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Shannon Ceres

"Right now, I couldn't ask to be anywhere else."

0 · 589 views · located in Northbay, Ireland

a character in “Living Gods II”, originally authored by lizardheartstring, as played by RolePlayGateway




"Without the power of nature, there can be no power of civilization...right?"

The Basics


Shannon Beth Ceres

She doesn't have any legitimate nicknames, however, that doesn't stop a few people from making some up.

19 years old

As far as she knows, Heterosexual

Shannon is a delivery girl for Northbay's postal service, and makes a living by delivering packages and letters to the residents every day. She is also a freshman in college and is working on her major in history.

Greek. She is the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and the harvest.

Getting To Know You


| Birds | History | Arts and crafts | Nature | Unique plants and flowers | Camouflage | Surprises | Books | Iced coffee | Myths and legends | Superstitions | Science | Occasionally braiding yarn into her hair | Rings | Painting | Tree climbing | Gardens | Pillow forts | Acoustic music | Small cafes and coffee shops | Swimming and jumping into water from high points | Traveling | Origami | Hats and scarves| Self-expression | Camping/sleeping under the stars | Rain | Archaeology | Feeling distant from the world | Interesting theories |

| Strict schedules | Gossip | People who call her a nerd or a hippie in scorn | Bigotry | Big cities | Cold water | Her past | Her battle with asthma | Liars and cheaters | Hot coffee | High heels (they put pressure on her extremely flat feet) | Scoliosis | Uptight people | Pollution | Strangers who enter inside her personal bubble too quickly |

  • Being a bird-lover, Shannon will often times make birdhouses during her spare time. She once made a birdhouse entirely out of cardboard.
  • She loves watching action movies, as well as movies dealing with historical fiction.
  • When bored out of her mind, Shannon will often times paint things from memory. She keeps most of her paintings in a large binder, the rest she hangs on her walls.
  • To make her job easier, she takes daily walks around Northbay. This helps her find shortcuts and trains her to become faster at delivering mail. It also helps her relieve stress.

    • Whenever she is stressed, she will turn the many rings she wears on her fingers.
    • She tends to talk to plants whenever she is in a garden. (To give them carbon dioxide, obviously. Plants can't talk back.)
    • Despite the fact that it makes all the blood flow to her head, Shannon readily sits on sofas upside-down.

| Losing sight of who she is...again | Insanity | Electrocution | A world of chaos | Slipping through ice | Friends and enemies turning against her | Asthma attacks | Commitment to an extreme degree |

Shannon's past can be considered an entire secret alone. Of course, it's well known among her family that she used to have crippling low self-esteem issues, as well as a history with alcohol abuse and going to wild parties until the wee hours of the morning, but there is a secret that is even unbeknownst to Shannon's brothers. One night, while she and her friends were drunk, Shannon made a bet. She lost the bet, and as punishment, she had to get a permanent tattoo somewhere on her body. She now has a watercolor tattoo of a fox on her right foot, and she tries desperately every day to hide it. Therefore, you will always find Shannon wearing socks and/or sneakers even if she is on the beach.

What Makes Us Special


Shannon's ancestor is Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and the harvest. Known as the giver of food to the ancient Greek peoples, she taught mankind early agricultural techniques so that they could end their nomadic ways. Her daughter, Persephone, was abducted by Hades, leading to the creation of the seasons.

Being an ancestor of the goddess of agriculture, it's quite easy to predict Shannon's abilities. She attains the power of plant manipulation, and can use her power in a variety of different ways. Shannon can make plants move, attack, and grow in size or shape. This includes wood, vines, flowers, seeds, fruits, vegetables, leaves, and fungus. She can use plants in both an offensive and defensive manner. When being approached by an enemy, She can defend herself by making vines and roots sprout up from the ground, and make them wrap around the opponent's body. She can also manipulate the DNA of plants, and mutate them to her will. The most deadly plants that she can create are those that can shoot out needles or thorns as if they were bullets.

Defensively, Shannon can create walls or shells out of plants, vines, and wood to protect herself from dealing damage. She can even camouflage herself using plants in order to perform anything that requires stealth. Through vigorous training, Shannon has learned to distinguish toxins, as well as plants that can be used for natural healing. Sometimes, her powers will unconsciously reveal themselves while she is experiencing different moods. When she is cheerful, she will tend to make vividly colorful flowers grow around her. On the contrary, when she is angry or depressed, the nineteen-year-old has the ability to make plants wither and die. This slightly scares her, as she never wants to be responsible for a drought. Forests and fields with lots of flora and fauna give her natural energy. She can not absorb or manipulate the energy of plants, however, she can read a plant's aura. While she has attained quite a few skills, Shannon is still developing her powers, and is determinedly working to grow stronger in her abilities.


Asthma attacks| Ever since she was little, Shannon has always had devastating asthma attacks. Her asthma symptoms always appear randomly, as she goes for long periods of time without having any trouble breathing. She has an inhaler, but sometimes she can't always get to it in time.

Snow| Although she can manipulate plants during cold weather, her powers aren't as strong as they are during normal temperatures.

Droughts| Droughts also weaken Shannon's powers as well. While snow makes her abilities lose strength, trying to manipulate plants in dry climates puts a lot of pressure on her body. If she strains herself too much, she will pass out.

"Friends" from the past| During her rebellious years, Shannon made many friendships, all of which she regrets. After she turned her life around for the better, her acquaintances began to hold negative opinions about her. Some of her so called "friends" even threatened to harm her if she didn't return back to her old lifestyle.


Artistic| Although this strength is kept a secret, Shannon is naturally artsy and can improvise with materials to make unique products. Examples of her talent include her work in wood carving, (making birdhouses) painting, sketching, and pottery making.

Tamer| Shannon is a natural with animals, despite the fact that she only claims to enjoy the company of birds. Often times, she will provide for them using her powers.

Historian| One might think that with her plant manipulation and high academic standing, Shannon is excellent at biology. That is not the case. She takes pride in history, and can easily tell you all about Queen Elizabeth I's accomplishments, or how many inventions Leonardo Da Vinci created in his lifetime. Occasionally, she even likes to make fun of history.

Culinary artist| Of course, you can't be the ancestor of Demeter without having some knowledge of good food. She's not always in the mood to cook, but when she is, you can expect some fantastically made dishes and mouth-watering aromas.

"Honestly, I've been so busy lately, that I haven't really payed attention to the whole "rivalries" thing. To me, it's almost foolish to call the separation of the Pantheons rivalries or antagonisms. If anything, I feel a sense of peace in Northbay after experiencing what happened last month..."

Describe Me


Peaceful | Optimistic | Laid-back | Clever | Resourceful | Curious | Cute | Fun-loving | Introverted | Simple | Analytical | Dynamic | Valiant |

Shannon Ceres has many definitions. The definition that you'll hear depends solely upon the person who's willing to describe her. Essentially, the nineteen-year-old is introverted towards strangers, socially confident when with friends, and a mix of both characteristics around family. Most people who meet her only once or twice claim that she can be distant, closed-minded, and slightly cold in nature. On the other hand, close friends and family exclaim that she is complicatedly clever, warm, and indigenous. To be a part of Shannon's life, one must have good patience. She is not distrustful; it is only time that allows Shannon to keenly acknowledge one's existence. Showing that you are interested in her will, in turn, make her interested in you. However, this rule can be broken if you spark her curiosity from early on.

If there's one thing clearly evident about Shannon, it is that she is a thinker. Being perceptive and attentive to details, the young woman is naturally bright. Of course, she isn't as smart as those who are profound geniuses, (the descendants of Athena, for example,) but she has managed to support herself academically in a variety of subjects. She is not only intellectually gifted, but she upholds common sense as well. Everything she does is for a reason, a purpose, a truth. Regarding truth, Shannon is honest, though not in a blatant manner. Being that she is so logical and to-the-point, she lacks emotional understanding. She may not be able to offer the right kind of moral support to someone in despair, but of course, that won't stop her from trying...

You see, having inherited Demeter's sense of peacefulness and kindness, Shannon is surprisingly gentle and optimistic. When dissecting her well-kept personality down to the core, you will find that she is interestingly simplistic and calm, and does not strive for traditional goals, such as popularity and security. In fact, she is more likely to stand off to the side instead of take charge in a group. Her sense of selflessness combined with her theological nature makes her a complicated character, but a fascinating one nonetheless. When with people whom she values deeply, Shannon has a tendency to become more energetic, and may even be prone to showing off her cute and daring side. She may even be a little bit silly and amusing once in a while, as she values fun and contentment more than knowledge. Of course, she will also be courageous whenever her theoretical "laws" are being endangered. Although intelligent, she still has a great morale, and will not be afraid to run straight into danger if it means the destruction of evil.

There is something about Shannon that is hard to explain. To describe it in the most simplistic way, she is constantly changing. Sometimes physically, other times mentally. Although it can lead to innovations and new discoveries on her part, it can also lead to confusion in others. Examples of her consistent alterations can be found through her secretly crafty side. The things she creates always change. It never seems like anything she makes is from the same person. Addressing the negative parts of her personality, Shannon is very secretive, ESPECIALLY when it comes to her past. She even hides things from people whom she trusts the most. Sometimes, this makes her mysterious in an annoying way. When in a tedious mood, she can become overly-critical, temperamental, cynical, and even irritatingly sarcastic. Despite her downfalls, Shannon is still able to win over anybody whom she is willing to please. Although she doesn't believe it, others have claimed that her unique approach to life can make a huge impact on others, as well as bring out the best in people.

Nature Vs Nurture


Shannon isn't afraid of her past, nor is she ashamed of it. She knows that her past mistakes have helped to shape her into a better person, and she has learned to live with the consequences of her old actions. However, the only reason she is so guarded about her childhood is because she thinks it will make people feel sorry for her, or make them believe that she has been through much harder times than she really has. It may sound depressing to most human beings, but Shannon considers her past to be fairly normal.

Born in late autumn, Shannon Beth Ceres is the middle child and only daughter of the Ceres family. Early on, Shannon was told by her parents that she was a descendant of Demeter, and that many of the other kids around the community were descendants to the Greek gods as well. Of course, she never thought anything of it at first, but that all changed once she started to grow up. Shannon's early childhood was filled with days of endless wonder. Although she took much influence from her brothers, she was independently curious, (a bit TOO curious, perhaps,) and constantly trying to get away with wandering into the nearby woods. Her parents would always catch her because whenever she did this, her clothing would be covered head-to-toe with thorns from the weeds and bushes. One time, she came back into the house with a disgusting odor. She later revealed that she had been chasing a "black and white cat"- her way of saying that it was a skunk.

It wasn't too long after her toddler years that Shannon had her first asthma attack. At first, her asthma wasn't too devastating, but as she grew older, her symptoms got worse and worse. On her first-ever day of school, Shannon had to bring an inhaler, for her parents' fear that her chest would tighten up in class. Not too many kids talked to her, as she was a perfectionist and cried every time she made a mistake. Once she grew older, (and started to sport a pair of neon-green glasses,) her loud-mouthed, emotional personality was swapped for a silent, inactive, almost unhappy nature. The little students would pick on her practically every day for having "no soul", as well as no friends. Most of these students were descendants of Greek deities. As she contemplated upon the kids' cruel words, she really started to wonder whether or not being the descendant of Demeter was more of a joke rather than an actual honor...

Many moons later, Shannon practically matured into a "nerd", so to speak. Her freckles were more noticeable, her poor vision was still the same, she wore a back brace because of scoliosis, and she became the youngest member of her school to be accepted into the Social Studies Academic Team. Despite the fact that she was often branded as the stereotypical "geek", she was happy. The teasing finally came to a standstill, and Shannon found herself starting to make friends...or rather a friend. Jade Grainger was a girl who attended summer camp with Shannon. Although the two lived in two separate towns, the friends made plans to see each other during the school year. Jade was the one who inspired her to dive into arts and crafts, as whenever the two met, they would spend their time making paintings and collages. Unfortunately, Shannon's time with Jade didn't last long. During the summer after her middle school graduation, Jade suddenly died of pancreatic cancer.

Jade's death led the girl spiraling into the depths of depression. She had frighteningly low self-esteem, and assumed that nothing in her life would ever turn out normal. Her grades in secondary school started to suffer as well, and every day Shannon found herself dropping out of an honors class in order to join a special-ed class. This led to a dark period in her life. She judgement became impaired as she snuck out after curfew, partied until dawn with juvenile delinquents, wrecked things and didn't care, broke many boys' hearts, and drank as much alcohol as she could. She never liked it, but when she drank, she felt like all of the troubles she had just slipped away. Fortunately, she never did anything too promiscuous and never took any illegal drugs. (Someone forced her to smoke once, but she quickly spat the cigarette out of her mouth.) Even though she somehow never managed got caught by her parents, Shannon knew that what she was doing was against her nature, and impractical.

One day, something in Shannon's mind snapped. She stopped hanging out with her wild friends, studied harder than before, and worked determinedly to turn her life around. Her grades began to rise again, she got a job, and soon enough, she was living a successful life. For the first time, the young woman started to train with the powers she had acquired since birth, as she had known that they were there, but never used them. She became a completely different person mentally, and eventually, nobody could distinguish the old Shannon from the new one.

Through the month of chaos in her old town, the girl literally had no idea what was going on. She was never on any sides of any argument, and only remembered trying to survive as tensions between the descendants started to heat up. Eventually, the Greek descendants moved to Northbay, Ireland. Shannon is as happy as can be, as she considers Ireland to be a country with much historical significance. She is using her time in the country to learn more about the past of the Celtic peoples. (Of course, she has no idea just how much information she will get with more descendants living around the town.) She is also using the new move as an opportunity to start life anew. She's dabbled on being a bitch, but in a new place, perhaps she can completely wipe away all traces of her past life.

  • Despite wearing a lot of owl-themed clothing, Shannon's favorite bird is the toucan.
  • She doesn't believe in fate, and although she knows it exists, she often times questions the ideals of romance.
  • She once won an award for making a comic strip based on Napoleon.
  • Occasionally, she will wear glasses.
  • Shannon knows that it's quite cliché for a descendant of Demeter to do so, but she has planted her own secret garden somewhere in Northbay. She goes there sometimes to practice her powers.
~Theme Song~

So begins...

Shannon Ceres's Story

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#, as written by Issa
Northbay, Ireland
Time: 6.30pm
Weather: Warm with a gentle breeze

Situated far from any major city Northbay is all but ignored by those who don't live there. For the inhabitants of Northbay this suits them fine, after all they hardly need strangers wondering around and snooping into their secrets.

The secrets? That they are the descendents of the Norse, Egyptian and Greek Gods and Goddesses of old. The relationship between these pantheons has never been strong, but in an attempt to smooth over the growing tensions and welcome the Greeks into town the Elders have organised a festival.

The Midnight Festival will start at 7.00pm. Those that aren't helping with the last minute decorations, or finishing work for the night are getting ready for what will hopefully be a fun-filled night.


Asta sat on the high stool behind the counter, gazing over the quiet shop as the clock ticked behind her. She doubted that they would get any customers in the next few minutes, everyone would be getting ready for the festival. The owner had given Asta permission to close early, but by early he meant 6.45pm which would give the girl barely anytime to get ready before the festival started. It was no surprise for anyone to know that Asta was excited. She loved festivals and she remembered the last Midnight festival. She had been nine and thought the lights entwined in the trees was spectacular. Even now as the sun began to set she could make out a line of lights out the window, running down the main street and towards the lake.

Asta leaned back on the stool and swung herself around. The stool creaked slightly as it spun and Asta, fearing that it would break, stopped. If it did break it wasn't like she would be hurt falling off. She was invulnerable to everything but mistletoe. Smack her with a solid metal pole and she'd be none the worse for wear, stab her with a plastic fork and she'd just give you a strange look. Mistletoe, as with her ancestor Baldr, is the only thing capable of hurting her either in it's basic form or refined. Naturally the Falr family has always avoided decorating their house with mistletoe at Christmas.

A twinkling of bells made Asta look up to find a customer entering the store.
"Hi there!" She said cheerfully to the old woman as she shuffled inside. The woman nodded her own greeting and began to browse through the rows of books. Asta watched her from her perch at the counter, trying to place her. She wasn't Norse, that was for sure. Asta knew the Norse families the best and would have known who this woman was instantly if she was from her own Pantheon. Asta guessed she was probably a Greek. Since she had only been here a month that would explain why Asta didn't recognise her.

Asta hoped that the festival did relieve the tensions in the town. She liked Northbay so much more when you didn't have to worry about fights breaking out between the different pantheons. Northbay was such a picturesque town too, it seemed to ruin the beauty of the place when the townsfolk had squabbles. Asta gave a sigh, she guessed she'd just have to wait and hope that tonight went well.


Locked in a frantic battle against time, Marcus was blind to the outside world. His fingers played a rhythmic tapping sound against the library table while his eyes flicked from calculator to the sheet of calculations in front of him. Was he working on an important assignment? Did he have to meet an impending deadline? No, he was doing maths problems for fun. Stretched in front of him was a pad of paper, littered with numbers and beside him a textbook of problems to be solved. It helped him relax and stretched his mind, although he would probably make up an excuse to anyone that asked.

He glanced at his watched. Two minutes to go. Then he did a double take, realising it was 6.30pm. Hadn't his parents asked him to come home early so they could get ready for the festival? He had thought it was cute at the time, his parents wanting to go with him as a family. They had emphasized the fact that this festival was being thrown to welcome them into the town. The Norse and Egyptian Pantheons were trying to let the Greeks know that they were welcome. He knew that his parents also saw the other reason the festival was being held, to stop the increasing tensions between people. Now though, as Marcus realised he would have to go with half his questions undone, Marcus wished he hadn't agreed to go with his parents. What would everyone else think anyway if he turned up with his Mum and Dad? He was hardly the coolest kid without them, but with them...? He considered texting Shannon and seeing if they could go together.

With a sigh he began collecting his books and papers, stacking them neatly on the table before pushing them into his scuffed backpack. He wouldn't ditch his parents, not until they actually got to the festival at least. Then he would happily disappear into a corner or find a friend and stick with them the rest of the night. It wasn't that he was anti-social or disliked anyone else. Marcus was just incredibly shy. It took him a while to warm up to people. Around people he had just met he became stiff and words became that much harder to get out.


Ramses gave a heavy sigh as he looked out across the grounds. As the sun set across the lake the fairy lights came to life, illuminating the scene before him. Tables had been placed in the clearing, a marquee set up above the food and a stage for the band was having the finishing touches done to it. From his position at the edge of the action Ram could see the various Elder members and those they had roped into help putting the last touches on the festival. He had been here half the day, thanks to his father who was a member of the Elders. His arguments of having better things to do had fallen on deaf ears and so Ram had been forced to work and talk with the other helpers for hours.

As if on queue his father appeared beside him, already dressed for the festival in a smart outfit.
"It looks wonderful father." Ram said to his father. Ramsey Atum, Ramses' father gave a satisfied nod,
"Yes, I think it does." He replied, "The town should be arriving in half an hour."
"Are there any more jobs to be done?" Ram asked, casting his eyes across the scene once again. Ram's father appeared to do the same thing and his gaze came to rest on the lights that led down to the lake shore.
"Perhaps you could add to the lights on the path to the lake." He told Ram, pointing to the string of lights. "We have no more fairy lights, so you will have to use your magic." He added. Ram nodded and moved off to complete the task, leaving his father to turn his trained gaze to the rest of the set up.

In all honesty Ram didn't mind helping his father. Ramsey Atum was someone that Ram had always looked up to and tried to emulate. Ram stopped by the lights to the lake and held a hand out towards them. A second passed and then a swelling of light suddenly appeared in the middle of Ram's hand. A small sphere of light grew in the centre of his palm until it was as big as the electric lights already there. With another push of Ram's magic he instilled the ball with enough light to last the night and then placed it beside an electric light where it would float happily all night. He repeated the process up and down the string of lights until it had all been brightened up. It was the perks of being the descendent of a Sun God, being able to create and control light in this manner. Ram took a step back to admire his work, casting a critical eye over it. In his opinion his lights shone brighter and truer than the others.

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The town of Northbay was even smaller than what most people thought. At least, that was what crossed Shannon Ceres's mind as the world sped past her. The gentle wind blew thin strands of chestnut-brown hair away from her face, and into the orange-sunset sky. She was gliding across the pavement on a cheap wooden skateboard, no doubt used by one of her brothers long ago. Although she looked cautiously from side to side, the blank expression on her face made it seem as though she wouldn't slow down for anyone. She was going so fast, the circular lenses on her black sunglasses looked as though they could pass for goggles.

Shannon wasn't taking a ride around the town, she was working. Much to her own surprise, she found herself doing a last-minute delivery at 6:30 pm; MUCH later than protocol. In fact, "protocol" didn't even exist at the Northbay Postal Service. Due to the quaintness and extremely small size of the area, not much mail needed to be brought from place to place. Shannon and another middle-aged man were the only mail-carriers in Northbay. The post office where she reported for duty every day was barely holding on to its spot in the town. Not only because it was a digital age, but also because of the town's small economy. Although it disappointed Shannon that she couldn't operate a mail truck, (it was too expensive for the Northbay Postal Service to purchase one) she was still optimistic over the fact that she didn't have to wear a uniform while she strolled through the town. She preferred casual jobs, and the post office in the tiny Irish community was about as lax as you could get.

A messenger bag (full of mail, of course) that was bigger than Shannon herself was perched on her right shoulder as she cruised towards the Northbay bookstore. The address on the brown package she had to deliver matched the address of the tiny shop. The nineteen-year-old came to a stop, kicked the board up from off the ground using her feet, and placed it underneath her left arm as she used her right hand to open the door in front of her. As it swung open, a high-pitched bell rang above her head. The variety of brightly-colored books seemed to contrast with Shannon's dark plaid shirt. The air inside surprisingly smelled similar to that of the library's. Although the books had a strange whiff as though they had been untouched, the smell was not unpleasant in the slightest.

Shannon placed one foot in front of the other, sauntering her way up to the front counter while simultaneously being distracted by all of the books. She unzipped the large messenger bag, pulled out the medium-sized package, and placed it on the counter where Asta Falr was peacefully sitting on a long wooden stool. From the slightly dull look in her normally vibrant eyes, Shannon could tell that she was glum.

"Delivery," Shannon muttered quietly to the girl at the counter. From her pocket, she drew a pen, as well as a clipboard with some sort of contract attached to it. "You just have to sign at the bottom right corner on the line..." She gently slid the clipboard and black pen across the surface of the counter over to Asta, and didn't say another word. She knew she wouldn't need to. Asta Falr was very social, just like almost every other young adult that took residence in Northbay. When she first moved to the town, Shannon was surprised at how close the residents were. In fact, the members of the community were more than just friends. They were ancestors of past deities. They were part of elite groups of people. They were strong allies, as well as bitter enemies. There was a lot more than met the eye in Northbay, and Shannon had never been prepared for what she had discovered about the town only a month ago...

As that thought crossed her mind, another one popped up; The Midnight Festival. It was tonight. Focusing her attention back to Asta, Shannon was curious. Why was Asta Falr, of all people, cooped up inside the Northbay Bookstore during the night of a "special occasion"?
"Are you going to that thingy tonight?" said the descendant of Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture. This time, her words came out more clearly than before. She realized that it really wasn't any of her business to ask people about their plans for the evening, but she knew Asta wouldn't mind a bit. Besides, the festival, according to the locals, was considered to be a grand and rare event that hadn't been happening in over a decade. Why this was so, she had no idea. There was only so much history the nineteen-year-old could know. Shannon's eyes drifted from shelf to shelf around the tiny shop, and then planted themselves back upon Asta as she awaited her response.

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#, as written by Issa

Ram stood back, admiring his work and feeling oddly optimistic about the night. Then a voice pierced through his thoughts, "Rammy, Rammy, Rammy. You really need to relax. We're having a party! I'm even dressed up for the occasion," Fenris appeared at his side, dressed in a black outfit and smiling smugly. "Have a drink, Rammy." Fenris added, wrapping an arm around Ramses' stiff shoulders and holding up the glass of wine.
"A pleasure as always Fenris." Ram muttered, attempting to ignore the extremely irritating nickname Fenris had for him, "Why don't you go bother someone else?"

A moment later the pair were joined by Irisi, a fellow Egyptian and one of the rare town members Ram counted as a friend, "Hello Ramses, hello Fenris. Ram, is there anything else you need me to do?"
Fenris disentangled himself from Ram and replied to Irisi, "I just want you to smile, dear Iris, but you already have that covered. Perhaps you can remove that stick from Rammy's ass? If so, then I'd be all set,"
Ram's mouth was set in a straight line as he listened to Fenris' teasing voice. In Ram's opinion Fenris was the epitome of what was wrong with this town. Him and his sister were given free rein to play their tricks and tease people.

"I apologize for my distraction, my lady Iris. I do so hate it when someone insults my sister," Fenris said, having just been distracted by someone insulting his twin sister. It was most likely that Fenris was actually telling the truth, something that rarely happened in Ram's opinion.
"Well, perhaps you should run along and check that she is alright." Ram suggested, his voice lacking any sort of sympathy for the female Serrure. He turned his back on Fenris, his disapproval of the man clear in his body language and by the expression on his face.
"Irisi, ignore anything he has to say. He's just trying to get a rise out of you." Ram told the girl, "And in regard to your earlier question, no, I don't believe there is anything else to do. We may as well try and enjoy the festival." On the word 'try' he glanced at Fenris. The festival would be neigh impossible to enjoy if Fenris kept up his irritating teasing.


Asta's attention was once again drawn to the door as the bell sounded. Instead of a potential customer Asta was greeted with the sight of Shannon, a newly arrived Greek, cruising through the door with a skateboard under one arm and a bag under the other. "Hi Shannon." Asta greeted her. "What have you got for me?"
"Delivery... You just have to sign at the bottom right corner on the line..." Shannon said quietly, sliding a clipboard and pen across the counter to Asta. Asta pulled the clipboard closer and quickly scrawled her signature on the indicated line before pushing it back to Shannon.

"Are you going to that thingy tonight?" Shannon asked, her words clearer than her first. Asta nodded happily and glanced up to the clock. Only a few more minutes and she could close up.
"I wouldn't miss it!" Asta replied cheerfully, "I was nine the last time we had it and I spent all night dancing. We get a folk band in so it's really lively and upbeat. Then at midnight we all release these lantern things and it looks so pretty." She paused, hoping that she wasn't talking too much. Glancing at the clock again she figured that no one would actually come in the shop now, so close to the start of the festival. "I knew I would be working right up to the festival so I wore my dress to work." Asta confided. She stood up and pulled her jumper off, revealing the party dress beneath. It was, as with most things Asta wore, colourful.
"You're coming too, aren't you?" Asta asked Shannon, realising that she had probably just talked the other girl's ear off. "You have to come." Asta added, stepping around the counter and beginning to turn off the back of shop lights, "It's a festival to welcome you all into the town after all."

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As soon as the seven-word question escaped Shannon's mouth and entered into Asta's eardrums, the girl bursted with giddy excitement. At least, in a relatively subtle way. "I wouldn't miss it!" she cheerfully responded, "I was nine the last time we had it and I spent all night dancing. We get a folk band in so it's really lively and upbeat. Then at midnight we all release these lantern things and it looks so pretty." Shannon was hoping that her own facial expressions were responding correctly to what Asta was saying. The whole thing was rather interesting to Shannon. At least, the history of the festival was. From the way she was describing it, with all the lights and everything, the celebration almost seemed similar to the Chinese Lantern Festival, held on the last day of China's lunar New Year celebration. Since there was little to nothing happening in Northbay from Shannon's perspective, it was almost impossible to picture a large-scale lantern festival being held in the tiny Irish town.

She kept engaged as Asta silently glared up towards the clock, and then trained her gleaming eyes back on the nineteen-year-old. "I knew I would be working right up to the festival so I wore my dress to work." she said as if she was revealing a secret. Then, she got up from off of the stool, and swiftly pulled off her jumper. Like she said, Asta wore a draped party dress that seemed to compliment the tones in her skin. Shannon believed the color to be a petal-pink color at first, but upon closer inspection, she saw that the dress gave off an energetic orange hue. She couldn't help but smile at the sight, all the while admiring Asta's cleverness. "It's beautiful. Very befitting on you." she said with an indisputably genuine smile. "I'm sure you'll stand out among all of the lights."

"You're coming too, aren't you?" Asta asked. Shannon looked for a response, but she must have taken too long, because the girl in front of her kept talking. "You have to come." she said, turning off the lights of the bookstore, clearly getting ready to close the shop. This reminded Shannon of the clipboard still on the desk. She quickly snatched it from of of the desk's smooth surface, and placed it in her messenger bag. "It's a festival to welcome you all into the town after all."

"You mean the festival tonight is for all of the..." she cut off mid-sentence, as if pursued by sudden thought. Although she had assumed the whole time, she had never received any hard-evidence that the Midnight Festival was being held specifically for the arrival of the Greeks to the town. This brought back some of the decisions she had made in her mind earlier that day, and suddenly, Shannon found herself on the fence again about attending the celebration in the first place. She knew she couldn't stand there and slowly take her time in making a choice, however, because Asta would be waiting for a response.

"Well, unfortunately, I'm not really the 'dancing' type. However, I live quite close to where the event is being held, so I don't think I'm going to be able to miss it anyway. ESPECIALLY if there's loud and lively folk music." She gave a grin and a low chuckle. She slowly drifted towards the direction of the front entrance to the bookstore. "Anyway, I guess I should go. Seems like the festival really means a lot to everyone in the town. Besides, I've been here for a month, and I still haven't gotten to see what you guys do for fun around here yet."Shannon leaned against one of the bookshelves as she continued, "I'll probably be late though, seeing as I didn't quite come prepared like you, and I need to change into a formal outfit if I'm planning on going."

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Adonia hummed to herself as she left the residential area and began her walk down main street. The sun had begun to drift closer to the horizon, splashing the sky with various hues of pinks and reds. She thought about the view from the lake and how breathtaking it must be. 'Hopefully Persephone is already there and taking advantage of this excellent view.' she smiled fondly at the thought of the girl running around with a camera in her hands, taking shots of everything never wanting to miss a moment. She herself had a simple digital camera in her clutch for documenting the night.

A light breeze swept hair into her eyes and as she turned her head to brush the stray strands away she noticed the book store still had lights on, Adonia knew of at least two people who would still be there and she would be pleased to find either one of them. Lifting up the hem of her dress she hurried down the sidewalk to the store. The bells chimed overhead signaling her entry, Adonia first laid eyes on one of the new Greeks, Shannon she thought her name was, she peaked further into the store to find Asta and what she was wearing. Adonia's face lit up and she rushed towards her enveloping Asta in a hug and giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Asta! You look lovely and I love the color of your dress." she said giving a wink, "Great minds do think alike and all that jazz." letting go of her younger friend she turned to face the Greek girl. Taking in the way she was dressed as well as the clipboard and messenger bag Adonia frowned a bit, not because of what she was wearing but because she wondered if Shannon was going to the festival, it would be a shame if she didn't go.

"It's good to see you again dear." she said smiling once again. "They still have you working this late? That sucks, you'll still be able to make it to the festival though right?" Adonia was old enough to understand that this gathering wasn't all about the Greeks and welcoming them to Nothbay, but more along the lines of unifying the three Pantheons or at least getting them all on friendly terms. Wishful thinking in her opinion but a wonderful excuse for a part, and she'd never miss a party.

"Oh speaking of which, is Nathan here too? It was so beautiful out that I decided to walk and I was thinking that we could all go down to the lake together, you too of course Shannon." Adonia asked while looking around for any tell-tale signs of Nathan. She had hoped to score a dance or two with him, tough even if he wasn't at the store that still didn't mean that she couldn't dance with him.

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To put it simply, the next few moments went by in a flash. It all started when the bell overhead chimed once again, the entrance of the bookstore letting in a girl with cat-like eyes and a long flowing gown that seemed to sparkle, despite the fact that the room was drenched in darkness. The blonde-haired girl planted her eyes on Shannon, similar to how Shannon kept her attentive focus on the girl. She didn't know her personally, although she looked awfully familiar. Undoubtedly, the girl was extremely attractive. Shannon had seen the way this girl traveled through the streets of Northbay. The way she walked, the nineteen-year-old swore that she was sauntering upon the air. Not to mention her hair; although dirty-blonde, it shimmered relentlessly in the sunlight. Whoever she was, Shannon assumed that she most likely had all sorts of men dying at her feet.

The blonde-haired girl rushed towards Asta, her dress flowing behind her in an elegant fashion. She wrapped her arms around her, and gave her a quick kiss upon the cheek. "Asta! You look lovely and I love the color of your dress," she winked, "Great minds do think alike and all that jazz." She then turned her gaze back to Shannon, who offered her a warm half-smile in acknowledgement. The blonde seemed to look at her up and down, and then gave a subtle frown. Shannon raised an eyebrow in confusion. Was there something wrong with her outfit? Perhaps the girl was confused as to why she had brought a skateboard into the bookshop.

It was then that the blonde began to converse with Asta about work, and Shannon's attention drifted elsewhere. As her eyes darted throughout the darkened store, a thought of Marcus crossed her mind. Was he going to the festival as well? Perhaps Marc was already there. Assuming that he was, Shannon wondered if he had already worked up the courage to talk to someone. It was so peculiar; According to the powers of his ancestry, Marcus was fearless in battle. He showed prowess in intellectual pursuits, and remained calm during intensely stressful situations. However, he had one tragic flaw: he became heightened whenever trying to make simple small talk. Something that came so easily for others was Marcus's weakness. The concept was so perplexing to Shannon, the girl almost pitied him. Of course, pitying Marc was pointless. He had so many valuable assets and skills, Shannon couldn't help but envy his edge in life. She was extremely lucky to call him a friend.

"Oh speaking of which," said the blonde-haired girl, bringing Shannon back down to earth, "is Nathan here too? It was so beautiful out that I decided to walk and I was thinking that we could all go down to the lake together, you too of course Shannon."
So she knew her name. She had mentioned a boy named Nathan. The descendant of Demeter believed the boy to be Asta's co-worker at the bookshop.
Shannon grinned, and then responded to the girl's friendly invitation. "Sure, I'll come," she said, moving towards the rays of light that were being projected from the peaceful sunset. "However, if I'm going, I have to change out of this first."she motioned towards her shirt, and lifted her leg to show her maroon-colored and worn-out Chuck Taylor's. "I'm sure if I go to the festival in a dirty plaid shirt and jean-capris, people won't hesitate to judge me."

She moved towards the front entrance, and opened the door. "I'll travel with you guys until we're almost there. I live by the lake, so I'll just stop by and get ready while you two can go on. Don't wanna hold you both up from the excitement. Unless of course, you two wanna come into my house with me. I don't mind. I don't think my brothers or my parents are home...It'll be scary in there." She gave a soft chuckle, and then continued. "It's completely up to you two. I'm just tagging along."