of books. Asta watched her from her perch at the counter, trying to place her. She wasn't Norse, that was for sure. Asta knew the Norse families the best and would have known who this woman was instantly if she was from her own Pantheon. Asta guessed she was probably a Greek. Since she had only been here a month that would explain why Asta didn't recognise her.

Asta hoped that the festival did relieve the tensions in the town. She liked Northbay so much more when you didn't have to worry about fights breaking out between the different pantheons. Northbay was such a picturesque town too, it seemed to ruin the beauty of the place when the townsfolk had squabbles. Asta gave a sigh, she guessed she'd just have to wait and hope that tonight went well.


Locked in a frantic battle against time, Marcus was blind to the outside world. His fingers played a rhythmic tapping sound against the library table while his eyes flicked from calculator to the sheet of calculations in front of him. Was he working on an important assignment? Did he have to meet an impending deadline? No, he was doing maths problems for fun. Stretched in front of him was a pad of paper, littered with numbers and beside him a textbook of problems to be solved. It helped him relax and stretched his mind, although he would probably make up an excuse to anyone that asked.

He glanced at his watched. Two minutes to go. Then he did a double take, realising it was 6.30pm. Hadn't his parents asked him to come home early so they could get ready for the festival? He had thought it was cute at the time, his parents wanting to go with him as a family. They had emphasized the fact that this festival was being thrown to welcome them into the town. The Norse and Egyptian Pantheons were trying to let the Greeks know that they were welcome. He knew that his parents also saw the other reason the festival was being held, to stop the increasing tensions between people. Now though, as Marcus realised he would have to go with half his questions undone, Marcus wished he hadn't agreed to go with his parents. What would everyone else think anyway if he turned up with his Mum and Dad? He was hardly the coolest kid without them, but with them...? He considered texting Shannon and seeing if they could go together.

With a sigh he began collecting his books and papers, stacking them neatly on the table before pushing them into his scuffed backpack. He wouldn't ditch his parents, not until they actually got to the festival at least. Then he would happily disappear into a corner or find a friend and stick with them the rest of the night. It wasn't that he was anti-social or disliked anyone else. Marcus was just incredibly shy. It took him a while to warm up to people. Around people he had just met he became stiff and words became that much harder to get out.


Ramses gave a heavy sigh as he looked out across the grounds. As the sun set across the lake the fairy lights came to life, illuminating the scene before him. Tables had been placed in the clearing, a marquee set up above the food and a stage for the band was having the finishing touches done to it. From his position at the edge of the action Ram could see the various Elder members and those they had roped into help putting the last touches on the festival. He had been here half the day, thanks to his father who was a member of the Elders. His arguments of having better things to do had fallen on deaf ears and so Ram had been forced to work and talk with the other helpers for hours.

As if on queue his father appeared beside him, already dressed for the festival in a smart outfit.
"It looks wonderful father." Ram said to his father. Ramsey Atum, Ramses' father gave a satisfied nod,
"Yes, I think it does." He replied, "The town should be arriving in half an hour."
"Are there any more jobs to be done?" Ram asked, casting his eyes across the scene once again. Ram's father appeared to do the same thing and his gaze came to rest on the lights that led down to the lake shore.
"Perhaps you could add to the lights on the path to the lake." He told Ram, pointing to the string of lights. "We have no more fairy lights, so you will have to use your magic." He added. Ram nodded and moved off to complete the task, leaving his father to turn his trained gaze to the rest of the set up.

In all honesty Ram didn't mind helping his father. Ramsey Atum was someone that Ram had always looked up to and tried to emulate. Ram stopped by the lights to the lake and held a hand out towards them. A second passed and then a swelling of light suddenly appeared in the middle of Ram's hand. A small sphere of light grew in the centre of his palm until it was as big as the electric lights already there. With another push of Ram's magic he instilled the ball with enough light to last the night and then placed it beside an electric light where it would float happily all night. He repeated the process up and down the string of lights until it had all been brightened up. It was the perks of being the descendent of a Sun God, being able to create and control light in this manner. Ram took a step back to admire his work, casting a critical eye over it. In his opinion his lights shone brighter and truer than the others.

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#, as written by Issa

Marcus shuffled behind his parents, self-consciously glancing around at the other arriving towns people. Most of the younger population of Northbay had arrived by themselves, they hadn't need the support of their parents. Marcus cringed inwardly and slowed his pace enough to give the impression that he wasn't with his parents, but so that he wasn't do far that he would lose them. It was a careful balancing game that Marcus played, wanting to look cool without his parents but needing them close by for confidence.

The festival looked amazing. Lights littered the trees, the tables were immaculately set and the whole place had a magical feel to it. Marcus spotted clumps of people gathered around, chatting, gossiping and raving over the decorations. There was one group that caught his eye, a group of mixed Egyptian and Norse. It didn't exactly look like they were getting along. One of the guys, who Marcus was sure was called Ramses, had a definite air of irritation to him.

His parents called him, drawing Marcus' attention from the group and back to his immediate surroundings. His parents had claimed two chairs at an empty table, placing their coats over the backs of the chairs. Marcus stepped up to them.
"We're going to go mingle, why don't you grab some food?" His mother said, indicating the steaming buffet table. Marcus' stomach rumbled, but seeing the amount of people he quickly turned back to his parents.
"Nah, I'm not that hungry." Marcus protested, just as his stomach gave a large rumble. Both his parents gave him the look that said, 'don't lie to us.' Marcus bit back any further excuse or retort and gave a glum nod.

Leaving his parents behind he slowly made his way towards the buffet, glancing at all the food. He picked up a plate and began to pick up a small sample of food. Since it technically wasn't dinner time yet he thought he would go slow and leave space for more later. Marcus kept his head down and his eyes focused on the food. He worked his way along the table. He was about halfway down when he had to stop, someone was blocking his way. Glancing up he found himself face to face with Bree Vanadis, one of the Norse members of Northbay. Marcus froze, his checks turned red as he blushed and his mouth opened slightly as if to speak. Only no words came out, his mind went blank.
'Move! Or say something!' He thought eventually, 'You look like an idiot!'
Finally he found words, "Hi."
'Hi?? Really?!' He silently kicked himself,
"I mean, hey. Uh, how are you?"

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To put it simply, the next few moments went by in a flash. It all started when the bell overhead chimed once again, the entrance of the bookstore letting in a girl with cat-like eyes and a long flowing gown that seemed to sparkle, despite the fact that the room was drenched in darkness. The blonde-haired girl planted her eyes on Shannon, similar to how Shannon kept her attentive focus on the girl. She didn't know her personally, although she looked awfully familiar. Undoubtedly, the girl was extremely attractive. Shannon had seen the way this girl traveled through the streets of Northbay. The way she walked, the nineteen-year-old swore that she was sauntering upon the air. Not to mention her hair; although dirty-blonde, it shimmered relentlessly in the sunlight. Whoever she was, Shannon assumed that she most likely had all sorts of men dying at her feet.

The blonde-haired girl rushed towards Asta, her dress flowing behind her in an elegant fashion. She wrapped her arms around her, and gave her a quick kiss upon the cheek. "Asta! You look lovely and I love the color of your dress," she winked, "Great minds do think alike and all that jazz." She then turned her gaze back to Shannon, who offered her a warm half-smile in acknowledgement. The blonde seemed to look at her up and down, and then gave a subtle frown. Shannon raised an eyebrow in confusion. Was there something wrong with her outfit? Perhaps the girl was confused as to why she had brought a skateboard into the bookshop.

It was then that the blonde began to converse with Asta about work, and Shannon's attention drifted elsewhere. As her eyes darted throughout the darkened store, a thought of Marcus crossed her mind. Was he going to the festival as well? Perhaps Marc was already there. Assuming that he was, Shannon wondered if he had already worked up the courage to talk to someone. It was so peculiar; According to the powers of his ancestry, Marcus was fearless in battle. He showed prowess in intellectual pursuits, and remained calm during intensely stressful situations. However, he had one tragic flaw: he became heightened whenever trying to make simple small talk. Something that came so easily for others was Marcus's weakness. The concept was so perplexing to Shannon, the girl almost pitied him. Of course, pitying Marc was pointless. He had so many valuable assets and skills, Shannon couldn't help but envy his edge in life. She was extremely lucky to call him a friend.

"Oh speaking of which," said the blonde-haired girl, bringing Shannon back down to earth, "is Nathan here too? It was so beautiful out that I decided to walk and I was thinking that we could all go down to the lake together, you too of course Shannon."
So she knew her name. She had mentioned a boy named Nathan. The descendant of Demeter believed the boy to be Asta's co-worker at the bookshop.
Shannon grinned, and then responded to the girl's friendly invitation. "Sure, I'll come," she said, moving towards the rays of light that were being projected from the peaceful sunset. "However, if I'm going, I have to change out of this first."she motioned towards her shirt, and lifted her leg to show her maroon-colored and worn-out Chuck Taylor's. "I'm sure if I go to the festival in a dirty plaid shirt and jean-capris, people won't hesitate to judge me."

She moved towards the front entrance, and opened the door. "I'll travel with you guys until we're almost there. I live by the lake, so I'll just stop by and get ready while you two can go on. Don't wanna hold you both up from the excitement. Unless of course, you two wanna come into my house with me. I don't mind. I don't think my brothers or my parents are home...It'll be scary in there." She gave a soft chuckle, and then continued. "It's completely up to you two. I'm just tagging along."

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#, as written by Cloud


Bree, finished with her duties, stood by the buffet table and watched as the town began to arrive. Families moved in, some claiming tables while others moving towards friends to chat. Bree scanned the crowds, looking for a friendly face. She spotted Nathan Jarlson not too far off, a smile on his lips. Bree waved at him happily. The descendent of Thor was definitely a looker, she wouldn't say no to talking with him or even having a dance later in the festival. In fact there were a number of people in Northbay that Bree wouldn't mind having a dance with. Bree had always enjoyed how many attractive people there were in Northbay. She had always assumed that it was the gods blood that ran in their veins that also made everyone so damn good looking. Or perhaps they were all just genetically blessed.

While her attention was focused on Nathan Bree was blind to the approach of another young man. Not until he was right beside her did Bree turn to find herself facing Marcus Pallas. It was clear that he had been loading up on an early dinner, the plate in his hand was piled with a collection of food. Marcus was one of the new arrivals in town, a Greek and the descendent of Athena which made him undoubtedly one of the smartest members of the Northbay community. Unfortunately he was also painfully shy. Apparently he hadn't inherited Athena's courage. They had talked a bit, but apparently that wasn't enough to make Marcus feel completely comfortable around her yet. His checks blushed a dark red and he opened his mouth like he was going to speak, only no sound came out. Bree pretended not to notice and waited patiently for him to say something.
"Hi." he started before rephrasing and adding, ""I mean, hey. Uh, how are you?"

Bree smiled at Marcus, hoping to ease his nervousness. "Hey Marcus. I'm good thanks, and yourself? Are you enjoying the festival so far?" There were times when Bree wished her powers were something other than being a kick-ass fighter and inducing love. Right now she wished she could instill a bit of courage in Marcus. She enjoyed talking with him either way, he was interesting and oddly adorable too, but she wished he wouldn't blush whenever they met. "You should try the pastries," She added, pointing to the tray holding the fresh treats, "They are delicious." She picked up one herself and began to nibble on it. She wasn't really hungry yet, but they were very tempting.