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Viona Martis

"All war is deception..."

0 · 653 views · located in Northbay, Ireland

a character in “Living Gods II”, as played by dreammuffin


"All war is deception..."

The Basics

Viona Areti Martis

Vie, Vivi



Student | Part-time Waitress

Getting To Know You

✓ Fighting
✓ Dancing
✓ Her brother
✓ Competition
✓ Music
✓ Good fiction novels
✓ Great movies
✓ Chocolate
✓ Warm days
✓ Drinking

✗ Heights
✗ Her temper
✗ The dark
✗ Failure
✗ Weakness
✗ Annoying people
✗ Her brother getting hurt
✗ Non fiction books

Hand to Hand Combat | It's an outlet for her aggression, and serves as a way to protect herself. She loves how exhilarating it is to know how to beat someone up.
Dancing | Dancing has been a passion of hers since she was little, and she's quite good at it.
Guitar | She learned to play guitar in middle school, and she fell in love with it.
Reading | She's a total bookworm, she loves to read fiction novels. She hates non fiction.

• She has a habit if twisting her hair around her finger when she's nervous.
• Viona hums when she's doing something monotonous or boring.
• She dances when she's really happy.

• Her temper | Viona fears that one day, she'll lose control over her anger, and might harm someone.
• Losing her brother | She's really protective of her brother, and would be devastated if anything happened to him.
• Intimacy | She's afraid of opening herself up and being rejected. So, she just defends herself, rather than let anyone in.
• Heights | She has a fear of heights and she doesn't really know why. All she knows is that being up high terrifies her.

• Her fear of heights is pretty embarrassing in her eyes. She doesn't like letting people know she has such petty weaknesses.
• Her fear of commitment is something she doesn't really talk about... ever. It seems to be such a stupid thing to waste attention on, and it's why she pushes people away, especially if she likes them.

What Makes Us Special


Ares, the Greek god of war

The children of Ares are gifted with powers of combat, enhanced strength, and enhanced stamina, perfect for a warrior. Viona is a master of combat, having a certain talent for it. She has learned many different types of martial arts, and other types of hand to hand combat. Her enhanced combat also includes an eye for marksmanship, and the ability to handle weapons. With her ability to battle, comes her innate sense of picking out weaknesses, and the best way to take someone down.

Viona has unbelievable strength, past the limitations of a mortal. She can lift very heavy objects easily. She has the incredible ability to defy weight limitations, but not completely break them. She can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight. She's a formidable force, one people seldom want to contend with. Her strength can get a little out of hand sometimes, and she accidentally breaks things all the time.

Viona can be physically active for considerably longer periods of time without tiring. This actually helps her with a lot of things, like work, sports, and all the stuff life throws at her. Unfortunately, her stamina doesn't last forever. Once it wears off, she gets extremely fatigued, rapidly growing tired.

• There is a limit to how much strength she can exert. If she pushes her body too much, she's more susceptible to breaking bones.
• Her stamina has a time limit, and after that, her body starts to wear out.
• When she gets pissed off, she doesn't think straight, and is one of her biggest weaknesses.

• Dancing
• Running
• Combat

"Well, the other two pantheons seem nice enough. I seem to be getting along with the Norse better, the Egyptians might be avoiding me."

Describe Me


Viona is quite a friendly, charismatic girl. She loves to be around people, always one to introduce herself and strike up a conversation. She's known to be a firecracker, always ready with a sarcastic comment when any conflict is initiated. She loves to laugh, always laughing at any joke, and probably being the loudest to do so.

Despite her outgoing personality, she's always guarded towards others, and never shares anything personal. Her emotions are rarely shown to others, except her brother. Her emotions are something she hates discussing, as she doesn't like opening up to others. She never shows her emotions to anyone, as she thinks its a sign of weakness.

Trust is something that's very hard to earn with her. If you ever give her a reason to, she will treasure you as a friend. She hates feeling of being let down, and she feels it's easier just to never let herself trust anyone. When she does get close to someone, she tends to get overly protective of them. This might stem from the fact that she's an older sister. She tries to shield people from any physical or emotional pain, it's a responsibility she takes on herself.

Viona has a temper that shows itself at the slightest provocation. Her anger comes very quickly, and in that time she doesn't think clearly, mostly just acts on impulse. Her anger has gotten her into a lot of trouble over the years. When she's angry, she most likely will act out physically. Her rage scared her sometimes, even though to others, she seems nonchalant about it.

When playing a sport, or doing anything for that matter, she gets increasingly competitive. She can get very aggressive, and at times temperamental if she doesn't win. She could turn something as simple as serving tables into a match to see who can cater to the most customers. It's something she can't help, a child of ares naturally likes to create war.

Also, Viona can get a little awkward when it comes to things that are alien to her, like love. She's never really given into the thought of love, and any hint of that feeling she felt, she just ignored. She thinks it's kind of pointless, so any efforts done by someone are usually squandered, though she doesn't really mean to.

Nature Vs Nurture


Viona was born to Mr. and Mrs. Martis on a beautiful March 21. Growing up, she was surrounded by a lot of demigods, descending from the greek pantheon. Being a descendant of Ares, Viona was always a headstrong little child, and got into fights quickly. OF course, she always won her fights, coming home with bruises as trophies. Later on, her powers developed, and she kept getting stronger. At first, when she wasn't adept at using her abilities, she would accidentally break cars, and even hurt other kids.

Her parents diligently trained her, making sure she could keep her powers under control.

Other: Anything else you want to add.

So begins...

Viona Martis's Story

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#, as written by Issa
Northbay, Ireland
Time: 6.30pm
Weather: Warm with a gentle breeze

Situated far from any major city Northbay is all but ignored by those who don't live there. For the inhabitants of Northbay this suits them fine, after all they hardly need strangers wondering around and snooping into their secrets.

The secrets? That they are the descendents of the Norse, Egyptian and Greek Gods and Goddesses of old. The relationship between these pantheons has never been strong, but in an attempt to smooth over the growing tensions and welcome the Greeks into town the Elders have organised a festival.

The Midnight Festival will start at 7.00pm. Those that aren't helping with the last minute decorations, or finishing work for the night are getting ready for what will hopefully be a fun-filled night.


Asta sat on the high stool behind the counter, gazing over the quiet shop as the clock ticked behind her. She doubted that they would get any customers in the next few minutes, everyone would be getting ready for the festival. The owner had given Asta permission to close early, but by early he meant 6.45pm which would give the girl barely anytime to get ready before the festival started. It was no surprise for anyone to know that Asta was excited. She loved festivals and she remembered the last Midnight festival. She had been nine and thought the lights entwined in the trees was spectacular. Even now as the sun began to set she could make out a line of lights out the window, running down the main street and towards the lake.

Asta leaned back on the stool and swung herself around. The stool creaked slightly as it spun and Asta, fearing that it would break, stopped. If it did break it wasn't like she would be hurt falling off. She was invulnerable to everything but mistletoe. Smack her with a solid metal pole and she'd be none the worse for wear, stab her with a plastic fork and she'd just give you a strange look. Mistletoe, as with her ancestor Baldr, is the only thing capable of hurting her either in it's basic form or refined. Naturally the Falr family has always avoided decorating their house with mistletoe at Christmas.

A twinkling of bells made Asta look up to find a customer entering the store.
"Hi there!" She said cheerfully to the old woman as she shuffled inside. The woman nodded her own greeting and began to browse through the rows of books. Asta watched her from her perch at the counter, trying to place her. She wasn't Norse, that was for sure. Asta knew the Norse families the best and would have known who this woman was instantly if she was from her own Pantheon. Asta guessed she was probably a Greek. Since she had only been here a month that would explain why Asta didn't recognise her.

Asta hoped that the festival did relieve the tensions in the town. She liked Northbay so much more when you didn't have to worry about fights breaking out between the different pantheons. Northbay was such a picturesque town too, it seemed to ruin the beauty of the place when the townsfolk had squabbles. Asta gave a sigh, she guessed she'd just have to wait and hope that tonight went well.


Locked in a frantic battle against time, Marcus was blind to the outside world. His fingers played a rhythmic tapping sound against the library table while his eyes flicked from calculator to the sheet of calculations in front of him. Was he working on an important assignment? Did he have to meet an impending deadline? No, he was doing maths problems for fun. Stretched in front of him was a pad of paper, littered with numbers and beside him a textbook of problems to be solved. It helped him relax and stretched his mind, although he would probably make up an excuse to anyone that asked.

He glanced at his watched. Two minutes to go. Then he did a double take, realising it was 6.30pm. Hadn't his parents asked him to come home early so they could get ready for the festival? He had thought it was cute at the time, his parents wanting to go with him as a family. They had emphasized the fact that this festival was being thrown to welcome them into the town. The Norse and Egyptian Pantheons were trying to let the Greeks know that they were welcome. He knew that his parents also saw the other reason the festival was being held, to stop the increasing tensions between people. Now though, as Marcus realised he would have to go with half his questions undone, Marcus wished he hadn't agreed to go with his parents. What would everyone else think anyway if he turned up with his Mum and Dad? He was hardly the coolest kid without them, but with them...? He considered texting Shannon and seeing if they could go together.

With a sigh he began collecting his books and papers, stacking them neatly on the table before pushing them into his scuffed backpack. He wouldn't ditch his parents, not until they actually got to the festival at least. Then he would happily disappear into a corner or find a friend and stick with them the rest of the night. It wasn't that he was anti-social or disliked anyone else. Marcus was just incredibly shy. It took him a while to warm up to people. Around people he had just met he became stiff and words became that much harder to get out.


Ramses gave a heavy sigh as he looked out across the grounds. As the sun set across the lake the fairy lights came to life, illuminating the scene before him. Tables had been placed in the clearing, a marquee set up above the food and a stage for the band was having the finishing touches done to it. From his position at the edge of the action Ram could see the various Elder members and those they had roped into help putting the last touches on the festival. He had been here half the day, thanks to his father who was a member of the Elders. His arguments of having better things to do had fallen on deaf ears and so Ram had been forced to work and talk with the other helpers for hours.

As if on queue his father appeared beside him, already dressed for the festival in a smart outfit.
"It looks wonderful father." Ram said to his father. Ramsey Atum, Ramses' father gave a satisfied nod,
"Yes, I think it does." He replied, "The town should be arriving in half an hour."
"Are there any more jobs to be done?" Ram asked, casting his eyes across the scene once again. Ram's father appeared to do the same thing and his gaze came to rest on the lights that led down to the lake shore.
"Perhaps you could add to the lights on the path to the lake." He told Ram, pointing to the string of lights. "We have no more fairy lights, so you will have to use your magic." He added. Ram nodded and moved off to complete the task, leaving his father to turn his trained gaze to the rest of the set up.

In all honesty Ram didn't mind helping his father. Ramsey Atum was someone that Ram had always looked up to and tried to emulate. Ram stopped by the lights to the lake and held a hand out towards them. A second passed and then a swelling of light suddenly appeared in the middle of Ram's hand. A small sphere of light grew in the centre of his palm until it was as big as the electric lights already there. With another push of Ram's magic he instilled the ball with enough light to last the night and then placed it beside an electric light where it would float happily all night. He repeated the process up and down the string of lights until it had all been brightened up. It was the perks of being the descendent of a Sun God, being able to create and control light in this manner. Ram took a step back to admire his work, casting a critical eye over it. In his opinion his lights shone brighter and truer than the others.

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Viona walked up to a booth with two people and smiled down at them. "So, what'll you guys have today?" Taking out a notepad and pencil, she scribbled down the couple's order. "I'll be right out with your food," she assured with a smile. Striding towards the kitchen, she ripped out the small page from the notepad and gave it to the chef. Emerging from the kitchen, she checked on her other customers, making sure they were satisfied. While the food was being prepared by the chef, she took a moment to sit down and take a break. She'd been working for hours, and luckily, her shift would end before the festival started.

The lantern festival was something new for her. It had only been an month since her and the other greeks arrived at Northbay. In that time, it hasn't really been a smooth trasition. There was rising tension among the pantheons. It made sense though, three different groups of powerful beings being put into a small town would do that. The elders' official reason for hosting the festival was to welcome the Greeks, but it was obvious to everyone that it was mainly to calm the strain among the people.

Viona went into the kitchen and strode out with a tray piled with food and drinks. She approached the table with the couple and set down the platters. "Let me know if you need anything else." With a sigh, she turned away. Her eyes trailed to the clock hanging on the far wall, and she smiled. It was 6:30; her shift was over. Happily, she took off her half apron and threw it into the employees room before leaving.

It had started to grow dark already, shades of dark blue and purple streaked the skies as the sun was setting. She walked among the many people bustling on the sidewalks, and headed towards her house. A short walk later, she entered her house and went upstairs. She had a half hour to get ready, and she wanted to take a shower first. Getting in the tub, she let the warm water run down her, relaxing her muscles.

A few minutes later, she was out and stood in front of her closet, deciding what to wear. Her decision finally landed on a simple coral dress. After she got dressed, Viona brushed her hair and left her house, leaving the door unlocked behind her. Although everyone around here wasn't peachy, it was still a safe community.

Viona headed towards the festival grounds. She saw groups of people in conversation, but decided not to approach them. She didn't want to intrude, so she headed in the direction of food. A table was set with pastries, and she took one. Her gaze lingered over the beautiful scenery; the lanterns were casting a beautiful glow, and the grounds lit up with light.


Nathan leaned precariously forward, his fingers fumbling to tie the lantern up. He was standing on a ladder, helping the others string the lights up. He'd been at it for hours now, starting late morning earlier that day. He even took off work for this. Granted, he did leave Asta all alone to run the shop herself; he'd have to remember to apologize for that later.

At last, that section of lanterns was hung, and Nate descended the ladder to take a break. He hadn't known stringing lanterns and setting up a festival could be so strenuous. He decided to settle down in the cool grass for a moment, and watched the others work. The elders were pretty involved with the work put into the festival, and roped many others into helping. Those that weren't stuck helping were off working or getting ready.

He was actually quite excited for the festival, hence all the hard work he was putting into it. The last one had been so long ago, but he remembered having a great time. The intention behind the festival this time were to lower tensions between the pantheons. It was hard enough for the Norse and Egyptians to get along, but now the Greeks were added to the equation. He wondered just how effective the festival would be in accomplishing the task. He would just have to wait and see.

Nate got back up again to help with the finishing touches. An hour later, the festival was pretty much all set up. Checking his phone, he saw that it was 6:30. 'I should probably go home.' He walked back to his house, and took a quick shower. It had been a long and arduous day. After that, he threw on some nice-ish clothes and headed back out again.

Getting ready hadn't taken him that long, so by the time he arrived back at the festival grounds, the pastries were just arriving. He saw Bree pulling all the food out of her car and smiled.

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Fenris placed a hand upon his heart, as though terribly wounded. He shook his head at her, giving her an exaggerated look of hurt. One could almost believe that it was genuine were it not for the amusement laced with his voice.

"Dear Iris, you wound me. Here I was, offering to help you with your little problem, and you simply insult, threaten, and push me away. Some of the strongest relationships were founded upon cunning and deception," he told her with a chuckle. He himself rather believed this audacious statement based upon his own observations. Shaking his head at her, he chose to leave the group. He would return to them later on. It would be a while yet before the drinks too effect.

As for himself, he chose to take glass of his sister's favourite alcohol and approached the tree she was inhabiting, smirking slightly at the two rude boys walking away from it. They would pay dearly. He looked up at the tree and climbed it, not really caring about ruining his outfit. He passed her the drink.

"See anything interesting from up here?" he asked her.

He sat in silence for a bit before he spotted a rather fetching young lady marveling at the lights. He grinned. That was the Ares descendent, Viona. Now that was interesting. What was it about women that could seriously harm him that drew his interest so?

"The view is much more beautiful up here, you know," he called down to her, "Well, I suppose you can't reach as high up as myself and my sister, but it is quite breathtaking. Oh, I suppose you wouldn't want to ruin your dress. That's a valid excuse."

He smiled. If she was like any other war god child, then she wouldn't be able to turn down his challenge. Still, he couldn't resist adding a genuine compliment to his challenge.

"You go well with it, by the way," he told her, his charming grin still on his face, but there wasn't any trickery this time.

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Viona's attention was drawn away from the lights around her by the sound of a voice. She glanced around, turning her head, but no one seemed to be talking to her. She finally traced the voice to a person inhabiting a tree, Fenris. He was sitting up their quite at home with his sister, Brynja.

"The view is much more beautiful up here, you know." Viona gave him a smile, wondering what tricks he was up to. "Well, I suppose you can't reach as high up as myself and my sister, but it is quite breathtaking. Oh, I suppose you wouldn't want to ruin your dress. That's a valid excuse." The last part of what Fenris said stuck with her.

He was issuing a challenge. A small one, admittedly, but being a child of war, she simply couldn't resist, no matter how aware she was that Fenris was provoking her. She flashed him a determined look."You go well with it, by the way," At his comment, her expression softened to a light smile. "You obviously don't know me if you think a dress is going to get in the way," she replied.

Climbing the tree would be a simple task for her; the only problem were her heels. She looked down at her ankle boots and sighed. She would just have to make it work. Viona walked up the the large tree, reaching up to grasp the nearest branch. She wrapped her fingers around it and tried to pull herself up, but pulled a little too hard. The branch snapped off with a loud cracks. Oops. She still didn't know her own strength that much. Setting the branch down, she grasped another one, and successfully pulled herself up. She quickly climbed her way from branch to branch. Her heels hindered her progress a little, but she was still able to reach the top.

Settling on a branch near Fenris and Brynja, Viona smiled triumphantly.

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"Must you go about drawing attention to yourself when in my company?"

"Dear sister, there is nothing wrong with a little interaction now and then," Fenris told Brynja with a grin. Truthfully, he knew that Brynja would never fully embrace being part of the chaos the two concocted and he respected that. He could see the appeal in sitting back and watching your pawns amble around blindly in the dark, but he could never sit still too long. He always wanted to join in.

He watched with interest as the child of the war god climbed after them, chuckling slightly as she underestimated her own strength. He watched in fascination as she took to the challenge like a fish to water and climbed faster than even he did and that was saying something, considering both he and Brynja enjoyed finding strange places like tree branches to survey their playmates.

"Oh, well-done. As your prize, I will be your date for the night," Fenris announced as though she had won a great honor. He gestured towards the table of refreshments, "I have already provided tonight's entertainment. No need to thank me."

He looked at his sister, giving her his most enduring expression, silently asking her not to break his new playmate.

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"Dear sister, there is nothing wrong with a little interaction now and then."

To this, Brynja glared in utter grievance. Her entire countenance was laden in disdain as the descendant of Ares climbed onto a branch near her and her brother. She could curse the day he was born for bringing unwanted company into her self-proclaimed domain. Oh how she loathed parties and communal interaction. Nonetheless she came, if only to humor herself with spectating this fruitless attempt at uniting these pantheons as one loving community. Fenris knew how she loathed being around anyone but him and yet still this is what he insisted upon, forcing his socially inept little sister into unwanted retinue. She immediately felt crowded, her lip quivering into a sneer as she made a feeble scoot away from the feminine product of war. When she lifted her eyes to meet that of her kin, Brynja caught on to his mien as if she were wearing it herself. Her eyes narrowed as she shot a look at her brother's new plaything, her gaze returning to Fenris. Her icy stare held a warning, an unspoken negotiation.

"As you wish." When she spoke, her voice was but a whisper, leaning in close so the young Ares descendant could not hear her. "You have your fun with this Greek, Fenris, I shall not harm her. However, let it be known that the Poseidon boy is mine-..." She enunciated this with a threatening glare, uprooting herself from the spot and carelessly slinging herself off the branch. She bent at the knees, landing with a soft thud. The landing caused her muscles to ache, a shiver running through her frail bones as she got up. With barely a wobble, she walked on, stalking her own playmate through the shadows of the trees. If Fenris wanted to play favorites, she'll let him have his fun. Brynja had every much the right to claim one of these cretins as her own. As her eyes fell on the eldest Nethuns boy, it became all too apparent to herself that he was the one she chose.



"Its nice to meet you to Dylan and I think its fine working with Matt" Matthias shot his brother a teasing glance, his mouth uplifted in a crooked smirk despite his surprise. When they worked together the two barely spoke. To know that she wasn't completely against holding a conversation with him was somewhat a relief. "Ummm so how's work on that Firebird 1970? Have her up and running again yet?"

He turned to her with his hands shoved into his pockets, glancing up to recall his progress on the vehicle sitting on his side of the garage, "I've got the engine installed as of today; had to replace the whole thing. Once we get to the shop tomorrow I'll bolt everything down and give her some oil, maybe grease the pistons, and she'll be ready to go." As he glanced around he could've sworn he'd caught a glimpse of bleach blonde hair in the midst of the trees. He honed in on it for only a second, searching in vain because he couldn't seem to find it again.