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Mack Nephthys

0 · 916 views · located in Northbay, Ireland

a character in “Living Gods”, as played by Issa


'Every town needs an odd job guy,'


Name: Mackenzie Otis Nephthys
Nickname: Mack
Age: 25
Sexuality: Bi-curious 'I'm still deciding'
Pantheon: Egyptian
Ancestor: Set
Occupation: 'I've never been able to hold down a job for long'
Mack does odd jobs around Northbay

|| Storms || Running || Sand || Languages ||
|| The Beach || Jokes || Laughing ||
|| Parties || Sunbathing || Lazy Days ||
|| Travel || Different Cultures ||

|| Ghosts || Cheating || Strict Schedules ||
|| Lightning || Rom Coms || Racism ||
|| Pollution || Ferrets ||

Being betrayed by those he loves
Lightning 'You'd think for the descendent of a storm god I'd cope better with lightning.'



Ancestor: Set, the Egyptian God of Deserts, Storms and Foreigners.

'The weatherman predicted sun for today? I can fix that.'
Mack has never been able to manipulate rain, hail, lightning or snow. Instead his storms tend to be strong winds. He has the potential to create tornadoes, tropical cyclones (a strange occurrence for Ireland) or with the addition of sand and dust, biting sandstorms. When calling on his winds it is often noted that sand seems to appear in them, as if Mack has called the substance from the nearest beach. In fact the sand seems to appear magically, adding to the power of his storm. Mack has never been able to explain this aspect of his power, he can only assume that Mack's power to create sandstorms stems from the fact that Set was the God of Deserts and Storms.

Other than wind and sandstorms, Mack is able to make solid constructs out of sand. In theory he should be able to create something as large as the sand available can make, but Mack was never too interested in honing this particular power considering the severe lack of sand in Northbay.

Mack's fear of lightning is probably one of the reasons he has never been able to control it. He has never tried and he probably never will attempt to control the volatile element. During lightning storms Mack usually becomes more agitated and impatient, reverting to his younger attitude.

Mack has a talent for cooking, in particular foreign dishes. He loves experimenting with spices and trying new things.

Mack is a bit of a handy-man. He's picked up a variety of skills on his travels and knows how to fix drains, clear pipes, build tree houses, weed gardens, fix TVs and so on.

As with his younger brother Mack has a talent with languages. His collection includes English, Portuguese, Latin, Korean, Romanian, and Maori

Thoughts: 'The Norse? Too serious. The Greeks? Too proud.'


'Look, I'll admit that I haven't always been the most focused individual''
Mack wasn't always the relaxed, laid-back guy he is today. Once upon a time he was impulsive, impatient and let his desires run his life. That all changed when he came back from travelling the world. Somewhere beyond the limited reaches of Northbay Mack changed, becoming the chilled guy he is today. Rather than make snap decisions Mack will mull over an idea for a while before deciding, generally, on whatever strikes him as a more interesting idea. He takes life at a slower paste and dislikes rushing anything potentially important or enjoyable. Sure, he still likes to party and to flirt with anything that catches his fancy, but there is a definite lack of haste in his life.

It should be made clear that just because he enjoys life at a slower pace, does not mean he is dim in anyway. His school grades were never spectacular. In fact most of his past teachers would say that they bordered on atrocious, but that was mainly due to a lack of interest at the time. Mack has a quick mind, more suited to the study of languages and cultures than the application of maths and science. He is extremely street smart and quick-witted, a result of genetics and his experiences travelling. While a quick-wit might not be the first thing you'd associate with his lazy smile, it is there and often used when flirting or trading harmless quips with friends.

Mack has always been a sociable guy. He has a way of including people that means he has never lacked for friends. He rarely lets apparent labels or ages stand in the way of a friendship. He is usually drawn to others who have the same go with the flow attitude. It is usually a friendly smile that people see followed by an easy joke or a friendly wave. Mack isn't one to let his emotions affect other people and will generally be pleasant to others even if he personally isn't feeling too bright that day.

When dealing for people who have wronged Mack he has one simple way of dealing with it. Mack has always believed in the saying 'An eye for an eye'. He doesn't see it as revenge, but simply as a way of balancing the scales. If someone wrongs him he feels entitled to righting the scales. Once righted he will bare no grudge and will return to acting as he did before the incident.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Even the most laid back individuals have people they dislike. For Mack they are the people who don't know a good thing when they have it. Perhaps it is an aspect of his jealous nature that shows, but for whatever reason Mack has always found it hard to like anyone who whines about their life. Mack has seen people with a lot less than the inhabitants of Northbay and has no time for anyone feeling sorry for themselves.

While his new, easy going attitude is here to stay there are times when his impulsiveness surfaces. Usually this occurs during times of stress, like lightning storms, when he'll become agitated. Envy is another emotion that Mack tries to subdue. His jealousy, as mentioned above, usually flares when others needlessly flaunt their possessions. Mack has always worked to earn his way, even though his parents were well enough off to offer some form of support. He worked his way around the world and now he works doing odd jobs to eat and keep a roof over his head. He views anyone with a silver spoon in their mouth with indifference and a hint of jealousy.

|| Laid-back || Friendly || Quick-witted || Sociable || Flirtatious || Jealous ||

Mack was born into a comfortable family home and for seven years had the privilege of being an only child. Those early years were simple, easy and all about Mack. When it was announced that Mack would be getting a baby brother, well he wasn't initially too excited about the prospect. To the young Mack the birth of his little brother Bryce meant having to share the attention of his parents. At first he was resentful but, when Bryce was actually born Mack's fascination overrode his resentment and he found himself becoming oddly protective of his younger brother.

As Mack grew so too did his impulsiveness. After his younger brother was born Mack's choices were made even faster and without thinking of the proper consequences. Throughout school his impatience could be seen. He would sit in class and squirm, waiting for the bell to ring and the lesson to be over. His inattention in class soon began to tell on his grades. His parents weren't happy of course, but there was little they could do. On the one hand they were trying to instil a sense of caution in Bryce, who was constantly acting recklessly and breaking bones, and for Mack they were trying to calm him down and give him some patience.

After Mack's final year of school he decided to take a gap year before beginning university. His parents were supportive and offered to pay for part of his trip overseas. However, Mack decided that he wanted to fund his trip on his own. During school he had done a number of part-time jobs around the town, he was a waiter at the restaurant and an assistant at the cafe. Between his jobs he'd earned enough money to start his trip.
He only planned to be gone for one year but five years, four continents, 16 islands and a larger appreciation for life later Mack returned.

His parents have always lived comfortably. They weren't particularly wealthy but they had always been able to provide for themselves and their children. On Mack's return his parents offered him his old room back. Mack however had come too independent to enjoy the thought of living with his parents again.

He got his own place, a small, one bedroom apartment along Northbay's main street. He began taking odd jobs to earn his money, anything that was available. One day he would be fixing drains at the Sailing Club, the next he'd be the substitute cook at the pub. This life style suited him well. Friends and family also marveled at the change in him. His impulsiveness was gone, instead he was the sort of guy that approached situations with a lazy smile and a calm demeanor.
Other: Anything else you want to add.

So begins...

Mack Nephthys's Story

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#, as written by Issa


Saturday, 20th July

The residents of Northbay have awoken to a surprisingly pleasant summer's day. The weather, by magic or nature, is already a charming 20°C (68°F) and predictions have the maximum temperature reaching a comfortable 25°C (77°F). There are only a few wisps of cloud in the sky and a refreshing breeze can be felt throughout the area.

The main street is being prepared for the festival. It is still open to the public as most of the shops lining the street are likely to stay open until the cordons are put up. There is a definite buzz to the town as those involved in the preparation for the festival work and those who are attending look forward to the nights festivities.

For the town Elders there is a feeling of anxiousness. Will their planned festival help to calm the town's tensions or will it do the opposite?

Ramses Atum

Ram lefted his head and closed his green eyes, soaking up the early morning sun as it bet down on the lake. Cool water sprayed in his face and a constant breeze ruffled his hair. It was perfect sailing weather and Ram had been up since dawn to make the most of it. His one man boat, named 'The Falcon', raced across the lake, skimming across the waves.

Ram opened his eyes as he drew closer to the shore. Standing up in the boat he shielded his eyes from the sunlight glistening off the water and took in the view. There, pretty as a picture, sat Northbay. It fit snuggly between the lakeshore and the hills beyond. He could make out the main street with its small array of shows on either side. There was a large amount of activity in the street, surprising for such a small town and so early on a Saturday.

Then again it was the day of the Lantern Festival. No doubt every spare hand the Elder's could rope into helping was busy putting up decorations. Ram's father Ramsey was a member of the Elders' Council so Ramses was able to get all his information first hand and fresh. The festival was officially an overdue welcome to the Greeks. Unofficially it was to try and calm down the rising animosities between the different groups in the town. As Ram's father had said, if the town could come together and enjoy this one, simple event then they would be one step closer to regaining peace and order.

Ram thought it was a vain hope. He highly doubted that bringing together the whole town into one street would solve anything. Quite the opposite really. Ram knew little of the Greeks but he had grown up with the Norse and his own Egyptian pantheon. He knew enough to understand that there would always be certain individuals who do anything but try to ease tensions.

Shaking such thoughts from his head Ram aimed the boat to shore. A moment later he pulled into the docks, jumping onto the wooden jetty with the ease of practice. He anchored his boat to the jetty, tying it securely. The day may have been calm now but Ram knew enough about Irish weather to know to predict anything. Besides, when you lived in a town of power beings you could never be sure when someone's powers would cause a little mayhem.

Standing up Ram raised his arms above his head and stretched, before straightening out his clothes. With a pleased smile he set off down the wooden walkway, heading towards the Sailing Club rooms and a much needed shower.

Mack Nephthys

Early morning carpentry was probably not the best way to deal with a hangover, but oddly enough Mack found the rhythmic thud of his hammer strangely calming. Or perhaps he was still drunk from last night.

He had visited Northbay's singular drinking hole, the pub, the previous night. It had started as a causal beer, but three bottles of beer, four shots of vodka and who knows what else later his night had ended up much larger than anticipated. He had woken up this morning still in his clothes, his light still on and his alarm cloak blaring from under a pile of clothes.

Mack had agreed to help set up for the Lantern Festival that night. He wasn't even getting paid, but doing it as a favour to the town. Not that he minded doing it for free. Mack didn't have too many expensive habits and the rent on his tiny apartment over the supermarket was relatively cheap.

"Mack! Can you move the lanterns slightly to the left?" Ebony Aset, aunt of the three Aset girls and member of the Elders, shouted from the street. Mack, standing up on a ladder, nodded down at the woman and moved the lanterns as desired. Satisfied Ebony nodded and wondered off to oversee another part of the preparations. Left to his own devices Mack returned to hammering.

Almost finished he gave one final hammer on the nail, only his attention must have slipped because the next thing he knew a sharp pain erupted in his thumb. With a yelp he jerked his hand back, making him lose his balance in the process. His legs went out from under him, his arms pinwheeling in circles as he tried to grab at anything to keep him from falling.
Unfortunately the ladder seemed to elude him and Mack quickly found himself falling. A gust of wind blew up the street, particles of sand held in the breeze. The wind increased in strength and pressure, directing itself around the falling man. Faster than the eye could follow it had formed into a miniature wind funnel, Mack being safely buoyed in the centre. Slowly he was lowered to the ground. Only when his feet had touched concrete did a movement of his hand send the winds away, leaving a thin layer of sand behind.

'Mack, as much as I'm glad you're not hurt...' The stern voice came from Ebony Aset, her foot tapping quickly as she surveyed the tiny beach of sand that his powers had called forth. She had a broom in her hand, 'I want all this sand gone before tonight.' Thrusting it into his grasp Ebony turned and left. Dusting the light sprinkling of sand off his clothes before beginning to sweep up the street, Mack wished - and not for the first time - that his winds didn't magically summon sand when he called them.

Asta Falr

The view from the hills above the town was spectacular. Asta, pausing on her descent, couldn't help but grin at the landscape. The lake was sparkling in the early morning sun, light glistened off the town roofs and there was hardly a cloud in sight. She could have stayed on the thin track that ran up the hills beyond Northbay all day, but one glance at her watch told Asta that she'd need to open the shop soon. With a last glance across the lake Asta turned and made her way, half skipping, down the track.

Most likely it was the excitement of the coming festival that had seen Asta rise so early and head up into the hills. She often went for walks, but rarely so early in the morning. Coming back down she hit the main street at it's beginning. The entrance to Northbay was decorated with a simple sign which read 'Welcome to Northbay'. Asta passed the sign, entering the main street of the town. She passed people setting up stalls, others hanging decorations and more than one person shouting out loud instructions.

Asta waved happily at Mack as she passed him. Curiously he was sweeping up sand, although where the sand came from Asta couldn't be sure. Down the street she went, dodging in and out of the workers, until she reached the Bookstore.
"Key, key key... Oh, there you are!" She muttered to herself as she dug into her cardigan pockets. The Bookstore owner had given Asta the responsibility of opening the store today and she would have hated it if she'd lost the keys already.

She pushed the door open and stepped into the dark room. The light switch was unfortunately at the other end of the store and Asta didn't fancy wondering through the dark to find it. So, holding her hand out, she summoned a small sphere of light and used it to guide her through.

Ten minutes later, the store lit, open and ready for customers, Asta sat back at the counter with a sigh of relief. From here she had a good view of the festival preparations, but instead of watching the workers outside she picked up her book 'Catch-22' and began to read. The doorbell would jingle as soon as anyone entered, meaning until then she could happily lose herself in Joseph Heller.

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Bryce Nephthys, despite the boundless amount of energy that he seems to possess during the rest of the day, is not a morning person. More accurately, Bryce is not a 'morning-after-getting-roaring-drunk' kind of person, and so when he awakes, it is with a migraine that feels like someone is hammering a nail straight between his eyes. The sun shoots straight through the cracks in his blinds, landing excruciatingly bright rays of light directly over his closed eyes. Instantly his entire face seems to scrunch up for a moment, his brow furrowing and his mouth curling down into a terrible grimace, before the young man rolls over in a weak attempt to escape the torturous gaze of the sun. Of course, this action leaves him rolling right over the edge of his bed and landing smack onto the ground, making a small thud as he finally, but reluctantly, opens his eyes. Bryce is the sort who sleeps on the very edge of his bed, despite having a big one that is practically asking to be sprawled out on.

"Well, shit," Bryce mutters under his breath at the tumble, pushing himself up off of the ground and squinting through the bright sunlight. Well, at least he knows precisely what to do in order to wake himself up- a good swim is always the solution for everything, as far as the young man is concerned. Besides, he doesn't exactly have a job, and therefore has nowhere set to be at the moment. Based on the sun outside, it's a perfect day for a dip, though that isn't all that looking out the window tells him. Bryce watches as a gust of sand-carrying wind blows up the street and keeps going, prompting a smirk on his face, because he knows precisely who the creator of that gust of wind is. Bored or something? he wonders, before continuing on with his quest to get himself into the pool. After getting dressed and such, Bryce heads downstairs to prepare himself a breakfast of buttered toast. He doesn't cook much, not even when it comes to eggs. In fact, the only thing he can seem to make properly is banana bread, oddly enough.

The young man gets onto his bike and speeds off, hardly bothering with a leisurely pace right now. His head is still throbbing terribly, but he's the sort of person who, rather than reacting with rest and recuperation, just tries to power through the pain. This is probably a horrible idea, but it is what he does anyway. As he bikes down the road, Bryce finds himself passing the bookstore, where he can see Asta working through the window. The young man waves at her, but continues moving. His ride down the street reminds him that the lantern festival will be taking place tonight. Plenty of people seem to already be preparing for the event, which is widely accepted as some last ditch attempt to integrate the Greeks into the rest of the town peacefully. He isn't complaining, though. It is very nostalgic after all, since they haven't had one of the festivals since he was still a tyke. Thinking about it, the festival probably won't be as great as he remembers it being, because he's probably glorified the memory, but he doesn't dwell on this possibility much. After all, what'd be the point in that?

Getting off of his bike, a thought occurs to Bryce, who pulls out his cell phone to send a text to Layla.

To: Layla
Want to meet up before the festival?

Sliding his phone shut, the young man walks into the community hall and straight to the pool. He's already got his shirt and shoes off by the time he's neared the facility, and jumps into the pool without a second thought, making a big splash with his childish cannonball.

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Viona squirmed under the covers as sunlight shined in through her window. Her room seemed to be glowing a light orange. Her eyes fluttered open, and she checked her clock. It was 8:00 am. She wearily got out of bed and stretched, trying to blink away any remaining sleep. Running a hand through her messy curls, she checked her phone before going into the bathroom.

She turned on the shower, letting the hot water run down her body. For some reason, she preferred her showers hot, hot enough to make your skin turn red. Steam curled out of the bathroom as she opened the door and walked out wrapped in a towel. She quickly threw on some shorts and a loose shirt before heading downstairs.

She opened up the refrigerator to look for breakfast. There wasn't much she was in the mood for, so she just opted for some toast. Popping two slices of bread into the toaster, she leaned against the kitchen counter waiting. She heard the sound of the toaster ejecting the toast out, and quickly ate them both. Looking up at a clock on the wall, checked the time once more. It was getting late, and she had promised to help with the preparations for the festival. Running back upstairs, she grabbed her cellphone and shoved it into her back pocket before leaving.

It was a beautiful day, a very comfortable temperature, and the sun was shining. It took her a few minutes to reach Main Street, but once she got there, she could see a lot of people working. Some were putting up decorations, setting up booths, fixing floats, and any other tasks that needed to be done. A little further down, she saw Mack sweeping up sand, though it was curious where the sand came from. She went to help set up decorations.

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Ava cleared her plate and drained the coffee mug, leaning back in the chair and stretching her arms. The Pink Floyd shirt was pretty comfortable; she wondered if the boy would miss it. When Daphne had gone into the back room, she took this as her cue to slide on out of the chair and slink out of the Restaurant, and subsequently skip out on the check. Shouldn't be on your damn phone all the time. Whatever happened to customer service anyhow? Ava smirked at her own thought, even giggled a little to herself as she broke into a light jog to get as far from the Restaurant as possible.

With a little food in her belly, she was ready to help out with the festival, however undesirable a project it would be. She walked briskly, humming indistinctly, while her flip flops smacked against her heels. Strictly for fun - and certainly not from superstition - she hopped over every crack in the sidewalk. She found herself wondering (maybe even caring?) if certain people would be there. The Serrure twins? Were they coming? Those kids knew how to party. What about that Fin guy? Or Antares? A huge grin spread across her face when she thought about Antares. That boy made her tingly all over. If only she could get him to look into her eyes, just for a moment, then he'd be all hers.

Her reverie was broken when she came to the Lantern Festival setup. A heavy sigh escaped her and she placed one hand on her hip, another on her brow to shield her eyes from the sun (ugh, the sun). Ava took a few heavy steps, glanced over at the others who were in place, trying to recognize them with the sun in her eyes.

She saw Mack, to whom she'd never actually spoken, and several of the elders. She was surprised at how the hanging lanterns made her feel. Was it excitement? Was Ava actually excited for this festival tonight? She tried to shake it off by imagining all the others sending and receiving texts or phone calls about the festival, like it was the damn Prom or something. Pathetic, really, she thought to herself.

"Ok," she announced. "I'm here. What do you want?"

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Fin woke up sprawled across his bed with his forearm laying across his eyes to block out the sun that was peeking through his window. Though it wasn’t the sun that had woken him up, it was the beep that had just signalled out from underneath a pile of clothes that seemed to span his whole floor.

He laid there for a moment staring at his ceiling, not quite ready to get up, he only laid there a moment before a grin stretched across his face and he rolled off his bed onto the pile of clothes on his floor. Just lying there was way too boring, and he was way too curious about what the text was about. It took him a solid five minutes to find his phone that was impressively buried, though for the achievement of finding his phone the state of his room suffered. hHs room was messy before but it was now a wreckage site.

He got up to leave his room with his phone in hand and took a glance back at the state of his room, though only for a moment before shrugging it off thinking to himself that he could clean it later. Though that was a blatant lie, seeming as Fin’s idea of cleaning was putting three things away and then getting distracted by something he found. Walking through his place Fin read through his new text from his sister Daphne, smiling to himself as he remembered today was the belated festival to welcome the Greeks. He couldn’t help getting excited, all he wanted was for the day to hurry up.

To: Daphne
Of Course I’ll be there Daff, wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ll definitely see you there!

After typing quick reply, Fin threw his phone onto the nearest ledge he could find without really thinking about what he was doing. He did this all the time and never learnt. Sometimes he would lose his phone for months at a time, or he just wouldn’t get around to charging it. Anyone who knew him at all knew it was incredibly unlikely for him to have his phone on him and let alone have it charged and on him.

He took a quick shower and dressed for the day before heading out the main street, excited to see all the decorations people had been working on. He walked through the main street with an uncontrollable grin on his face. The whole place just looked so festive and everyone seemed to be around working together to make the place look great. Plus they couldn’t have picked a better day, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Tonight was sure to be a good night, hopefully with plenty of alcohol, though he could fix that if it became an issue.

As Fin walked on he became aware that he was no longer just walking on concrete and the whole ground seemed to be scattered with sand. He looked up and seeing Mack had been given the duty of sweeping up the sand he made his way toawrds the guy. “I swear sleep in and you miss all the fun,” exclaimed Fin when he gained Mack’s attention. “What happened here?” he gestured to the sand scattered all across the street, an expression of curiosity and confusion spread across his features.

“Did you need any help cleaning it up?” Fin asked, when remembered that Mack had been sweeping up the sand. He hadn’t much to do that day, he had to work a few hours at the restaurant over lunch but that was about it. So he had plently of time to fill in and he really did want to help out and not just rely on other people to do everything.

He looked over Mack’s shoulder to see Delilah walking through the town seemingly taking a look at the decorations being put up. He immediately started walking over towards her, hoping since she was Greek and this was her first festival that she would be as excited as he was. “Talk to you later Mack,” Fin said over his shoulder at the last moment, completely forgetting his offer to help out.

“Dehlilah!” Fin called out grinning, “I take it your shops not open today then?” He caught up to her and began walking with her through the town. He wasn’t particularly close to Dehlilah but they were both Greek so they knew each other and from his point of view got on well.

“They town looks so festive and amazing doesn’t it?” He asked a wide smile lighting up his face as he faced forward still taking in all the decorations that had already been put up as well as the ones that were yet to be set up.


Calypso had been up for a while lying on the couch brainlessly watching whatever was on the television, occasionally changing channels when she felt a surge of energy. While everyone else looked to be out and about on that Saturday morning she had nothing to do. Ever heard the expression ‘no post on Sundays’? Yeah, well Northbay was such a tiny town there was no post all weekends, plus a post office wasn’t something so important that it needed to stay open when there was a festival on so she had no work. Her roommate and her best friend (excluding her twin Julian) Alyssa hadn’t come home last night, she was either at her parents’ place or off somewhere with a one night stand, either way though this meant Calypso was alone. She also was definitely not going to go help set up the festival, helping out and getting involved with the community was not something she would ever voluntarily do.

Speaking of the festival, Calypso found it hilarious that it was put on in order to try and soothe inter pantheon tensions since she could not remember a festival in Northbay that hadn’t ended badly or at least stirred up more drama than it was worth. This time would of course be no different though, her and Julian would be around to make sure of that. Not that she’d discussed it with her twin, but she knew he’d be up for it causing some drama.

Calypso decided it was probably time to get up and do something when her she heard he phone beep from what seemed to be the kitchen. Switching off the television she pulled herself to her feet to go investigate who had texted her. She smiled though when she read Alyssa’s text and quickly sent off a reply.

To: Alyssa
Yeah, yeah, I’m up. As if you even have to ask if we're going, no way we’d miss out on so much potential drama. Grabbing a drink before the lanterns sounds like just what the night calls for, haven’t seen Julie yet but will definitely drag him along.

Calypso was already dressed for the day in a simple patterned dress and so throwing her phone into her pocket she headed to her room to finish her hair and put on some makeup. Soon enough she was walking along the main street, not interacting with anyone she passed but rather walking very slowly, watching everyone go about putting up their direction. She loved watching people, she found it fascinating to watch how every single person was different in how they walked, talked and just generally held themselves. Calypso was so absorbed in her thoughts she hadn’t even noticed that she had walked right pass Ava until she heard her call out. "I'm here. What do you want?" Calypso looked over her shoulder and eyed the other girl a playful smile already forming on her face.

“Wow, Ava Apophis helping out?” she said sarcastically truning around so she was standing in front of Ava, a small smile tugging at the corners at her mouth. “Considering what everyone’s saying, what a brave move.” She said offhandedly, shrugging it off. Calypso turned her back to her, seemingly looking at the decorations. She was bullshitting about people talking about Ava, but while the burnette was always good for starting up drama sometimes she needed a slight push.

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#, as written by Issa
Ramses Atum

The walk to the sailing club, which sat right beside the docks, was short. Ram entered through a side door and flicked on the lights of the dark hall. The place was rather empty for a Saturday, most likely due to the festival. But Ram never minded having the place to himself. He showered quickly, dried and then dressed.

Picking up his bags Ram did a quick check of his cellphone. Finding it blinking, an indicator that he had a message, Ram unlocked the screen and tapped into his inbox to find a text message from Leslie.

'Hey! I'm about to leave home soon, do you want me to bring you some food?!

Ram paused as he read the message, leaning against the door frame with his bag slung over one shoulder. He felt the sides of his mouth twitch into a smile. Leslie was one of those rare people that Ramses loved to be around. Ram quickly sent back a reply,

"I'd love some food. Meet you at the street end of the docks?"

Ram assumed that Leslie would understand where he wanted to meet him, after all they often hung out at the docks. The main street of Northbay ran right down to the docks and where concrete turned to wooden planks a number of benches appeared, offering a fine view of town and lake. It was here that Ram now aimed himself, locking up the sailing club after himself and wondering past rows of boats.

It took all of five minutes to reach the spot. Ram took a seat where he could watch the street for Leslie's arrival, dumped his bag by his feet and stretching out to let the sun hit as much of him as possible. From here he also had a fine view of the lantern festival preparations and contented himself with watching as he waited for his friend to reply.

Asta Falr

The sounds from the festival preparation were distracting. Asta, trying to concentrate on her book, found herself constantly glancing up and out to the street as workers walked by and supervisors shouted out instructions. She knew that the work was all for the festival tonight. She was beyond excited at the thought of the festival, after all it had been over ten years since the last one and she only had fond memories of it. But still, she wished that they would be slightly quieter, it wasn't easy to follow her book when shouts from the street kept making her glance up.

Not that all the distractions were bad. Bryce biked past the shop, giving Asta a wave as he whizzed by. Asta smiled and returned the gesture, although she thought that she might have been a bit too slow for him to see. A moment later Bobby entered the store, the opening door temporarily increasing the sounds from outside before shutting with the jingle of it's bell.

"Morning Bobby!" Asta greeted him brightly, finally giving up on her book. She marked the page and placed it back on the counter.
“Well someones up and early.” Bobby's voice was, as always, quiet, but he smiled as he passed the counter. Asta had known him for a month, the length of time he'd been in Northbay and a co-worker with her at the bookstore. She knew he was shy, but she was pleased that he'd began to open up a bit more around her.

“I could go up and get us some coffee if you’d like, it’d only be a minute and I’d get a discount because of my sister.” His suggestion was a good one. Asta, bouncing up from her seat at the counter, stuck her head into the back of the shop where Bobby was collecting books to restock the shelves,
"I don't drink coffee, but I'd be keen for a hot chocolate!" Asta responded happily. She stuck a hand into her pocket, certain that she'd put some spare change in there. Sure enough she pulled out a note. Waving it for Bobby to see Asta added, "Maybe get some lemon cakes too? My shout."

It may have still been early morning and not long after breakfast, but Asta had a sweet tooth. Her favourite treat? Lemon cakes. The cafe always did the best.

Mack Nephthys

Broom in hand, Mack set to sweeping up the sand he had created. He didn't quite trust himself enough to call on his winds to blow the sand out of the street, after all there was as good a chance as any that he would just end up creating more sand. As he swept Mack's eye wondered over those working on the street. There was a mixture of volunteers, elders and people that had just come to have a quick look. Others were just passing through. Mack spotted Bryce cycling down the street. Where he was off to at such an early hour Mack couldn't say.

A bit further up the street Mack spotted Viona Jarlson, the descendent of Thor and apparently another festival helper. Of course he knew her, most people knew everyone in the town, but he wouldn't call them friends. In fact he tended to avoid her. It was a silly reason really, after all she couldn't help her ancestor as much as he could his. Still no matter how he looked at it there was little he could do to end his fear of lightning. And since she was able to control lightning, he naturally avoided her.
He turned away, his eyes landing on another new arrival to the festival helpers: Ava Apophis. Mack had never spoken to Apep's descendent so he didn't know her too well, but he was still surprised to see her here, offering help.
"I'm here. What do you want?" She announced. Mack glanced over his shoulder to see if one of the elders would direct her. Seeing no one nearby he took a step forward, beginning to draw out his hammer. Except before he could reach the girl Calypso appeared.

Mack wasn't able to catch what was said between the two as Fin Bacchus suddenly appeared on the street.
“I swear sleep in and you miss all the fun,” He said before sweeping a hand at the covering of sand, “What happened here?”
Mack shrugged, a sheepish smile appearing on his face.
"I almost fell off a ladder. Had to call some winds to save me and..." He nodded at the sand on the street. He couldn't help that his winds naturally wanted to turn into sandstorms, it was just a part of his power.

“Did you need any help cleaning it up?” Fin's offer brought a smile to Mack's face,
"Yeah, that'd be... Mack's sentence trailed off as Fin's attention was drawn to something over Mack's shoulder and a moment later Fin left with a promise to talk to him later. Shaking his head and giving a 'what can you do' shrug of his shoulders, Mack returned to his sweeping, hoping that next time someone offered help they weren't distracted by a pretty face.

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Izzy awoke late in the day, typical of her when she didn't have classes. She instantly went to her phone and was almost disappointed when she saw there were no new messages, at least not from anyone important. Frowning, she made up her mind to do her very best to change that, by sending a few messages out to the people she felt she knew best, most of which who she felt either could easily be controlled, or were attractive, or she considered a friend, and that left a wide range of people.

To: Odessa, Fin, Amanda, Lucas, Bryce, Viona, Ronan, Julian, Calypso:

Hey all, your queen has awoken! So where’s everyone up to? I’m looking forward to seeing all you peeps at the festival tonight, and festivals aren’t even like my thing like at all! So you guys better be there because if I’m there alone with the village elders, heads shall roll! Lol! Will be in town fyi so feel free to meet up with me.

From: Izzy Dias

Izzy put her phone down, sat up, walked out of bed down to the small bathroom in her tiny flat and took a long bath, before dressing and heading out for town. It was nice not having to work to pay for school because you had a rich stepfather to pay for it all, Izzy had to admit, problem was, that meant a lot of people were tried down for work. Driving into town she quickly parked her car and watched as several people put together decorations, smirking almost, she couldn’t understand why anyone but criminals would work for free for something having to do with the community, but she supposed that was why she was a leader, after all, not everyone’s grandfathers Zeus, and the ruling blood certainly ran deep in Izzy.

Izzy, getting out of her car decided to look for a place to loiter around, a hobby she quite enjoyed. She wasn’t really watching where she was going however and bumped into Mack, who was sweeping sand?

“Um excuse me, but do you mind!” She snorted angrily, when he completely ignored her. Then an idea came to her. “ Hey Mack, check this out!” When she had gotten his attention she looked to the sky and caused a small stray bolt of lighting light up the sky. It was the kind that was gone in an instant and made you wonder if there was a storm or not, the ones that Liverpool had been getting frequently for the last 21 or so years. Besides, it was always fun to scare the crap out of people, and Izzy remembered somebody told her once that Mack was afraid of lighting.

Laughing to herself, Izzy walked down to the record shop and gave Julian a wink before turning to the music, trying to find some old records that would make for a great sound mix. She would flirt a little, talk a little, possibly buy something, and be on her way.


Bobby grinned to himself as he heard Asta call out, “Morning Bobby!” Followed by “I don’t drink coffee, but I’d be keen for a hot chocolate.” He watched, coming back to the front of the store, pleased that this didn’t go as badly as he thought it might. Asta helped you out almost, and he had to admit, she was a very easy person to talk to. She pulled out a bunch of euro’s and some coins (that’s the Irish currency if I’m correct) and offered them to him. “Maybe get some lemon cakes too? My shout.”

Bobby refused the money and replied. “Sure thing, I’ll buy, one hot chocolate, a tea for myself and a bunch of lemon cakes coming right up, I’ll be back.” He walked out the door before Asta could protest and ran not really thinking about anything but getting Asta’s ordered right. He ran between Daphne, Amanda and Fin, tripping himself, and said a quick “I’m terribly sorry!” and continued on his way rushing by a girl who he thought was named Layla with the same hasteful sorry before reaching the coffee shop.

When he had at last reached his destination, he found himself waiting for his sister to stop texting before she noticed him. She raised a brow.

“Um Bobby, what up? Why are you so sweaty? Where you running from those normal thugs again!? Cause I’ll cripple them I will! And you know I don’t like it when you just come to visit me.”

“Right, just, everythings fine Steph, just ah, um I was wondering if I could have a medium hot chocolate, a ice tea and two lemon cakes.” Bobby said as Stephanie’s eyes lit up before she got to work.

“Oh Bobby, who is it, who are you buying breakfast for, that’s real unlike you, well then again I guess it isn’t, your just usually too shy to-”

“It’s just Asta, nothing romantic, just, you know, just something employees do for each other once in awhile.” Bobby interrupted.

“Well ‘ere ya go Bobby, enjoy your little lunch with you employee.” Stephanie laughed a little and handed her older brother his order and watched as he ran back out shaking her head. On his way back, breathless, he stopped to catch his breath and felt his phone go off, so he one handly picked it up and read the new message.

To: Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres, Bobby Ceres, Fin Bacchus

Turns out my boss doesn't want me to work today so I have the day off... Anybody wanna hang out?

He quickly typed back a response.

To Daphne:

I would, but I’m stuck at work. Maybe later, see you at the festival. Oh and I think I’ll ask Asta if she wants to come too if that’s alright.

From: Bobby

He quickly walked inside and put down the bag he’d been carrying. “ And there you go Asta, a hot chocolate, two lemon cakes, and a ice tea.” He sat down on a box of books he probably shouldn't have sat on, and took a big gulp before finding himself stuttering.

“ So um eh w-would you um m-mind going to the f-festival later tonight w-with some of my friends and siblings. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought m-maybe it’d settle some things and we could all get to know each other.”

He winced waiting for her answer.


Stephanie sighed as her phone buzzed and flipped it out to see what was up.

To: Stephanie

Yeah, sure, sounds like fun, when would you like to meet and where?

Stephanie felt her heart thump at the message. There it was, plain as day, a messages from Antares, asking her when and where she wanted to meet up. Why the hell was she so nervous and more importantly, not already texting him back.

To: Antares

Cool, glad you can come, I was thinking we could maybe meet at the docks at around oneish, I should be done with work by then. I still have to wait for Brad and Bobby so it’ll probably be just the two of us, but it’s not like it’s a date or anything so yah. See you at the docks:)

From: Stephanie

Stephanie pressed send and looked up to see Bobby, looking rather crazy. She smiled served him and returned to her phone, an unusual thing for her to do while at work, but today to her it seemed at least, it was like a holiday.

To: Amanda Cyprus, Stephanie Ceres, Bobby Ceres, Fin Bacchus

Turns out my boss doesn't want me to work today so I have the day off... Anybody wanna hang out?

Lucky, she muttered to herself before repiling.

To Daphne:

Sorry, but I’m stuck here till one, we can hang later though.

From: Stephanie.

Stephanie put down her phone only to pick it up again and read yet another message.

At work right now, slow as hell. I’ll catch up with you later at the festival. Promises.

She quickly typed back:

K see you later at the fest, don’t be too sad, you're surrounded by music, I’m surrounded by coffee and baked goods, not quite as entertaining ;)

Then she really did go back to work, shoving her phone in her pocket as a customer came in.

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#, as written by Jynxii

That's one way to say it, Jade thought to herself with a smile, nodding to Quincy as she left the two to go get the grocery supplies. She'd take her time going to the park. Quincy could use some alone time with Alaura. Poor guy really didn't have a chance. Alaura wouldn't know what romance was if it sat beside her in the car-- Oh, wait. It was. A smile lifted her spirits a little, but as she peddled down the side of the street, her joy was crushed. Her bike came to a skidding stop in front of the library. She could just see the top of Gwyn's beautiful hair through a gap in the bookshelves- but that wasn't what upset her. It was the taller, darker set of hair that stood opposite of her. A guy. A guy was talking to Gwyn. Her Gwyn. Her stomach twisted and jealousy bit down on her heart, causing it to bleed.

At the threat of tears, Jade quickly turned away and went back to peddling. Gwyn had every right in the world to be happy-- it was her that deserved to be miserable. She deserved the pain- she had cheated, and that was (as Gwyn had made painfully clear) unforgivable. These thoughts swam around her head, pulling her into a darker cloud of self loathing as she made her way down the street. She was almost to the middle of town when she spotted Mack sweeping up the last of some sand. "Hey Mack!" she called as she peddled on, trusting her bike to continue without her as she offered a friendly wave to the man. "The decorations look great! I'll see you at the festival, yeah?"

She was so busy smiling and calling to him that she had completely forgotten to look where she was going when all of the sudden- crash! It was as if the world were moving in slow motion. The bike, her arms, a chest, legs-- the sidewalk, a thud, a burn. The problem with slow motion, is that once it's over, the world goes into fast forward, to try and catch up. In a flash she was scrambling to her feet, ignoring the sting in her left palm. "I'm so sorry," she gasped, trying to untangle the other person's legs from her bike. Once she had succeeded, she finally looked into the person's face, her doe brown eyes wide with fear. Had - he, been hurt? Her brows furred together as she looked over him. "I'm so sorry," she repeated, "Are you alright? Are you hurt? Seven hells, I'm such an idiot. I didn't see you-- I was-- Saying... I'm so sorry..." The last one was a sigh as she looked him over. Who was he, anyway? He looked so familiar! "Do I know you," she asked suddenly, her eyebrows meeting together in a confused expression.

Unknown to her, her shirt had come up just slightly- but enough for her baby bump to show as she knelt beside the stranger. As the wind picked up the cool breeze sent chills up her spine, making her aware of her exposed midsection. Blushing even more than she already was, she quickly stood up and pulled her shirt down. Jade positioned herself beside her bike, pushing her hair back out of her face. "You look really familiar..."

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#, as written by Issa
Mack Nephthys

Mack had just about finished sweeping up the sand when someone bumped into him from behind. He turned just as the angry voice exclaimed, 'Um excuse me, but do you mind!' . He recognised the obnoxious voice and face of Izzy Dias, a Greek and the descendent of Zeus. Izzy was one of the few that Mack hadn't gotten to know. Really, there was something about her that put Mack off. She was just too... loud for him.

As if proving his point Izzy grabbed for his attention, eagerly saying 'Hey Mack, check this out!' before looking up at the blue sky. Before Mack could fully comprehend what she was doing a small lightning bolt lit up the sky. Its sudden appearance made Mack jump, his nerves getting the better of him. It wasn't something that Mack cared for much, in fact it freaked him out quite a bit. Luckily Izzy had only created one lightning bolt and it was gone in the blink of an eye. Still, as Izzy walked away laughing, Mack had to take a moment to steady his racing heart.

A moment later he was back to sweeping up the last of the sand. A voice, a much more welcome voice than Izzy's, called out across the street. Mack turned to see Jade cycling past and waving. Jade wasn't a close friend, but living in Northbay meant you rarely didn't know someone. He had spent years living down the street from the Aset girls so naturally he knew Jade well.
'Hey Mack! ... The decorations look great! I'll see you at the festival, yeah?'
Mack smiled and gave his own wave,
"Thanks Jade..." Mack began to reply when Jade, her attention focused on Mack, crashed into another person.

Jade stuttered out an apology to Antonio, a Greek Mack had yet to get to know well. Mack dropped the broom and trotted over to the pair. At the same time Dehlilah Cyprus joined them. Mack placed a gentle hand on Jade's shoulder, concern evident in his eyes as he caught the last of Tony's words, 'Listen, I've got friends waiting on me. So if you're okay...Then I'm gonna get going.'
"Are you hurt?" Mack asked the younger woman. He quickly studied her for signs of external wounds, "Do you want me to take you to the doctors?" As he asked the questions his eyes flicked down to the small swell of her belly.

Ramses Atum

Ram didn't seem to notice the time it took Leslie to arrive, he was happy enough to close his eyes for a time and let the sun soak into his skin. He thrived off the sun. Midday was his favoured time, after all his powers were strongest at midday and he always felt more invigorated then.

He cracked an eye open as his phone buzzed, a message from Leslie,

'Great, can't wait to see you there!'

Ram didn't reply, knowing that Leslie would be there soon. Instead he settled back into his seat, patiently waiting for his friend to arrive.

Ramses opened his eyes a moment later when he heard footsteps approaching. A smile spread across his face as he spotted Leslie coming towards him, his arms laden with bags of delicious food. Leslie sat beside Ram, placing the food between the two.
"I guessed on what you wanted." Leslie said, picking up a piece of food, "You can have anything you want from this."
"You know me too well." Ramses told him with a wide smile as he picked up a coke and a cheese burger. Ram bit into the fatty goodness, a groan of pleasure escaping his lips. "I'll treat you something tonight at the festival." Ram said once he'd finished his first mouthful. "I could shout you a ride on the Ferris wheel." Ram joked, nudging Leslie's knee with his own. At 22 Ram was probably too old for carnival rides and he'd hate to be seen by some of the town layabouts in such a childish pursuit.

Asta Falr

It seemed that Bobby had other ideas about who would pay for the treats. He refused her money and listed off the order,
“Sure thing, I’ll buy, one hot chocolate, a tea for myself and a bunch of lemon cakes coming right up, I’ll be back.”
Then, before Asta could put her foot down about paying, Bobby left.

With a promise to herself to pay Bobby back at some later time, she stuffed the money back into her pocket and took up her seat by the counter. The shop was empty and likely to stay that way for the remainder of the day. Asta didn't mind the quiet, it was always a good thing when she wanted to read, but having customers always helped make the time fly. On a day like today with the coming lantern festival Asta couldn't help but anxiously watch the hands of the shop clock slowly tick by.

With a sigh Asta stood up again, unsure what to do with herself. She wondered down the isles of books, slowly scanning the titles. She picked out a random book and flipped through the pages, not really paying attention to what she was doing. A moment later footsteps sounded outside and the doorbell rung as Bobby came back carrying their treats.

Asta returned to the counter, bouncing slightly as she sighted the lemon cakes.
“ And there you go Asta, a hot chocolate, two lemon cakes, and a ice tea.” Bobby announced, taking a seat on a box of books. Asta jumped up onto the counter, her legs swinging slightly as she picked up her hot chocolate.
"Thanks a bunch Bobby" Asta said, blowing softly on the drink before taking a sip.

Bobby seemed to be stealing himself to say something and Asta, knowing it was best not to rush Bobby, waited patiently for him to speak.
“ So um eh w-would you um m-mind going to the f-festival later tonight w-with some of my friends and siblings. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought m-maybe it’d settle some things and we could all get to know each other.” Bobby seemed to wince, as if expecting Asta to refuse him with a nasty remark. Instead Asta gave Bobby a happy smile, clearly delighted with the idea.
"That would be great!" Asta said as she grabbed a lemon cake and began picking at it, "And if we're there together I can pay you back for the hot chocolate and lemon cakes. It's useless to argue, I'm determined to pay you back" She playfully stuck her tongue out at Bobby before popping a piece of her lemon cake into her mouth.

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"Uh yeah, Layla, right?" Dehlilah said, flicking her hair. Layla nodded with her casual smile. Layla couldn't deny, some of the Greeks were really pretty and attractive. Layla adjusted the strap to her duffle bag, and saw someone new come into the conversation, another Greek, “Morning everyone, you’re all looking bright and chipper. Anyone actually helping set the festival up or are we just passive spectators?” the girl said with a wry smile. Layla saw her somewhere, but where? Then it hit her, Layla saw her at the gym, well in the change rooms. "I'm just a spectator, just going to grab a snack and head to the music store actually, I saw you at the gym before, Odessa right?" She said, with a slight smile on her happy face. Before the conversation could get going, there was a crash on the other side of the street. A guy had ran into Jade while she was riding her bike, Layla had known Jade but they weren't absolute 'friends for ever' material. She saw that Dehlilah had ran over including another person she had seen helping set up the festival. Layla followed Dehlilah over to the tangled pair, from a closer look she could see that the other person helping Jade was Mack, Bryce's brother. "Are you ok?" Layla heard Dehlilah ask them both, she helped with the guy who was tangled in the bike, must be another Greek. So Layla decided to walk around and help Jade, as Mack put a helping hand on Jades shoulder, Layla heard the guy say as he untangled himself from the bike stand and say, 'Listen, I've got friends waiting on me. So if you're okay...Then I'm gonna get going.' at this statement, Layla was sort of mad. He should of watched were he was walking, but Layla didn't car for him, he seemed just like some piece of hot eye candy. She returned her attention to Jade, "Hey Jade, its Layla, are you ok?" she said worryingly, it really wasn't her business but Egyptians had to look after their own.

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#, as written by Falron

Chione closed the book, rubbing her temples as she looked up and out of the cafe. She could a small group of people that had gathered there. With a sigh she placed her text book in her messenger and left the cafe, hands shoved into her pockets. Mack was down the street sweeping up the last of the sand when Izzy Dias bumped into him. Chione's lips thinned as she watched her blame him for the collision before summoning a fork of lightning. The Dias twin was easily one of the few Greeks that Chione had taken in instant dislike towards to. Her teeth clenched against each other she resisted the urge to yell at her. She didn't care if her ancestor was Zeus, blood did not excuse actions.

She shook her head and continued walking, making a beeline between the people towards her home. She watched as one of the Aset girls, Jade, came rushing past on her bike, calling out to Mack. Chione whirled around in shock as the sound of the crash reached her ears. In the time it took her a few steps towards the crash site Jade and the person she had crashed into were already surrounded by a small group of people. She could hear Jade's voice, profusely apologizing to the man. Seeing that all was under control Chione shrugged and made her way home, placing the messenger bag on her coffee table, she would have no need of it for now.

Checking her schedule she noted that she had to work from three till seven. That left the rest of the night open to her to enjoy the festival. The small smile that had worked its way onto her face during this thought suddenly vanished. To enjoy the night fully she would need to hang around people, she could only look at the stalls, games and bands for so long on her own. There weren't many people in the town he called 'friend'. It was almost certain that her brother already had something planned with his multitude of friends so she wasn't going to make herself a burden towards him.

She paced her living room, coming up with only three people she considered friends. Gwyn, Ronan and Ram. She smiled to herself as she pulled out her phone, chances were they were all going to be busy, but there was no harm in asking right?

To: Gwyn, Ronan, Ram
Hello, I was just wondering what everyone was up to for the festival tonight? Anyone want to meet up? I have to work from three to seven, but after that I'm free.

Pleased with her attempt at socializing she pocketed the phone and headed back outside with no particular destination in mind. Maybe she'd help set up. It was too nice to waist the day indoors.

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#, as written by Jynxii

Jade was mortified. As if matters could not get any worse, the guy was literally desperate to get away from her. "Listen, I've got friends waiting on me. So if you're okay...Then I'm gonna get going," the man was saying after he insisted they had never been introduced. She was just about to shrug it off when Mack and a tall blonde woman jogged into the scene. The woman asked if they were okay, but her eyes were hungrily raking over the man, so Jade didn't bother to answer her. "Um I'm Dehlilah," the woman stated awkwardly, protectively putting her hand onto the man. "Um so before any more people come bombard me over there, and by me, I mean Fin, who was standing next to me. I swear he's a people magnet. That, and I'm pretty hungry so..." the woman went on, apparently thinking that Jade cared either way if she and the man left or not. At the moment, her mind was elsewhere, focused on the sudden sharp dagger-like pain in her abdomen.

She didn't even notice as the woman attempted to drag the man away, eagerly pulling him away from whatever the woman, Delilah, thought was going on. What a possessive girlfriend, Jade thought briefly, but the thought was shut down almost immediately by another stab of pain. "I'm fine, yeah, of course. I'm sorry again... Mack! Hey!" She turned to Mack with a forced smile, wincing a bit at another shock wave of pain through her system. "Do you want me to take you to the doctors?" Mack asked, gently placing a hand on her shoulder and looking genuinely concerned. "We should get to the restaurant," Jade her the woman hiss to the man, desperate to pull the man away from the scene. ”Hey Jade, it’s Layla, are you okay?” Jade lifted a hand up, unable to turn around and face the growing crowd of people. ”Yeah,” she sighed with a small, forced laugh, “I’m okay, thanks, Layla.”

Jade looked to Mack, her face twisted in agony as she kept her back to Delilah and the man she was tugging to the restaurant. "Actually, I think... I think that might be a good idea, my hand is bleeding," Jade said to Mack, as she pulled her bike with her to walk with him towards his car. In reality, the bike was the only thing holding her up. She bit into her bottom lip roughly, in an attempt to stop the tears that had brimmed in her eyes. She had saw the look Mack gave her; worried eyes on her stomach. He knew. He knew what she had been too terrified to admit to herself until just a few days ago. He knew that, in her clumsy accident, she could have just murdered the child in her womb.

The idea sent hot tears streaming down her face all the way to Northbay's Medical Practice. By the time Mack's car came to a stop, she could barely get herself out of the car. She hobbled her way into the building, and the next series of events happened very quickly, and all in about five minutes. She was swept away from Mack to the back, where she was given a bed, and fluids. Dr. Mont, a gifted healer, was rushed in to see her. "I-Is it... is it d-dead?" Jade asked, her heart pounding as the doctor lifted her shirt and placed his palms onto her warm skin. "Shh.." Jade closed her eyes as silent tears streamed down her cheeks. How had she been so stupid? Riding a bike, at five months pregnant? Was she trying to kill the baby?

Was she?

The thought made her pause, and she slowly opened her eyes. She stared up at the ceiling, feeling the warm tingling sensation of Dr. Mont's Magic Touch. She was pregnant... with a baby. A real, baby. A person, inside her. The thought was sobering, and for the first time... exciting. No, she didn't want the baby to die. NO! "Please, please... Is my baby okay?" Her voice was a small whimper as a new flood of tears streaked down her cheeks. "Yes," the doctor said at last, looking up to her with a warm smile. "You got here just in time. I was able to reverse the damage." Thank the gods.. "Bella, have you come in for an ultrasound yet? You look as though you're already in your second trimester... How far along are you? Have you been taking prenatal vitamins? You do know, there are certain steps that must be taken once you know you are pregnant. Have you told your family? And the father- is he involved?"

The questions made her head spin and suddenly she felt nauseous. "No," she confessed weakly. "No to which question, Bella?" Jade stared up at the ceiling quietly. The last time she had laid in a hospital bed like the one she was in, was when she was nine and broke her arm after climbing a tree. Dr.Mont had scolded her then, too. In such a small town, everyone knew pretty much everything about everyone. Everyone would know, within a few hours or maybe a day, that she was pregnant. Gwyn would know; and any chance she had at winning her back would be gone. Her heart sank further into darkness.

"To all of them."

Just then the door to her room burst open, and she didn't even have to look up to know who it was. "By the gods, Bella, are you alright? What happened? Is she alright?? I'm here, little bird. It's aright-- you're alright, I'm here." Damn grass. Always telling on me... "She's going to be fine," Dr. Mont chuckled lightly, turning to see Alaura standing breathlessly in the door frame, just as she had all those years ago when Bella broke her arm. "As will the baby," he added as he moved to the side to let Alaura move closer to Bella. "We will need to get an ultasound before she can leave, but you both should be out of here in time for the festival tonight. I believe my daughter made a lantern especially for the festivities in your class, Ms. Aset." Jade looked sadly up at her eldest sibling, knowing that look on her face. Alaura wasn't listening to a word the doctor was saying, she was focused intently on Jade's stomach. Jade slowly closed her eyes and nodded to Dr. Mont, agreeing to the ultrasound. The sooner they got it over with, the better.

Something in the pit of her stomach started to turn, but it wasn’t a sick feeling this time. It was something different, something lighter…. Excitement.

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#, as written by Jynxii

"I'm not saying she didn't care about Gwyn, but maybe she's not upset about that. Break ups are rough, yes, but it's almost been half a year... Jade might be stressed out about something else," Terrance was saying as he leaned back onto the blanket. She nodded quietly, knowing that what he said was true. "I can tell she still loves Gwyn and I bet its tough for her to see her around town." Alaura looked to him, her brows knitting together. Just then, her phone went off, and whatever she was about to ask or say slipped from her mind. With a shift of her weight, she looked down at her phone. She had just gotten a text, but it was from several minutes ago. She quickly opened the message, seeing that it was from Liam.

From: Liam
Message:You know... I'm totally not shocked to tell you the truth XD Alright. I'll be there in like 45 maximum. But don't leave this time!!!

A pang of guilt rattled her system. It was incredibly inconsiderate of her to forget about him, regardless of how busy she had been. After all, he was just trying to help her. Alaura watched as Terrance pulled a cigarette out from behind his ear and stuck it between his lips. A thin line settled on her own as she watched him, as she actively tried to not glare at the cancer stick that projected from his mouth. He looked incredibly comfortable, laying back against the grass and despite the cigarette she was proud of him. He had come so far from the lost soul he used to be, when they first met.

"Alaura, can I ask you a question?" The sudden question caught her off guard, but she smiled anyway and was about to answer when she was cut off by Liam. "I guess I should have known you'd bring Quincy as well." Alaura laughed and turned her head to look over at Liam as he walked up to join them. She smiled warmly up at him, to which he responded with a wink and a small head nod towards Terrance. "Where's Bella? Or should I say, Jade." Alaura rolled her eyes, waving the thought away. "No, Bella is her name, and I'm not sure where she's gotten off to. She said she'd meet us here..." Alaura slowly trailed off, the sudden realization that it had been almost an hour since she had seen her sister. "Where is she, anyway?" The question was a soft whisper, maybe even a murmur, and not directed at either of the gentlemen around her. "Hi Liam, I'm doing fine, thanks for asking." Terrance's voice seemed so far away as she listened intently to the ground, trying to carefully decipher the whispers below her.

"Sister. Sister. Bike. Crash. Hurt. Doctor. Bella. Jade. Jade. Crash. Crash. Blood. Sorry. So sorry. Have to go. Restaurant. Doctor. Mont. Let's go. Go. Go."

Alaura nearly vaulted off the picnic blanket. "Bella is with Dr. Mont. I need to go. Now." Heart racing, Alaura nearly fell over herself as she scrambled to put anything out, back into the picnic basket. "Are you coming?" She didn't wait for an answer. She nearly ran to her soft blue bug and actually tossed the basket into her trunk with a bit of force. She hesitated only a moment, to allow anyone who had decided to come to catch up, before she sped off in the direction of the doctor's office. When she arrived, she burst through the doors, demanding to see her sister. A gentle nurse tried to calm her down, but it was no use. Mother Bear mode was in gear, and Alaura shoved past the young assistant, storming her way though the halls until she heard Bella's voice.

A storm of questions and soothing coos escaped her as she jogged to Bella's side, taking her now healed hand into her own. Pregnant? Her little sister? How? When? Why, above all, had she not noticed before? "Is this why you've been avoiding me," Alaura whispered quietly as she tenderly stroked her sister's hair. Meanwhile, Dr. Mont made ready the ultrasound kit, and took his time getting everything set up. "Who's the father? Why isn't he here? If someone so much as--" "Stop. Alaura. Please. No, it's not like that. I... I don't want to talk about it, okay? Just.. just be here for me, okay?" Alaura watched, her heart breaking as her little sister cried silently while she stared up at the ceiling, unable to make eye contact. She didn't know who the father was. The realization made Alaura feel nauseous, and she could only imagine what her little sister was feeling and going through.

"Everything's going to be alright, Little Bird."

Ten minutes later

"So, you just need to keep that under control and I'm sure the rest of the pregnancy should run smoothly. Alaura, given the nature of your abilities, I have full faith that you can take care of her from here. Now, Bella, you will experience some extreme swelling of your stomach. They are going to start growing properly now, and perhaps even at an accelerated rate. And here, this is for you." Dr. Mont said as he handed her a tiny black print off of her ultrasound. "Sex is, not determinable just yet, but... Come back in a few days, if the rate is substantial, and we should be able to tell you. You ladies have a nice day. I believe there's someone in the waiting room that has been very patient."

Alaura looked to her sister and wiped away the tears she had been crying. "Come on, little bird,". With a shaky hand, Jade took Alaura's hand and allowed her to lead them out of the back room and into the waiting room. Alaura could already tell a difference in her sister's stomach; it was already starting to expand, though only millimeter by millimeter at a time. Alaura walked out first, leading Jade who held her stomach affectionately. "She's going to be alright," Alaura announced with a smile to those in the waiting room. "Mack, thank you so much for bringing her here. You saved the babies lives." With a warm smile, Alaura affectionately reached out a hand to grasp Mack's and give it a gentle squeeze if allowed. "Thank you, Mack," Jade managed to say, her voice a quiet mutter. Alaura sighed and leaned over to kiss her sister's forehead. She could imagine what Bella was thinking-- the whole town was about to know. The number one concern on the big sister's mind, however, was the absent partner for her sister. Knowing better than to open that can of worms, Alaura turned to Mack instead. "How can we ever repay you?"

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"Nope, not yet," her sister said in response to her earlier question about Tony. Amanda gave a small nod just as a girl walked over to them. She recognized her as Layla Ail... nope, she couldn't remember her surname. "Hi...It's Fin, Amanda and Dehlilah right?" Layla asked, making sure. Before Mandy had time to respond, Dehlilah had piped up. "Uh, yeah," she said, flipping her hair. "Layla, right?" Just then, her phone buzzed. She gave them a quick, apologetic look before slipping it out from the easy access pouch at the front of her bag.

From: Izzy Dias
Hey all, your queen has awoken! So where’s everyone up to? I’m looking forward to seeing all you peeps at the festival tonight, and festivals aren’t even like my thing like at all! So you guys better be there because if I’m there alone with the village elders, heads shall roll! Lol! Will be in town fyi so feel free to meet up with me.

Amanda gave a small smile at the text, but slipped her phone back into her bag before responding, seeing as she was in the middle of a conversation. "Morning everyone, you’re all looking bright and chipper. Anyone actually helping set the festival up or are we just passive spectators?" Mandy turned her head to see Odessa approaching. "Spectator though, I actually plan on eating in this fine establishment," Dehlilah replied, smiling. Mandy opened her mouth to respond but was yet again interrupted, this time by a crash to her left.

She turned her head and saw Tony, a bike, and a girl on the ground. She chuckled lightly, but then realizing they could be hurt, regained herself. Dehlilah was already to the rescue, of course, asking if they were hurt. Then, another boy ran over, talking to the girl, what was her name? Bella, right? Dehlilah tugged lightly on Tony's arm, whether to pull him away to see if he was hurt or just to pull him away, she wasn't sure. The girl had turned towards her friends, and her hand was bleeding. She wished she could be of more help than just looking on at the scene, but the irl had already been helped up and walked away by her friends, presumably to a doctor.

She turned back to the others, giving them a slightly worried, slightly bewildered look. "Well, let's go get something from the restaurant then, shall we?" she said, regaining focus.

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”Yeah,” Jade sighed with a small, forced laugh, “I’m okay, thanks, Layla.” Layla was glad that she was ok, after all she wouldn't want any of the Egyptians to get hurt. She stood back up and watched Mack help Jade to his car, probaly to go to the zclinic, just to be sure anything happened. As they drove off, Layla waved slightly before sighing to herself. The strain from her duffle bag was getting to her shoulders, not only that, but it was annoying to carry around. So she decided to start walking home, which was luckily two doors down, as she walked down the cobbled road, she noticed how wonderful the decorations were. Wow, Mack and the others are making the street quite gorgeous! she though while reaching her door and stepping inside, immediately greeted by her two eager cats Akil and Alko.

"Back so soon sweety?" Her mother had asked, she was in the living room. Probably watching Lost Girl again, she couldn't stop watching that show, if her mother had nothing else to do she would watch it. "Just wanted to drop off my bag, get some coffee, then go to work" she had walked up to her room, it was completely clean and tidy. Her dark, wooden floors were a nice contrast for the red wallpaper. Although the walls were covering with either pictures of her and her friends or posters of famous celebrities. She threw the bag into the walk-in with ease, turns around to find her two cats sitting at her feet. Like they wanted something... "Meow," they both said at the same time. Akil, the black Persian, rubbed up against her legs sweetly then jumps on the window nook, jumping over the mass of pillows, and he looks out the window out onto the main street. Layla walks over with a questionable look on her face, What are you up to Akil? she thought while sitting down on the nook with Akil. She looks out the window and tries to determine where he is looking, her eyes darting from person to person. But its no use, she presses her head against his furry side and tries to look from there. Akil is looking at the music store, Layla instantly knows what he wants. Standing back up, she crosses her arms and stares at the hopeful Akil, who was now being accompanied by Alko, the white Ragamuffin, she and him are sitting next to each other with hopeful looks on their small faces. "There is no way you two are coming to work with me," She says, with a comical look on her face, as the cats keep on with their assault on her, "You guys know that I can't, its Norse territory...Don't you look at me like that...Oh Bast help me...Fine!" She says, defeated. The cats happy with their win. They jump off and run out the door with Layla following.

As Layla gets down the stairs, she checks her phone for any messages and sees that there is none. She looks up to see her mother holding a cup of coffee, "OH MY GOD! Don't creep up on me like that mom!" She says with a slight smile on her face, almost being scared to death. Her mother gives Layla the cup of coffee and walks off laughing, "You gave in to Akil and Alko didn't you?" Layla walks out the door, her excited cats on either side of her. Layla was smiling as she walked along the sidewalk, she was happy as anyone could be. Well, apart from her cats, who looked like they were going on an adventure. Layla opens the door to the music store, the bell dinging above it, as she walked in. She saw Julian at the counter with his feet on the desk, no doubt slacking off. She couldn't blame him, there was no one here. "Alright Julian, I am here to relieve you of your jail time," she said happily. As her cats jumped onto the counter with ease, hoping to scare Julian probably.

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"Its amazing I've never seen anything like it, I can't wait to see how it lights up the night. Fin grinned happy that he has found someone else as excited about the festival and the decorations. "Where there is romance.... " She said dramatically twirling around and motioning to herself "There is me." Fin laughed playfully, copying her twirling around motion though rather than motioning to himself he motioned to all the decorations going up around them. “So then you should be triply excited about tonight then.” He said shooting her a beaming smile.

“If were not careful to control them tonight we can make the most sensible of men turn into teenage boys who just hit puberty." Fin frowned sympathetically, he understood her need to be careful more than some, seeming as he and his sister also needed to be careful not to accidently turn someone insane. Though Fin worried about it a lot less than Daphne, and had slightly more control over it. “That’s a bummer, with all your being careful make sure you don’t forget to have fun yeah?” He asked worried that the Dehlilah he had just seen admiring the lanterns and decorations would get a chance to enjoy them later that night. “Your sister too.”

"Hey, Fin," Finn grinned broadly at the blonde as she greeted him. She was another Greek he was on friendly term with, though he seemed to be friendly with almost everyone. “Hey Mandy, looking forward to the festival?” He asked excitedly. Before the blonde could answer though they were joined by another girl, he knew he had met her before but couldn’t recall a name.

"Hi...It's Fin, Amanda and Dehlilah right?" Luckily Fin didn’t have to remember her name because Dehlilah jumped in calling her Layla, Fin smile warmly at the girl. “Got them all right,” he said with a smile a thumbs up, he acknowledged that it would be hard for everyone in Northbay with the sudden new members.

“Morning everyone, you’re all looking bright and chipper. Anyone actually helping set the festival up or are we just passive spectators?” Greeted Odessa as she joined the growing group. “I’m with the same as Dehlilah, just spectating, though I might join in the setting up later,” he said with a grin not wanting to skimp out of preparations and leave it to everyone else. Though if he got distracted and didn’t end up helping it would have surprised anyone.

Suddenly just a little off where they were standing there was a crash and what seemed to be two people colliding, one on a bike. It all happened very quickly and while Fin was still surveying what had happened, they girl taken off with Mack and the guy dragged of Dehlilah. Then Layla took off shortly after. Still blinking at what happened Fin turned to Odessa who was still within speaking range. “Well, that all happened very quickly. Though it was very awesome,” he said trying to stop his usual grin from creeping onto his features, since this accident seemed rather serious. “I hope that girl is okay though,” he tacked on the end seeming at the guy Dehlilah was with seemed fine but the girl hadn’t look great when she left.

"Well, let's go get something from the restaurant then, shall we?" Amanda said looking back at him and Odessa, seemingly regaining her focus after what had just transpired. Fin paused for a moment looking between Odessa and Amanda, remembering Dehlilah had mention to him hanging out with her sister and Tony. “Well, I don’t mind, but I really wouldn’t want to intrude,” Fin responded with a carefree smile, looking questioningly between Odessa and Amanda, seeming as he wasn’t sure Odessa wanted to get food. Though he’s decided if Odessa joined them he’d go, but if she wasn’t going to he’d find some other people to hang out with. After all it seemed that had made plans to catch up and he didn’t want to be out of place.

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"Are you ok?" Dehiliah's voice caught his attention, making him swallow, trying to wet his suddenly dry throat. With a small nod, he acknowledged that he was alright, though his gaze flicked back to the girl, watching as she winced in pain. Oh gods, tell me she'll be okay Tony sent up a small prayer to his ancestors. "Um so before any more people come bombard me over there," Dehiliah paused, "And by me, I mean Fin, who was standing next to me. I swear he's a people magnet. That, and I'm pretty hungry so..." Tony felt her hand on his arm and he looked to where her soft complexion contrasted with his tan one. "We should get to the restaurant,"

Tony nodded slowly in agreement, allowing himself to be pulled away from the bike scene. "You think she'll be okay?" He asked in a far off voice, looking over his shoulder to see Mack leading her away, probably taking her to the hospital. Guilt was gnawing at his gut, twisting his insides around, and completely getting rid of his appetite. His muscles tensed slightly but he didn't say anything to Dehiliah, he had told her he would hang out tonight, so he would. Tony wouldn't go back on his promise to his boss and one of his best friends.

But his thoughts were somewhere else...Has Jade gained some weight? I don't remember her being that round. Then again I was drunk... Tony rubbed the stubble on his chin, trying to recall that fateful night. Maybe its because of her breakup...girls gain weight when they break up...Right? Right?! Why was this so difficult for him to let go? Because she's pregnant. The voice in his head hissed, as if he were dumb.

Tony laughed out loud, shaking his head to rid the last thought from his mind. That was impossible, completely and utterly impossible. Is it? Is it really that impossible? It landed on him like a ton of breaks, his breath hitching in his throat. Oh Gods...No! What was he going to do?


"Bella is with Dr. Mont. I need to go. Now." Alaura's outburst almost gave Quincy a heart attack, jolting up and having the cigarette fall from his lips, watching in stunned silence as she jumped up from where she had been sitting. It took him a moment to get moving, having to retrieve the cigarette from his lap and tuck it behind his ear, scrambling to his feet and catching up with her. "Whats going on, Alaura?" The man asked frantically as he got into the passenger seat, closing the door behind him quickly.

Quincy had never seen Alaura drive so fast before, pulling into the hospital parking lot in almost record time. He wasn't even unbuckled by the time the worried older sister was jogging in though the doors. Sighing, Quincy got out closing his door behind him, walking over to the driver's side door, which Alaura had left open in her haste. Ducking inside Quincy put the car in drive and correctly parked it, shutting off the engine, and then heading inside. Quincy had spotted a flustered young nurse and knew that Alaura must've flown by without permission. Raising his hands in submission he followed, though he did not enter the room and instead leaned one shoulder against the wall outside.

As the two came out he looked Jade over, seeing no serious injuries, then his gaze met Alaura's. Something was wrong, very wrong. Bringing up the rear, he followed them out to the lobby where Alaura thanked Mack for acting so quickly. "You saved the babies lives. Was the only thing he had heard her say, his heart sinking. Oh no...

Quincy took Jade's unhurt hand giving it a small squeeze that said he was there for her. Jade was in good hands, her sister was the best in town when it came to children. But Quincy's blood was boiling, Where was the father? it was probably best that he wasn't here, otherwise he would've faced both his and Alaura's wrath. "If you need anything, anything at all, I'm here." Quincy had leaned in towards Alaura, voice soft and eyes caring.

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Now there was a face Ava was happy to see. The Serrure twins were like The Untouchables, and so naturally, all Ava wanted to do was touch them. When Calypso had addressed her, she felt her mood brightening, and a big, goofy grin spread all across her lips. "Be still my heart," she said, sauntering over to the saucy she-devil. She'd taken no offense to the girl's teasing, but rather welcomed it as a kind of playful jab. "It's strange for me to be here, is it?" She nodded toward her, Ava's eyes starting all the way from the bottom and roving to the top of her. "And what about you? Playing helpy helperton today, are we?"


Ava closed the gap between the two and cast her gaze, sly smile ever-present, over the others who were gathering at the festival. "Are you going tonight?" She still hadn't committed. Her brother was still gone, and she was quite sure that the chances of getting into a sticky situation were high - and, really, those were the chances she favored the most.

Other than Calypso, there were none with whom she could see herself socializing. What was worse, none of them piqued her interest as playthings. Maybe it would be one of those nights where she had fun for the sake of having fun. But what is fun without drama? At this thought, she glanced to Mack, who she was sure was about to ask her to do something. Brave little lad, coming up to Ava all on his own, eh? He certainly wasn't bad to look at, but before she started casting her nets, she waited for Calypso's response. If she was lucky with this one, she'd get a date and maybe a couple of cigarettes. If she was blessed, her brother would be joining in on all the fun. He might be a bit younger than she, but Ava knew a good party when she saw one, and she was an equal opportunity party animal.

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#, as written by Issa
Mack Nephthys

"I'm fine, yeah, of course. I'm sorry again... Mack! Hey!" Jade was quite clearly not fine. She winced as she tried to protest, forcing a smile onto her face. Mack glanced briefly at Dehlilah. Couldn't she see that Jade had been hurt? She seemed more concerned with getting into the restaurant than the hurt young woman standing with them. Mack pursed his lips together but he didn't say anything, instead turning his focus back to Jade. Layla joined them, her concern for Jade evident. Mack gave her a nod in greeting.

"Actually, I think... I think that might be a good idea, my hand is bleeding," Jade said. Mack nodded, leading her to his car.
"It's gonna be alright Jade." Mack told the girl, noting the tears threatening to leak from her eyes. Mack drove quickly, but carefully, as he wove through the thin streets to the doctors' practice. It wasn't a large building but given the particular skills and powers of the doctors and nurses, it was all the small town needed in most cases.

As they pulled up Mack sped around to the other side of the car, opening the door and trying to help Jade out. She was having trouble walking now and Mack, not entirely sure how to help, did his best to ensure that she made it inside. As they entered Jade was quickly swept up by a worried nurse and taken into the back. Mack bit his lip and ran a hand through his hair, feeling pretty useless now. A white coated Dr. Mont rushed past Mack a moment later, heading into Jade's room.

"Sir, can I get you a seat?" One of the nurses appeared at his elbow, gently guiding him into the waiting are. Mack let himself be seated and accepted the cup of water the nurse offered him with a nod of thanks. He was debating with himself if he should call someone for Jade. Did anyone know about her... condition? Surely one of her sisters would know, or her father? But what if he called her father and he didn't know about her pregnancy? He didn't want to intrude on her life but she was quite obviously hurt and he knew that someone in her family had to be told...

A moment later the question of whether Mack should call someone on not was taken out of his hands. Alaura thundered into the practice, demanding to see Jade. Mack stood up quickly as Alaura rushed down the corridor, heading for the room Jade was in. Behind her came Quincy who stopped short of the doctor's room and waited outside for the pair to come out. Mack gave Quincy a friendly nod.

Ten minutes later Alaura came out with Jade, leading the younger girl by the hand. Mack was relived to see that Jade had been healed back to full health, no doubt thanks to Dr Mont's gift for healing.
'Mack, thank you so much for bringing her here. You saved the babies lives.' Alaura thanked Mack, her hand reaching out to squeeze his.
"There's no need to thank me." He replied, giving Alaura's hand a gentle squeeze in return.
'Thank you, Mack' Jade's voice was quieter than his sister, but Mack simply shook his head. Really he was just glad that she was alright.
"How can we ever repay you?" Alaura asked. Mack shook his head again,
"No, nothing. I don't need to be repaid." He replied, "I'm glad you're alright Jade." He added, directing the last part to Jade.

Quincy, joining the three took Jade's unclaimed hand and offered his support too, leaning in towards Alaura. Liam arrived a moment later and Mack couldn't help but notice the glare he aimed at Quincy.
"Okay... Hoping everything is alright. Maybe we should bring Jade back to her home... I know that she probably doesn't want to stay here at least." Liam offered, speaking to Alaura.
Mack had to nod his agreement, he thought it best to get Jade somewhere comfortable and familiar where she could recuperate. But he didn't want to intrude on anything, still he had his car here so he would offer help if it was needed.
"Do you need anything? I can swing by the supermarket and pick up any supplies..." He trailed off, not really sure how he could help.

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#, as written by Issa
Ramses Atum

"As your best friend it's my duty to know you. If I knew nothing about you then well... I would be a terrible best friend." Leslie replied to Ram as he continued dipping his onion rings. Ram couldn't help but mirror Leslie's grin. Just as Leslie knew a lot about Ramses, Ram knew a lot about Leslie. They hadn't always been as close as they were now, in fact Ram had been better friends with Leslie's younger brother Ronan for most of his life. Then after Leslie's return from his travels the two had hit it off, moving from friends to best friends.

Knowing someone as well as Leslie knew Ram, he knew that his promise to pay Leslie back for the food would be refused. Leslie shook his head,
"You know when I do something for you I want nothing in return, but your happiness." Leslie's reply brought a smile to Ram's face, while his answer to Ram's suggestion about riding the Ferris Wheel brought on a large grin.
"You're talking to a guy that stayed like three days in the Cinderella castle... not the manliest thing I've ever done, but rides are always fun... I haven't been to a festival since I was fourteen, so you have to ride every ride with me and at least pretend you're enjoying it."
If the suggestion had come from anyone else Ram would have refused, but from Leslie all Ramses could do was shrug and shake his head. He could tell that Leslie was determined and perhaps Ram would let himself be dragged along onto all the rides.

A second later Leslie reached into his pocket, drawing out and checking his phone.
"It was Ronan asking if I was helping at the festival, are you?" Leslie asked. Ram nodded, his eyes subtly roving over Leslie's bare chest.
"Father has roped me into helping in one of the booths once the festival has started." He replied, "I'm on for an hour shift at the dunking stall." Ram rolled his eyes. He wasn't too happy with being forced into helping, especially given that the dunking stall meant he would be forced to sit above a tank of water as people aimed at a target. If they hit the target his seat would collapse and he would fall into the tank of water.

Still, it was slightly hard to concentrate on anything much with Leslie half naked beside him.
"I picked a horrible day to wear black." Leslie joked, fanning himself with a napkin. Ram grinned. His powers meant that the hotter and sunnier it was the better he felt.
A moment later Leslie announced that he was going swimming. Leslie stood and began stripping until he had reached the end of the pier.
Ramses, laughing at his friend, followed him down the pier. He stopped at the edge, watching as Leslie resurfaced from beneath the water.
"Come in, the water feels amazing!" Leslie shouted from the water. Ramses shook his head at his friend, a playful smile spread across his face.
"You know, I've just showered" Ram protested. A buzzing in his pocket drew his attention away from his friend and to the text message he'd just received from Chione.

'Hello, I was just wondering what everyone was up to for the festival tonight? Anyone want to meet up? I have to work from three to seven, but after that I'm free.'

Glancing quickly at the screen and then at his friend in the water, Ram hastily sent back a reply,
"I'm at the dunking booth from six thirty to seven thirty. I can meet you after that."

Text sent, Ram placed his phone onto the planks of the dock before pulling his shirt over his head. Next to come off were his shoes and socks, followed by pants. Then, only in his boxers, Ram moved to the edge of the pier. His toes curled around the edge of the plants before, in one graceful arch, he dove into the water. The liquid was cool against his warm skin and he was grinning as he come up for a breath.