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Name: Myra Lennings
Nick Name(s): Em
Age: 18
Personality: She loves to flirt and be outgoing. She's totally confident with herself even with everything she's been through. Myra has a comforting feel to her though and loves to take care of people. She isn't afraid to show her nerd side or anything else about herself but also keeps a couple secrets. Although she is really outgoing, she doesn't give up things about herself easily. Em is always ready for a hike of adrenaline and is a huge partyer.
Likes: Anything vintage (Marilyn Monroe, 60s music, Pre60s movies) Being around nature, taking care of people, fashion, sport cars
Dislikes: Fighting, snooty people, sympathy, seafood, snakes
Dream(s): Becoming a fashion designer, singer, or psychologist
Fear(s): Not being able to have children
Moto: AOT (Always On Top)
Theme Song: W-O-M-A-N by Etta James
History: Myra grew up with three younger siblings and very rich parents. Her father works alongside Simon Cowell with artists from all over the world while her mother styles celebrities for red carpet events. Taking care of her siblings was a hard job but she enjoyed it still. When she was ten, her parents sent her overseas to attend a girl's school after getting in a fight at public school. A year later she was diagnosed with lukuemia and sent home where she spend most her time in the hospital. Em wasn't allowed around her parents for fear they would get too attatched to her and affect their jobs. Her siblings, however, spent every moment they could around her. When Myra turned thirteen, she took her parents porche and wrecked it while under the influence of alcohol and weed. She got a huge scar along her ribs but quickly covered it with a rose vine tattoo. Now, she lives alone in a big apartment with a monthly allowance from her parents which keeps her hospital bills at bay.

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