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April "Isis" Aset

"There are forces at work far greater than any of us can imagine."

0 · 448 views · located in Northbay, Ireland

a character in “Living Gods”, as played by zen_ink


'Everything, no matter how big or small, is a cycle.'


Name: April Isis Aset
'Named after my great great great great great great grandmother!'

Nickname: Isis
'I'd rather people just call me April to be honest'

Age: 18
'But I've been told I act much older.'

Sexuality: Straight
'It's not that I have anything against girls..'

Pantheon: Egyptian
'I'm as Egyptian as they come :)'

Ancestor: Isis
'Goddess of Magic, Cycles, and everything else that I just so happen to be into!'

Occupation: Student & Babysitter
'I hope to someday work with kids. In the meantime, babysitting is a great way to do just that'

☑ The Occult
☑ Fashion
☑ Makeup
☑ Incense
☑ Bunnies
☑ Foreign Languages
☑ Cooking
☑ Nature
☑ Graveyards
☑ Ethnic Food
☑ Rain
☑ Candles
☑ Horror Movies
☑ Small Things

☒Liars and Cheats
☒ Swear Words
☒ Boredom
☒ Holding Grudges & People Who Hold Them
☒ Flakes
☒ Fast Food
☒ Feeling Restrained
☒ Losing Things
☒ Closed Minded People
☒ Test Taking
☒ Being Judged
☒ Being Called "Weird"

~ Revenge ~
'If I may have accidentally hurt somebody's feelings, I really hope that they don't decide it would be a fun idea to get even.'

~ Karma ~
'I know I've done a lot of wrong in my past... I just truly hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.'

~ Accidentally hurting others ~
'Although I love playing with my powers, the thought of accidentally hurting somebody again terrifies me.'

~ Meditating ~
'I meditate as often as I can. I love developing my spirituality. I take my meditation as a time to do this, as well as to increase my connection with my ancestor, Isis.'

~ Magic ~
'My powers are very important to me and I practice them regularly. I want to develop them as much as I can... that way, I will hopefully never lose control again.'

~ Babysitting ~
'Caring for children is one of my greatest passions in life. I hope to some day be a child psychologist, so that I can help children everywhere with the things they may be going through. Is it weird that my work is one of my hobbies..?'


Ancestor: Isis - Goddess of Magic
'I love her; I imagine she would be into all the kind of stuff that I am. I wish she were still around today, so that I could talk to her. I feel like there would be so much I could learn. Like for example, I'm really into all things supernatural and I really want to master my powers.'

~ Magic Spells ~
Or as they were referred to in Egyptian Mythology, 'True Names'. The 'True Names' of things are essentially magical invocations that can be used by the Children of Isis to perform numerous kinds of mystical feats. Through years of meditation, April has been able to discover the 'True Names' of many things.
'Knowing the 'True Name' of something essentially gives you Magickal Power over the thing. When I meditate, Isis speaks to me. She is the one who teaches me these names. Others usually just think I'm crazy, but I know in my heart that my great grandmother speaks to me.

~ Cycles ~
April's mind is gifted in the perception of cosmic cycles, allowing her to subconsciously and consciously track the ebb and flow of things. In some cases, this perception allows April to make very accurate predictions about the outcome of certain events. In her normal daily life, it usually just means she has a very good intuition about a great many things. This ability also increases her accuracy with the use of certain cyclic mysticism like Astrology and Tarot.
'As I always say: everything is a cycle. If you tune yourself into the infinite cycles of the universe, you can understand just about anything that comes your way.

~ Healing ~
The trademark gift of Isis' children is the ability to heal. Isis herself was profoundly proficient in the art of sorcery, but none of her powers were equal in measure to her ability to mend the sick and wounded. Her descendent have inherited this ability in a much more watered-down form, although this is probably for the best. If it isn't used properly, the magic of healing can in fact drain the life force from the younger generation of healers, causing them to shorten their own life span in the process.

Magic is already a wonderful gift to have, wouldn't you say? And the Children of Isis are indeed blessed to have such a gift. However.. these abilities are extremely draining on the mind and spirit, and without proper reserves of energy, the usage of these abilities can take quite a toll on the user. April is all too familiar with this, and it is one of the many reasons why she chooses to devote so much of her time to spiritual practice and meditation.

Also, April is very sensitive, and she is prone to things like worry and anxiety. These issues have been known to hold her back; not only in the case of her powers, but actually in many areas of her life.

April's greatest strengths are her conviction, her intuition, and her compassion for others. She is fairly balanced in terms of physical vs. academic activity, not exactly excelling in either one, but certainly not failing either. April has a way of reaching out to others' hearts and reminding people that we're all only human, something that is much needed in a community of overly-exaggerated demigod personalities.

'I'm not particularly fond of the idea of judging others based on their heritage, although I know it plays a greater cosmic role. The Egyptians and the Norse have been at it for centuries, and the hatred is usually pressed upon us younger kids which is unfair. I think there will come a day when this cycle of disagreement will end, and we will all be able to finally live in harmony together.

As for the Greeks, they're fairly new to Northbay. I hope they mean well.. but at this point, only time will tell.'


Personality: April could best be described as spiritual, and this adjective pervades just about every part of her nature. She's seen as considerably wise for her age, especially when compared to her peers. She is a soft spoken girl with a joy for life and an internal vivaciousness that others find infectious. While she performs well academically, she prefers not to think too much about her schoolwork and doesn't particularly enjoy studying or putting in that much effort. It's not that she's unmotivated... she just doesn't take much interest in the things that they are forced to learn about in school; April's main interests are a bit more obscure than that.

April takes her middle name from her ancestral Goddess. She has earned herself the nickname "Isis" not only because of the fact that its her middle name, but also because her sisters - and the other Egyptians - have come to realize that she acts basically just like how they imagine the actual Isis would have acted. That being said, her more obscure interests include things like magic, sorcery, mysticism, divination, ghosts, zombies, witches, and anything else occult, you name it. She loves these kinds of things so much that she can often be found reading about them. Heck, even her room is adorned with all kinds of trinkets related to the supernatural!

Not only that, but her interests are also really eclectic. April has a fascination with foreign cultures, and takes a lot of joy in immersing herself in them. She loves ethnic food, in fact its all she really eats. She doesn't really follow one religion, but instead likes to include parts of all different religions into one big spiritual practice of her own. She has a knack for learning other languages and can speak several fluently.

April is so closely associated with her patron Goddess that others sometimes actually mistake her (albeit jokingly) for being the true Isis. This is mainly because she is so incredibly in tune with her powers, and all forms of cosmic energy. Her intuition is fantastic, and she has an almost empathic ability to relate to others on a very basic human level. Despite this, she actually doesn't enjoy the nickname "Isis", and much prefers being called her true name. Others often jest, claiming she only says that because of the link with 'True Names' to Isis, thus effectively turning it back on April, and making it into yet another association with the Goddess.

Despite her closeness to others, April can be paradoxically distant and frequently takes a lot of space from others, usually to meditate. Even from the time she was little, April was full of wisdom beyond her years. She was a fairly quiet child, preferring to keep to herself. She was also spiritually advanced right from the get-go, and often spoke even as a kid about spiritual concepts that were way beyond her age. Because of this calm and accepting demeanor, others often flock to April for advice, knowing that she will always put it into a higher perspective of understanding.

History: April is very close with her sisters and always has been. Her oldest sister Alaura acts as a mother figure to her and her middle sister ever since their parents died in a tragic car accident when April was a kid. April is aware of the effect that this event has had on her oldest sister, but such events tend to affect everyone differently. For example, as a result of the tragedy, Alaura has developed a certain aversion to death and more specifically to graveyards. Isis was said to have had a strong link to the dead, particularly burial sites, and this trait can be seen in April. It's almost like being close to death (having witnessed the death of some of her loved ones) sparked an interest in the topic in April. April tends to think that Alaura's avoidance of the grim subject is unhealthy, and in a way rejecting her mystical roots. To April, their bloodline's close link to the dead is part of what fuels their magical power.

This was not the only tragedy to strike April, however. She was even further exposed to death when as a kid, while first discovering her powers, she accidentally said the wrong spell and struck a boy, one of her classmates, down with a terrible spell that she never intended to cast. The event left her scarred, and as a result she vowed to put that much more effort into mastering her powers, with the hopes that nothing like that would ever happen again.

In present day, April goes to school for Childhood Psychology and works part-time as a babysitter, a job she's been doing expertly since the time she was 14. You could say a knack for dealing with children runs in the family. She's also in love with a particular denizen of the town of Northbay, although she refuses to admit to who; rather, she would prefer wait until the time is right and the proper cycle begins before she starts pursuing her romantic interest. The main focus in April's life right now is in striving for balance between work, school, love, and her latest spiritual practice, which involves something quite impressive that she is eager to share with her friends and family.

So begins...

April "Isis" Aset's Story

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#, as written by Issa


Saturday, 20th July

The residents of Northbay have awoken to a surprisingly pleasant summer's day. The weather, by magic or nature, is already a charming 20°C (68°F) and predictions have the maximum temperature reaching a comfortable 25°C (77°F). There are only a few wisps of cloud in the sky and a refreshing breeze can be felt throughout the area.

The main street is being prepared for the festival. It is still open to the public as most of the shops lining the street are likely to stay open until the cordons are put up. There is a definite buzz to the town as those involved in the preparation for the festival work and those who are attending look forward to the nights festivities.

For the town Elders there is a feeling of anxiousness. Will their planned festival help to calm the town's tensions or will it do the opposite?

Ramses Atum

Ram lefted his head and closed his green eyes, soaking up the early morning sun as it bet down on the lake. Cool water sprayed in his face and a constant breeze ruffled his hair. It was perfect sailing weather and Ram had been up since dawn to make the most of it. His one man boat, named 'The Falcon', raced across the lake, skimming across the waves.

Ram opened his eyes as he drew closer to the shore. Standing up in the boat he shielded his eyes from the sunlight glistening off the water and took in the view. There, pretty as a picture, sat Northbay. It fit snuggly between the lakeshore and the hills beyond. He could make out the main street with its small array of shows on either side. There was a large amount of activity in the street, surprising for such a small town and so early on a Saturday.

Then again it was the day of the Lantern Festival. No doubt every spare hand the Elder's could rope into helping was busy putting up decorations. Ram's father Ramsey was a member of the Elders' Council so Ramses was able to get all his information first hand and fresh. The festival was officially an overdue welcome to the Greeks. Unofficially it was to try and calm down the rising animosities between the different groups in the town. As Ram's father had said, if the town could come together and enjoy this one, simple event then they would be one step closer to regaining peace and order.

Ram thought it was a vain hope. He highly doubted that bringing together the whole town into one street would solve anything. Quite the opposite really. Ram knew little of the Greeks but he had grown up with the Norse and his own Egyptian pantheon. He knew enough to understand that there would always be certain individuals who do anything but try to ease tensions.

Shaking such thoughts from his head Ram aimed the boat to shore. A moment later he pulled into the docks, jumping onto the wooden jetty with the ease of practice. He anchored his boat to the jetty, tying it securely. The day may have been calm now but Ram knew enough about Irish weather to know to predict anything. Besides, when you lived in a town of power beings you could never be sure when someone's powers would cause a little mayhem.

Standing up Ram raised his arms above his head and stretched, before straightening out his clothes. With a pleased smile he set off down the wooden walkway, heading towards the Sailing Club rooms and a much needed shower.

Mack Nephthys

Early morning carpentry was probably not the best way to deal with a hangover, but oddly enough Mack found the rhythmic thud of his hammer strangely calming. Or perhaps he was still drunk from last night.

He had visited Northbay's singular drinking hole, the pub, the previous night. It had started as a causal beer, but three bottles of beer, four shots of vodka and who knows what else later his night had ended up much larger than anticipated. He had woken up this morning still in his clothes, his light still on and his alarm cloak blaring from under a pile of clothes.

Mack had agreed to help set up for the Lantern Festival that night. He wasn't even getting paid, but doing it as a favour to the town. Not that he minded doing it for free. Mack didn't have too many expensive habits and the rent on his tiny apartment over the supermarket was relatively cheap.

"Mack! Can you move the lanterns slightly to the left?" Ebony Aset, aunt of the three Aset girls and member of the Elders, shouted from the street. Mack, standing up on a ladder, nodded down at the woman and moved the lanterns as desired. Satisfied Ebony nodded and wondered off to oversee another part of the preparations. Left to his own devices Mack returned to hammering.

Almost finished he gave one final hammer on the nail, only his attention must have slipped because the next thing he knew a sharp pain erupted in his thumb. With a yelp he jerked his hand back, making him lose his balance in the process. His legs went out from under him, his arms pinwheeling in circles as he tried to grab at anything to keep him from falling.
Unfortunately the ladder seemed to elude him and Mack quickly found himself falling. A gust of wind blew up the street, particles of sand held in the breeze. The wind increased in strength and pressure, directing itself around the falling man. Faster than the eye could follow it had formed into a miniature wind funnel, Mack being safely buoyed in the centre. Slowly he was lowered to the ground. Only when his feet had touched concrete did a movement of his hand send the winds away, leaving a thin layer of sand behind.

'Mack, as much as I'm glad you're not hurt...' The stern voice came from Ebony Aset, her foot tapping quickly as she surveyed the tiny beach of sand that his powers had called forth. She had a broom in her hand, 'I want all this sand gone before tonight.' Thrusting it into his grasp Ebony turned and left. Dusting the light sprinkling of sand off his clothes before beginning to sweep up the street, Mack wished - and not for the first time - that his winds didn't magically summon sand when he called them.

Asta Falr

The view from the hills above the town was spectacular. Asta, pausing on her descent, couldn't help but grin at the landscape. The lake was sparkling in the early morning sun, light glistened off the town roofs and there was hardly a cloud in sight. She could have stayed on the thin track that ran up the hills beyond Northbay all day, but one glance at her watch told Asta that she'd need to open the shop soon. With a last glance across the lake Asta turned and made her way, half skipping, down the track.

Most likely it was the excitement of the coming festival that had seen Asta rise so early and head up into the hills. She often went for walks, but rarely so early in the morning. Coming back down she hit the main street at it's beginning. The entrance to Northbay was decorated with a simple sign which read 'Welcome to Northbay'. Asta passed the sign, entering the main street of the town. She passed people setting up stalls, others hanging decorations and more than one person shouting out loud instructions.

Asta waved happily at Mack as she passed him. Curiously he was sweeping up sand, although where the sand came from Asta couldn't be sure. Down the street she went, dodging in and out of the workers, until she reached the Bookstore.
"Key, key key... Oh, there you are!" She muttered to herself as she dug into her cardigan pockets. The Bookstore owner had given Asta the responsibility of opening the store today and she would have hated it if she'd lost the keys already.

She pushed the door open and stepped into the dark room. The light switch was unfortunately at the other end of the store and Asta didn't fancy wondering through the dark to find it. So, holding her hand out, she summoned a small sphere of light and used it to guide her through.

Ten minutes later, the store lit, open and ready for customers, Asta sat back at the counter with a sigh of relief. From here she had a good view of the festival preparations, but instead of watching the workers outside she picked up her book 'Catch-22' and began to read. The doorbell would jingle as soon as anyone entered, meaning until then she could happily lose herself in Joseph Heller.

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Bobby was up early as usual, tucking in his shirt and tie early in the morning. The sun wasn't up yet, but he'd gone to bed at 8:30 the night before and was well rested as usual. Making sure his hair was greased back into place he, grabbed his messenger bag, slung it over his shoulder and ran out of his room.

Most days Bobby wouldn't have gone to work until after school, but today was different. Today was the lantern festival and school was closed. From across the second story hallway he could see bits of light poking out from a closed door. He smiled to himself, of course Brad was up and awake, probably reading that law book he liked so much.

Making some quick toast in the kitchen he went to go start up the car his parents had bought him for his birthday in February. But he soon found it was little use, because Stephanie, his little sister was already drunkenly passed out in the car, she’d probably had another row in the pub the night before from the looks of the nasty bruise on the side of her face. It hurt Bobby to see his little sis in such a sorry state, she was always using that fake id , in fact most nights she was Betsy Caldwell instead of Stephanie Ceres it seemed and Bobby liked Stephanie Ceres much better.

Try as he would he couldn’t get his hungover sister to budge, just mumbled a few scouse like swears at him. So he had to take his vintage bike instead. Not that he really minded, he liked biking much better in fact, and as he sped along into the town of Northbay he felt in good spirits. Today seemed like it might just be a great day. As he came to a stop at the bookstore he worked at, his phone went off:

"Hey what's up? You going to the festival tonight? I'm looking to have some fun tonight, anybody willing to join?"

From: Daphne Bacchus

He slowly, with his figures instead of thumbs, as he never did get the hang of typing, wrote out.

To: Daphne Bacchus

“Going to work, you ought to have seen Steph this morning. Any idea what happened? Anyways I’ll be attending I guess, Steph will murder me if I don’t.”

From: Bobby Ceres

Bobby continued to walk into the bookstore, where he found his co worker Asta already buried in a book. “Well someones up and early.”He said quietly, smiling as he walked past the counter to go to the back to restock the shelves. After a moment he replied, “I could go up and get us some coffee if you’d like, it’d only be a minute and I’d get a discount because of my sister.”

It sure did sound much stupider aloud than in his head and he regretted talking.


Stephanie awoke to the sound of her brother soft voice. “Piss off Bobby” She mumbled with a moan as she turned away from the open car door. She was surprised she made it home in the car last night. Her head and face were throbbing, and a half an hour later when she had enough energy, strength and will to get up, she found a ugly little bruise covering the bottom left side of her face along her her messy dark brown hair messily falling in her face.

“Well hello beautiful.” She smirked to her own reflection, trying to remember how the bruise had gotten there. Puzzled she shrugged, stepped out of the car and shuffled into the house. After finding her way up the stairs to her room, she remembered she had to go to work. Shit work, I’ll bet I have a million miss calls.

Stephanie picked up her cell phone before undressing and was surprised she had only one text message.

"Hey what's up? You going to the festival tonight? I'm looking to have some fun tonight, anybody willing to join?"

From: Daphne Bacchus

She texted back before jumping in the shower.

“Dammit! I’m late for work and still hungover, I’ll be at the festival or whatever though, I’ll meet you there with Bobby and Brad even if I have to drag them both. Later.”

From: Stephanie Ceres

After Stephanie had showered, thrown on some old striped tee shirt and a brown sweater jacket, with some rolled up jeans and some brown saddle oxfords, she decided to text some other random people she had in her contacts from getting out in the new town.

To Laya:

Hey watcha up to? Are you going to the festival tonight, seems like everyone is.

From: Stephanie Ceres

To Julian:

Hey Julie, what up? Working today, cause maybe we could hang some more at the fest later on. If not that’s cool too.

From: Stephanie Ceres

To April:

How’s it going? Are you going to the festival today?

From: Stephanie Ceres

To Terrance:

Hey you going to the festival, maybe we could hang out of something.

From: Stephanie Ceres

Stephanie froze we she got to the next contact on her list, Antares Pallas, the one guy in town she actually fancied. Hands fumbling she wrote out a very shaky text to him, careful to mind her spelling before starting her car and driving to work.

To Antares:

Hello, um ah, would you mind going to the festival with me later today. We could meet up before or something, it doesn't have to be alone you know, I mean Brad and Bobby will be there too and um yeah, it’d be super cool if you could come. But I mean you don’t have to.

From: Stephanie Ceres

As Stephanie walked into the coffee shop she worked in her manager gave her an angry look which she ignored as she made her own espresso and tucked her phone away. As that weird Beatles obsessed old lady who live down the street from her back in Liverpool would say, it was going to be a hard days night.

(I know no Izzy yet but I will edit soon, I only have so much time, this is looking great so far guys!:))

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#, as written by Issa


Saturday, 20th July

The main street of Northbay, still illuminated by the soon to be setting sun, has come alive. Music (a local folk band currently playing on the stage) drifts down the street.

Residents arrive to take a look at what the festival has to offer: food, games, competitions, raffles and trinkets for sale.

Of course, given that the town's residents are the descendent of gods you can bet that there will be other stalls selling magical items and game booths encouraging use of powers.

Mack Nephthys

- Midday -

Mack was shaking his head as a pair of helpers moved a beam of wood into place,
"Watch where you're..." He started to warn the pair before, crash! the beam hit another pile of poles and sent them rolling across the road. Luckily most of the street was blocked off from pedestrians so there was little need for Mack to run screaming after them. Instead he simply pointed after them to the pair that had caused the crash.

A moment later a voice made him turn and he found Dehlilah Cyprus standing behind him.
"Um, hey I didn't want to interrupt but um can you ask the girl, my friend ran into if she's ok?" She sounded nervous, or perhaps she was just breathless from running across the street.
"Jade. Her name is Jade." Mack said. He felt uncharacteristically defensive of Jade. He was a friendly guy, he didn't take too many things to heart and was easily able to brush off most insults. But the crash this morning had almost cost Jade her babies and in his eyes Dehlilah had been more concerned with getting Antonio into the restaurant than caring for the hurt girl. Still, the fact that she was here asking after Jade meant that Mack's voice wasn't cold, it was simply lacking its usual warmth.

"I would have helped, but I didn't know if you'd want us... To put our noses in your business," Mack wondering who 'our' was meant to be, Dehlilah and Antonio? Mack shook his head slightly. He was about to argue that it had only been 'his' business because he had been concerned, but decided to hold his tongue. He liked Dehlilah well enough, from the little he had seen of her around town. Besides a moment later she looked over her shoulder. She said goodbye, placed a hand on his arm and added "Thanks, seriously," before leaving.

After she left Mack turned back to the set-up, shaking his head as he saw that in the few minutes his attention had been elsewhere all chaos had erupted...

- 5:00 pm -

Mack sat back, enjoying the cool beer in his hand as he watched the cordons open and the first residents enter the festival. Mack was at one of the stalls set up outside the bar, fairy lights twinkled above his head and the setting sun was caught and held by the string of mirror-like, plastic crystals that were twined around a nearby lamp post. Soon enough the whole street would be lit by the fairy lights and street lamp, creating a magical setting for the night's festivities.

Mack's hangover of the morning was well and truly gone. In fact, if he found the right people he wouldn't be against making an event out of tonight. He finished his beer and signaled for the bar keep who passed him another. He popped it open, appreciating the tsk of goodness being released.
"To a good night." He said to the bar keep, tilting his bottle in a salute. He returned his gaze to the street, took a sip and leaned back, waiting for the night to begin.