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"So how shall we best use this to our advantage?"

0 · 326 views · located in Hirach Au'Far

a character in “Living with Demons”, as played by Kveria


Lord of This Castle






Lord is an arrogant asshole. He doesn't like taking no for an answer, and he's overwhelmingly unwilling to listen to anything anyone else has to say, with the exception of Vanalee. Partners since he was very young, he trusts her completely at this point. No one else has even close to a relationship like that with him. Lord is one of the most closed off people you will ever meet in your entire life. It's not that he doesn't trust anyone, he just... doesn't trust anyone. Lord thinks of people as manipulative selfish beings who only want what they want. He knows that's how demons are. Ultimately, Lord does have a moral compass, but he's buried it so deeply that no one bothers to go dumpster diving for a shred of humanity in the manipulative nature of his soul. He won't hurt children. He won't personally kill. But by distancing himself from the world, Lord reduces his emotional attachment to it, so that he can remain in control and the, well, Lord. That's how he likes it.

Lord is five feet nine inches tall, so pretty small for a young man, and one hundred and thirty pounds. He is imposing not in his body, which is a delicate affair, but in his mind, his mien and manner. Lord can intimidate almost anyone, glaring down, or even up at them with the air that he is so much better than you could possibly ever be. He carries himself like a noble, and thus people believe him to be one. Whether or not he is is uncertain. Lord has no piercings or any such frippery, but he does have a sprawling tattoo across his back. Done simply in black ink, it doesn't appear to be of anything, just a compilation of nonsense symbols, but sometimes parts of it glow, if you're lucky enough to see. Lord is always dressed impeccably in suits, and has never once in his life worn high heels.

When people obey him.

Loud people.
Obnoxious people.
When demons threaten him.
Loud anything.

Hagiophobia- Fear of saints or holy things.
Being broken into.
His parents.
The demons.
The truth.

Suitcase Contents:

Also N/A

Lord has lived in the castle his entire life. When he was born, it was closed off, and the plague of demons descended upon it. Now, he has come of age, and it has again been opened to humans, but this is not without cost. No one knows where his family is or what happened to them, not even Lord, but they must have been around at some point. Actually, that's not true. Lord's demon knows. And she's not telling. He was pretty much raised by Vanalee, but it wasn't the sweet, maternal relationship you're expecting. Lord was raised to be cold and calculating, to behave like the god of this world, because with the powers behind him, he might as well be.

Over time, Lord has become incredibly cultured. He knows how to play piano, drink tea perfectly, and behave himself like a perfect gentleman. He's also learned to kill, maim, and use. In Lord's mind, he is the highest of high. That's why, at twelve, he shed his name, taking on the simple title Lord to completely encompass his identity. Because that's who Lord is. Secretive, dishonest, and arrogant. And that's why this is all you're getting of his history.

Everything. Not that he's telling. He's also maybe (just according to rumor) a bit in love with his demonVanalee. Maybe. Just according to rumor.

Hex Code:

Room and Partner:
He and Vanalee inhabit the Turret.

His tattoo is inked in demon's blood.

So begins...

Lord's Story