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Bobby Ceres

"It's not that I don't er like you, I mean I'll ah er talk that is if you want me to."

0 · 570 views · located in Northbay, Ireland

a character in “Living Gods”, as played by PansylovestheBeatles


"Life's about doing what you can while you can"


Name: Bobby John Ceres
Nickname: Bob
Age: 18
Pantheon: Greek
Ancestor: Demeter
Occupation: Student, works part time at a book store

Likes: Rain, smoking, reading, complete quite, being around nature, his younger siblings
Dislikes: The cold, cruel women, texting, being stuck indoors, people who don't give a damn about the environment
Fears: dying alone, something bad happing to his family, tight places,
Hobbies: reading, collecting different plants for his room.


Ancestor: Demeter, the goddess of harvest
Powers: Ever since he was young Bobby could make planets blossom or wilt just by thinking of them

Weaknesses: Bobby is very shy, and not very talkative. Often he's scared of what others will take him as. The only people he's comfortable with are people he's known for a long time, like his family. He's scared to step out of his comfort zone but dose try to live a little.
Strengths: Bobby is very smart, sweet and passionate deep down. He's generally very friendly

Thoughts: I fear most of the others, they seem so much more powerful than me, even my fellow Greeks. But hey I figure, stay out of stay their way and we good.


Personality: Bobby was always shy and not very social. Even as a boy he could be found being with his lonesome and watching the sea. He loves gardens and being around plants and nature, a part of him he's too embarrassed to share with the world. Sometimes a victim to bullying often his younger brother and sister come to his aid whenever someone messes with him because instead of sticking up for himself he usually just walks away. Bobby is a bit of a dreamer and a huge thinker. He enjoys going for long walks just to think about things and to enjoy nature and the world around him.
One of Bobby's favorite pastimes is reading. He even got apart time job at a book store so he could be around books and sometimes get a chance to read on the job. He wears reading glasses but he doesn't mind them too much. Reading probably has a lot to do with why he's so intelligent, and Bobby is known to hord tons of useless information that he constantly shares with his family, much to there dismay.
Bobby's greatest fear is getting betrayed or losing someone's trust. Trust is very important to Bobby and it takes years to develop his trust. Once you lose it don't plan on gaining it back. When Bobby was 16 he dated a girl for the first time and she ended up cheating on him with his ex best friend. Loosing two people he really trusted trust at once really got to him and now it's almost impossible to get him to trust you as he distances himself from people.
[b]History:Bobby was always a shy boy. He was the first born to Lila and Miles Ceres and was born in Liverpool, England were he grew up. As a boy Bobby was known to keep to himself. He'd often go to the sea ports and look across the Irish Sea. Bobby loved Ireland and on holidays and birthdays his parents would often take him to Ireland so when they announced they were moving there he was thrilled. Bobby loved to read and to go to school when he was young and his little sister often told him that he had a 'public library' in his room.
His parents, however didn't like that Bobby was so shy and thought maybe something traumatic happened to him while he was out walking, another pastime of the lad's. Bobby hated consoling but his parents still took him there every Tuesday afternoon which to him was torture. Ever since then Bobby's been paranoid that maybe he really isn't normal. His parents stopped taking him to counseling when he was fourteen.
During the later years of secondary school Bobby became known to his peers as a pretty cool fella, since his cousin Dave was the most popular kid in his year. He wishes he hadn't hung out with the people he did, but he did and he got close to his buddies and to a girl named Brittney Faison. Brittney acted like she loved him, and talked to him when no one else would. She was not only gorgeous but a great listener and very understanding. He really did love her and it's a little know secret but she's the one he lost it with. But his love, as it turned out was not enough for Brittney, who he caught hooking up with his best friend Jacob at a crazy end of the school year party. It turns out she had been cheating with Jacob the whole time, and apparently, according to Brittney Jacob was 'Much bigger and better' than Bobby could ever hope to be.
Bobby was really hurt after that, and it was as if he lost everything. Almost all the neighborhood plants mysteriously died. Bobby refused to trust or let almost anyone in his life after that, he simply shut the world out. He took up smoking and is now a avid smoker. When his parents announced they were moving to Ireland, Bobby was thrilled. He saw this as a great new chance to start out new and couldn't wait to kiss Liverpool goodbye. But as shy as Bobby is, the new, and his final school year are a challenge and Bobby has know clue what's ahead.

Other: Surprisingly Bobby really like leather jackets, and proudly wears his most of the time.

So begins...

Bobby Ceres's Story

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#, as written by Issa


Saturday, 20th July

The residents of Northbay have awoken to a surprisingly pleasant summer's day. The weather, by magic or nature, is already a charming 20°C (68°F) and predictions have the maximum temperature reaching a comfortable 25°C (77°F). There are only a few wisps of cloud in the sky and a refreshing breeze can be felt throughout the area.

The main street is being prepared for the festival. It is still open to the public as most of the shops lining the street are likely to stay open until the cordons are put up. There is a definite buzz to the town as those involved in the preparation for the festival work and those who are attending look forward to the nights festivities.

For the town Elders there is a feeling of anxiousness. Will their planned festival help to calm the town's tensions or will it do the opposite?

Ramses Atum

Ram lefted his head and closed his green eyes, soaking up the early morning sun as it bet down on the lake. Cool water sprayed in his face and a constant breeze ruffled his hair. It was perfect sailing weather and Ram had been up since dawn to make the most of it. His one man boat, named 'The Falcon', raced across the lake, skimming across the waves.

Ram opened his eyes as he drew closer to the shore. Standing up in the boat he shielded his eyes from the sunlight glistening off the water and took in the view. There, pretty as a picture, sat Northbay. It fit snuggly between the lakeshore and the hills beyond. He could make out the main street with its small array of shows on either side. There was a large amount of activity in the street, surprising for such a small town and so early on a Saturday.

Then again it was the day of the Lantern Festival. No doubt every spare hand the Elder's could rope into helping was busy putting up decorations. Ram's father Ramsey was a member of the Elders' Council so Ramses was able to get all his information first hand and fresh. The festival was officially an overdue welcome to the Greeks. Unofficially it was to try and calm down the rising animosities between the different groups in the town. As Ram's father had said, if the town could come together and enjoy this one, simple event then they would be one step closer to regaining peace and order.

Ram thought it was a vain hope. He highly doubted that bringing together the whole town into one street would solve anything. Quite the opposite really. Ram knew little of the Greeks but he had grown up with the Norse and his own Egyptian pantheon. He knew enough to understand that there would always be certain individuals who do anything but try to ease tensions.

Shaking such thoughts from his head Ram aimed the boat to shore. A moment later he pulled into the docks, jumping onto the wooden jetty with the ease of practice. He anchored his boat to the jetty, tying it securely. The day may have been calm now but Ram knew enough about Irish weather to know to predict anything. Besides, when you lived in a town of power beings you could never be sure when someone's powers would cause a little mayhem.

Standing up Ram raised his arms above his head and stretched, before straightening out his clothes. With a pleased smile he set off down the wooden walkway, heading towards the Sailing Club rooms and a much needed shower.

Mack Nephthys

Early morning carpentry was probably not the best way to deal with a hangover, but oddly enough Mack found the rhythmic thud of his hammer strangely calming. Or perhaps he was still drunk from last night.

He had visited Northbay's singular drinking hole, the pub, the previous night. It had started as a causal beer, but three bottles of beer, four shots of vodka and who knows what else later his night had ended up much larger than anticipated. He had woken up this morning still in his clothes, his light still on and his alarm cloak blaring from under a pile of clothes.

Mack had agreed to help set up for the Lantern Festival that night. He wasn't even getting paid, but doing it as a favour to the town. Not that he minded doing it for free. Mack didn't have too many expensive habits and the rent on his tiny apartment over the supermarket was relatively cheap.

"Mack! Can you move the lanterns slightly to the left?" Ebony Aset, aunt of the three Aset girls and member of the Elders, shouted from the street. Mack, standing up on a ladder, nodded down at the woman and moved the lanterns as desired. Satisfied Ebony nodded and wondered off to oversee another part of the preparations. Left to his own devices Mack returned to hammering.

Almost finished he gave one final hammer on the nail, only his attention must have slipped because the next thing he knew a sharp pain erupted in his thumb. With a yelp he jerked his hand back, making him lose his balance in the process. His legs went out from under him, his arms pinwheeling in circles as he tried to grab at anything to keep him from falling.
Unfortunately the ladder seemed to elude him and Mack quickly found himself falling. A gust of wind blew up the street, particles of sand held in the breeze. The wind increased in strength and pressure, directing itself around the falling man. Faster than the eye could follow it had formed into a miniature wind funnel, Mack being safely buoyed in the centre. Slowly he was lowered to the ground. Only when his feet had touched concrete did a movement of his hand send the winds away, leaving a thin layer of sand behind.

'Mack, as much as I'm glad you're not hurt...' The stern voice came from Ebony Aset, her foot tapping quickly as she surveyed the tiny beach of sand that his powers had called forth. She had a broom in her hand, 'I want all this sand gone before tonight.' Thrusting it into his grasp Ebony turned and left. Dusting the light sprinkling of sand off his clothes before beginning to sweep up the street, Mack wished - and not for the first time - that his winds didn't magically summon sand when he called them.

Asta Falr

The view from the hills above the town was spectacular. Asta, pausing on her descent, couldn't help but grin at the landscape. The lake was sparkling in the early morning sun, light glistened off the town roofs and there was hardly a cloud in sight. She could have stayed on the thin track that ran up the hills beyond Northbay all day, but one glance at her watch told Asta that she'd need to open the shop soon. With a last glance across the lake Asta turned and made her way, half skipping, down the track.

Most likely it was the excitement of the coming festival that had seen Asta rise so early and head up into the hills. She often went for walks, but rarely so early in the morning. Coming back down she hit the main street at it's beginning. The entrance to Northbay was decorated with a simple sign which read 'Welcome to Northbay'. Asta passed the sign, entering the main street of the town. She passed people setting up stalls, others hanging decorations and more than one person shouting out loud instructions.

Asta waved happily at Mack as she passed him. Curiously he was sweeping up sand, although where the sand came from Asta couldn't be sure. Down the street she went, dodging in and out of the workers, until she reached the Bookstore.
"Key, key key... Oh, there you are!" She muttered to herself as she dug into her cardigan pockets. The Bookstore owner had given Asta the responsibility of opening the store today and she would have hated it if she'd lost the keys already.

She pushed the door open and stepped into the dark room. The light switch was unfortunately at the other end of the store and Asta didn't fancy wondering through the dark to find it. So, holding her hand out, she summoned a small sphere of light and used it to guide her through.

Ten minutes later, the store lit, open and ready for customers, Asta sat back at the counter with a sigh of relief. From here she had a good view of the festival preparations, but instead of watching the workers outside she picked up her book 'Catch-22' and began to read. The doorbell would jingle as soon as anyone entered, meaning until then she could happily lose herself in Joseph Heller.

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#, as written by Grrbot
Daphne Bacchus

Daphne groaned as she awoke to the morning light creeping into her bedroom. She was suffering from a raging headache and her mind was foggy from the hangover she was suffering from. Her head was hanging off the side of the bed with her feet dangling off the foot. She groaned. She was tangled in sheets, her clothes laying on the floor. "Somebody got lucky last night." Daphne laughed, standing up. She heard a hum come from the kitchen, probably the person she hooked up with last night cooking breakfast.

Daphne found a housecoat laid on the bed and she pulled it on. It seemed to fit pretty well and it was a woman's fit. "What a player." Daphne sighed. She dropped the blankets on the bed and exited the bedroom, entering a spacious living room with brick walls. It was kind of a grunge style apartment, Daphne liked the design.

"Good morning Sleepy!" A woman's voice called from the kitchen. Daphne turned the corner and saw the girl she hooked up with last night... Oh yeah stupid you forgot you were a bisexual. You smiled and walked up next to the girl. She had short black hair and tan skin and she was beaming this morning. "What time is it?" you asked, letting out a yawn. "8:45" the girl smiled. "Shit I need to be at the restaurant for 9:00!" Daphne exclaimed. "Okay go get dressed and I'll send you out with some food." "Sounds good." She said, placing a kiss on her cheek.

Daphne dashed back into the bedroom and quickly slipped on her outfit from the previous day. She headed back out after 5 minutes and quickly combed through her hair with her fingers. "Want an omelette to go?" the girl asked. "Yeah sure." Daphne smiled. She waited as the girl fixed her a paper plate and some ketchup to accompany her omelette. "Here you go." she said. "Thanks." Daphne smiled and headed to the car. She grabbed her phone and checked the time. it was nearly 9:00... Hell she was already late so why not send out some texts?

To: Fin Bacchus, Bobby Ceres, Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres

"Hey what's up? You going to the festival tonight? I'm looking to have some fun tonight, anybody willing to join?"

From: Daphne Bacchus

She shut her phone off and put the car into drive and headed to the restaurant.

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Bobby was up early as usual, tucking in his shirt and tie early in the morning. The sun wasn't up yet, but he'd gone to bed at 8:30 the night before and was well rested as usual. Making sure his hair was greased back into place he, grabbed his messenger bag, slung it over his shoulder and ran out of his room.

Most days Bobby wouldn't have gone to work until after school, but today was different. Today was the lantern festival and school was closed. From across the second story hallway he could see bits of light poking out from a closed door. He smiled to himself, of course Brad was up and awake, probably reading that law book he liked so much.

Making some quick toast in the kitchen he went to go start up the car his parents had bought him for his birthday in February. But he soon found it was little use, because Stephanie, his little sister was already drunkenly passed out in the car, she’d probably had another row in the pub the night before from the looks of the nasty bruise on the side of her face. It hurt Bobby to see his little sis in such a sorry state, she was always using that fake id , in fact most nights she was Betsy Caldwell instead of Stephanie Ceres it seemed and Bobby liked Stephanie Ceres much better.

Try as he would he couldn’t get his hungover sister to budge, just mumbled a few scouse like swears at him. So he had to take his vintage bike instead. Not that he really minded, he liked biking much better in fact, and as he sped along into the town of Northbay he felt in good spirits. Today seemed like it might just be a great day. As he came to a stop at the bookstore he worked at, his phone went off:

"Hey what's up? You going to the festival tonight? I'm looking to have some fun tonight, anybody willing to join?"

From: Daphne Bacchus

He slowly, with his figures instead of thumbs, as he never did get the hang of typing, wrote out.

To: Daphne Bacchus

“Going to work, you ought to have seen Steph this morning. Any idea what happened? Anyways I’ll be attending I guess, Steph will murder me if I don’t.”

From: Bobby Ceres

Bobby continued to walk into the bookstore, where he found his co worker Asta already buried in a book. “Well someones up and early.”He said quietly, smiling as he walked past the counter to go to the back to restock the shelves. After a moment he replied, “I could go up and get us some coffee if you’d like, it’d only be a minute and I’d get a discount because of my sister.”

It sure did sound much stupider aloud than in his head and he regretted talking.


Stephanie awoke to the sound of her brother soft voice. “Piss off Bobby” She mumbled with a moan as she turned away from the open car door. She was surprised she made it home in the car last night. Her head and face were throbbing, and a half an hour later when she had enough energy, strength and will to get up, she found a ugly little bruise covering the bottom left side of her face along her her messy dark brown hair messily falling in her face.

“Well hello beautiful.” She smirked to her own reflection, trying to remember how the bruise had gotten there. Puzzled she shrugged, stepped out of the car and shuffled into the house. After finding her way up the stairs to her room, she remembered she had to go to work. Shit work, I’ll bet I have a million miss calls.

Stephanie picked up her cell phone before undressing and was surprised she had only one text message.

"Hey what's up? You going to the festival tonight? I'm looking to have some fun tonight, anybody willing to join?"

From: Daphne Bacchus

She texted back before jumping in the shower.

“Dammit! I’m late for work and still hungover, I’ll be at the festival or whatever though, I’ll meet you there with Bobby and Brad even if I have to drag them both. Later.”

From: Stephanie Ceres

After Stephanie had showered, thrown on some old striped tee shirt and a brown sweater jacket, with some rolled up jeans and some brown saddle oxfords, she decided to text some other random people she had in her contacts from getting out in the new town.

To Laya:

Hey watcha up to? Are you going to the festival tonight, seems like everyone is.

From: Stephanie Ceres

To Julian:

Hey Julie, what up? Working today, cause maybe we could hang some more at the fest later on. If not that’s cool too.

From: Stephanie Ceres

To April:

How’s it going? Are you going to the festival today?

From: Stephanie Ceres

To Terrance:

Hey you going to the festival, maybe we could hang out of something.

From: Stephanie Ceres

Stephanie froze we she got to the next contact on her list, Antares Pallas, the one guy in town she actually fancied. Hands fumbling she wrote out a very shaky text to him, careful to mind her spelling before starting her car and driving to work.

To Antares:

Hello, um ah, would you mind going to the festival with me later today. We could meet up before or something, it doesn't have to be alone you know, I mean Brad and Bobby will be there too and um yeah, it’d be super cool if you could come. But I mean you don’t have to.

From: Stephanie Ceres

As Stephanie walked into the coffee shop she worked in her manager gave her an angry look which she ignored as she made her own espresso and tucked her phone away. As that weird Beatles obsessed old lady who live down the street from her back in Liverpool would say, it was going to be a hard days night.

(I know no Izzy yet but I will edit soon, I only have so much time, this is looking great so far guys!:))

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#, as written by Grrbot
Daphne drove fast... Well the speed limit but she got to work as fast as she could. She spotted Ava at the doors, wondering why the restaurant wasn't open. "Sorry had a late start to the morning." Daphne sighed, opening the front door. She made her way around back and quickly got into uniform. Her phone buzzed to life with 2 text messages. The first one was from Bobby.

“Going to work, you ought to have seen Steph this morning. Any idea what happened? Anyways I’ll be attending I guess, Steph will murder me if I don’t.”

From: Bobby Ceres

Daphne quickly replied with a message.

To: Bobby Ceres

"Oh I'm sure Stephanie is just being her normal self... Or maybe its puberty? And I'm happy to hear that.. Its been a while since we hung out and I figured why not tonight?"

Daphne laughed and clicked send. She then checked her next message.

Dammit! I’m late for work and still hungover, I’ll be at the festival or whatever though, I’ll meet you there with Bobby and Brad even if I have to drag them both. Later.”

From: Stephanie Ceres

To: Stephanie Ceres

"Sounds good. I'm ready for a night of fun. I'm working till 5 so maybe we can meet up at 7?"

She hit send and put her clothes and phone into her work locker. She quickly left the locker room and went out to the front and waited for customers.

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#, as written by Grrbot
"Oh just wondering." Daphne replied. She took her hand out of her pocket and glanced at her watch. She should be having a break now. She glanced at Ava. She wouldn't be finished for another 10 minutes so why not get some break time in. Daphne went back to the kitchen and put her tray back and headed for the locker room. She grabbed her phone and saw 1 new message from Amanda.

I was sleeping, you know, not everyone gets up this early. c: I'm totally going, wouldn't miss it for anything.
From: Amanda Cyprus

She smiled and texted back.

"Oh yeah stupid me... Anyways I'm looking forward to tonight! See you later."

She hit enter and slid her phone into her pocket. There was a knock on the door and she went to go open it. It was her boss. She figured it was probably because of her being late to work... "Hey Daphne, since the festival is going on I figured I'd let you off for the day. I have some other waitresses who have nothing going on tonight and they have agreed to take over your shift." he said. She blinked. "Are you serious?" She asked. He nodded. "Well... Thank you." She smiled, hugging him. "Yeah yeah whatever go have fun." He sighed and left. She grabbed her phone and sent out a text.

To: Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres, Bobby Ceres, Fin Bacchus
Turns out my boss doesn't want me to work today so I have the day off... Anybody wanna hang out?

She pressed send and took off her uniform. She'd probably take a stop at home to change into some fresh clothes. She would've this morning but she woke up too late. She headed out the back and walked through the alley to her car. She got in and it took her about 10 minutes to get home. She headed straight for her bedroom once there and changed into another outfit. "There we go." She sighed. It was still early morning and she was bored out of her mind. She flipped on the tv and waited for someone to reply to her text.

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#, as written by Issa
Ramses Atum

The walk to the sailing club, which sat right beside the docks, was short. Ram entered through a side door and flicked on the lights of the dark hall. The place was rather empty for a Saturday, most likely due to the festival. But Ram never minded having the place to himself. He showered quickly, dried and then dressed.

Picking up his bags Ram did a quick check of his cellphone. Finding it blinking, an indicator that he had a message, Ram unlocked the screen and tapped into his inbox to find a text message from Leslie.

'Hey! I'm about to leave home soon, do you want me to bring you some food?!

Ram paused as he read the message, leaning against the door frame with his bag slung over one shoulder. He felt the sides of his mouth twitch into a smile. Leslie was one of those rare people that Ramses loved to be around. Ram quickly sent back a reply,

"I'd love some food. Meet you at the street end of the docks?"

Ram assumed that Leslie would understand where he wanted to meet him, after all they often hung out at the docks. The main street of Northbay ran right down to the docks and where concrete turned to wooden planks a number of benches appeared, offering a fine view of town and lake. It was here that Ram now aimed himself, locking up the sailing club after himself and wondering past rows of boats.

It took all of five minutes to reach the spot. Ram took a seat where he could watch the street for Leslie's arrival, dumped his bag by his feet and stretching out to let the sun hit as much of him as possible. From here he also had a fine view of the lantern festival preparations and contented himself with watching as he waited for his friend to reply.

Asta Falr

The sounds from the festival preparation were distracting. Asta, trying to concentrate on her book, found herself constantly glancing up and out to the street as workers walked by and supervisors shouted out instructions. She knew that the work was all for the festival tonight. She was beyond excited at the thought of the festival, after all it had been over ten years since the last one and she only had fond memories of it. But still, she wished that they would be slightly quieter, it wasn't easy to follow her book when shouts from the street kept making her glance up.

Not that all the distractions were bad. Bryce biked past the shop, giving Asta a wave as he whizzed by. Asta smiled and returned the gesture, although she thought that she might have been a bit too slow for him to see. A moment later Bobby entered the store, the opening door temporarily increasing the sounds from outside before shutting with the jingle of it's bell.

"Morning Bobby!" Asta greeted him brightly, finally giving up on her book. She marked the page and placed it back on the counter.
“Well someones up and early.” Bobby's voice was, as always, quiet, but he smiled as he passed the counter. Asta had known him for a month, the length of time he'd been in Northbay and a co-worker with her at the bookstore. She knew he was shy, but she was pleased that he'd began to open up a bit more around her.

“I could go up and get us some coffee if you’d like, it’d only be a minute and I’d get a discount because of my sister.” His suggestion was a good one. Asta, bouncing up from her seat at the counter, stuck her head into the back of the shop where Bobby was collecting books to restock the shelves,
"I don't drink coffee, but I'd be keen for a hot chocolate!" Asta responded happily. She stuck a hand into her pocket, certain that she'd put some spare change in there. Sure enough she pulled out a note. Waving it for Bobby to see Asta added, "Maybe get some lemon cakes too? My shout."

It may have still been early morning and not long after breakfast, but Asta had a sweet tooth. Her favourite treat? Lemon cakes. The cafe always did the best.

Mack Nephthys

Broom in hand, Mack set to sweeping up the sand he had created. He didn't quite trust himself enough to call on his winds to blow the sand out of the street, after all there was as good a chance as any that he would just end up creating more sand. As he swept Mack's eye wondered over those working on the street. There was a mixture of volunteers, elders and people that had just come to have a quick look. Others were just passing through. Mack spotted Bryce cycling down the street. Where he was off to at such an early hour Mack couldn't say.

A bit further up the street Mack spotted Viona Jarlson, the descendent of Thor and apparently another festival helper. Of course he knew her, most people knew everyone in the town, but he wouldn't call them friends. In fact he tended to avoid her. It was a silly reason really, after all she couldn't help her ancestor as much as he could his. Still no matter how he looked at it there was little he could do to end his fear of lightning. And since she was able to control lightning, he naturally avoided her.
He turned away, his eyes landing on another new arrival to the festival helpers: Ava Apophis. Mack had never spoken to Apep's descendent so he didn't know her too well, but he was still surprised to see her here, offering help.
"I'm here. What do you want?" She announced. Mack glanced over his shoulder to see if one of the elders would direct her. Seeing no one nearby he took a step forward, beginning to draw out his hammer. Except before he could reach the girl Calypso appeared.

Mack wasn't able to catch what was said between the two as Fin Bacchus suddenly appeared on the street.
“I swear sleep in and you miss all the fun,” He said before sweeping a hand at the covering of sand, “What happened here?”
Mack shrugged, a sheepish smile appearing on his face.
"I almost fell off a ladder. Had to call some winds to save me and..." He nodded at the sand on the street. He couldn't help that his winds naturally wanted to turn into sandstorms, it was just a part of his power.

“Did you need any help cleaning it up?” Fin's offer brought a smile to Mack's face,
"Yeah, that'd be... Mack's sentence trailed off as Fin's attention was drawn to something over Mack's shoulder and a moment later Fin left with a promise to talk to him later. Shaking his head and giving a 'what can you do' shrug of his shoulders, Mack returned to his sweeping, hoping that next time someone offered help they weren't distracted by a pretty face.

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Izzy awoke late in the day, typical of her when she didn't have classes. She instantly went to her phone and was almost disappointed when she saw there were no new messages, at least not from anyone important. Frowning, she made up her mind to do her very best to change that, by sending a few messages out to the people she felt she knew best, most of which who she felt either could easily be controlled, or were attractive, or she considered a friend, and that left a wide range of people.

To: Odessa, Fin, Amanda, Lucas, Bryce, Viona, Ronan, Julian, Calypso:

Hey all, your queen has awoken! So where’s everyone up to? I’m looking forward to seeing all you peeps at the festival tonight, and festivals aren’t even like my thing like at all! So you guys better be there because if I’m there alone with the village elders, heads shall roll! Lol! Will be in town fyi so feel free to meet up with me.

From: Izzy Dias

Izzy put her phone down, sat up, walked out of bed down to the small bathroom in her tiny flat and took a long bath, before dressing and heading out for town. It was nice not having to work to pay for school because you had a rich stepfather to pay for it all, Izzy had to admit, problem was, that meant a lot of people were tried down for work. Driving into town she quickly parked her car and watched as several people put together decorations, smirking almost, she couldn’t understand why anyone but criminals would work for free for something having to do with the community, but she supposed that was why she was a leader, after all, not everyone’s grandfathers Zeus, and the ruling blood certainly ran deep in Izzy.

Izzy, getting out of her car decided to look for a place to loiter around, a hobby she quite enjoyed. She wasn’t really watching where she was going however and bumped into Mack, who was sweeping sand?

“Um excuse me, but do you mind!” She snorted angrily, when he completely ignored her. Then an idea came to her. “ Hey Mack, check this out!” When she had gotten his attention she looked to the sky and caused a small stray bolt of lighting light up the sky. It was the kind that was gone in an instant and made you wonder if there was a storm or not, the ones that Liverpool had been getting frequently for the last 21 or so years. Besides, it was always fun to scare the crap out of people, and Izzy remembered somebody told her once that Mack was afraid of lighting.

Laughing to herself, Izzy walked down to the record shop and gave Julian a wink before turning to the music, trying to find some old records that would make for a great sound mix. She would flirt a little, talk a little, possibly buy something, and be on her way.


Bobby grinned to himself as he heard Asta call out, “Morning Bobby!” Followed by “I don’t drink coffee, but I’d be keen for a hot chocolate.” He watched, coming back to the front of the store, pleased that this didn’t go as badly as he thought it might. Asta helped you out almost, and he had to admit, she was a very easy person to talk to. She pulled out a bunch of euro’s and some coins (that’s the Irish currency if I’m correct) and offered them to him. “Maybe get some lemon cakes too? My shout.”

Bobby refused the money and replied. “Sure thing, I’ll buy, one hot chocolate, a tea for myself and a bunch of lemon cakes coming right up, I’ll be back.” He walked out the door before Asta could protest and ran not really thinking about anything but getting Asta’s ordered right. He ran between Daphne, Amanda and Fin, tripping himself, and said a quick “I’m terribly sorry!” and continued on his way rushing by a girl who he thought was named Layla with the same hasteful sorry before reaching the coffee shop.

When he had at last reached his destination, he found himself waiting for his sister to stop texting before she noticed him. She raised a brow.

“Um Bobby, what up? Why are you so sweaty? Where you running from those normal thugs again!? Cause I’ll cripple them I will! And you know I don’t like it when you just come to visit me.”

“Right, just, everythings fine Steph, just ah, um I was wondering if I could have a medium hot chocolate, a ice tea and two lemon cakes.” Bobby said as Stephanie’s eyes lit up before she got to work.

“Oh Bobby, who is it, who are you buying breakfast for, that’s real unlike you, well then again I guess it isn’t, your just usually too shy to-”

“It’s just Asta, nothing romantic, just, you know, just something employees do for each other once in awhile.” Bobby interrupted.

“Well ‘ere ya go Bobby, enjoy your little lunch with you employee.” Stephanie laughed a little and handed her older brother his order and watched as he ran back out shaking her head. On his way back, breathless, he stopped to catch his breath and felt his phone go off, so he one handly picked it up and read the new message.

To: Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres, Bobby Ceres, Fin Bacchus

Turns out my boss doesn't want me to work today so I have the day off... Anybody wanna hang out?

He quickly typed back a response.

To Daphne:

I would, but I’m stuck at work. Maybe later, see you at the festival. Oh and I think I’ll ask Asta if she wants to come too if that’s alright.

From: Bobby

He quickly walked inside and put down the bag he’d been carrying. “ And there you go Asta, a hot chocolate, two lemon cakes, and a ice tea.” He sat down on a box of books he probably shouldn't have sat on, and took a big gulp before finding himself stuttering.

“ So um eh w-would you um m-mind going to the f-festival later tonight w-with some of my friends and siblings. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought m-maybe it’d settle some things and we could all get to know each other.”

He winced waiting for her answer.


Stephanie sighed as her phone buzzed and flipped it out to see what was up.

To: Stephanie

Yeah, sure, sounds like fun, when would you like to meet and where?

Stephanie felt her heart thump at the message. There it was, plain as day, a messages from Antares, asking her when and where she wanted to meet up. Why the hell was she so nervous and more importantly, not already texting him back.

To: Antares

Cool, glad you can come, I was thinking we could maybe meet at the docks at around oneish, I should be done with work by then. I still have to wait for Brad and Bobby so it’ll probably be just the two of us, but it’s not like it’s a date or anything so yah. See you at the docks:)

From: Stephanie

Stephanie pressed send and looked up to see Bobby, looking rather crazy. She smiled served him and returned to her phone, an unusual thing for her to do while at work, but today to her it seemed at least, it was like a holiday.

To: Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres, Bobby Ceres, Fin Bacchus

Turns out my boss doesn't want me to work today so I have the day off... Anybody wanna hang out?

Lucky, she muttered to herself before repiling.

To Daphne:

Sorry, but I’m stuck here till one, we can hang later though.

From: Stephanie.

Stephanie put down her phone only to pick it up again and read yet another message.

At work right now, slow as hell. I’ll catch up with you later at the festival. Promises.

She quickly typed back:

K see you later at the fest, don’t be too sad, you're surrounded by music, I’m surrounded by coffee and baked goods, not quite as entertaining ;)

Then she really did go back to work, shoving her phone in her pocket as a customer came in.

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#, as written by Issa
Mack Nephthys

Mack had just about finished sweeping up the sand when someone bumped into him from behind. He turned just as the angry voice exclaimed, 'Um excuse me, but do you mind!' . He recognised the obnoxious voice and face of Izzy Dias, a Greek and the descendent of Zeus. Izzy was one of the few that Mack hadn't gotten to know. Really, there was something about her that put Mack off. She was just too... loud for him.

As if proving his point Izzy grabbed for his attention, eagerly saying 'Hey Mack, check this out!' before looking up at the blue sky. Before Mack could fully comprehend what she was doing a small lightning bolt lit up the sky. Its sudden appearance made Mack jump, his nerves getting the better of him. It wasn't something that Mack cared for much, in fact it freaked him out quite a bit. Luckily Izzy had only created one lightning bolt and it was gone in the blink of an eye. Still, as Izzy walked away laughing, Mack had to take a moment to steady his racing heart.

A moment later he was back to sweeping up the last of the sand. A voice, a much more welcome voice than Izzy's, called out across the street. Mack turned to see Jade cycling past and waving. Jade wasn't a close friend, but living in Northbay meant you rarely didn't know someone. He had spent years living down the street from the Aset girls so naturally he knew Jade well.
'Hey Mack! ... The decorations look great! I'll see you at the festival, yeah?'
Mack smiled and gave his own wave,
"Thanks Jade..." Mack began to reply when Jade, her attention focused on Mack, crashed into another person.

Jade stuttered out an apology to Antonio, a Greek Mack had yet to get to know well. Mack dropped the broom and trotted over to the pair. At the same time Dehlilah Cyprus joined them. Mack placed a gentle hand on Jade's shoulder, concern evident in his eyes as he caught the last of Tony's words, 'Listen, I've got friends waiting on me. So if you're okay...Then I'm gonna get going.'
"Are you hurt?" Mack asked the younger woman. He quickly studied her for signs of external wounds, "Do you want me to take you to the doctors?" As he asked the questions his eyes flicked down to the small swell of her belly.

Ramses Atum

Ram didn't seem to notice the time it took Leslie to arrive, he was happy enough to close his eyes for a time and let the sun soak into his skin. He thrived off the sun. Midday was his favoured time, after all his powers were strongest at midday and he always felt more invigorated then.

He cracked an eye open as his phone buzzed, a message from Leslie,

'Great, can't wait to see you there!'

Ram didn't reply, knowing that Leslie would be there soon. Instead he settled back into his seat, patiently waiting for his friend to arrive.

Ramses opened his eyes a moment later when he heard footsteps approaching. A smile spread across his face as he spotted Leslie coming towards him, his arms laden with bags of delicious food. Leslie sat beside Ram, placing the food between the two.
"I guessed on what you wanted." Leslie said, picking up a piece of food, "You can have anything you want from this."
"You know me too well." Ramses told him with a wide smile as he picked up a coke and a cheese burger. Ram bit into the fatty goodness, a groan of pleasure escaping his lips. "I'll treat you something tonight at the festival." Ram said once he'd finished his first mouthful. "I could shout you a ride on the Ferris wheel." Ram joked, nudging Leslie's knee with his own. At 22 Ram was probably too old for carnival rides and he'd hate to be seen by some of the town layabouts in such a childish pursuit.

Asta Falr

It seemed that Bobby had other ideas about who would pay for the treats. He refused her money and listed off the order,
“Sure thing, I’ll buy, one hot chocolate, a tea for myself and a bunch of lemon cakes coming right up, I’ll be back.”
Then, before Asta could put her foot down about paying, Bobby left.

With a promise to herself to pay Bobby back at some later time, she stuffed the money back into her pocket and took up her seat by the counter. The shop was empty and likely to stay that way for the remainder of the day. Asta didn't mind the quiet, it was always a good thing when she wanted to read, but having customers always helped make the time fly. On a day like today with the coming lantern festival Asta couldn't help but anxiously watch the hands of the shop clock slowly tick by.

With a sigh Asta stood up again, unsure what to do with herself. She wondered down the isles of books, slowly scanning the titles. She picked out a random book and flipped through the pages, not really paying attention to what she was doing. A moment later footsteps sounded outside and the doorbell rung as Bobby came back carrying their treats.

Asta returned to the counter, bouncing slightly as she sighted the lemon cakes.
“ And there you go Asta, a hot chocolate, two lemon cakes, and a ice tea.” Bobby announced, taking a seat on a box of books. Asta jumped up onto the counter, her legs swinging slightly as she picked up her hot chocolate.
"Thanks a bunch Bobby" Asta said, blowing softly on the drink before taking a sip.

Bobby seemed to be stealing himself to say something and Asta, knowing it was best not to rush Bobby, waited patiently for him to speak.
“ So um eh w-would you um m-mind going to the f-festival later tonight w-with some of my friends and siblings. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought m-maybe it’d settle some things and we could all get to know each other.” Bobby seemed to wince, as if expecting Asta to refuse him with a nasty remark. Instead Asta gave Bobby a happy smile, clearly delighted with the idea.
"That would be great!" Asta said as she grabbed a lemon cake and began picking at it, "And if we're there together I can pay you back for the hot chocolate and lemon cakes. It's useless to argue, I'm determined to pay you back" She playfully stuck her tongue out at Bobby before popping a piece of her lemon cake into her mouth.

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#, as written by Grrbot
Daphne let out a loud sigh. Nobody was answering her texts or they were busy. Daphne stood up. She was bored out of her mind. Daphne headed to the kitchen and grabbed a glass from a cupboard. Wine materialized within seconds and Daphne took a sip. Oh how she loved her powers. Even with her being drunk, she was still responsible. She figured if she had a drink she wouldn't drive. Most figured being a child of Dionysus and all, she'd be clumsy and irresponsible, but that was the exact opposite. Often people can't see past her party side, giving her a bed reputation. Daphne used to care and would explain its not that way but lately she's been getting so tired, she's told people to think what they want.

Daphne sighed and headed to the door. Most people were probably down in the town centre to help set up or down at the pub. She didn't really have any interest in helping out right now but if it came down to it, she would help. She figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out what everyone is up to.

Daphne set out walking down the street. She wouldn't drink and drive and she could probably catch a cab... Or better yet if her plans went as planned, she could get a ride. Daphne thought of tonight. She was planning on hanging out with Bobby and well... She'd been meaning to talk to him for awhile so tonight was the night.

After 20 minutes Daphne finally headed onto the main street. The pub looked pretty full and she saw some familiar faces... But she figured why not check up on Bobby. And no she was not being obsessive. Daphne literally had nothing better to do. She walked down to the bookstore where she knew she worked and looked around for a bit. She saw Asta and Bobby chatting and eating lemon cake. "Oh hey Bobby..." Daphne said, approaching the two. "Asta hey! Your coming with us tonight right?" Daphne said as she got closer. Daphne felt kind of awkward and she hoped she wasn't bothering them.

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#, as written by Issa
Asta Falr

The door jangled as it opened. Asta hoped off the counter and turned to see Daphne enter the shop. The Greek girl may have only been here a month but, like Bobby, Asta considered her a friend. Asta's mouth was full of lemon cake so while she chewed on the sweet food she gave Daphne a wave in greeting.
"Oh hey Bobby... Asta hey! Your coming with us tonight right?" Daphne said as she joined the two. Asta nodded and then, after swallowing her food replied,
"I sure am." And then with a grin she added, "I hope you guys are looking forward to the festival. The last time Northbay threw the lantern festival I was seven. It was so much fun."

Asta hoped the festival was as good as she remembered. She had been pretty young the last time and remembered it was pleasure. There had been sweets, rides, stalls and the release of the lanterns at the end of night, which was always Asta's favourite part.

A vibration in her pocket and the beginnings of an electronic tune brought Asta's attention back to the present. She pulled her phone out to find a text from Jade, asking a number of people if they could help out at the festival.
"The kissing booth...? Asta mumbled to herself, biting her lip. Did she really want strangers to be kissing her? On the other hand she wanted to help Jade out and she wasn't doing anything else to help out.

Asta typed back a quick reply,

"I'll take the first shift: 6:00 - 6:30.
Let me know if I can help with anything else.
xx A"

With the press of a button she had sent the text. Taking the first shift would mean that she would have hours of uninterrupted time to enjoy the festival afterwards. She put her phone away, feeling suddenly guilty for texting in front of Bobby and Daphne. To Asta it seemed somewhat antisocial.

"Sorry." She apologised, "That was Jade asking for people to help at the kissing booth. I've offered to take a shift to help her out." Asta pulled a face, poking her tongue out in a playful manner, "Let's hope it's too early for anyone to actually be at the festival during my shift."

Mack Nephthys

There was a strain between Alaura and Jade, that much was clear to all three men gathered around the two.
"The doctor said I need prenatal vitamins," Jade said in response to his question
Mack nodded, "I'll bring them around before I head back to the festival set up" he told her, before she rushed out of the practice. Mack glanced from Alaura to the quickly receding back of Jade. It wasn't his place to step into a problem of this kind so with a nod he took his leave.

He took a deep breath in his car, calming himself and setting his mind to ease. The morning had been full of more drama than he couldn't possibly have anticipated. He hoped that the festival would prove to be less dramatic. He ignited the cars engine a moment later and pulled out of the doctor's practice. He turned left, heading towards the supermarket and pharmacy.

"Prenatal vitamins, right..." He muttered to himself as he entered the shop. He wondered down the isles until he reached the necessary section only to find an array of vitamins designed for a seemingly endless number of health problems. "Iron deficiency, Vitamin C boost..." Mack muttered as he picked up random bottles from the shelves. He found something that might have been for pregnancies, but a little further down he found another bottle that promised much of the same thing. "Perhaps I should have asked what the vitamins were called." Mack muttered, clasping his hands on top of his head and looking hopelessly at the shelves. In the end he had to ask one of the shop assistants for advice and even then he ended up buying three different bottles of vitamins.

Five minutes later he pulled up outside of Jade's townhouse. There was a note on her door addressed to Mack. She was out. Mack stood on the doorstep for a moment, debating what to do. He glanced quickly at his wristwatch, it was time to begin putting up the street cordons now and he had been specifically tasked with the job. He couldn't really afford to wait for Jade or chance meeting her at the festival. So, finally making a decision, Mack wrapped the vitamin bottles carefully in a bag and placed them in her letterbox. He attached a short note,

'Jade -
I didn't know what vitamins to get so I bought a few.
Hope they're the right ones.
- Mack'

He hoped back into his car to the sound of his cellphone beeping. He unlocked it and read the message from Jade. Suddenly his note seemed irrelevant given that he could just text her the location of the vitamins.

'Glad you're alright. No problem.
Vitamins in the letterbox.
See you at festival
- Mack'

It was evident to anyone who received a text from Mack that he wasn't a technology whizz. He'd never really caught on to texting, he preferred talking face to face and his texts were usually brief and to the point. He threw his phone onto the passenger seat and drove towards the main street.

- Midday -

Mack was back at the Festival site, organising the construction of the cordons. They weren't large, more as a means of indicating where the festival began. But, they would keep cars out and - for the moment - any pedestrians who wanted to get a look at the set up. The festival would start in a few hours and, given no more accidents or surprises, the decorations and stalls should be completed in no time.

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#, as written by Issa


Saturday, 20th July

The main street of Northbay, still illuminated by the soon to be setting sun, has come alive. Music (a local folk band currently playing on the stage) drifts down the street.

Residents arrive to take a look at what the festival has to offer: food, games, competitions, raffles and trinkets for sale.

Of course, given that the town's residents are the descendent of gods you can bet that there will be other stalls selling magical items and game booths encouraging use of powers.

Mack Nephthys

- Midday -

Mack was shaking his head as a pair of helpers moved a beam of wood into place,
"Watch where you're..." He started to warn the pair before, crash! the beam hit another pile of poles and sent them rolling across the road. Luckily most of the street was blocked off from pedestrians so there was little need for Mack to run screaming after them. Instead he simply pointed after them to the pair that had caused the crash.

A moment later a voice made him turn and he found Dehlilah Cyprus standing behind him.
"Um, hey I didn't want to interrupt but um can you ask the girl, my friend ran into if she's ok?" She sounded nervous, or perhaps she was just breathless from running across the street.
"Jade. Her name is Jade." Mack said. He felt uncharacteristically defensive of Jade. He was a friendly guy, he didn't take too many things to heart and was easily able to brush off most insults. But the crash this morning had almost cost Jade her babies and in his eyes Dehlilah had been more concerned with getting Antonio into the restaurant than caring for the hurt girl. Still, the fact that she was here asking after Jade meant that Mack's voice wasn't cold, it was simply lacking its usual warmth.

"I would have helped, but I didn't know if you'd want us... To put our noses in your business," Mack wondering who 'our' was meant to be, Dehlilah and Antonio? Mack shook his head slightly. He was about to argue that it had only been 'his' business because he had been concerned, but decided to hold his tongue. He liked Dehlilah well enough, from the little he had seen of her around town. Besides a moment later she looked over her shoulder. She said goodbye, placed a hand on his arm and added "Thanks, seriously," before leaving.

After she left Mack turned back to the set-up, shaking his head as he saw that in the few minutes his attention had been elsewhere all chaos had erupted...

- 5:00 pm -

Mack sat back, enjoying the cool beer in his hand as he watched the cordons open and the first residents enter the festival. Mack was at one of the stalls set up outside the bar, fairy lights twinkled above his head and the setting sun was caught and held by the string of mirror-like, plastic crystals that were twined around a nearby lamp post. Soon enough the whole street would be lit by the fairy lights and street lamp, creating a magical setting for the night's festivities.

Mack's hangover of the morning was well and truly gone. In fact, if he found the right people he wouldn't be against making an event out of tonight. He finished his beer and signaled for the bar keep who passed him another. He popped it open, appreciating the tsk of goodness being released.
"To a good night." He said to the bar keep, tilting his bottle in a salute. He returned his gaze to the street, took a sip and leaned back, waiting for the night to begin.

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#, as written by Grrbot
"I sure am. I hope you guys are looking forward to the festival. The last time Northbay threw the lantern festival I was seven. It was so much fun." Daphne nodded. "Tonight is looking to be a lot of fun!" She says. Her phone then receives a text so she looks to see who its from.

To: Ariel, Asta, Julian, Leslie, Ronan, Bryce, Chione, Ramses, Fin, Daphne, Izzy, Stephanie.
Message: [GROUP MESSAGE] Hey everyone! I know this is super last minute, but I was supposed to work the kissing booth and get it organized, but... something came up. I have the following time slots that need to be filled, and I would love you forever if you could take a shift? 6:00-6:30, 7:00-7:30, 8:00-8:30, 9:00-9:30, and 10:00-10:30. The thirty minutes between each time the booth will hold raffles- the money goes to the school playground! Martha ((NPC)) will be taking care of the raffles, so after your thirty minutes is up you're free (: Let me know, guys! Again, thanks so much!

To: Jade

Yeah sure I'd love to help out. I can work the 9:00-9:30 shift if its open, if not then the 10:00-10:30 shift.

She turned back to Asta and Bobby. "I have some errands to do before I go out tonight so I'll see you both later." Daphne said and headed out.

(time skipping to 5:00pm because I'm behind)


Daphne walked along the boardwalk down by the bay. The sun was setting and the festival was about to get started. She didn't see too many of her friends around. She figured they'd probably send her a text so she just walked around, looking at her feet, focusing on the space between each step. She looked out at the water, a pretty blue with the sun shining on it. She felt the urge for a dip but she had no time for that. Daphne sighed and sat down on the edge of the dock, her feet dangling over the side. She slid out her phone.

To: Bobby, Stephanie, Asta, Fin, Amanda

Whats everyone up to? I'm down by the bay and haven't seen anybody and I'm bored out of my mind.

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Soon after Viona purchased the bracelet, she passed a stall selling small novelty toys. She continued down the street at the slow pace till she felt a tap on her shoulder. "Hey girlie. How are you liking the festival so far?" Viona turned to see Xander and smiled broadly at his greeting. "Hey Xander!" She felled into step with him as they talked. "So far, pretty good. I bought this bracelet," she said, holding up her wrist to show him. The little lightning bolts dangled from the chain, seeming to dance. "My sister decided to go make kissy faces with her boyfriend and I've been left to fend for myself." She laughed as he feigned pain, and tucked some curls behind her ear. "Well, it's lucky you found me," she replied.

"So what's your story? Did you get dragged here with anyone, or did you come on your own for fun?" "My story huh? I came on my own~" She paused at a stall, before quickening her pace to catch up with Xander again. "I got roped into helping set up the decorations, so I thought my reward should be a night of food and fun." You supposed to be meeting anyone around here?" "Sort of, I'm meeting Ronan later tonight, and I was going to talk to Bobby if I saw him." She turned to Xander and pointed. "But for now, I'm all yours. What do you want to do?"

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12:00 PM

Stephanie's heart was thumping as she thought about what she'd say to Antares when they were finally alone at the docks for once. Make it good Steph, he's going to love you. She had already told him it'd be okay if Ariel came along to, she doubted the kid would get between anything, she checked her phone and reread her last message:

To: Antares

Hey sure that's fine, can't wait to see you there I'll try to be early

Try was a bit of a stretch, she had purposely left work at 12:00 to make sure she had tons of time, in fact it seemed like next to nothing to could astray, but boy was she wrong. Stephanie walked across throws the docks when she noticed the car. Some idiot had bashed out a headlight! Only one person would dare do such a thing. “Izzy” Stephanie heard herself muttering under her breath. She looked back behind her. While she was furious with Izzy, she knew it wasn't worth running things with Antares. With one last scowl she continued throws the dock. Still no one, which was good, she was the first one there.

Pasting back and forth with nerves Stephanie couldn't think of much to say, a thought which scared her. She's never been good with letting people on to the fact she loved them. Why with her first boyfriend he had to practically force himself on her, so she didn't have to do much, but with the last one, well he was harder. Bobby always told her to just be herself. But what did he know, he couldn't even talk to the postman correctly.

Maybe it was because she was off in a funny memory of Bobby stuttering at the postman, or maybe it was because she wasn't paying attention but whatever the reason she tripped and landed on one wrist, her left one, hard. She winced and swore a bit. Gods her wrist hurt. But she couldn't have broken it, no she couldn't have broken it! If she had broke it that ruined everything! How was she suppose to hold hands with Antares! How was she suppose to pound Izzy!

As if for the pure good of it at that time a older middle aged man walked by. Just from the look of it Stephanie could tell he was just a normal guy and she figured he'd leave her alone.

“Why miss whatever seems to be the matter? I heard your crying while I was going around on my afternoon walk.”

“I wasn't crying it's nothing.”Stephanie growled holding her wrist and wincing.

“Well it seems to me as if you've hurt yourself, and it wouldn't be right of me to leave a young injured woman all by herself.” The man replied.

“You don't seem to understand, you see I have a date- er uh I mean I'm meeting someone!” Stephanie protested.

“Well little missy just come with me to the hospital, you can get that wrist of yours checked out, and then come right back.”
“Oh alright!” Stephanie gave in, but only because her wrist really did hurt, and though she'd never admit it to anyone she did feel a bit like crying in disappointment as she walked with the man, she hoped this would be done soon.


Stephanie sighed looking down at her wrist. It was banged and had been put in a sling. The doctor had said it was only a light sprain, but already Stephanie was worried. She hadn't been able to explain a thing to anyone as it was impossible to text with one hand. All she need now was some girl to steal Antares from her. Figuring that Antares and Ariel had left by now, Stephanie made her way to the festival. She's meet up with them there, she decided.


Izzy practically melted when Lucas kissed her. She never could figure out why, sure she'd been kissed by many different people before, girls and boys alike, but no one, not even Eva Whites her high school sweetheart, could come even remotely close to this boy. And boy did she ever like that, the only problem was that she couldn't let go of this boy, when he was with others, she found herself, yes her, feeling jealous. And she couldn't stand not being around him for more than a weeks time. Izzy didn't have crushes, nor did she really have love, and this was all strange to her and frighten as well as excited her. Suddenly he stopped kissing her and instead answered her.

“I wouldn't want to keep that important thing waiting.”

“Neither would I.” She smiled as she took his hand and the two walked outside.

“I can't wait for our forth time.” She heard him whisper in her ear. She let out another laugh.

“You've counted?” She watched as he held open the door for her and walked out of it.

“Now let's go get that thing.” Lucas grinned.

“Sure thing, I'd hate to keep either one of us waiting. I hate waiting!” Izzy looked at the sky and made a warm breeze fly by as she kissed Lucas deeply before pulling away and leading him to her car. She opened her doors and told Lucas to sit wherever he wished when she saw it, parked a little aways was the Ceres's car, she'd recognize it's ugly features from anywhere.

“Hey Lucas do you mind denting up a car before we go? See it's just that this little bitch, her names Stephanie, just seems to have parked her car in my blind spot, and I won't be able to see it.” Izzy pulled out and rammed into the car before driving off.

“See?” She smiled as she drove throws her flat. When they finally arrived and wounded up in her house she looked in Lucas's eyes and smiled.

“I love you Lucas, I do, I mean I like really love you.” She told him her fingers trailing around him teasingly. “And I'm going to make you want and love me, and you're going to love tonight.” She added trying hard not to blush. She never blushed. Blushing was overrated.


Izzy was laying beside Lucas, her hair in a mess, not that she minded, a pleasant smile on her face.

“Well that was fun eh?” She said. “You know, I was thinking, what if during the festival we go around and try to brake up as any couples as we can. I know it sounds mean, but think of it this way, were preventing the town from unwanted pregnancies. And a lot of drama, plus we'd be the envy of town.”

Izzy realized her phone had went off and she checked it. It was from her brother:

Haha, sorry, just got your text. You'll be happy to know I spent most of my day with people already.:P See you tonight. Hey, Izzy, smart decisions okay?

So much for that, Izzy thought with a laugh

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#, as written by Issa
Asta Falr

Asta was happy to simply wait for the others to join her and Daphne. Sure, she was eager to experience the festival but she also knew that it would be that much more fun with a group of friends. Besides, she was looking forward to the idea of introducing the small group of Greeks to the wonder of a Northbay festival. She remembered the last Lantern Festival was fondness. By the time it came to the actual release of the lanterns Asta had been close to falling asleep, only holding on to conciosness through sheer determination.

"Who are we waiting for? Bobby and..." Asta asked, trying to remember who exactly was joining their little group. In a burst of inspiration Asta pulled out her phone, determined to text everyone to see how long they would be. As she unlocked her cellphone the large digital clock flashed on her screen, revealing that it was almost time for her shift at the kissing booth.
"Bugger." Asta said, casting an apologetic look at Daphne, "I have to go work at the Kissing Booth for an hour. I don't want to let Jade down so I'd better start heading over now. I'll meet up with you guys after alright." Asta hesitated, feeling bad for leaving Daphne waiting by the lake alone, "You should wait for the others at the festival, it's so much more bright and interesting there." Asta suggested.

Asta made her way up past the docks and along to the main street. She passed various other members of the community making their way to the festival too. Those with younger children were struggling to keep up with their excited offspring. Asta had to smile, it seemed that so far the festival was working well to make everyone happy.

As she entered the actual festival Asta was surrounded by sounds, smells and sights. She waved at friends she spotted, stopped to get a look at a delicious looking ice cream sundae. She bypassed the ice cream though, determined to save her money until she had time to properly explore the festival. Then she saw the stand selling candy floss and decided that one small item wouldn't break the bank. She bought a stick of candy floss, thanked the seller and continued to make her way through the festival as she happily pulled off and devoured small bits of candy floss.

Asta's eyes roamed around as she walked and were caught by a gathering of pretty lights floating around one of the carriages on the Ferris wheel. Her happy expression however changed to one of shock as she saw the two figures behind the pretty lights. Leslie and Ramses, making out. Leslie she had nothing against, but her and Ramses had never gotten along. Asta stuck her tongue out, making a face at the show of public affection which was rather hypocritical given that she was about to volunteer at the kissing booth.

Speaking of which, Asta soon spotted the large, red love heart and pursed lips that had been used to decorate the kissing booth stall.
"Asta Falr, reporting for duty." Asta said to the woman collecting money outside the booth. What had Jade said her name was, Mary? Marion? Asta couldn't remember so she was determined not to have to use it. The woman smiled and welcomed Asta, moving aside so Asta could make her way behind the booth.
"Anything important I should know before I start?" Asta asked, "Dos and do nots? Kissing etiquette?
The woman laughed and shook her head, "If they have money or a token give them a kiss. That's it really." She replied. She gave Asta a friendly pat on the bat, "You'll get it." She added.
A moment later Asta watched as the woman left, taking a quick break to grab some food and see some sights. Asta sat back on the stool behind the booth bench and picked the last parts of her candy floss off the stick before turning the 'closed' sign around to read 'open'

(ooc: Ramses and Mack coming soon! - Or tomorrow - Urgh I lied. I'm sick, tomorrow it will have to be. Sorry!)