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Bryce Nepthys

"I'm not in the business of denying myself the little joys in life."

0 · 1,176 views · located in Northbay, Ireland

a character in “Living Gods”, as played by OurStars


"I'm a big believer in enjoying the little things."

Image Name:
"It's on my birth certificate and everything."
Bryce Augustus Nepthys

"Who's asking?"
Bryce, Augustus

"I'm the youngest in my family."

"Sorry, boys."

"You couldn't tell by my last name?"

"I curse you with an eternity of sandy shorts!"
Set, God of Storms, the Desert, and Foreigners

"Does that make me a slacker?"
Just a student- last year of high school

Weird Things
High School
Joking Around
Goofing Off
Climbing Trees
Tall Buildings
Birds of Prey
Being Ignored
Feeling Jealous
Feeling Inferior
Complete Seriousness
Deadpan Humor
Wicker Furniture
Being Told off
Clear Skies
Dyed Hair
Tree-less Places
Sitting Still

Falcons || Death || Inferiority || Betrayal

Swimming || Learning Languages || Parkour || Partying

Set - Set is the Egyptian god of Storms, the Desert, and Foreigners. He is portrayed as having a human body and the head of what is commonly described only as 'the Set Animal'. Set was known to have been a jealous god, and it was his jealousy that led him to usurp his his brother, Osiris, who had been a wise leader and married to their sister, Isis. Set was married to Nephthys, a protective goddess who represents the death experience. He was an enemy of Horus, the son of Osiris.

As the descendent of the god of the Desert, Bryce is in possession of some sand based powers, able to manipulate the sand to do things varying from conjuring a sand storm, to packing it tightly into shapes such as chairs, armor, etc. However, given the lack of large amounts of sand in the area, these powers have fallen mostly into disuse, and he has become rather rusty since his glory days of building the best sandcastles in the sandbox. He is far more experienced with creating rain storms, and in fact has often done so without actually thinking about it. Once he has created the storm, he is not necessarily in full control of it- while he can create and vanquish storms, the thunder and lightning aspect is a bit more out of his control. If he's truly angry, lightning might strike very close to him, but that's really as far as he can go in regards to manipulating the facets of a storm. He's happy with just being able to make them come about, anyway.

As far as his sand abilities go, Bryce can't just whip sand up out of nowhere, and needs the preexisting material in order to actually do anything. It also doesn't work on just plain dirt or anything- it has to be sand, which can be a bit of a pain. He's more adept with storms anyway, although even then, he has yet to manage to really control the thunder and lightning pieces of that puzzle. Outside of his supernatural ability-based weaknesses, the young man does have a problem with being extraordinarily jealous, and his head is easily clouded by suspicion in regards to these things, despite an otherwise easygoing attitude. Of course, that attitude has also made him slightly more reckless than he ought to be, and has led him to trouble on several occasions. He's also rather afraid of falcons, probably because Horus, enemy of Set, is often associated with the falcon.

Outside of his more mythical abilities, Bryce is a very courageous young man who is not afraid of sticking his neck out in order to achieve something. While this recklessness is downfall, it also makes him more likely to succeed, because he isn't going to avoid taking chances just because things might end poorly for him. Rather, he will do so anyway, and eventually one of those chances or risks will end up benefiting him in some way- that's what he's found, anyway. He's also a very athletic individual, likely due to his constant running around and messing about, and prides himself in being rather good when it comes to parkour. The young man is actually quite a show off about these things, probably because he likes to impress people- though it often doesn't actually work. He's rather good with linguistics, as well, and seems to have a natural talent for picking up languages- in fact, he does it for fun at times. The young man credits this to Set being the god of foreigners. As of yet, he can speak English, French, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. He's pretty good at accents as well, though he mostly uses that for jokes and such.

"I suppose those new Greeks can't help but be attracted to a town so strange as ours, but they sure are making a bit of a stir with their arrival. Not that I mind, of course- it makes things a lot more interesting than they have been recently. I don't go around preaching chaos and rivalries as the way to go or anything, but they sure can spice things up a bit, can't they? Besides, this town seems to thrive off of action."

Bryce is the sort of person who fully believes that a person should grasp at every opportunity they are given, and should live life as best as they possibly can, because it very well may be the only one you've got. This is not exactly an optimistic mindset, but nor is it pessimistic: rather, it is an active mindset that believes passivity to be the leading cause of destruction and death. It is his philosophy that one should, to quote Stephen King, 'Get Busy Livin', or Get Busy Dyin'." A fear of death prevents him from doing the latter, and thus he is the sort of person who tries to experience everything around him to the fullest, rarely exercising the sort of self restraint that most others will, and justifying it by saying that he merely didn't want to lock himself away from everything. Perhaps he doesn't have the strongest discipline, but he is perfectly content to take what is given to him and ring it for all of the adventure and fun that it is worth- he lives for the present, not the future, and that allows him to have such a carefree-seeming mindset. After all, he believes that to spend one's life worrying about the future is to live only for death, and there is no point in that: especially when the king of the underworld, based on your religion, isn't the biggest fan of one's family. Despite this apparent fear of death, he is a thrill-seeker who loves the energy he feels when trying new things, reaching for new heights, and bringing himself up higher and higher. He's the one jumping off of the highest cliffs into lakes, or skating off of roofs, only to hit his back on an electrical box.

Of course, there are going to be plenty of people who scold him for being reckless and, in many situations, absolutely stupid in the ways that he goes about things. When faced with such critiques, as with all insults at all, really, he can become overly defensive, being surprisingly sensitive to insults in that way. He will deny the truth in them furiously, and becomes more stubborn than the normally adaptable young man seems to usually have in him. This often is found to be offputting by others, unfortunately, and has led many to draw conclusions that he is very childish- if they hadn't thought of that already, that is. Of course, they aren't really wrong in this thought process. The young man is of the sort who, like a spoiled child, doesn't like others to get to close to what he considers to be his- whether that be a person, an item, or an animal doesn't really matter. He can be very territorial about particular things, and this is another trait that some find strange in him. Despite seeming more easygoing at moments, he is very suspicious about people leaving him or betraying him in some way, and thus has a great disdain for those who are disloyal- ironic, given that his ancestor murdered his own brother. Anyway, this fear of betrayal links in with him naturally being a very jealous person. Beneath the exterior image of someone who claims that people shouldn't worry about things too much, he is constantly guilty of envying what others have and he does not. He uses this as a drive to motivate himself further, but it still colors his skin green constantly. Whenever he is in a relationship, it can get especially bad, because he ends up anxious that the girl is cheating on him, even if it isn't particularly warranted. He's not necessarily controlling, but he can be slightly exhausting to date, honestly.

Contrary to the nature of his ancestor, Bryce is a very loyal individual who is always quick to stick up for those that he cares about, just as he is going to stick up for himself when he feels slighted. He is unlikely to betray a person, if only because he fears the repercussions of acting in such a way- it is perhaps the only situation in which he isn't completely careless about his actions. If someone is within his circle of friends, or even if he cares about them from afar, he will stand up for them without a second thought, and can be trusted to stick with them through the good and the bad, because he wants the same from others. It helps that he is rather brave, or perhaps very stupid, and therefore is willing to face the bad without blinking an eye, occasionally even jumping straight into it without thinking about it. He's a 'rip the bandaid off' kind of guy, and believes that it is better to get something over with quickly than it is to drag it out in an attempt to ease the pain. While his words may occasionally dart around the subject, his actions never do, and he is a highly impulsive individual who will jump into things without a thought. Of course, that goes with his previously mentioned lack of self restraint. The only thing that he can't resist is temptation, basically, and he has the bad habit of always wanting what he can't have: something that is just a set up for disaster, really. But, then again, that follows with the whole jealousy aspect, doesn't it?

Bryce has always been a social creature, and is very welcoming to strangers, being the descendent of the god of foreigners, after all. He hasn't got much of a problem making conversation with a complete stranger, and is very good at breaking the ice when it comes to parties or just meeting new people- it helps that he's willing to look like an idiot if it means succeeding in bridging the gap a little bit. The young man is all about meeting people and seeing new things, this probably being because he is prone to boredom when it comes to monotony, and therefore craves the excitement like a child craves a shiny new toy- it just shakes things up. His extroverted personality has allowed him to get people to see past his jealousy and defensiveness, because they look at it and say 'that's just Bryce.' He may do stupid things, or act strangely at times, but the bonds that he forms are often strong enough to withstand a bit of embarrassment or childish behavior- even when he is being a bit of an attention whore, as the young man often is. He likes to be noticed, as a good deal of people do, because it makes him feel important or special, and helps his ego, which is surprisingly average for such a careless young man. Despite his supernatural heritage, he is still a typical young man, who wants to be seen, to hang out with friends, to date pretty girls, etc. Being a descendent of Set doesn't change that in the slightest. It also doesn't change the fact that he can be very selfish at times, and may often put his own need before those of others without realizing that he's doing it.

Active || Selfish || No Self Restraint || Jealous || Defensive || Reckless || Friendly || Sensitive || Attention Whore|| Courageous || Loyal || Impulsive || Extroverted

Bryce is the younger of the two Nepthys siblings, who are the descendents of Set, god of the Desert, Storms, and Foreigners. He had actually been a very sweet child, the type who was very quiet in their youth and responded to things with nothing beyond a smile or a giggle- he cried rarely, and was typically quickly dealt with when he did. In general, the sort of child that many parents, at least as far as infants go, wish that they had when they are being woken up at four am for the third time that night to deal with a screaming baby. He slept more than he was awake, to be honest, which is probably why his parents were able to sleep well enough at night, and therefore why they were energized enough to give him attention once he had awoken. As the younger child, he received a good deal of attention through his childhood, something which he has come to simply expect as he grew older. While his parents were not particularly wealthy, they did live comfortably with their two children, something that Bryce very frequently took for granted, especially in a little town where most families seemed to be in the same situation of comfortable, if a bit dull, mediocrity.

As he grew older, they soon found that Bryce was going to be far more of a handful than he had seemed as an infant, because the young man was prone to doing stupid things that sent him straight to the emergency room. Whether it be the broken leg from trying to jump off of the roof and into the pool, or the stitches in his head when he thought it would be a fantastic idea to back flip off of the roof. Clearly, he had a fondness for jumping off of roofs, and injuries followed him like a desperately loyal puppy. People would laugh about Bryce's various antics, quietly grateful that their own children had a bit more common sense than he did. Sure, he did well enough in school, mostly average marks, with advanced marks in languages, but he seemed to lack the bit of logic that can be the difference between climbing down the ladder of the tree house and jumping straight out of it. His motivations for doing this were a mystery to many, but to be honest, it was a mix of recklessness and a desire for constant attention. People tended to turn and pay attention when he broke his arm, after all, especially when it was from something silly.

He was the sort to be jealous about his friends, though, and thus chose a tight group who were likely to hang out with each other more than with people outside of the group. This was perhaps selfish of him, but it fueled his choice all the same, because he didn't like the idea of being left out as his friends talked to other people, or did things he didn't know about. Most accepted this as a trait expected of his family, and this was his justification for such insecurities or his inherently jealous attitude. When he grew older, he was that way in dating as well- most girls liked it at first, thinking of it as him being cutely protective, but often they found him to be a bit suffocating with his attentions, and thus he hasn't ever really had much luck in relationships. He is still in high school now, of course, though this is his final year before he will continue on to study something in university. Unfortunately, he isn't actually quite sure what he wants to do, or whether it will even have anything to do with going to tertiary education. Despite being someone with such a mind for reaching forward, he has no focused passion, and has little clue about his future. Perhaps that is another reason for his carelessness- he doesn't want to think about the future too much, and so he doesn't.

So begins...

Bryce Nepthys's Story

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#, as written by Issa


Saturday, 20th July

The residents of Northbay have awoken to a surprisingly pleasant summer's day. The weather, by magic or nature, is already a charming 20°C (68°F) and predictions have the maximum temperature reaching a comfortable 25°C (77°F). There are only a few wisps of cloud in the sky and a refreshing breeze can be felt throughout the area.

The main street is being prepared for the festival. It is still open to the public as most of the shops lining the street are likely to stay open until the cordons are put up. There is a definite buzz to the town as those involved in the preparation for the festival work and those who are attending look forward to the nights festivities.

For the town Elders there is a feeling of anxiousness. Will their planned festival help to calm the town's tensions or will it do the opposite?

Ramses Atum

Ram lefted his head and closed his green eyes, soaking up the early morning sun as it bet down on the lake. Cool water sprayed in his face and a constant breeze ruffled his hair. It was perfect sailing weather and Ram had been up since dawn to make the most of it. His one man boat, named 'The Falcon', raced across the lake, skimming across the waves.

Ram opened his eyes as he drew closer to the shore. Standing up in the boat he shielded his eyes from the sunlight glistening off the water and took in the view. There, pretty as a picture, sat Northbay. It fit snuggly between the lakeshore and the hills beyond. He could make out the main street with its small array of shows on either side. There was a large amount of activity in the street, surprising for such a small town and so early on a Saturday.

Then again it was the day of the Lantern Festival. No doubt every spare hand the Elder's could rope into helping was busy putting up decorations. Ram's father Ramsey was a member of the Elders' Council so Ramses was able to get all his information first hand and fresh. The festival was officially an overdue welcome to the Greeks. Unofficially it was to try and calm down the rising animosities between the different groups in the town. As Ram's father had said, if the town could come together and enjoy this one, simple event then they would be one step closer to regaining peace and order.

Ram thought it was a vain hope. He highly doubted that bringing together the whole town into one street would solve anything. Quite the opposite really. Ram knew little of the Greeks but he had grown up with the Norse and his own Egyptian pantheon. He knew enough to understand that there would always be certain individuals who do anything but try to ease tensions.

Shaking such thoughts from his head Ram aimed the boat to shore. A moment later he pulled into the docks, jumping onto the wooden jetty with the ease of practice. He anchored his boat to the jetty, tying it securely. The day may have been calm now but Ram knew enough about Irish weather to know to predict anything. Besides, when you lived in a town of power beings you could never be sure when someone's powers would cause a little mayhem.

Standing up Ram raised his arms above his head and stretched, before straightening out his clothes. With a pleased smile he set off down the wooden walkway, heading towards the Sailing Club rooms and a much needed shower.

Mack Nephthys

Early morning carpentry was probably not the best way to deal with a hangover, but oddly enough Mack found the rhythmic thud of his hammer strangely calming. Or perhaps he was still drunk from last night.

He had visited Northbay's singular drinking hole, the pub, the previous night. It had started as a causal beer, but three bottles of beer, four shots of vodka and who knows what else later his night had ended up much larger than anticipated. He had woken up this morning still in his clothes, his light still on and his alarm cloak blaring from under a pile of clothes.

Mack had agreed to help set up for the Lantern Festival that night. He wasn't even getting paid, but doing it as a favour to the town. Not that he minded doing it for free. Mack didn't have too many expensive habits and the rent on his tiny apartment over the supermarket was relatively cheap.

"Mack! Can you move the lanterns slightly to the left?" Ebony Aset, aunt of the three Aset girls and member of the Elders, shouted from the street. Mack, standing up on a ladder, nodded down at the woman and moved the lanterns as desired. Satisfied Ebony nodded and wondered off to oversee another part of the preparations. Left to his own devices Mack returned to hammering.

Almost finished he gave one final hammer on the nail, only his attention must have slipped because the next thing he knew a sharp pain erupted in his thumb. With a yelp he jerked his hand back, making him lose his balance in the process. His legs went out from under him, his arms pinwheeling in circles as he tried to grab at anything to keep him from falling.
Unfortunately the ladder seemed to elude him and Mack quickly found himself falling. A gust of wind blew up the street, particles of sand held in the breeze. The wind increased in strength and pressure, directing itself around the falling man. Faster than the eye could follow it had formed into a miniature wind funnel, Mack being safely buoyed in the centre. Slowly he was lowered to the ground. Only when his feet had touched concrete did a movement of his hand send the winds away, leaving a thin layer of sand behind.

'Mack, as much as I'm glad you're not hurt...' The stern voice came from Ebony Aset, her foot tapping quickly as she surveyed the tiny beach of sand that his powers had called forth. She had a broom in her hand, 'I want all this sand gone before tonight.' Thrusting it into his grasp Ebony turned and left. Dusting the light sprinkling of sand off his clothes before beginning to sweep up the street, Mack wished - and not for the first time - that his winds didn't magically summon sand when he called them.

Asta Falr

The view from the hills above the town was spectacular. Asta, pausing on her descent, couldn't help but grin at the landscape. The lake was sparkling in the early morning sun, light glistened off the town roofs and there was hardly a cloud in sight. She could have stayed on the thin track that ran up the hills beyond Northbay all day, but one glance at her watch told Asta that she'd need to open the shop soon. With a last glance across the lake Asta turned and made her way, half skipping, down the track.

Most likely it was the excitement of the coming festival that had seen Asta rise so early and head up into the hills. She often went for walks, but rarely so early in the morning. Coming back down she hit the main street at it's beginning. The entrance to Northbay was decorated with a simple sign which read 'Welcome to Northbay'. Asta passed the sign, entering the main street of the town. She passed people setting up stalls, others hanging decorations and more than one person shouting out loud instructions.

Asta waved happily at Mack as she passed him. Curiously he was sweeping up sand, although where the sand came from Asta couldn't be sure. Down the street she went, dodging in and out of the workers, until she reached the Bookstore.
"Key, key key... Oh, there you are!" She muttered to herself as she dug into her cardigan pockets. The Bookstore owner had given Asta the responsibility of opening the store today and she would have hated it if she'd lost the keys already.

She pushed the door open and stepped into the dark room. The light switch was unfortunately at the other end of the store and Asta didn't fancy wondering through the dark to find it. So, holding her hand out, she summoned a small sphere of light and used it to guide her through.

Ten minutes later, the store lit, open and ready for customers, Asta sat back at the counter with a sigh of relief. From here she had a good view of the festival preparations, but instead of watching the workers outside she picked up her book 'Catch-22' and began to read. The doorbell would jingle as soon as anyone entered, meaning until then she could happily lose herself in Joseph Heller.

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Bryce Nephthys, despite the boundless amount of energy that he seems to possess during the rest of the day, is not a morning person. More accurately, Bryce is not a 'morning-after-getting-roaring-drunk' kind of person, and so when he awakes, it is with a migraine that feels like someone is hammering a nail straight between his eyes. The sun shoots straight through the cracks in his blinds, landing excruciatingly bright rays of light directly over his closed eyes. Instantly his entire face seems to scrunch up for a moment, his brow furrowing and his mouth curling down into a terrible grimace, before the young man rolls over in a weak attempt to escape the torturous gaze of the sun. Of course, this action leaves him rolling right over the edge of his bed and landing smack onto the ground, making a small thud as he finally, but reluctantly, opens his eyes. Bryce is the sort who sleeps on the very edge of his bed, despite having a big one that is practically asking to be sprawled out on.

"Well, shit," Bryce mutters under his breath at the tumble, pushing himself up off of the ground and squinting through the bright sunlight. Well, at least he knows precisely what to do in order to wake himself up- a good swim is always the solution for everything, as far as the young man is concerned. Besides, he doesn't exactly have a job, and therefore has nowhere set to be at the moment. Based on the sun outside, it's a perfect day for a dip, though that isn't all that looking out the window tells him. Bryce watches as a gust of sand-carrying wind blows up the street and keeps going, prompting a smirk on his face, because he knows precisely who the creator of that gust of wind is. Bored or something? he wonders, before continuing on with his quest to get himself into the pool. After getting dressed and such, Bryce heads downstairs to prepare himself a breakfast of buttered toast. He doesn't cook much, not even when it comes to eggs. In fact, the only thing he can seem to make properly is banana bread, oddly enough.

The young man gets onto his bike and speeds off, hardly bothering with a leisurely pace right now. His head is still throbbing terribly, but he's the sort of person who, rather than reacting with rest and recuperation, just tries to power through the pain. This is probably a horrible idea, but it is what he does anyway. As he bikes down the road, Bryce finds himself passing the bookstore, where he can see Asta working through the window. The young man waves at her, but continues moving. His ride down the street reminds him that the lantern festival will be taking place tonight. Plenty of people seem to already be preparing for the event, which is widely accepted as some last ditch attempt to integrate the Greeks into the rest of the town peacefully. He isn't complaining, though. It is very nostalgic after all, since they haven't had one of the festivals since he was still a tyke. Thinking about it, the festival probably won't be as great as he remembers it being, because he's probably glorified the memory, but he doesn't dwell on this possibility much. After all, what'd be the point in that?

Getting off of his bike, a thought occurs to Bryce, who pulls out his cell phone to send a text to Layla.

To: Layla
Want to meet up before the festival?

Sliding his phone shut, the young man walks into the community hall and straight to the pool. He's already got his shirt and shoes off by the time he's neared the facility, and jumps into the pool without a second thought, making a big splash with his childish cannonball.

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#, as written by Falron

Grey eyes opened moments before the alarm sounded, the loud beeping sound bouncing around the cluttered apartment. Chione usually prided herself in keeping a tidy apartment and making it at least appear spotless. But when she cracked open her text books in a bout of studying the usually pristine apartment was turned upside down. Open books covered every table, notebooks filled with neat, cursive writing next to each one along with stacks of sticky notes and pens, half with the ink run out. One would think with it being the middle of Summer, and a Saturday, Chione would be outside enjoying the sunshine and just taking advantage of her break. But that wasn't how the descendant of Anubis operated. The Summer holidays were, to her, the perfect time to get ahead on her studies so that she was already familiar with a large portion of the curriculum before classes started again.

Reaching out she silenced the alarm and sat up, stretching before running a hand through her messy hair. Swinging her legs out of bed she stood, resuming her stretching before walking over the window to look out over the street. People were already up and about, hanging up decorations for the lantern festival. She smiled slightly to herself, it was no secret that it had been arranged as an unofficial welcoming for the Greeks. The smile vanished as quickly as it came, she wasn't sure it was a good idea. In a town like this, there would always be a few people that would use their powers to make some sort of drama show out of it. Chione was almost convinced of this. The Serrure's were on the top of her list for people who would do something to mess it up.

With a shrug she headed into her small kitchen, placing two slices of bread into the toaster almost absentmindedly before making her way through the apartment, tidying up the books into piles according to topic. She reentered her kitchen to see the toast poking out and swiftly placed the pieces on a plate, spreading strawberry jam over them before walking into the living/dining area that connected onto the kitchen. Sitting down on the couch she began to eat, looking towards the phone with disinterest as it vibrated across the glass coffee table.

She was ready to ignore it for the time being, she seldom got texts and she was never in a rush to answer them, but she caught sight of her brother's name flashing across the screen before it went dark. She lent forth and picked up the phone, opening the desk with a couple deft touches on the screen.

From: Liam
Hey sis. Are you working tonight?
Or are you gunna leave me with no one to talk to?

She chuckled, of course, only Liam who got along with just about everyone in town would ask if his older sister would leave him without anyone to talk to. Her thumb raced across the screen as she typed her reply.

To: Liam
Yes, I am. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of people to talk to :)

Chione had never really understood the whole deal with emoticons, but she found it easier to use them than to have to explain to someone how she was feeling. Tone didn't go over well in text.

Finishing her breakfast she washed off the plate before going about the rest of her morning routine, humming slightly under her breath. Pulling on a pair of denim shorts and a baggy band singlet she collected a couple of text books and her messenger bag before heading outside. She walked briskly down towards the cafe where she ordered herself a white chocolate mocha and sat down, pulling out the thickest of the text books. She thanked the waiter as her drink was brought to her and went about taking notes, effectively blocking out the world around her.


Antares' eyes slowly opened as he rolled over. Huh.... must be early... the alarm hasn't gone off yet. He opened his eyes to asses how much time he had to sleep when his eyes popped open in shock. There sat the alarm clock, silent and mocking him as the luminous numbers declared it to be 8:30am. Antares jumped to his feet and ran into the bathroom where he had world record shower.

Great! Now his entire plan that had formulated before bed was out of whack. He was meant to have been at work half an hour ago, now not only did he have to apologize profusely about being late, he also had to start from scratch with his plan. He'd have to buy a new alarm clock and set one on his phone to make sure this didn't happen again. Maybe even a third alarm clock just t be safe.

He jumped out of the shower and slid, a yelp leaving him as he fell on his ass. Pain shot up his spine as he got to his feet, quickly getting dressed in the first articles of clothing he came across in his wardrobe. Pocketing his phone he quickly grabbed a muesli bar from the cupboard and raced out, he'd have to get coffee on the way to the library. He had never had a morning like this for as long as he remembered. He always checked and double checked his alarm clock the night before to make sure that it would go off, and according to plan, wake him up at 7am. He would have woken earlier if it hadn't been for an interesting late-night talk show he had stumbled across. Generally he would have ignored it and gone on with his schedule, but the topic was politics, he couldn't not watch.

His black cat, Lucky, mewed as she jumped from the couch, heading towards the food bowl and nudging it with her nose and looking up at Antares he raced to get the food into her bowl. He patted her briefly before saying, "Sorry Lucky, I've got to go, see you later." He raced out while the cat settled herself down to eat.

He raced out the door, the bar hanging between his teeth as he kicked the door shut. He was halfway down the stairs when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He fished it out as he raced down the street, dodging out of people's way as they set up for something.

From: Stephanie
Hello, um ah, would you mind going to the festival with me later today. We could meet up before or something, it doesn't have to be alone you know, I mean Brad and Bobby will be there too and um yeah, it’d be super cool if you could come. But I mean you don’t have to.

He ripped open the wrapper of the bar and gobbled it down before throwing away the wrapper and reading the text more carefully. He stopped outside the coffee shop, blinking like an idiot. That's right! The Festival! He hit his head and muttered under his breath, "Shit... I completely forgot about that..."

He texted her back as he entered the coffee shop and ordered himself a Chai Latte. He wasn't sure if she was working, so texting would probably be safest, just in case.

To: Stephanie
Yeah, sure, sounds like fun. When would you like to meet and where?

He took his drink and thanked the person behind the counter without really paying attention before racing towards the library. He slowed to a brisk walk as he entered the library, taking a nervous sip from the drink he looked around, trying to spot his coworker Gwyn. It didn't take long for him to notice the upturned bookcase and his coworker trapped beneath it. He placed his coffee on a nearby table and rushed over, taking hold of the bookcase and heaving, "Shit! You OK under there Gwyn?"


A shrill sound filled Tut's apartment. The young man groaned, a headache pounding behind his eyes from the night before. He wasn't quite sure what he'd drank, but whatever it had been, it had been allot. His opened lazily to stare at the alarm clock. 7:30am.. too goddamn early in his books.

A fist lashed out and flatted the device, effectively silencing it. The cheap hunk of plastic that Tut had bought in an attempt to begin a routine was now in a million pieces, small arcs of electricity racing over the gap in the wires. Though now it was too late to go back to sleep. Rolling onto his back Tut slowly sat up and stretched, a jaw-cracking yawn forcing its way up his throat before he stood up, almost falling over as the headache spiked.

He turned around and sighed in relief when he found the bed empty save a couple of discarded shoes which were definitely his. He worked his way through his untidy apartment, eying a pile of dirty laundry beside his couch. Somewhere under there was an empty packet of sushi and his favourite pair of chop sticks. He shrugged as he entered the kitchen, he'll clean it up later. He ate some cereal before going about the rest of his routine at snail pace. By the time he'd gotten out of the shower and was brushing his teeth it had to be at least 8:15.

He walked out moments later, still yawning when the view from his living room window caught his attention. It was a beautiful day outside, from what he could see the wind was calm. The perfect day for a flight. A grin spread over his features as he opened the window and jumped out, phasing instantly and snapping his wings out to catch the air and drift skyward. A shriek left the falcon as it tilted to the side, heading out towards the lake. The water sparkled in the sun and small waves lapped at the shore.

He felt free, the wind rushing past his feathers and the headache was the furthest thing from his mind as he dived, pulling up just in time so that his talons skimmed over the water. He looked back towards the town, a mischievous glint entering the eyes of the bird as Tut realized something. Today was that stupid festival to welcome the Greeks to the town.

He remembered it vaguely from when he was still very young, the lanterns hadn't really captured his attention even back then, what were the odds that they would now? He rose into the air, contemplating this before coming to a conclusion, he would have some fun tonight. People were taking this thing way too seriously after all, he'd have to liven it up a bit. Knock a couple lanterns out of the sky, swoop a couple of people and steal their candy or whatever was in their hands. Harmless. As long as the uptight buzz-kills of the town didn't get in his way, though he was almost certain that every last one of them would be looking out for anyone causing trouble.

All that meant was that he had to be sneaky, plus, there wasn't anything like the element of being caught to make it more exciting. As he headed back towards his apartment he wondered if Bryce would be up for a bit of fun tonight. He landed in his apartment, swiftly changing back into his human form before flopping down the couch, thank Horus he didn't have to work today.

To: Bryce
Yo Bryce! Whatcha up to today for this festival thing? Up for some fun?

He grinned as he jumped off the couch and walked out the door, well there was no point in spending the entire day indoors.

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THUNK! Layla's black and white sheets are all on the ground, including the disgruntled Layla, she must had fallen during her sleep, or was pushed. "Akil! Did you do that?!" She yelled for the whole house to hear. She scrambled herself upwards and looks at her Persian white cat Akil looking at her lazily, "WELL?!" Her dark brown hair is in a complete mess, hanging down past her shoulders. The cat lifted its paw to the clock which read: 8:50. Layla jumped to command and grabbed her sheets in one sweep, and throwing them onto the bed, unaware of Akil under there. She wore a white, loose top and black pj bottoms to bed last night. She jumped over her bed and shuffled to the window where her velvet curtains shielded the light from outside, she opened the curtains in a flash to reveal light of a pleasant summer morning. The main street was busy with activity, people are already preparing for the Lantern Festival, I might go with Bryce, she thought to her self as she walked over to the walk-in wardrobe. Its walls were made of dark wood planks, but it was hard to tell as the room was filled with racks of clothing. It was well organised though as she arranged her clothing to different themes, from formal clothing, to sport gear, to everyday wear. She grabbed out a black button-up tank top and white leggings with hieroglyphics on them, and grabbed a pink duffle bag and began putting her workout clothes in there; a black loose top and white shorts. Layla strided over quickly to her bed, its bed sheets tucked in and the bed made with the white Akil sitting on it watching Layla, and layed the clothes out on the bed neatly, and threw the duffle bag on there to, before she went to have a shower she scratched under Akil's chin for thanks. And walked off to have a shower.

Layla walked down the stairs with her outfit on, she wore her wavy dark brown hair in a bun that sat neatly upon her head, she had red lipstick on and did mini cat-eyes with black eyeliner. As she walked down the stairs in her black and white converses, she was complimented by her mother, who was baking, Layla sat down on the plush leather stool and grabbed a piece of buttered toast, as she ate it she conversed with her mom. After she was done she clapped her hands together and got up, getting some bottled water from the fridge, grabbing up her duffle bag that was on the floor near the stairs, Akil and the black Abyssinian Alko were sitting there, as if to say goodbye, she scratched their heads and waved to her mother, "See ya laters, I am going to the gym," She was already in an energetic mood, with that she opened the door out onto the main street and and walked out, as people busily made their way to work or places. Before she even made a step her phone vibrated. She looked at it and pressed the main button, unlocking it with the password, 'Bast', Sure it was simple, but it was quick to write in. She opened her messages, it was from Bryce:
To: Layla
Want to meet up before the festival?
From: Bryce

She started typing away on the touch screen,

To: Bryce
Yeah sure, I'm just heading to the gym to get some exercise.

Sent! With that, Layla begins walking to the community gym, taking in the summer sun and heat. Saying the odd hello, here and there to people she knows. She couldn't wait for the Lantern Festival later on, she had gone every time. Either with a boyfriend or parents, sometimes she would even let Akil and Alko out and they would follow her. Maybe she might let them out tonight, maybe not. She wants to spend some time with Bryce for a change.

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#, as written by Issa
Ramses Atum

The walk to the sailing club, which sat right beside the docks, was short. Ram entered through a side door and flicked on the lights of the dark hall. The place was rather empty for a Saturday, most likely due to the festival. But Ram never minded having the place to himself. He showered quickly, dried and then dressed.

Picking up his bags Ram did a quick check of his cellphone. Finding it blinking, an indicator that he had a message, Ram unlocked the screen and tapped into his inbox to find a text message from Leslie.

'Hey! I'm about to leave home soon, do you want me to bring you some food?!

Ram paused as he read the message, leaning against the door frame with his bag slung over one shoulder. He felt the sides of his mouth twitch into a smile. Leslie was one of those rare people that Ramses loved to be around. Ram quickly sent back a reply,

"I'd love some food. Meet you at the street end of the docks?"

Ram assumed that Leslie would understand where he wanted to meet him, after all they often hung out at the docks. The main street of Northbay ran right down to the docks and where concrete turned to wooden planks a number of benches appeared, offering a fine view of town and lake. It was here that Ram now aimed himself, locking up the sailing club after himself and wondering past rows of boats.

It took all of five minutes to reach the spot. Ram took a seat where he could watch the street for Leslie's arrival, dumped his bag by his feet and stretching out to let the sun hit as much of him as possible. From here he also had a fine view of the lantern festival preparations and contented himself with watching as he waited for his friend to reply.

Asta Falr

The sounds from the festival preparation were distracting. Asta, trying to concentrate on her book, found herself constantly glancing up and out to the street as workers walked by and supervisors shouted out instructions. She knew that the work was all for the festival tonight. She was beyond excited at the thought of the festival, after all it had been over ten years since the last one and she only had fond memories of it. But still, she wished that they would be slightly quieter, it wasn't easy to follow her book when shouts from the street kept making her glance up.

Not that all the distractions were bad. Bryce biked past the shop, giving Asta a wave as he whizzed by. Asta smiled and returned the gesture, although she thought that she might have been a bit too slow for him to see. A moment later Bobby entered the store, the opening door temporarily increasing the sounds from outside before shutting with the jingle of it's bell.

"Morning Bobby!" Asta greeted him brightly, finally giving up on her book. She marked the page and placed it back on the counter.
“Well someones up and early.” Bobby's voice was, as always, quiet, but he smiled as he passed the counter. Asta had known him for a month, the length of time he'd been in Northbay and a co-worker with her at the bookstore. She knew he was shy, but she was pleased that he'd began to open up a bit more around her.

“I could go up and get us some coffee if you’d like, it’d only be a minute and I’d get a discount because of my sister.” His suggestion was a good one. Asta, bouncing up from her seat at the counter, stuck her head into the back of the shop where Bobby was collecting books to restock the shelves,
"I don't drink coffee, but I'd be keen for a hot chocolate!" Asta responded happily. She stuck a hand into her pocket, certain that she'd put some spare change in there. Sure enough she pulled out a note. Waving it for Bobby to see Asta added, "Maybe get some lemon cakes too? My shout."

It may have still been early morning and not long after breakfast, but Asta had a sweet tooth. Her favourite treat? Lemon cakes. The cafe always did the best.

Mack Nephthys

Broom in hand, Mack set to sweeping up the sand he had created. He didn't quite trust himself enough to call on his winds to blow the sand out of the street, after all there was as good a chance as any that he would just end up creating more sand. As he swept Mack's eye wondered over those working on the street. There was a mixture of volunteers, elders and people that had just come to have a quick look. Others were just passing through. Mack spotted Bryce cycling down the street. Where he was off to at such an early hour Mack couldn't say.

A bit further up the street Mack spotted Viona Jarlson, the descendent of Thor and apparently another festival helper. Of course he knew her, most people knew everyone in the town, but he wouldn't call them friends. In fact he tended to avoid her. It was a silly reason really, after all she couldn't help her ancestor as much as he could his. Still no matter how he looked at it there was little he could do to end his fear of lightning. And since she was able to control lightning, he naturally avoided her.
He turned away, his eyes landing on another new arrival to the festival helpers: Ava Apophis. Mack had never spoken to Apep's descendent so he didn't know her too well, but he was still surprised to see her here, offering help.
"I'm here. What do you want?" She announced. Mack glanced over his shoulder to see if one of the elders would direct her. Seeing no one nearby he took a step forward, beginning to draw out his hammer. Except before he could reach the girl Calypso appeared.

Mack wasn't able to catch what was said between the two as Fin Bacchus suddenly appeared on the street.
“I swear sleep in and you miss all the fun,” He said before sweeping a hand at the covering of sand, “What happened here?”
Mack shrugged, a sheepish smile appearing on his face.
"I almost fell off a ladder. Had to call some winds to save me and..." He nodded at the sand on the street. He couldn't help that his winds naturally wanted to turn into sandstorms, it was just a part of his power.

“Did you need any help cleaning it up?” Fin's offer brought a smile to Mack's face,
"Yeah, that'd be... Mack's sentence trailed off as Fin's attention was drawn to something over Mack's shoulder and a moment later Fin left with a promise to talk to him later. Shaking his head and giving a 'what can you do' shrug of his shoulders, Mack returned to his sweeping, hoping that next time someone offered help they weren't distracted by a pretty face.

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Izzy awoke late in the day, typical of her when she didn't have classes. She instantly went to her phone and was almost disappointed when she saw there were no new messages, at least not from anyone important. Frowning, she made up her mind to do her very best to change that, by sending a few messages out to the people she felt she knew best, most of which who she felt either could easily be controlled, or were attractive, or she considered a friend, and that left a wide range of people.

To: Odessa, Fin, Amanda, Lucas, Bryce, Viona, Ronan, Julian, Calypso:

Hey all, your queen has awoken! So where’s everyone up to? I’m looking forward to seeing all you peeps at the festival tonight, and festivals aren’t even like my thing like at all! So you guys better be there because if I’m there alone with the village elders, heads shall roll! Lol! Will be in town fyi so feel free to meet up with me.

From: Izzy Dias

Izzy put her phone down, sat up, walked out of bed down to the small bathroom in her tiny flat and took a long bath, before dressing and heading out for town. It was nice not having to work to pay for school because you had a rich stepfather to pay for it all, Izzy had to admit, problem was, that meant a lot of people were tried down for work. Driving into town she quickly parked her car and watched as several people put together decorations, smirking almost, she couldn’t understand why anyone but criminals would work for free for something having to do with the community, but she supposed that was why she was a leader, after all, not everyone’s grandfathers Zeus, and the ruling blood certainly ran deep in Izzy.

Izzy, getting out of her car decided to look for a place to loiter around, a hobby she quite enjoyed. She wasn’t really watching where she was going however and bumped into Mack, who was sweeping sand?

“Um excuse me, but do you mind!” She snorted angrily, when he completely ignored her. Then an idea came to her. “ Hey Mack, check this out!” When she had gotten his attention she looked to the sky and caused a small stray bolt of lighting light up the sky. It was the kind that was gone in an instant and made you wonder if there was a storm or not, the ones that Liverpool had been getting frequently for the last 21 or so years. Besides, it was always fun to scare the crap out of people, and Izzy remembered somebody told her once that Mack was afraid of lighting.

Laughing to herself, Izzy walked down to the record shop and gave Julian a wink before turning to the music, trying to find some old records that would make for a great sound mix. She would flirt a little, talk a little, possibly buy something, and be on her way.


Bobby grinned to himself as he heard Asta call out, “Morning Bobby!” Followed by “I don’t drink coffee, but I’d be keen for a hot chocolate.” He watched, coming back to the front of the store, pleased that this didn’t go as badly as he thought it might. Asta helped you out almost, and he had to admit, she was a very easy person to talk to. She pulled out a bunch of euro’s and some coins (that’s the Irish currency if I’m correct) and offered them to him. “Maybe get some lemon cakes too? My shout.”

Bobby refused the money and replied. “Sure thing, I’ll buy, one hot chocolate, a tea for myself and a bunch of lemon cakes coming right up, I’ll be back.” He walked out the door before Asta could protest and ran not really thinking about anything but getting Asta’s ordered right. He ran between Daphne, Amanda and Fin, tripping himself, and said a quick “I’m terribly sorry!” and continued on his way rushing by a girl who he thought was named Layla with the same hasteful sorry before reaching the coffee shop.

When he had at last reached his destination, he found himself waiting for his sister to stop texting before she noticed him. She raised a brow.

“Um Bobby, what up? Why are you so sweaty? Where you running from those normal thugs again!? Cause I’ll cripple them I will! And you know I don’t like it when you just come to visit me.”

“Right, just, everythings fine Steph, just ah, um I was wondering if I could have a medium hot chocolate, a ice tea and two lemon cakes.” Bobby said as Stephanie’s eyes lit up before she got to work.

“Oh Bobby, who is it, who are you buying breakfast for, that’s real unlike you, well then again I guess it isn’t, your just usually too shy to-”

“It’s just Asta, nothing romantic, just, you know, just something employees do for each other once in awhile.” Bobby interrupted.

“Well ‘ere ya go Bobby, enjoy your little lunch with you employee.” Stephanie laughed a little and handed her older brother his order and watched as he ran back out shaking her head. On his way back, breathless, he stopped to catch his breath and felt his phone go off, so he one handly picked it up and read the new message.

To: Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres, Bobby Ceres, Fin Bacchus

Turns out my boss doesn't want me to work today so I have the day off... Anybody wanna hang out?

He quickly typed back a response.

To Daphne:

I would, but I’m stuck at work. Maybe later, see you at the festival. Oh and I think I’ll ask Asta if she wants to come too if that’s alright.

From: Bobby

He quickly walked inside and put down the bag he’d been carrying. “ And there you go Asta, a hot chocolate, two lemon cakes, and a ice tea.” He sat down on a box of books he probably shouldn't have sat on, and took a big gulp before finding himself stuttering.

“ So um eh w-would you um m-mind going to the f-festival later tonight w-with some of my friends and siblings. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought m-maybe it’d settle some things and we could all get to know each other.”

He winced waiting for her answer.


Stephanie sighed as her phone buzzed and flipped it out to see what was up.

To: Stephanie

Yeah, sure, sounds like fun, when would you like to meet and where?

Stephanie felt her heart thump at the message. There it was, plain as day, a messages from Antares, asking her when and where she wanted to meet up. Why the hell was she so nervous and more importantly, not already texting him back.

To: Antares

Cool, glad you can come, I was thinking we could maybe meet at the docks at around oneish, I should be done with work by then. I still have to wait for Brad and Bobby so it’ll probably be just the two of us, but it’s not like it’s a date or anything so yah. See you at the docks:)

From: Stephanie

Stephanie pressed send and looked up to see Bobby, looking rather crazy. She smiled served him and returned to her phone, an unusual thing for her to do while at work, but today to her it seemed at least, it was like a holiday.

To: Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres, Bobby Ceres, Fin Bacchus

Turns out my boss doesn't want me to work today so I have the day off... Anybody wanna hang out?

Lucky, she muttered to herself before repiling.

To Daphne:

Sorry, but I’m stuck here till one, we can hang later though.

From: Stephanie.

Stephanie put down her phone only to pick it up again and read yet another message.

At work right now, slow as hell. I’ll catch up with you later at the festival. Promises.

She quickly typed back:

K see you later at the fest, don’t be too sad, you're surrounded by music, I’m surrounded by coffee and baked goods, not quite as entertaining ;)

Then she really did go back to work, shoving her phone in her pocket as a customer came in.

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”Yeah,” Jade sighed with a small, forced laugh, “I’m okay, thanks, Layla.” Layla was glad that she was ok, after all she wouldn't want any of the Egyptians to get hurt. She stood back up and watched Mack help Jade to his car, probaly to go to the zclinic, just to be sure anything happened. As they drove off, Layla waved slightly before sighing to herself. The strain from her duffle bag was getting to her shoulders, not only that, but it was annoying to carry around. So she decided to start walking home, which was luckily two doors down, as she walked down the cobbled road, she noticed how wonderful the decorations were. Wow, Mack and the others are making the street quite gorgeous! she though while reaching her door and stepping inside, immediately greeted by her two eager cats Akil and Alko.

"Back so soon sweety?" Her mother had asked, she was in the living room. Probably watching Lost Girl again, she couldn't stop watching that show, if her mother had nothing else to do she would watch it. "Just wanted to drop off my bag, get some coffee, then go to work" she had walked up to her room, it was completely clean and tidy. Her dark, wooden floors were a nice contrast for the red wallpaper. Although the walls were covering with either pictures of her and her friends or posters of famous celebrities. She threw the bag into the walk-in with ease, turns around to find her two cats sitting at her feet. Like they wanted something... "Meow," they both said at the same time. Akil, the black Persian, rubbed up against her legs sweetly then jumps on the window nook, jumping over the mass of pillows, and he looks out the window out onto the main street. Layla walks over with a questionable look on her face, What are you up to Akil? she thought while sitting down on the nook with Akil. She looks out the window and tries to determine where he is looking, her eyes darting from person to person. But its no use, she presses her head against his furry side and tries to look from there. Akil is looking at the music store, Layla instantly knows what he wants. Standing back up, she crosses her arms and stares at the hopeful Akil, who was now being accompanied by Alko, the white Ragamuffin, she and him are sitting next to each other with hopeful looks on their small faces. "There is no way you two are coming to work with me," She says, with a comical look on her face, as the cats keep on with their assault on her, "You guys know that I can't, its Norse territory...Don't you look at me like that...Oh Bast help me...Fine!" She says, defeated. The cats happy with their win. They jump off and run out the door with Layla following.

As Layla gets down the stairs, she checks her phone for any messages and sees that there is none. She looks up to see her mother holding a cup of coffee, "OH MY GOD! Don't creep up on me like that mom!" She says with a slight smile on her face, almost being scared to death. Her mother gives Layla the cup of coffee and walks off laughing, "You gave in to Akil and Alko didn't you?" Layla walks out the door, her excited cats on either side of her. Layla was smiling as she walked along the sidewalk, she was happy as anyone could be. Well, apart from her cats, who looked like they were going on an adventure. Layla opens the door to the music store, the bell dinging above it, as she walked in. She saw Julian at the counter with his feet on the desk, no doubt slacking off. She couldn't blame him, there was no one here. "Alright Julian, I am here to relieve you of your jail time," she said happily. As her cats jumped onto the counter with ease, hoping to scare Julian probably.

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Bryce pushes resurfaces from the water after a while, only to be met by the tone sound that tells him he has a few messages that have yet to be open, let alone read. Knowing that at least one of them is the response from Layla, as she isn't the sort who takes forever responding unless she's asleep or something, he climbs out of the pool and shakes some amount of the water out of his hair, using a method reminiscence of a wet dog to do this. He dries his arms with a thin towel before flipping open his phone -he's had the same one for several years now- and reading the first text that comes up, this one being from Layla, as he had expected. He skims over her response before sending out one of his own, though there is a brief break between these two actions, as he dries off a bit more of his body with the towel before responding.

To: Layla
K. See you in an hour or so, then?

Of course, just as he finishes sending this, he notices the slightly older message from Tut, inquiring after whether he'd like to meet up during the festival. Knowing the guy, it will probably involve messing with people, causing trouble, etc. Much of the havoc Tut causes is done in falcon form, and Bryce isn't really fond of that particular bird of prey- perhaps because of some lingering tension between Set and Horus- the latter of whom is, ironically, Tut's ancestor- Tut being one of Bryce's best friends. It has certainly been joked about by several people, though Bryce never cared much for all of that. He's passively interested in mythology, but hardly has the same obsession as people like Tut and such for the past- he'd much rather focus on the future. Or, better yet, the present As far as Bryce is concerned, that's the place to be.

To: Tut
Was gonna spend some of it with Layla, prob, but we can still meet up. Planning on chaos?

Bryce goes back to drying off, and has just pulled a shirt on when his phone vibrates again, this time with a text from one of the new people in town, though this one seems to have decided to settle in as though she owns the place- to the objection of plenty, though Bryce isn't one of those many. Instead, he grins at her somewhat dramatic message before hanging his now damp towel around his neck. He doesn't really think that her message needs a response, as it was more of a command than a question or offer, based upon the tone of it.

He decides to leave his bike at the community center, guessing that no one will take it, and walk around for a bit.


Gwyn makes a face when Antares admits to having stayed up late to watch an American Talk Show. She's seen one or two, but the experience was far from pleasant- then again, perhaps she just hadn't been watching the right ones, and is making a bit of a generalization towards the shows. She just isn't much of a fan of talk shows in general, for the most part. Or watching TV, for that matter- she's really more of a movie person, if given the choice. When he mentions that there is supposed to be some blues or jazz bands, she tries not to grin ear to ear, the confirmation filling her once more with an excitement that she had been attempting to suppress for fear that Alaura was simply trying to draw her out with promises of good music. Well, Alaura has never been a big liar, from what Gwyn can see. Then again, even the most gifted of liars tend to remain honest around Gwyn, because she can see through even the most well-crafted of deceit.

For a moment, she doesn't process Antares's offer to help out with reorganizing the books, still locked in one of her daydreams about which bands might be playing at the festival tonight, and whether they might be willing to talk music with her. One thing she misses about school would be the band- always people she could rely on to talk about her enthusiastically about one of the things that she is really interested in. When she does register his offer to help, Gwyn thinks for a moment before responding. "Well, you can if you like, because someone's already at the desk, but you don't have to," she tells him, voice sounding slightly distant because she is busy looking for the right position for one of the books in her hands. She slides it into the correct location and then side glances towards the young man to see him looking intently at his phone and biting his lip, as though something's wrong.

"Feeling a bit too popular today?" she asks him in jest, eyebrow raised. From what she can see, the young man has already become quite popular in town. While she finds it nice that people find intelligence attractive, she can't really see him in that light. Of course, he does make for a decent friend, at least.

Just as she had been commenting on him looking at his phone, her own vibrates in her back pocket once more, though she puts a few more books away before checking it. It's a text from Chione, one of the people that she respects in this town, asking about the festival.

To: Chione
I'm going- there's supposed to be an excellent Jazz band playing. We can hang out during it?

Gwyn is rather glad that she might have people to walk around with- while she is perfectly fine on her own, especially with good music to listen to, the girl is a lot more social than the may often seem, due to her study-centric nature. After all, she still goes to the pub occasionally, and such- she just isn't as big into them as several others in the town are, preferring movie marathons at home or reading a good book for the afternoon. She catches sight of a familiar bike riding off through the shelves, and freezes for a moment, watching it ride away until out of sight, before returning to the task at hand.

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#, as written by Jynxii

Jade stood quietly behind Alaura as she took control of the situation- like she did every situation."How can we ever repay you?" Alaura asked, and Jade looked to her with a bit of annoyance. It was over just a quick as it had flared, and she was back to staring at the ground. "No, nothing. I don't need to be repaid," Mack replied, adding "I'm glad you're alright Jade." Jade looked up at him and offered a shy, embarrassed smile. Not soon after, she felt a warmth on her hand and turned to notice Quincy, who she offered the same smile to. He leaned in towards Alaura, informing her that he was there to help if she needed. As always. Jade stared at Quincy for a moment as Liam walked up. Quincy was so in love with her sister, so willing and desperate to help or leap at her command. Jade wondered if Alaura even knew about the effect she had on Quincy.

"Okay... Hoping everything is alright. Maybe we should bring Jade back to her home... I know that she probably doesn't want to stay here at least," Liam offered, speaking to her sister as if she weren't there. Jade looked up at him then, but not to glare. She was too numb to be mad at anyone right now, even though she was feeling more and more claustrophobic by the second. Mack began to nod, which drew her attention back to him as he said, "Do you need anything? I can swing by the supermarket and pick up any supplies..." "I don't think there's--" "The doctor said I need prenatal vitamins," Jade cut in, speaking up as she took her hand away from her older sister. "And, I'm pregnant, not crippled. Alaura, don't you have festival decorations to be putting up?" She sighed, aware of the annoyed tone coming out in her voice. She didn't want all these people around-- she just wanted Gwyn. Right now, that's all she wanted- to curl up beside her and die if that'd make a smile lift Gwyn's cheeks.

Jade shook away the thoughts of her ex as she placed a hand on her steadily growing stomach. Just as the doctor had said; her womb was inflating steadily, even as she stood in front of her friends now. She could feel milimeter by milimeter expanding, and her shorts already starting to feel tighter. "Just go back to decorating for the festival, I'm sure they need the help. My house isn't far- I'll walk. I want to walk, Alaura. I need some time to think. Mack, if you could maybe bring the vitamins over later, or give them to me when you see me at the festival- yes, I'm still going, that'd be great." She glanced around once more to everyone standing, staring at her. "Thank you all for being so worried, but I'm healed now, and I'm okay. I was just a little shook up, but Mack totally took care of me so I'm good now, okay? I'll see you all at the festival." With that, and before anyone else could chime in to stop her, she walked out of the clinic and started up the sidewalk to go back to her townhouse, which was as she said fairly close by.

As her door closed behind her, she leaned up against the frame and slowly slid to the floor, sobbing as she held her growing stomach. This was not how she had wanted anyone to find out- at all. It was all just too much: the loss of her girlfriend, not knowing who the father was, everyone finding out that she was pregnant, the idea of facing everyone that night with a beach-ball for a stomach, but above everything else-- almost losing her children. All five of them. Five of them. The idea made her nauseous, and she curled into herself, holding her stomach gently as she wept for everything she had lost.

When she was finally done feeling sorry for herself, she clawed her way back up her door to walk into her bathroom. She slowly stripped down, still sniffling and crying a little as she stared at her naked reflection. Her stomach welled in front of her as her red, puffy, eyes trailed over her form. She had been so beautiful once- now she looked like a cartoon character that had swallowed a beach ball. With a sigh, she showed and dug through her clothes for a larger pair of shorts, and a loose enough top to flow over her new stomach.Image Luckily the butterfly print managed to cover all of her skin, but it was painfully evident that she was pregnant. There would be no hiding it now. Figuring that she should at least tell her father, Jade scooped up her car keys and headed out of the door. She was about to get in, when she changed her mind. She could walk there, too. She lived on the other side of main street as it was, so it would just be a short walk to the bakery. Before she left, she placed a postit note on her door, in case Mack tried to drop the vitamins off at her house.

With a heavy heart, she put her keys, wallet, and cell into her brown shoulder purse. Walking felt significantly different now that she had so much weight toward her front. She found herself having to lean back just slightly, and felt very comfortable with one hand on her stomach. As she walked down the street, she noticed that most of the decorations had been set up, and the road had officially been blocked off. Good thing she hadn't taken her car. As she entered the bakery, her father came around the counter with a very serious look on his face. "It's been a long time, Bella," he said, his accent still as heavy as the day she was born. She couldn't help but smile warmly, tears swelling in her eyes. "I know, Papa." "I see you bring good news," his tone lifted with his smile as he walked over to her and put his arms around her. "I bet Guinevere is very excited," he chuckled. Bella started to cry all over again at the mention of her ex, throwing her arms around her father in a tight embrace.


She spent the next thirty minutes filling him in on everything he had missed over the past year, and apologized for being so secretive and distant. Mr. Aset sat stone silent on the other end of the patio table, ignoring the coffee one of his helpers had brought them. "You mean you don't know who the father is?" His tone was gentle, but firm, and from years of listening to that combination she could also hear the underlining disappointment. "I've tried to remember, Papa... I really have, but I just... I can't remember at all. I'm scared, Papa. I don't know what to do." Mr. Aset nodded slowly, holding the ultrasound picture in his hand fondly. "That's exactly how I felt when I first found out your mother was pregnant with Alaura. I was terrified. But, I found a way, little bird. Just as you will. You said Alaura already knows of this? Yes, well, then you will certainly have a lot of support. I'm sure April will be happy to hear the news as well." Jade smiled in awe of her father's calm demeanor. He was always so cool- so collect. No wonder Alaura always had her head on her shoulders.

"I have to get back to the bakery, little bird. Lots of baking to be done, the festival is starting soon. You just try to have fun, and relax a little. All there is to be done now is prepare." Jade nodded and stood as her father did, accepting a kiss to each of her cheeks. She felt significantly better. With renewed hope for herself, she made her way through main street which was lined with rides, vendors and food stands now- all frantically trying to set up for the festival. She had been signed up to work the kissing booth by Alaura weeks ago, and she felt a small twist in her stomach. No one was going to want to kiss a pregnant girl. She helped herself to a large pretzel, as she stood on the side walk and pulled out her phone to text for emergency back-up. She couldn't tell Alaura that she wouldn't be able to make it- she'd have to find a replacement.

To: Ariel, Asta, Julian, Leslie, Ronan, Bryce, Chione, Ramses, Fin, Daphne, Izzy, Stephanie.
Message: [GROUP MESSAGE] Hey everyone! I know this is super last minute, but I was supposed to work the kissing booth and get it organized, but... something came up. I have the following time slots that need to be filled, and I would love you forever if you could take a shift? 6:00-6:30, 7:00-7:30, 8:00-8:30, 9:00-9:30, and 10:00-10:30. The thirty minutes between each time the booth will hold raffles- the money goes to the school playground! Martha ((NPC)) will be taking care of the raffles, so after your thirty minutes is up you're free (: Let me know, guys! Again, thanks so much!

Jeeze, what a long text. She sighed a little, and continued to text since she had nothing better to do- and because she was a little lonely.

Message: Thanks for checking on me earlier. I'm okay, by the way. (: I hope we can get to hang out tonight.

Message: We need to talk. Please. It's important. - Jbird.

Message: Hey, I don't know if you got my note on the door or not but I'm already downtown for the festival! I went to see my dad at the bakery. He took the news well. Thanks for being so cool earlier, and for taking me to the hospital. I'm glad I have a friend like you.

To: Quincy
Message: Hey... can you do me one more favor? Keep Alaura busy tonight at the festival. I really don't need her breathing down my neck, worried the whole night. I want to have some fun, and she needs to have some fun. I know you're the man for the job. Ps- Thanks again for today, Quincy... meant a lot.

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"So, little to say but so much time, despite my empty mouth, the words are in my mind," Layla walked up and down the racks of music, the racks were of a metal construct, made by small black poles, holding up rows and rows of assorted music, from the old to the new. Over the speakers playing: First Love by Adele, this is a really good 'peaceful mood' song of Layla's, she is heard singing along casually, as she inspected the music, re-arranging any misplaced cases. Suddenly she felt a familiar touch at her leg, it was Akil rubbing against her with his black smooth fur. With a smile on her face she puts the final case away and picks him up, his tail swaying peacefully. She rubbed her nose against his and laughed, she was in a happy mood, she started to comically dance with him, it was a slow and happy dance, she smiled as she sang, "Please wear the face, the one where you smile," she stopped and placed the cat gently down on the counter with the happy Alko. She reached into her pocket in her top, and pulled out her phone. She unlocked it and opened her messages, she had received a reply from Bryce.

To: Layla
K. See you in an hour or so, then?

As she read the message, she was filled with joy, she started to type excitedly on the touch screen.

To: Bryce
Yeah, sure. About to close up the music store soon anyway, then take Akil and Alko home. Wanna meet up at the park or resteraunt or something?

She locked her phone then placed it safely back in her top pocket. With that she made a squeal of joy and danced around the room as: Cold Shoulder, Adele came on through the speakers. She liked being in an Adele mood today. Over on the counter the two cat lovers danced to, it was ironic actually. One was black, and the other white, Ying and Yang right? It was strange the way that Layla found the two.

It was a chilly winter morning actually, she was 10 and she was walking like a penguin at the amount of warm clothing her father had put on her. She was playing in the snow with her brother, they were building a snowman, it was actually quite shabby, they had the pebbles for the buttons and mouth, a nice red scarf, and who couldn't forget the nice long carrot for the nose? When they finished they gave a cheerful "Hip Hip!" then in a couple of seconds snow bursted everywhere, two little kittens jumped through the snow construct. One thing led to another and Layla's parents let her keep them. They were her friends, and sometimes they seemed like human beings to her. But they weren't, luckily for her though, she had a knack for making friends.

As the song came to finish, Layla switched off the music, with a touch of a button on the master remote and sat it back on the counter. As she happily made her way to the door, her cats trailed behind her playfully, she grabbed the plastic sign to 'Open' to 'Closed', with a single sweep, and opened the door and walked out, locking the door behind her, still humming the remnants of the song she just heard. She walked her way across the cobbled street and made it to the front door of her house, and let the door open for her companions, as they let out a thanking 'Meow' as they slipped inside. She smiled as she closed the wooden door and walked over to the resteraunt. "Alright, meeting at the restaurant it is then!" she though to herself as she made her way across the busy street, the decor is going good, in a few hours they should be done. She opened the door and made way to an empty table, the table could easily fit four people. She sat down and pulled out her mobile phone, sending a text to Bryce, and to her brother Xander, who she didn't see this morning.

To: Bryce
Hey, at the restaurant, wanna meet up with Tut here?

To Xander:
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey? You awake? If you are, then get dressed. Oh, you are royally invited to spend the time at the Lantern Festival with Bryce and me, I think Tut may come. No idea. Now, get up or Akil will jump on you...Oh! I forgot where to tell you where I am! The Restaurant. :P

With that she presses send and smiles, looking around while placing her phone on the neat tablecloth, as she looks around she notices that she is next to the Greeks. It wasn't really necessary that she would talk to them, but it would be nice to be friendly. But for now, she decided to keep to herself and play games on her phone. While waiting for Bryce and the others.

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#, as written by Falron

Tut walked aimlessly through the town, eventually ending up in the main street. People were buzzing about, setting up for the festival. He stopped at the end of the street, shoving his hands into his pockets. There wasn't anything to do today, he didn't have to work, but because of the festival everyone was either out helping or meeting up with the people they'd spend enjoying the festival with. Tut wasn't exactly most people's choice for an event like this, but this of course left him out in the cold a bit.

With nothing better to do than stand around looking at the people who set up the festival he decided he might as well pitch in... and perhaps start planning his fun of course. He smirked as he started walking towards the nearest elder, ready to ask where he could help when his phone buzzed in his pocket.

From: Bryce
Was gonna spend some of it with Layla, prob, but we can still meet up. Planning on chaos?

Tut nearly face palmed himself, how could he have forgotten? Bryce had a girlfriend, of course he'd be hanging out with her at the lantern festival. Idiot. He chuckled to himself and began his reply.

To: Bryce
Sorry man, didn't think of that. But yeah, maybe later. And you know it! Give me a buzz when you're free to hang. :)

With that sorted Tut continued to approach the nearest elder, "Uhh... Excuse me? Anywhere I could help out?"

The elder blinked at him, as if not believing her ears before pointing him towards one of the booths that had started being constructed. With a smile he walked over and helped set up. It was better than sitting his his apartment twiddling his thumbs, that's for sure.


Chione had barely left the apartment building when her phone went off in her pocket. She fished it out only to have it buzz two more times before she even had the chance to unlock it to look at the first. She smiled as she spotted the first two names, her smile turning into a look of confusion upon seeing the third. She wasn't often texted by anyone beside her brother or her three friends, but here it was, clear as day, a message from Jade.

Curiosity getting the better of her she opened that one first.

From: Jade
Hey everyone! I know this is super last minute, but I was supposed to work the kissing booth and get it organized, but... something came up. I have the following time slots that need to be filled, and I would love you forever if you could take a shift? 6:00-6:30, 7:00-7:30, 8:00-8:30, 9:00-9:30, and 10:00-10:30. The thirty minutes between each time the booth will hold raffles- the money goes to the school playground! Martha will be taking care of the raffles, so after your thirty minutes is up you're free (: Let me know, guys! Again, thanks so much!

She blinked in surprise, a kissing booth? Under normal circumstances she would have ignored the message and let the other 11 people she'd messaged fill in the slots. After all, who'd want to kiss her? But remembering the accident from earlier in the morning Chione couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor girl. It seemed the accident had been worse than she'd thought, she should have gone over and helped, crowd or not.

With a sigh she replied.

To: Jade
I can take the 7:00-7:30 slot. Are you OK? I saw the accident earlier.

Her stomach churned as she sent it, that was probably the words idea she'd had all day. But she felt like she needed to make up for not helping out earlier. Even the scales as it were. With a sigh she opened the text from Gwyn.

From: Gwyn
I'm going- there's supposed to be an excellent Jazz band playing. We can hang out during it?

She smiled, quickly replying to the text. Of course Gwyn was going to be there if a Jazz band was present. She chuckled as she sent the text.

To: Gwyn
No worries. I just got roped into helping out with the kissing booth. Meet you by the Jazz band round about 7:30?

Her smile widened as she opened Ram's text, trying not to laugh at the image of him falling into the tank of water. If she was lucky, the kissing booth would be nearby and she'd get a look of him falling in. That would be priceless.

From: Ram
I'm at the dunking booth from six thirty to seven thirty. I can meet you after that.

To: Ram
Alright :) I told Jade I'd help out with the kissing booth from 7:00-7:30, so I guess we could meet after that?

With that sorted Chione made her way into the main street, since she was apparently in a helpful mood, might as well aid in the setting up.

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The warm sunlight poured through Xander's window, creating a cozy blanket of warmth over his body, though the air around him was hot with the summer day that had started without him. He knew that he was wasting the day away in bed, but it was so very comfortable to be bathed in the light of the sun and laying there, so relaxed. As far as he was concerned, the troubles of the outside world couldn't-


His phone went off on his nightstand, shocking him out of the lazy stupor that he had been held in. Groaning, he snatched his phone off the table and unplugged it, then stared sleepily at the text that his sister had sent him. He whined out loud, even though he knew that no one was around to hear his protests to having to get up and actually do things. He shot Layla back a text quickly, not wanting her to blow up his phone, and knowing she would if he didn't answer her soon enough. She liked to do things like that to wake him up or to urge him to actually move.

To Layla:
Ugh, you suck royally. I was perfectly happy in my bed. I'll be there after I get ready. Love ya.

Grudgingly, Xander rolls out of bed and rifles through his dresser to find some clothes and he heads off to the bathroom. After his shower, he shaves and brushes his teeth, then gels his hair up into a fohawk. Xander looks into the mirror for a moment, then takes the towel off from around his waist and gets dressed. His clothes include some dark skinny jeans that he wears properly at his waist with a belt, and a button up blue plaid shirt with sleeves that go down to his elbows. He then puts a chain necklace around his neck. Before he heads off to the restaurant, he puts on some tennis shoes and sprays cologne on himself. Then he grabs his keys and heads out of the door.

Xander drives to the restaurant that Layla said she would be at, then gets out when he gets there. He spots Layla at a table through the window, and walks in. He slides into the seat across from her and looks at her with a half smile. "Where's the boy toy? I thought he'd have made it here before me." Xander puts both elbows on the table, resting his chin on his hands as he looks at Layla. "Oh, and sister dearest? You owe me sleep for this. I was perfectly content staying in my bed. Pain in my ass." After his statement, he gives a chuckle. "Do you know if Tut is coming?"

Xander notices the Greek boys at a table near theirs, and he gives a brief, distrusting glance, but decides to mind his own business and not say anything to them. After all, they hadn't done anything to him... Yet.

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#, as written by Issa


Saturday, 20th July

The main street of Northbay, still illuminated by the soon to be setting sun, has come alive. Music (a local folk band currently playing on the stage) drifts down the street.

Residents arrive to take a look at what the festival has to offer: food, games, competitions, raffles and trinkets for sale.

Of course, given that the town's residents are the descendent of gods you can bet that there will be other stalls selling magical items and game booths encouraging use of powers.

Mack Nephthys

- Midday -

Mack was shaking his head as a pair of helpers moved a beam of wood into place,
"Watch where you're..." He started to warn the pair before, crash! the beam hit another pile of poles and sent them rolling across the road. Luckily most of the street was blocked off from pedestrians so there was little need for Mack to run screaming after them. Instead he simply pointed after them to the pair that had caused the crash.

A moment later a voice made him turn and he found Dehlilah Cyprus standing behind him.
"Um, hey I didn't want to interrupt but um can you ask the girl, my friend ran into if she's ok?" She sounded nervous, or perhaps she was just breathless from running across the street.
"Jade. Her name is Jade." Mack said. He felt uncharacteristically defensive of Jade. He was a friendly guy, he didn't take too many things to heart and was easily able to brush off most insults. But the crash this morning had almost cost Jade her babies and in his eyes Dehlilah had been more concerned with getting Antonio into the restaurant than caring for the hurt girl. Still, the fact that she was here asking after Jade meant that Mack's voice wasn't cold, it was simply lacking its usual warmth.

"I would have helped, but I didn't know if you'd want us... To put our noses in your business," Mack wondering who 'our' was meant to be, Dehlilah and Antonio? Mack shook his head slightly. He was about to argue that it had only been 'his' business because he had been concerned, but decided to hold his tongue. He liked Dehlilah well enough, from the little he had seen of her around town. Besides a moment later she looked over her shoulder. She said goodbye, placed a hand on his arm and added "Thanks, seriously," before leaving.

After she left Mack turned back to the set-up, shaking his head as he saw that in the few minutes his attention had been elsewhere all chaos had erupted...

- 5:00 pm -

Mack sat back, enjoying the cool beer in his hand as he watched the cordons open and the first residents enter the festival. Mack was at one of the stalls set up outside the bar, fairy lights twinkled above his head and the setting sun was caught and held by the string of mirror-like, plastic crystals that were twined around a nearby lamp post. Soon enough the whole street would be lit by the fairy lights and street lamp, creating a magical setting for the night's festivities.

Mack's hangover of the morning was well and truly gone. In fact, if he found the right people he wouldn't be against making an event out of tonight. He finished his beer and signaled for the bar keep who passed him another. He popped it open, appreciating the tsk of goodness being released.
"To a good night." He said to the bar keep, tilting his bottle in a salute. He returned his gaze to the street, took a sip and leaned back, waiting for the night to begin.

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Bryce may have been late to the restaurant- primarily because he hadn't noticed the text- but he had eventually found his girlfriend of late, and therefore can be with her at the moment to browse everything that the lantern festival has to offer. This includes a turn at the kissing booth, of course, as he had signed up for one of the later sessions there. It had sounded interesting, and is for charity, after all. Given that, he doubts that Layla will mind very much- especially if the kisses don't really mean anything after all, right?

The young man looks up at the vast collection of lanterns, not able to help but think that this had seemed a good deal cooler when he was little, and the lanterns had seemed to sigh up it was like the stars had hung just a bit closer to the earth for the night. Now, they are simply paper containers holding wisps of light, set up as a plan to try and welcome a group who had certainly made an impression when they had arrived only a month or so earlier. That being said, they are still rather pretty, and he has never had much of a problem with festivities such as this- he's always been fond of them, in fact. Especially the game stalls, where he can show off to whoever is with him at the moment. In fact, maybe he will try to win Layla a prize at one of the stalls tonight, should he find a game that looks interesting. Of course, if he doesn't win easily, he's likely to begin obsessing over it until he has blown all of his money and has only a stuffed rabbit to show for it. It isn't a difficult task to use Bryce's pride against him, after all, and his rather manipulable nature is part of the reason that the Serrure siblings are friends with him- it isn't hard to pull out the worst in him, unfortunately.

"So, where should we start? Games? Music? Food?" Bryce asks Layla cheerfully, all three of them being good ideas to him, though he'd prefer the first or the third, in all honesty. Still, it is up to the young woman beside him, as she is the one that he is escorting for the evening. Meanwhile, he's certain that Tut is flying about somewhere just waiting to wreak havoc on the town solemnities, and while he thinks it will probably be amusing, he'd rather not have a run in with Tut's bird form. Falcons are not exactly his favorite species of bird, in fact a source of fear for the typically recklessly brave young man.

"Perhaps go on a ride?" he adds, remembering that they've revamped the festival a bit with a ferris wheel, which does sound rather fun. Of course, anything sounds fun at the moment, for the young man is currently bursting with energy and ready to roll.


Despite the lure of the bands, Gwyn is slightly hesitant to leave the comfort of her room, especially as she knows that the jazz band will not be coming on until later anyway- from what the lineup she has found tells her, a folk band currently dominates the musical stage, and that isn't really her cup of tea, unfortunately. Besides, concerns still plague her as she thinks about the text she had received from Jade a few hours ago, saying that they needed to talk. She had received similar ones from her ex before, but something about this just seemed to carry more weight, even though her stubbornness prevented her from actually responding to the message. Instead, she had just stared at it before shutting off her phone and returning to her work at the library. That was a while ago, though, and by now she has restarted her phone and left the library. The girl now sits in her bedroom, hunched over a textbook but unable to focus to the best of her abilities, unfortunately. She takes notes in the textbook, underlining things here or making a notation on the side there, but is distracted by the music and the lights shining through her window. One night couldn't hurt, she thinks, despite the test on tuesday. The young woman, determined to go before she changes her mind, quickly tugs on a comfortable pair of converse and heads out the door, money and phone in the back pocket of her denim shorts.

She doesn't regret her decision to leave the confines on her home, seeing all of the things to do and the nostalgic lanterns hanging just over head, illuminating the streets in a way far more magical than simple streetlights could ever hope to achieve. Everything is simply lovely, she has to admit, and the scent of soft pretzels in the distance is mouth-watering to the young woman, who hadn't had lunch today. She follows it willingly, soft pretzels being one of her favorite snacks, until she comes to the booth. After purchasing one, she ponders her next move- there are two more hours until she is supposed to meet up with Chione at the Jazz band, two hours of freely wandering about. That leaves her with plenty of options to pursue, and her first thought is to try her hand at some of the games. She doesn't have the advantage of powers that can help her with the games, unfortunately, but they still seem fun.

On an impulse move, something that is rare of the recent Gwyn, the girl pulls out the phone that has been burning holes into her pants, and sends a quick response to one text in particular.

To: Jade

Putting the phone away before she can cancel the message, Gwyn takes a deep breath and then scans the area for something to do until 7:30pm. Her first stop is a game stall, the prizes being the typical stuffed variety, though a dinosaur one has caught her eye. She puts down a bit of money and receives three balls to knock down the stacked tin cans- an incredibly overdone game, of course, but she's not half bad at it.

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#, as written by Issa
Asta Falr

The day had passed quickly, thankfully, as Asta had been waiting for the festival to begin since the sun rose. Now, the time finally 5pm, she was wolfing down her dinner.
"You're going to make yourself sick eating like that" her mother scolded, clicking her tongue in annoyance. Asta gave a playful pout,
"But mum, the fair is starting now. I don't want to miss any of it" Asta replied between a mouthful of her father's signature dish of roast chicken. Mother Falr gave an exasperated huff but didn't say anything further, after all she could well remember the days when such a festival had excited her. Asta grinned, revealing - much to the disgust of her mother - the half eaten mess in her mouth.
"Asta..." Her mother began in warning. Asta let out a short giggle, clearly she wasn't about to take any sort of warning seriously.

A moment later, her meal finished, Asta leaped up from the table and headed for the door.
"Don't forget your cardigan!" her mother called after her.
"Thanks Mum!" Asta called, running back up to her room and grabbing the item. She had changed after her day at work, wanting to be fresh for the festivities tonight. Her new outfit was colourful and completely Asta.
Cardigan in hand Asta finally made it out the door, shouting a hurried good bye to her parents. No doubt she would see them at the Lantern Festival too.

The walk from her house to the main street wasn't long. She could hear the sounds of the festival already. It made her excited and the girl increased her walking pace. As she walked she pulled her phone out, realised that she had missed a text from Daphne.

'Whats everyone up to? I'm down by the bay and haven't seen anybody and I'm bored out of my mind.'

Asta stopped in the street and quickly sent back a reply,

"Just left home now. I'll come and meet you. :) "

While her phone was out Asta sent another text. This one went to Bryce. Apart from this morning when he'd cycled past the bookstore Asta hadn't seen him at all.

"Hey Bryce!
You hitting the festival? Hopefully I'll see you around sometime!"

Bryce was her best friend and, for sometime, secret crush. There was little Asta could do in the romantic department though, Bryce was firstly her friend. She wouldn't ever want to do anything that threatened to ruin their friendship and also Bryce was going out with Layla. Come to think of it Bryce and Layla would probably be at the festival together. Asta shrugged and set off again.

Five minutes later she was briskly walking down by the docks, aiming for the figure that she assumed was Daphne. The sun was setting, its light hitting the lake's water and making the waves sparkle.
"It's such a lovely evening." Asta called over to Daphne when the other girl was in ear shot. "It should be a clear night too."
Asta was so focused on greeting her friend that she missed the fishing equipment that someone had left out on the docks. With a great show of uncoordinated Asta managed to get her feet tangled amongst the fishing gear and before she knew it she was falling. Her hands went out to soften the landing and found themselves landing on what appeared to be a fish hook. With a thump she landed on the ground.
"Bugger" Asta said, as she inspected her hands and the fish hook she had landed on. Unsurprisingly, given her invulnerability, her hand had come out better than the fish hook. The hook was twisted beyond use and slightly dented when her hand had squashed it against the planks. With a guilty glance around Asta replaced the fish hook in the gear, quickly untangled herself and then rushed over to Daphne.

"Ah, so who are we waiting on?" She asked as she surreptitiously dusted herself off.

Ramses Atum

It had been the thoughts of Ram's wonderful morning with Leslie that had got him through the tedious hours of stall set up with his father. The work had been dull, made even worse by the fact that Ram knew he would be the one to test the stall out when it opened at 7:00pm. Still, all he had to do with think of Leslie's soft lips on his and the tedium seemed to disappear.

It was several hours later that Ram found himself sitting by the stall, waiting for Leslie to show up. He was still wearing what he had on this morning since he hadn't had time to go home and change.
He had received Leslie's text, which had sent butterflies whirling around his stomach.

'I'm on my way to the festival, be looking for me. Love you.'

'Love you' The words had reverberated around Ram's head as he waited. Love was a strong emotion and a large step to take, after all the two had only just had their first kiss... and yet Ramses felt that it was right. He himself had had feelings for Leslie for some time. Although the might have only just expressed their feelings for each other, the love had been there for much longer. So, with a shaking hand, Ram had sent back his own declaration,

'Can't wait. Love you too.'

It felt good to text it and Ram knew that it would feel even better to say it to Leslie face to face. He didn't have to wait long. Soon enough Ramses spotted Leslie making his way through the crowd. Ram stood up and moved from behind the stall to meet Leslie,
"Hey!... Having fun?" Leslie asked. Ram smiled and gave a shrug.
"I've just been waiting for you" He replied before indicating the stall, "It doesn't open until seven so I haven't had much to do yet."
Ram slung an arm over Leslie's shoulder and drew him quickly forward, planting a kiss on his lips,
"What do you say we try out those rides you said you'd take me on?"
He said as he pulled his face away, if not his arm.

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Image Layla knew that her prank didn't work, her brother drinked the cool lemonade with ease, at this she scrunched her nose and threw Xander a deadly glare. She shrugged it off and pressed her lips against the red plastic straw and drank some of her coke, it wasn't actually that bad. It had a really good taste to it actually, no wonder her brother loved the stuff, she exclaimed with joy of how much she loved the drink, and it was sort of nice to have something to drink from the summer sun outside. She finished the beverage in one last suck, and sat the glass back down on the table. Her brothers glass was almost empty to, and she looked at the slight cringe on Xander's face, she could tell that his mouth was starting to get all weird and she laughed at this, almost guffawing. "Now, what is it that we are doing at this festival that was so important that you had to get me out of bed? Just kissing your boyfriend to remind me I'm alone?" Xander asked her, taking another sip of his drink. She could tell that her brother had the intention of revenge in his mind, but there was nothing that he could do. Well there is countless things he could do to get back at her, at this she actually began to wonder at ways he could get back at her. She shrugged to herself and said back to her brother, "No, you are actually invited to walk around with us, i'm sure that Bryce wouldn't mind." He stood up and offered his hand to her, while tucking in his own chair, "Let's go to this festival then. It's starting soon, right?"

Before she could take his hand, someone started to walk over, it was that Fin guy that she met out in front of the restaurant. The one feature that stood out for her was his hair, it was just so heavenly and wonderful, but to be honest all his features were sexy. “Enjoy your lunch Layla,” he said to her, smiling. Before she could reply he just continued to walk the other way, he did say something to Xander but she didn't really catch it. She looked a bit confused before taking her brothers outstretched hand, she stood up and let go of his hand, as she saw someone walk into the restaurant. It was Bryce, he was hot as ever, she was filled with joy and ran over and planted a kiss on his lips, maybe she annoyed a couple of people with her joyful greeting/scream, looking back briefly she saw that her brother was already gone, off to do his own thing probably.


The street was filled with people, the street was lined with various stalls and games. Layla wanted to try them all, they looked so fun and exciting, it was like she was a kid again. As the couple made their way through the street, arm in arm he asked her, "So, where should we start? Games? Music? Food?" Layla could tell that he would do what she wanted, but she had a craving for fun so her mind was already made up. "Perhaps go on a ride?" he added, as he gestured to the ferris wheel up ahead. The festival was altered to accommodate the giant moving wheel, she decided that she wanted to go on that last, to add last touch of romance to the night. She had got this from several movies of course, those were her favourite kinds of movies, where the girl got the perfect girl or vice versa. She could tell that he was bursting with energy, "How about we try to dunk some people?" she had said with a devilish smile, jumping up and down slightly with excitement, she had liked the idea of making people fall into water. Also she was a good aim so she hardly missed, but they don't know that don't they!

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"Which prize would you like?" asks the man running the milk can stall, someone who is a teacher at the local school- this must be one of the many school-based stands, raising money for funding and such. Gwyn smiles, pleased with her own victory at the classic festival game, and shows no hesitation before pointing at a stuffed dinosaur, a green brontosaurus. The vendor obligingly gets down the plush creature and passes it over to Gwyn, who decides that she will go and drop it off at home before continuing to browse the festival activities and sights. Well, that was the plan, anyway, before her phone vibrates once more in her back pocket. There isn't really much of a question when it comes to who the text is from- she can guess that it is from Jade before checking it. Gwyn shifts her plush toy into her left hand and pulls out her phone with her right, scanning over the text quickly but sending no response- Jade knows that she will be there. After all, it would be uncharacteristic for her to respond and then ignore the answer to the question.

The apple bobbing tank is a bit down the way, Gwyn recalls, having passed by it while it was still setting up earlier in the day. As a child, Gwyn had adored apple bobbing, and had actually been quite good at it, perhaps because she would hang out by the stall for it every festival back in those days. She hasn't tried her hand at it since the last Lantern Festival, though, and is likely to be much more hesitant to give it a try. Still, it isn't like they are going there to actually play the game, of course- she just needs to hear whatever it is that Jade needs to speak about. The young woman remains completely unaware that it won't be a matter of hearing, but of seeing- after all, how would she know that Jade is pregnant, let alone with quintuplets? Especially as the last time they had passed by each other, the darker haired girl hadn't been really showing. Gwyn is certainly in for a surprise.

Not having time to return it to her house, Gwyn takes the stuffed dinosaur with her down the street, realizing that she probably looks silly carrying it like a small child whose parents have just won them a prize. Still, she doesn't care too much about that, and continues on her way without giving it any more thought. The walk is lit with lights and children who are too young to have experienced the old festivals running around gleefully. The music from the folk band plays as a soundtrack to the scenes, while the lanterns serve as spotlights to various acts- each person the star of their own little show. As she nears the Apple Bobbing stall, Gwyn begins to feel slightly nervous, but steels herself all the same- after all, she broke up with Jade for a reason, and there is no need for anxiety. She's more worried about why Jade needs to speak to her, though.

When Gwyn first spots Jade, she thinks it another person who has a similar face, but upon looking more closely cannot deny that it is Jade- leaning against a streetlight with her stomach swelled in a way that can only be seen in pregnant woman. Caught off guard, Gwyn pauses for a moment, about two feet away, surprise written on her face quite clearly. She gathers her wits once more and addresses the young woman, "Jade? What happened?"


Bryce's expression breaks into a grin at Layla's proposal, one that he most certainly can agree to going along with- dunking a few people sounds like the perfect way to start out the night. Hopefully there will be some really irritating people stationed above the water tank, because that will make it all the more fun when he is the cause of them falling straight into the tank of freezing cold water. "Sounds like a fantastic idea," he responds positively. Part of the reason that the two get along so well is likely because of the fact that they both have similar tastes- especially as far as festival activities go, apparently. Of course, this is the first Lantern Festival that Bryce has ever gone with a girlfriend to- he was younger the last time it was held, after all, though he had gone with family or with friends of his childhood- like Asta, Tut, etc. Those were always fantastic times, and the young man is determined that he will have plenty of fun at this festival as well- after all, what would be the point otherwise?

Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Bryce's phone buzzes, prompting the young man to take it out of his pocket and check the most recent message- this one coming from Asta, the aforementioned childhood friend and, if he were to be completely honest, crush. Of course, he's suppressed feelings for her for a while now, choosing their friendship over something else- after all, his relationships tend to end with the girl telling him that they don't have the energy to deal with him anymore, making it sound as though dating him is similar to babysitting. It isn't, but he can be a bit overly jealous and such, to be expected from the descendent of Set.

To: Asta
Naturally! I'm sure we'll bump into each other

The young man slides his phone back into his pocket then, and glances back towards Layla, who is clearly quite excited about the dunking booth- with good reason, of course. Bryce happens to know that the girl has the aim of a military sniper, and pities the bloke sitting on the tank right now, because falling is inevitable if Layla is throwing. He links his arm in hers and grins at the young woman before doing an exaggerated fluttering motion in his hand, the sort that people use to dramatically bow or something like that. "Shall we go then, M'lady?" he says with a silly sort of smile, before leading her off to the dunking booth, only to find that it has not opened up quite yet. He frowns, reading a sign saying that it won't open for another hour or so.

"Damn. Alright, then- second choice?"

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#, as written by Issa
Mack Nephthys

Mack walked away from the stall, hoping to put some distance between him and Dehlilah. But, a moment later, she had caught him up.
"That, see? This is why I didn't help Jade. You all make assumptions, if you haven't noticed people are falling in love all around us, I didn't ask for that." She said, her tone had definitely changed from the inviting one earlier, "I didn't ask for any of this, I sure as hell didn't ask to be afraid of getting raped everywhere I go" Mack couldn't help but raise his eyebrows at that. Surely she was old enough to be able to control her powers enough to not fear rape. One of her parents would have had similar powers and would have taught her, surely? It seemed rather irresponsible not to have control of something like that. It wasn't like Mack unconsciously called up gusts of wind when angry. However Mack chose not to share his concerns with Dehlilah, realising that it would only make the situation worse.
"If I wanted to manipulate you I could have done a hell of a lot worse things to you than ask for an escape route, read some mythology,you- you -you you ass" With that last barb Dehlilah left.

Mack watched her go, biting his lip as a sudden wave of guilt overcame him. He may not agree with the way she controlled her power, but he disliked seeing someone upset, especially when he was partially responsible. Still, he was wary of approaching her again both because of her powers and because he guessed that his appearance wouldn't be well received. So instead he turned in the opposite direction and began wondering down through the festival. His eyes scanned both the stalls and the crowd, searching for anything that might catch his fancy. His eyes passed over a stall selling charmed trinkets and came to rest on one containing miniature snow globes.

Despite helping set up the festival, Mack had little idea of the majority of what was on offer. He approached the snow globe stall to get a better look. Bending down he peered at one globe and a smile spread across his face. It was a miniature version of Northbay, complete with town's people walking around and the lake lapping at the shore. Mack picked it up and brought the object right up to his face. His amazement increased as he realised the globe was actually showing the current lantern festival. It was an outstanding piece of magic. Mack quickly looked at the other globes and found other towns and cities from around the world. He debated with himself for a while before buying a globe that held the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, in it's centre.

Snow globe comfortably in his pocket, Mack continued down the street. He quickly spotted a familiar face, his brother. with him was Layla, Bryce's girlfriend. The two looked like they were on a date and Mack didn't want to intrude, but he hadn't seen his brother in a while so he thought he would at least say hi.
"Bryce!" Mack called, waving a hand in greeting as he made his way towards his brother. As he joined the couple he smiled at Layla, "I hope my brother is winning lots of large, fluffy soft toys for you" Mack said, winking at the girl.

Ramses Atum

"You have a spectacular gift!... Everything you do is perfect, Ram." Leslie's compliment brought a smile to Ram's face. How could Ram have guessed when he woke this morning that his evening would be like this?

Ram had a last fleeting glance of the world beyond the pair's Ferris wheel carriage before his lips connected with Leslie's. and his world became confined to the immediate space around him. Leslie's mouth locked with his. Fireworks seemed to erupt in his mind, the mere feel of Leslie's hands in his hair sent thrills down his spine. Then Ram felt Leslie's hand push up under his shirt. The feel of Leslie's fingers stroking Ram's naked chest created a hunger in Ram's pit, he wanted more. As Leslie's hand wondered down Ram's chest and stopped just short of the hem of his pants. Ram's breath stopped short and the pressure of his lips on Leslie's became more urgent.

As Leslie's hand paused and then moved back up, Ram felt an undeniable disappointment. The rational part of his mind, that never rarely left him, thought that doing anything beyond kissing was probably not a good idea given that they were well within range of basically the whole town. Ram's screen of floating lights did something to hide his and Leslie's movements, but he doubted it concealed them properly.
However the other part of his brain, the passionate side currently on fire with desire, didn't care. As Leslie began kissing Ram's jawline, moving down to his neck, Ram ran his hands down Leslie's back. His hands found their way under and up Leslie's shirt, caressing his back. His fingers dug into the skin just above Leslie's hips as his lips reached Ram's neck. Ram tilted his head back, closing his eyes as he let the blissful sensation sink in.

He barely noticed as the Ferris wheel came to a stop beneath them, the two now at the top of the ride. It appeared that Leslie's prediction had come true, the two were stuck at the top. Ram opened his eyes briefly and removed one hand from under Leslie's shirt. He called back the small spheres of light, each one sinking into his hand. They left a small imprint of heat before completely disappearing. The natural night lights slowly came into focus. Below him, Ram hoped that the lack of light would mean that anyone looking up at the top Ferris wheel carriage would only see the carriages below them and not Leslie and Ram's interaction.

As Leslie's hand paused and then moved back up, Ram felt an undeniable disappointment. The rational part of his mind, that never rarely left him, thought that doing anything beyond kissing was probably not a good idea given that they were well within range of basically the whole town. Ram's screen of floating lights did something to hide his and Leslie's movements, but he doubted it concealed them properly.
However the other part of his brain, the passionate side currently on fire with desire, didn't care. As Leslie began kissing Ram's jawline, moving down to his neck, Ram ran his hands down Leslie's back. His hands found their way under and up Leslie's shirt, caressing his back. His fingers dug into the skin just above Leslie's hips as his lips reached Ram's neck. Ram tilted his head back, closing his eyes as he let the blissful sensation sink in.

He barely noticed as the Ferris wheel came to a stop beneath them, the two now at the top of the ride. It appeared that Leslie's prediction had come true, the two were stuck at the top. Ram opened his eyes briefly and removed one hand from under Leslie's shirt. He called back the small spheres of light, each one sinking into his hand. They left a small imprint of heat before completely disappearing. The natural night lights slowly came into focus. Below him, Ram hoped that the lack of light would mean that anyone looking up at the top Ferris wheel carriage would only see the carriages below them and not Leslie and Ram's interaction.
"Beyond perfect" Ram muttered to Leslie as the darkness and fairy lights from below cast a magical light on the two.

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Gwyn is briefly distracted from Jade's swelled stomach by an unfamiliar man with blonde hair, likely a Greek, who comes up beside the pregnant woman, hovering in such a way that hints at him restraining himself from touching Jade. The redhaired girl keeps her expression as neutral as she can manage, but it is difficult to hide her surprise and, to some extent, suspicion- besides, she's never been the best at hiding her opinions and thoughts, really, honest in all aspects of the world. She is about to say something, or rather ask something, but Jade cuts in before Gwyn can get in a word, the girl's expression some mix of conviction and uncertainty. With her first words, Gwyn turns her gaze away from Jade's face and back to the swelled stomach that certainly had not been there the last time they had passed by each other. That much is obvious, Gwyn thinks to herself, feeling slightly numb with the surprise. She bites back the comment, though, a struggle for the girl, before looking back at Jade's face, studying it carefully. The next words are more informative, and more startling, than the first- quintuplets. That is a whole lot of children- a lot of little lives.

Still, Jade does not allow Gwyn a word in edgewise, tossing out these bombs like a plane in World War 2- it is certainly a lot to take in, and Jade doesn't seem to be giving out the information in the most merciful way, instead ripping off the bandage. Well, Gwyn can hardly complain- she is often guilty of the same thing, not the sort to dance around a subject or try and soften a blow. Things need to be said as honestly as possible, and it's better to feel it now then have a gradual unleashing of surprises and blows. It isn't in Gwyn's nature, not really, to think of things as unfair- she is the sort who will right the wrong rather than observing the wrongs of it. But now, she can't help but feel that Jade is being unfair to her. Suddenly dropping this weight upon her, and finishing with a knockout punch- tearfully asking not simply for forgiveness, but for Gwyn to help her through this.

And while Gwyn may feel it unfair to herself, she has never been the sort to easily ignore such sincere, and unexpected, plea for help. "This is rather sudden," she begins to say slowly, but she knows that she'll give in- she can't leave someone so vulnerable, especially not Jade. However, Jade's next words distract her once more, reminding her of the strange man who is standing so close to Jade- she had, in a brief lapse, forgotten his presence- or perhaps ignored it in order to focus on what she considers more pressing patterns, such as her ex-girlfriend being very pregnant.

One can't blame the red-haired girl for looking at Tony accusingly when she is given his identity- the father of the children in Jade's stomach. It is a brief look of resentment, because as a child of Forseti she must know better than to place the entirety of blame upon people who are not deserving of the whole weight. After all, how was he to know that Jade had been, at the time, spoken for? If anything, it remains Jade's fault- something that Gwyn may never entirely forgive her for. The young woman pushes up her glasses and crosses her arms, not looking either of them in the eye- instead focusing on Jade's stomach.

But then that pleading voice returns, Jade once more imploring that Gwyn help her. Insisting that Gwyn had been the level-headed one, that Jade isn't ready to be a mother- not yet. Why not have the father help? Gwyn thinks, somewhat bitter despite herself when Jade insists that she can't do it without her. She looks over at the clock- sees that the Jazz band will be starting soon. She might end up missing the first bit of it. All of this is not the sort of thing she wants to be a part of- like those terrible reality shows about people who have done stupid things, gotten themselves wrapped up in drama. That isn't Gwyn- Gwyn is practical, driven, and not the sort to be entangled in such a web. Yet it has happened anyway, despite her best intentions.

All the girl can do is sigh, and look back at Jade's face again. "What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to help?" she asks, voice far more tired than it ought to be.


Bryce is waiting for Layla's decision still when a familiar voice calls out, followed by the sight of a similarly familiar figure striding towards the couple. It is his brother, of course- Bryce is unsurprised to find Mack out and about with the festival, especially given as the man had helped with the set up for the occasion earlier- and nearly hurt himself doing so, from what Bryce had seen. Mack has always been the social sort, both of the brothers have, so of course he'd be about in a festivity held for the entirety of their small, but strange, town.

"Hey!" Bryce greets his brother in return, raising his hand and gesturing in one of those sweeping waves, like a window wiper with the rhythmic motion before his brother reaches their location. When Mack jokes about Bryce winning Layla a prize, followed by a wink for the girl, Bryce feels, certainly unnecessarily, a bit irritated. He puts his arm over Layla, admittedly a possessive move, and then smiles once more at his brother. As far as he knows, Layla has no interest in his elder brother, but as a brother who has always felt a bit left in his elder brother's shadow, he can't help but feel slightly threatened by Mack's presence- just a little bit.

"I was working on it- we were going to the dunking booth, actually, but it seems to be closed for the moment. And how've you been doing? Win any games yet?" Bryce asks, smiling in a more relaxed manner now, curious about whether Mack has won any for the primary reason of wanting to win more games than his elder brother has- sibling rivalry, if you will.

[Sorry that Bryce's post is so short- waiting for a post for Layla]